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Iranians Leak Info Of Over 300,000 Israelis After Hacking Travel Booking Websites  

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Iranians Leak Info Of Over 300,000 Israelis After Hacking Travel Booking Websites  

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Iranian hackers had attacked a number of Israeli travel booking websites and managed to obtain the personal information of over 300,000 Israelis, Israel’s Privacy Protection Authority confirmed on June 30.

The cyber-attack, which took place two weeks earlier, targeted websites operated by Gol Tours LTD, a tourist company that owns more than 20 travel booking websites. The affected websites include: hotel4u.co.il, booking-hotels.co.il, booking-kibbutz.co.il, mlonot.co.il, noapass.co.il, gol.co.il, funtoursisrael.co.il, ortal.net, come2israel.co.il and come2israel.com.

The information leaked by the Iranian hackers included telephone numbers, addresses, dates and locations of booked vacations and sensitive medical information.

In a statement, the Privacy Protection Authority said that it had immediately contacted the owner of Gol Tours LTD following the cyber-attack, in an effort to address the security flaws that the hackers took advantage of. However, he refused to cooperate.

The owner ignored instructions provided by Israel’s National Cyber Directorate following the attack, meant to help the company improve its security and avoid additional information being leaked to the hackers. The owner didn’t reportedly cooperate because it would have cost him money to do so.

Officials from the Privacy Protection Authority raided the offices of Gol Tours LTD and seized its servers until the investigation is complete.

“In any case of failing to immediately report a serious security breach and not cooperating according to the guidelines, the authority will take decisive action to protect the personal information of the public, including effectively halting the company’s operations,” the authority said in its statement.

The owner of Gol Tours LTD rejected these claims and said the authority has treated him worse than the Iranian hackers ever did.

Iranian cyber-attacks on Israel have been on the rise for a few years now. In April, a DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attach by Iranian hackers temporarily took down the website of the Israeli Airports Authority.


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Retired Trolling

Iranian cyber capabilities are getting better, but they need to take some real military action against the arrogant Zionist parasites who are full of hubris.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Zionism has failed and Israel is in trouble.


Retired Troll

Zionism is basically British created imperialist cancer to divide the Arabs and loot their resources. The Khazars and other Europeans who became “Jews” are all fakes as they have zero connection Arab Semitic Palestine of the Bible. These Hollywood Jews are hell bent on global destruction. Just look at how they are now infesting the corrupt Wahhabi vassals with Arab NATO plan, that will work just like Ukraine. This time the idea is to use Arabs against Persians again, as the idiot Saddam failed in his first try.

Edgar Zetar

You are crazy Retired Troll…. also doesnot known anything Israel Republic formation wrongly called Zionism but they called Zionism just to Gentiles to known about it… how can you understand ancient law without being initiated and living under?… so Christians could never known anything about Ancient Law, Scrolls, Knowledge… Western Countries (USA,URSS, France, Germany) help Israel to beign established in Holy Land how Hebrews call it Palestine (Britain Empire)… but they born and were surrounded by Arab Nations, and cannot export their beliefs or Religion because the LAST SEAL was very powerful indeed in Arab Countries… so if Abraham was the Patriarch, Moses its the law to jews, and the Last Seal of Mahoma its the law and goverment to Arab Countries…. and yes JesusChrist was the martir to Christians while the Church created a new law to Christians… expect Israel to be and will be at war forever while they were in Palestine… unless you update Christ Mahoma and Moses with new Seal, but this wont happen because every ancient seal was surrounded by Myths and Legends and today cannot forge myths and legends like ancient times.


Rothschilds got the British to do it!

S Balu


Melissa Wilson

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Last edited 1 month ago by Melissa Wilson

The Jews milked the holococaust for political purposes and milked being the chosen, its been milked dry.


Holohoax isn’t even real. Italy struggled to burn a few thousand bodies with modern technology during COVID, while somehow they gassed and burned 6 million jews without modern technology. Also the jew population at the time didn’t even change. The holoax is fake.

S Balu

WhitePride 1488 Absolutely correct


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Last edited 1 month ago by Anglia

Iranian hackers will black israel out during a war. Israel will not survive the next war

Edgar Zetar

Hahaha lol! Anyone can comment… wanted to see how countries attacking Israel could win… guess Persians only hype Israel antagonism as a domestic politic strategy, dont think Iran and Israel will never fight each other because they both known this would ment “the destruction of both of their Kingdoms”. .i.e: if Iran falls, to Turkey would meant a great win… and if Israel fall, to Egypt and Syria would mean a great win….. not real war between Iran and Israel, only skirmish

Last edited 1 month ago by Edgar Zetar

Israel owns Turkey and Egypt, if Israel falls, Turkey and Egypt will fall first trying to defend the Zionist, why do you think they have power? When Hezbollah blows up israel oil rigs and shut downs Haifa port, Egypt and other pets economy will crash when they get their shipments from Israel

hunter bidé lab pork !

iranian should treat the izzisrailoits like Pimps !!! Terrorists and Pedos !!!


ha ha ha ”The owner didn’t reportedly cooperate because it would have cost him money to do so.”is there a jury in occupied Palestine that would convict him ?

