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JUNE 2021

Iranian Rockets Hit Base Of Two Kurdish Armed Groups In Northern Iraq (Videos)

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On September 8, heavy Iranian rockets stuck the headquarters of two Iranian Kurdish armed groups , the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) and the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) in the northern Iraqi town of Koya.

The KDPI said that the Iranian rocket strutargeted a conference held by the political office of the party and a nearby refugee camp. According to the Kurdish group, 11 people were killed and up to 30 others were wounded in the rocket strike. Kurdish activists revealed that most of the casualties were members and officials of the KDPI and the PDKI.

Meanwhile, Babak Taghvaee, an Iranian defense analyst, said that the Iranian-made Zelzal precision guided artillery rockets and an unspecified type of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were used in the attack on the Kurdish parties in Koya. The rockets were reportedly launched by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) from a large base in the southern part of Iran.

Several Iranian activists said that the rocket strike was a response to a recent attack by the PDKI, in which several personnel of the Iran Border Guard were killed. The PDKI and the KDPI were planning to launch more attacks in the upcoming days, according to the activists. The Iranian rocket strike was also viewed as a show of force and a message to the government’s armed opponents.

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Wolfgang Wolf

well done!

Zionism = EVIL

God Bless Iran. Hit the Kurd turds hard.


There is a big life threat to top leaders in the world from UK and US. They don’t like any talented leadership in the world.

Promitheas Apollonious

good show.


It has started in Idlib it seems.


Good fortune to the SAA and all their allies.
I was pleased to see the accurate attack on the enemies of Iran. Israel would look like Berlin in 1945 if Iran and Hezbollah unleashed their missiles there :)


Dont play with the lions tale, this is only a small show of force. Dont kill our border guards and stop smuggling drugs over our borders. Iran is not Syria


It is good to see that there are still some sane minds in the US.

Will they be able to bring political change in the US before the Exceptional Nation is reduced to glass and radioactive dust ?


The Americans that know how things actual are are a very small Group… just like in the rest of the World….Let’s hope this Group starts Growing fast…if not…so be it…


There are many options for the U.S. it will be up to the choices the American People will make…if they stay ignorant….Glass & Radioactive Dust seems to be the End result…Their Elites won’t be there when it happens but probably somewhere on an Island in the Pacific….


The problem for most Americans is that they were borne into ignorant families and the ignorance only increases with every generation.

Even majority of the educated are ignorant of world affairs and care little of what their governments do in their name with their tax dollars.

There is little hope for the US and history shows us that only a truly internal civil war can change totally corrupted nations such as the USA..

For better or for worse.


Did not follow your link but read something last night said there were 200 trapped and the Turks would not rescue them. Ouch


The Russians offered to safe them too but the Brits did not want that….they rather have their S.A.S. Perish & Stick with Skripal….obviously


Yeah that’s right, too proud. Maybe they can get the White Helmets to save them. Nice little wake up call from Iran, if that’s how you want to play, we can play too!


Notice served. Iraq did not bat an eyelash over this.


I can just hear it now. Only F.uk.us and fiends are allowed to defend their Zionist interests.

It’s good to work out any kinks by actually using the stuff. Notice the kinkiness of the typical F.uk.us employee’s brain.

Don’t use it, ya loose it, they’ve lost it!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i hope all missiles successfully hit their targets :))


Payback for Basra?


Basra is the work of Saudi money. That’s why PMU and Iran are being targetted there. Saudi money financing elements within the legitimate protests.


The Saudis fund a lot of things for their masters in the US, UK and Israel.
They are backward savages, and are servants to the aforementioned.
But if they wear a Union Jack I will count them as British.
Who funds the Kurds?


CIA is deeply involved in it too! Spending billions in payrolling Iraqis to support its subversive activities!



Good shot. Well done.


Its my birthday as well Rob.
A good omen for the Syrian alliance I hope :)

Ivan Freely

Happy B-day. Go celebrate and forget this mess.


I wish you very Happy Birth Day brother.

Carne João Pasta

Wishing you both a happy and most gnarly, yes, ‘illuminating’ new year ahead! Is it Sunday is your birthdays? It’s nearly 9-9-9 (dividing the 18/2). Feeling a lot of positive energy today. I just can’t help but remain hopeful and keep the faith we’ll all be alright through these trying days.

Prophecy is also perhaps a warning as much as it is foretelling the future. Doesn’t nec. need to transpire. Can transpire in the Astral plane and creatively. As that Hopi says of a prophecy, the world will “end” in fire.

That it will be of fire or of consciousness (inner fire ? at the soul-Astral-consciousness level or however the realms and processes involved. I’m not entirely sure.)

My apologies, Rob, for earlier any negativity. When I see Middle Eastern people I’m always happy to greet them. Esp their women. Such genuine smiles. So much beauty in the Arabian and Persian soul. Their cultures. And I feel I’m in good company when around them many times in my experience. I love all people. I want to see our species kick ass and prosper. Break the chains and liberate, lift up ourselves. I’ll never give in to the nihilist or transhumanist poison! As much bad things we humans do, we’re really amazing deep down. That’s what drives the soulless psychopaths crazy. A nut they’ll never crack. The human soul is enslaveable but never can be truly possessed or broken.

My prayers with the good people of Syria and the greater ME, and I’m thinking about E Ukraine. The good people also in W and Central Ukraine who’d naturally be united with their brothers and cousins in the East and wish to be prospering again as a country and proud again to all call themselves Ukrainians. And no shame if you are also Russian. This saddens me. I’ve been following Ukraine also since 2014. Well drink up. Smoke a nice fatty or cigar. Put your feet up and revel in just how great you all are.

