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Video: Iranian Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles Pound ISIS Targets At Syrian-Iraqi Border


The Hezbollah media wing in Syria has released a new video showing Iranian unmanned combat aerial vehicles which conduct airstrikes on ISIS targest at the Syrian-Iraqi border.



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  • gustavo

    Does anybody say that Iran did not have advanced weapons-technology ?

    • Garga

      Of course they do.
      If they can claim Iran’s sat-carriers are fake despite the synchronized footage from half a dozen cameras and their ability to trace them, they’ll say Iran’s weapons are all photoshopped. Just look beneath any MSM article which talks about Qaher-313.
      That’s wishful thinking. They also used to say Iran’s fleet of F-14s are all grounded because Iranians aren’t able to service them.
      The only thing they claim to be real is Iran’s non-existent nuclear threat.

      Nice optics on the Iranian UCAV by the way, produced in Iran Optic Industries (IOI).

      • SyrianFighter

        Well if you are sanctioned by the UN security council with billions of dollars yearly ofc you will postpone some servicing either on Jets or something else where you think that is not relevant to waste money at this very time , instead they will point their money of those s-300 that they have everywhere and try to keep them safe

    • SyrianFighter

      UCAV’s today are everywhere you don’t need advanced weapons technology to have that, you can buy it from dozens of country. Remember Russia is Iran’s ally so you don’t need to think that much. And above that Sure they have AWT why not. If they want definitely they had and have the time and money to achieve this. In which is not big of a deal.

  • Barba_Papa

    I find it ironic that they used metal to score the video of an Iranian combat drone, when metal heads in Iran are being persecuted for their taste in music. Of course traditional Iranian music, which can be quite nice, just does not have the same impact.

    • Bru

      I wouldn’t call this metal because there is neither a real electric guitar nor shouting voice. It sounds to be as epic electronic music.

    • Garga

      One band’s members were arrested because of the contents of their songs, not their “taste” in music
      You can also hear similar musics broadcasting by IRIB. A bit of research would help.

  • Deo Cass

    I haven’t seen footage of Russian aircraft on this battlefront theatre. This continues to strengthen my view that Russia has some agreement with the illegal US invasion and occupation forces. If my suspicion is confirmed, one has to explain it due to Russia’s other interests in Donbass, Crimea, and on its own door step where NATO military presence is being beefed up. It’s a real pity, because Russian air support would hasten the advance of the Syrian government forces, permitting them to reach Abu-Alkamal in less than 24 hours. But Russia seems unwilling to upset her US Western ‘partner’ or so it seems. If Southern Front could provide info if Russia is providing air support on this battle front, it would be much appreciated.

    • Garga

      Perhaps you haven’t seen a Russian footage because the SAA still hasn’t started this operation..

      I think we better wait a bit for the operation to start and see if Russian AF provides the support or not.

      Russian leaders aren’t delusional. They probably know the US is not famous for upholding it’s promises and if they give something in Syria for the hope that the US/NATO stops it’s build up on their borders, they’ll lose on both.

      I also noticed you often talk about Russia betraying Syria or holding SAA back. I hope your views are innocent opinions, nothing more.

  • Mikronos

    It looks like they missed, a lot. Compared to the Kurd drone strike on the SAR outside Deir ez Zor this is a non-starter.