Elohim Kosher Bar

NAME THE JEWS!!! Treat them as they are treating the Palestinians.


Distribute your flyers and get the word out.

Retired Troll

These details should be entered into a global database to identify Mossad agents and for targeting purposes.

Edgar Zetar

Global Database? … it will be YARGON store data without knowing and having HUMINT on the Database… who are you Retired Troll? A real moron amateur intelligence spy?

Trying to Survive

These NWO psychopaths are not all Jews. Though many are. Blaming all Jews for this is a well laid trap for you to fall into. You waste your energies and accomplish nothing but alienating yourself from potential allies. Yes, Semites and Gentiles have a long and tumultuous history. But the Jews at the top, Rothschilds etc, don’t care about the little Jews at the bottom any more than they care about the little Gentiles. It’s a complicated problem. I suggest we focus on those people who are pulling the strings and not an entire race of people.

BTW, everything that is happening right now is doing nothing but bringing the world closer to a One World Governance prison. There are no heroes in this battle, we are all losing and the psychopaths are winning. We need to get wise, time is running out. Should they accomplish their New World Order, humanity will not know liberty or freedom again for a long, long time, if ever.


Sorry you are wrong. All jews stick together, there are no good jews.


So they’re compromising the data of ordinary citizens and travellers. Great. And the point is… ?


Point is any Zionist that can read and has access to the internet is a Military target and deserves to die, because they can learn the truth but choose to ignore it.

Colleen Edwards

I earned 💰$6,000 a month ago by the utilization of working on-line best for 5 to 6 hours on my pc and this was perfect to the point that I as I would like to think couldn’t acknowledge as true with sooner than running in this site. Here’s what I do…………>>> 𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙝𝙨𝙖𝙡𝙖𝙧𝙮.𝐜𝐨𝐦

Last edited 1 month ago by Colleen Edwards

“the data of ordinary citizens and travellers.” “300,000 Israelis” 1. It didn’t mention outsiders and I don’t think Israel would care about them, 2. don’t pull shit out of your ass buddy – Israel never said there were all “ordinary citizens” – You think they were all “ordinary citizens” let’s be clear about that.

I remember you, BTW Israel’s population is 9.217 million people, not 8M and Iran’s population is 83.99 million, not fuking 90M. You got that wrong the last time.

Now, speaking of the population – (300,000 out of 9.2 million people) – there is a very high chance some of Zion soldiers’ info got leaked as well. Good for Zion that doesn’t have rtded people like you in their “state” at very less and it is also a shame they don’t have rtd like you.

Goren was hired before Gantz became defense minister, and it appeared that the Shin Bet never looked into his background. Gantz was chief of staff of the IDF before he entered politics.

“Who says it was the Iranians? It was hackers on Telegram,” Goren responded.”


Question, are people deleting their account and making another one – or SF is hiding comments?

SF – if you guys hiding a comment – mention it and if someone deletes their account also point it out.

It seems me and Jnoub replied to Elohim Kosher Bar – Yes, you can see who we replied to but most people wouldn’t read it.

It is clear you guys have time and some money to make a “game”… how about improving the comment section?

Edgar Zetar

Friend JJ345… SF is protecting some folks comments here… every Intelligence Goverment Service sure reads SF and checks the comment sections, also if you are in USA EU UK and you write a ProRussia comment expect your Goverment will tag you as a rebel or bad citizen… if you write a Hate Comment oohhh friend, you are doom… There is no Freedom in the Computer Technologies, all communications are surveilled so be nice be happy, if they delete your comment its not they are censoring you, SF is protecting you. Westerners are so dumb they publish all their data in FB TWIT INST and they think they deserve to say everything…. what a dumbass you must be to think that way… The Western open air MAZE will become Western Underground Cells DUNGEON soon and we all be enslaved because of our stupidity


Hahaha well done Iran. Karma finally kicked Israeli azz. Israel has been responsible for so many cyber attacks upon Iran AND the rest of the globe for many years using its military cyber unit “Unit 9200”. Israel has been using “spoofed” attacks upon western countries that appear to originate from any where other than the original location of the attack source. They use sophisticated computer software and hardware to hide their true identities and can create a false identity of their choosing. A seriously sophisticated VPN if you will. Whenever you hear in western media of China, Russia or any other “western enemies” undergoing “cyber attacks” against western interests you can probably be assured it was Israel or even the US using spoofed computers and networks to do these attacks and to place the blame upon its adversaries.

helene matz

the zio maxwell family own all the internet everywhere look up how many companies they run and be afraid

helene matz

good,do more,they cant just kill and spy on iran and others without paying a price they get away with too much for too long time they are taught a lesson they wont forget they arent infallible

USA transgender--mummy for profit

did they hack my lgbt partners, tranny Sawyer and USA #1 tranny?—- they frequently hack my rectum

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