Absolutely! Happy birthday ? to you guys! I learn a lot from you over the years. It’s a privilege to write along side you! It really feels positive in the air outside tonite, doesn’t it? My parents were having a fire earlier at their summer place. Best time of year. Love late Summer/Autumn.


Thanks for good comments.

All nations of the world are good. No nation is bad. In fact the UK regimes are holding some nations hostage e.g. native Americans, Palestinians, Afghanis, Japanese, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Ukrainians, Yemenis, Saudi Arabians etc. some hundred nations are nowadays are hostage in our world. They are forced to accept the UK orders and demands.

You can call me Al

Happy Birthday


Ivan Freely

Are you saying tension between Iran and India/UK/US camp? Or, are you saying there’s tension between the UK/US and India?


You know this that there is a big tension between India and US. India doing what he wants e.g. India want to buy S-400 from Russia to strengthen their defence and buying oil from Iran etc.


A new block has been emerged of Russia, Turkey, Syria, Iran, China, Pakistan and North Korea which have same goal.


Lets just hope that Turkey does not score an ‘own goal’ in Idlib.


The US and UK order does not work any more on Turkey.

Look to Saudi Arabia kingdom taking orders from US and UK and attacking Yemen and have closed their eyes on Israel brutalities on Palestinians.


They’ll not take part in any terrorist activities now will they?

Manuel Flores Escobar

Next time to US backed SDF….

al quaida

Looked like one of those rockets took a hard right turn?

Joe Kerr

It detected an F-35 and dispatched it. Or a nest of Mossad agents.

maxii priestt

yes it detected a f-35 and it’s on its way to take good care of it


O︁o︁o︁a︁u︁h︁ D︁u︁d︁es︁s︁ ! T︁h︁e L︁i︁st w︁i︁t︁h N︁a︁k︁e︁d︁︁-W︁o︁men︁s f︁r︁︁o︁m y︁o︁︁u︁r C︁i︁ty ha︁︁s b︁e︁︁e︁n p︁u︁b︁l︁︁li︁s︁he︁d
H︁e︁r︁e︁e︁e︁ ̩️︁o︁n : t︁u︁4︁a︁︁.︁m︁e︁︁/︁p︁︁︁h︁o︁t︁︁o︁-︁︁6︁︁7︁9︁3︁0︁︁0 �︁�︁


︁Th︁︁a︁n︁k︁s︁s︁ Br︁o︁t︁h︁a︁!︁! I’︁v︁e f︁o︁︁u︁nd th︁e︁︁r︁e m︁y T︁e︁a︁c︁h︁er N︁a︁k︁e︁d ! H︁a︁a︁h︁h︁a︁h︁


︁H︁aa︁h︁h︁a︁h︁ lu︁︁c︁ky m︁a︁n︁

Carne João Pasta

Is it your mom?


Good for Iran. About time all US and Zionist funded terrorists were wiped out from the region. It is also great to see Iranian missiles get precision guided systems. Hezbollah now has the same weaponry.

Joe Kerr

Nice job… keep put the good work, Iran.

Carne João Pasta

It’s all very exciting. I never thought I’d see the day the Empire gets checked and checked good and hard. I’m still nervous about any rebels in among top ranks of the US military going rogue and deciding to take it upon himself (or herself or theirself, et al) to teach those Russkies a good and proper lesson! We just don’t know. I’m really praying hard for the best outcome and rule of law and sovereignty be reestablished all throughout Syria, borders pre-2011. The biggest loser all around is the US, UK. All the used up political capital, good will :cough!:

At this point the Empire is just plain embarrassing itself and needs to join the rest of the real first world, join the rest of humanity today! After putting in their penance and doing their time, if they don’t receive capital punishment, in a military tribunal.

Neocons and their ilk, Zionists, Wahabbis, others.. .You lost! Take it like a man. Don’t further embarrass yourself and your heritage, your country and kin. How there hasn’t been a mass concerted effort to stage a kind of mediation or step in to save the monster from itself. An intervention, at the psychological level.

Doesn’t the government work for us? We’re all supposed to be in this together and nobody should be exalted far above any others! Supremacism at the most highest levels ought to be and actually must be dealt with by humanity itself. There is no reason why citizens can’t convene together and decide on a course and effect to have the elites and the politicians unseated and given a court summons and/or a good psychological intervention.

Psychopaths and their ilk ought not to have control over others en masse as they enjoy now. Let alone public officials, not to speak about the private levers of power. There should be failsafes for this kind of situation, to remove their power if abusing it, to prevent it from happening again.


To me the psychopath angle is a real show stopper. How do non-psychopaths make a world safe from psychopaths?

To Paraphrase Robert Hare, noted expert, “if I lost access to the prison system to study psychopaths, I would go to Wall St. to study them.”

#1 Skill for psychos? Lying. They are consummate Liars. I would venture that there is organization in the world free of psychopaths at or near the top of the chain of command. This must end!


Probably showing some empathy with Turkey since both the Iranian rial and Turkish Lira felt 50% this year thanks to economic sanctions from Trump and the US just announced they don’t want to live Syria anymore, that meaning more support for the Kurdish militias which are foes of Turkey. I’d say nice move from Iran.

Real Anti-Racist Action

There are over 20 SAS British terrorist inside of Idlib right now.
The UK-Empire as we all know are anti-Theist. Iran in support of Theist across the globe should strike these anti-Theist invaders who are terrorizing theist, and defend Christians and Shia and Sunni and Alawite.

Tommy Jensen

Difficult to blame Iran.

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