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Iranian Weapons Shipments Continue To Pour Into Eastern Syria

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Iranian Weapons Shipments Continue To Pour Into Eastern Syria

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city.

Early on October 6, an Iranian weapons shipment arrived in the eastern Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor, according to the Syrian Observatory (SOHR) for Human Rights.

The London-based monitoring group said that the shipment entered from Iraq through an unofficial border crossing. The weapons, which included short-range rockets and their launchers, were moved to the town of al-Mayadin in the southern countryside of Deir Ezzor. They were allegedly stored in tunnels dug beneath the town’s citadel.

“This was one of the few times in which a weapons shipment entered late at night, in most cases such shipments enter at morning,” the group said in a report.

The Iranian-supplied weapons were likely handed over to Syrian and Iraqi forces, who have been combating ISIS cells in central Syria and guarding the border line with Iraq for more than three years now.

Last week, the SOHR revealed that Iranian officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps had been training some 25 Syrian pro-government fighters in southern Deir Ezzor on the use of newly-deployed drones.

Iranian weapons shipments continue to pour into Syria despite the US and Israel’s relentless efforts to prevent Tehran from moving advanced weapons, such as precision-guided missiles and drones, to Syrian pro-government forces and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The US and Israel were both blamed for several strikes that targeted Iranian-backed forces along the Syrian-Iraqi border this year. The most recent strike targeted a position in the outskirt of the Syrian town of al-Bukamal near the border line.


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

CIAisis and wahabimossad are crying and raging 🤗

Chris Gr

Saddamists dislike Iran but they are as anti-American and anti-Israeli as you can get.


All pro Saddam fighters in Iraq are part of isis and other similar groups, I doubt they hate Zionism as much as they say they do

Peppe il Sicario

That’s in fact how ISIS was created. The US had to end the stubborn and bloody insurgency against its troops by Baathist loyalists and ex-Republican Guardsmen by promising Sadaam’s former officers with pardons if they helped organize this new project of theirs that would become a proxy army for US interests in the region.


Now that’s a middle eastern semitic persons comment no?…….lol…..yous need to come on out as a little Assyrian/ Chaldean nigglet no?…..lol…..come on no?….lol

Last edited 18 days ago by Ahson
L du Plessis

Very sad that Turkey cant be expelled from Syria !!😤


Well if they are not expelled they will be buried there.


Great news Iran,now deploy thousands of your combat troops to help liberate Idlib.


Iran dont play dat Game. They play the cowards game sending proxies to fight instead.

Faisal al Al-Mahdi

no that would not do.
Arm and train syrian and iraqi citizen armies with advanced weapons. This is far better for a deeper ,stronger, motivated resistance. The iraq and syrian population must deepen their involvement in the resistance so it become a national priority.
The numbers of iraqi and Syrian citizens trained in these citizen armies are are huge. Do not think of paid up current members of syria NDF or the PMU 250k, but remember the hundred of thousands , maybe millions, by now who have joined, been trained, then left. They form a strategic depth of reservists. also a trained revolutionary force in the case of Iraq.
thankfully this change is long term and neither Iraq or syria or any arab country has had anything like this before.
oh come imam Mahdi, peace on you, come lead your people to victory. The destruction of satan and his agents is soon inshAllah.

Last edited 17 days ago by Faisal al Al-Mahdi

hts to be buried soon, next stop Northeastern Syria to clean out kurdish militant trash and american swine.

La Rata

Long time … no new Israeli attack on Syria ??

Assad Defeated Zionists

The bend over Zionist slaves are sheeting so hard is making their rectal prolapse so much more embarrassing. Eventually they will leave Syria and Iraq with their tails deep up their AAS just like they did from the graveyard of empires.

Lance Ripplinger

They sure do like those Toyota Hilux trucks over there.

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