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Iranian, Russian Naval Developments On November 21-23, 2021 (Map Update)

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Iranian, Russian Naval Developments On November 21-23, 2021 (Map Update)

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  • Operational formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea (5th Operational Squadron), up to 10 ships out of 15, including 2 nuclear submarines, performed active maneuvers in the Eastern Mediterranean. The squadron includes the BDK “Caesar Kunikov”,several corvettes, the minesweeper “Vice Admiral Zakharin”, the tugboat MB-304, the anti-sabotage boats P-191 “Cadet” and other ships.
  • On November 23, the large anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov, the rescue tug Altai and the sea tanker Akademik Pashin, moved from the North Sea to the Norwegian Sea.
  • On November 26, the Altai rescue tug returned to Severomorsk.
  • On November 26, the small anti-submarine ship Snezhnogorsk performed a complex of artillery firings in the Barents Sea.
  • On November 26, the Shuya missile boat of the Black Sea Fleet performed rocket and artillery firing.
  • On November 23, the submarine Veliky Novgorod of the Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise on setting training mines.
  • On November 21, the submarine Stary Oskol of the Black Sea Fleet conducted exercises in the Black Sea.
  • On November 21, the sea minesweeper Ivan Golubets and the anti-sabotage boat Pavel Silaev passed the Black Sea Straits, heading towards Sevastopol.
  • The flagship of the Pacific Fleet, the Varyag missile cruiser, embarked on scheduled maintenance in a dry dock in Vladivostok.
  • On November 27, Admiral Shahram Irani, commander of Iran Navy announced that the construction of a new heavy attack submarine of the Besat-class will began soon.


Iran To Build New Heavy Attack Submarine Soon

In Video: Iranian Navy Helicopter Makes Bold Pass Near U.S. Carrier In Persian Gulf

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Karl Wolfe

I genuinely feel sorry for the Russians. Since they are a vast country with tremendous Natural Resources, every greedy Oligarch in the West, South and East of their borders wants to steal their land and grab those resources for themselves. The military powers of the world no longer serve their People but are lackeys for these thievish oligarchs in the West primarily. At least China sees the situation for what it really is and has stepped up to offer support, lest they also be attacked so the thieves of the world can steal from them as well. China has not forgotten the humiliation imposed on them by the European and American powers, so they are Wise to monitor the situation closely. The Eugenics Oligarchs of the West are considering speeding up their pogrom against Humanity so they might well launch a nuclear war to meet their Goal early of destroying the majority of Humanity. Let’s hope that the Russians and Chinese choose their targets wisely and have high success in the event that the Eugenists decide to go full retard. Then Jesus will finish the job for Humanity and the Eugenics Pigs will cower in their bunkers hoping that they will not have to face the One who comes to Judge.


As I understand it, The Globalists are set on bringing Russia under their thumb so they can complete their New World Order. I agree that I wouldn’t put it past them to launch a limited nuclear strike on Russia. Syria was certainly a humiliating defeat for them so they may up the ante for retaliation and a sure victory.


It’s safe to say that russia has nuclear subs in the northern atlantic, and the pacific along the coasts of washington, oregon and california.

Last edited 1 year ago by SECRET
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