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Iranian Security Forces Arrested Three Workers in Key Power Plant For Sabotage

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Iranian Security Forces Arrested Three Workers in Key Power Plant For Sabotage

Nuclear power plant in Iran. Image source: Tasnim News Agency via Wikimedia Commons

Iranian security forces have arrested three workers at one of the country’s key power plants on charges of sabotage, the Fars News Agency reported on July 8.

A source familiar with the case told the agency that the three workers were actively destroying and disabling a part of the power plant in order to cause frequent power outages in certain large cities.

“Three personnel of one of the most important power plants in the country, which is responsible for generating and supplying electricity to large cities, were identified and arrested by monitoring bodies for cooperation with anti-revolutionary groups,” the source told the Fars News Agency.

The detainees were operating on behalf of certain opposition groups, which are based outside Iran. Security forces are currently searching for other suspects in the case.

People throughout Iran experienced long hours of power cuts over the last few days. Iranian officials blamed the cuts on an unusual heat wave as well as on a surge in illegal crypto mining activity in the country. Malicious activities were apparently another factor.

Recent sabotage attacks and unusual incidents at sensitive civilian and military facilities have apparently forced Iran to adopt more cautious security measures.

These measures are paying off. Last month, Iranian authorities thwarted a sabotage attack on a building of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in Karaj city, 40 km to the west of the capital Tehran.


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Hang the traitors.


Yes we need fair trial then shot them

Al Bundy

Found your insta profil jens:


Last edited 1 year ago by Al Bundy

Hilarious. Soon this Jew serving quisling and his family are to suffer the effects of the Jews’ return to Europe. The first wave has already brought the Jews’ immigrant chaos as per the Jew Barbara Spectre. Look up Spectre. She spills the beans on the Jews’ use of immigrants as a tool of chaos in Europe. In a few years he’ll sound just like us, while also trying to hide his service to the Jews.


Interesting that this dumb Jew shill pretending to be a Danish flake only comments on Iran related issues. Hasbara is a total failure and you wonder why? if such dumb morons are on its pay. LOL


Hahaha 😂. He likes his cucumber, I wonder why?

A clown like you

According to normal humans, you seem retarded buddy.

A clown like you

MEK…butthurt. Those MEK terrorists cried their ass off…guess for who? Prince Charles, I’m not joking those fukers were* mad dogs.

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The Iranians arrested three suspected quislings suspected of working for the Jews’ Urban Moving Systems. Fixed it.


The Americunts pay these treacherous losers $1 million to commit acts of sabotage and also promise them visas. However, these losers fail and most Iranians and nationalistic and turn these MEK scum in. Not one sabotage has succeeded since Raisi was elected President.

Icarus Tanović

Iran needs to be technologically superior to any other country in me. That is the way to win over wahhabi Satanists.


China, Russia and Iran are now leading powers in most hard sciences. There is also growing cooperation between the three powerful allies. Iran is now developing and producing micro-jet engines with Chinese cooperation. There are over 20,000 Iranian engineering and science post graduate students in Chinese and Russian universities. There are hundreds of Iranian aerospace engineers and technicians at Chengdu Chinese aerospace super city.


Iranian counter-intelligence is getting better and they have been able to stop many Zionist and Americunt terrorist attacks and sabotage. Iran has created a new specialized force to protect sensitive facilities. Iran has also successfully been hitting back at its enemies and inflicting deadly losses. Raisi is a tough man.


fear the day the iranian nationalists join the islamic republic of iran so fear every single day because this day has come and iranians globally wake up to the delusions that miserables like you created and you think you can threaten somebody else without being threatened yourself but you will see your lives threatened alot in future because that is what you have brought to others in the past its that simple while one is brought up with luxury and care and is thrown bewildered into a dark pit another is raised from the same pit to a throne were a bejewelled crown is placed on his head you try to make us down and you only teleport us to the top you miserable one

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