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Iranian President Calls On General Assembly Members To Reject US ‘Bullying And Arrogance’

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Iranian President Calls On General Assembly Members To Reject US ‘Bullying And Arrogance’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

In his address to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made numerous references to the United States, which he said has only succeeded in embarrassing itself in trying to activate ‘snapback’ sanctions against Iran.

Rouhani said that the US “maximum pressure” sanctions jeopardized the health, welfare, sustenance and even the right to life of all Iranians. Nonetheless, the Iranian president said that his country will resist all punitive measures and, if necessary, will fight to protect its independence.

“The United States can impose neither negotiations nor war on us. Life is hard under the sanctions. However, harder is life without independence,” he said.

“Political freedom at home is important for us. We, as the oldest democracy in the Middle East, are proud of our people determining their destiny, and will not trade domestic freedom with foreign interference.”

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic will resist being used as “a bargaining chip in US elections and domestic policy.”

Rouhani compared the treatment to African-American citizen George Floyd’s agony under the US police’s brutality, saying, “The valiant people of Iran have been paying the price of its freedom-seeking attitude and liberty from dominance and despotism for decades in the same way.”

The Iranian president finally called on the international community to seize upon the opportunity to stand up to Washington’s aggressive ways.

“And for the world: Today is the time to say ‘No’ to the bullying and arrogance.”

“The era of dominance and hegemony is long over. Our nations and children deserve a better and safer world, based on the rule of law. Now is the time for the right choice,” Rouhani concluded. LINK

Rouhani also called the JCPOA “one of the great accomplishments of the history of diplomacy,” and claimed that Iran remains in compliance with the terms of the accord despite the repeated breaches by the US.

Israel claims that Iran has long been in violation of the JCPOA, and has had enough uranium to make a nuclear weapon since March this year. The US has also repeatedly claimed that Iran has violated the terms of the agreement.

US President Donald Trump only briefly referred to Iran in his address to the UN. “We withdrew from the terrible Iran nuclear deal and imposed crippling sanctions on the world’s leading state sponsor of terror.”

Trump also mentioned that the US “eliminated the world’s top terrorist,” Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani, who was responsible for Iran’s proxy warfare.

A month ago, the US announced that it is initiating “snapback sanctions,” reversing the “sunset clauses” of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The sunset clauses lift existing UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic, starting with the conventional arms embargo in October. The snapback would mean that the arms embargo is renewed.

The other parties to the JCPOA have categorically stated that the US does not have the authority to unilaterally invoke snapback sanctions because it pulled out of the JCPOA in 2018, while the US argues that the mechanism is part of UNSC Resolution 2231, which specifically lists the US as a participant that is able to trigger the sanctions mechanism. LINK


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Iran has successfully and skillfully neutralized the US and its vassals on the global stage by staying the course and fending off all kinds of threats, sanctions and terrorism. With power now firmly in Eurasian hands, Iranian position is destined to be strengthened.

Assad must stay

agree hondred procent

Lone Ranger

Baron Pimpeo Harkonnen will cry and rage :)


comment image

Lone Ranger



Is this Harkonnen the fat flying dude from Dune?
Never saw a more Jewish movie than Dune.

Lone Ranger

Bingo :)

Traiano Welcome

I thought it was a movie to honor the Houthi ( Fremen).
The Harkonnens are supposed to represent the joos.


I was talking about the $hitty 1984 version, not the $hitty 2020 remake (which I didn’t watch).
You know, the one with Sting?
Oh, I remember now it was so hilarious, the fat flying dude was evil, ugly full of boils and gay! And definitely not a Jew, the hero was supposed to be the Jewish Meshiakh and deliver the fremen or freemen or whatever.

Traiano Welcome

Garga, you’re confusing me now, that’s the version I was talking about:

” hilarious, the fat flying dude was evil, ugly full of boils and gay” <– how is that not jewish to you? take a look at Harry Weinstein and compare.


how is that not jewish to you?

Thank you for the laugh… Well, you are not wrong about the ugliness part, Weinstein and all. That’s what I always say. If someone is somehow seem to be off, he is definitely a member of Khazari tribe.

The whole story (and the following books which never made into movie) are based on Jewish philosophy and beliefs. The writer even didn’t change the names and rituals which came in Talmud and Jewish folklore.

Traiano Welcome

Here’s something interesting though, in the books he speaks about a religion called “Zen Sunni”, an amalgam of Zen buddhism and Sunni islam, which is followed by the Houthi Fremen … leads me to think that a substantial part of the Dune world was lifted from the Islamic world, or at least the middle eastern cultures:

“Little is known of the evolution of the Zensunni faith. What is
beyond doubt is that the Zensunni belief was an amalgam of two ancient
religions: Sunni Islam and Zen Buddhism. They were followers of a schismatic sect that broke away from the teachings of Maometh (the so-called “Third Muhammed”) about 1381 BG.
The Zensunni religion is noted chiefly for its emphasis on the mystical
and a reversion to “the ways of the fathers.” Most scholars name Ali Ben Ohashi
as leader of the original schism but there is some evidence that Ohashi
may have been merely the male spokesman for his second wife, Nisai [1].
The Zennsunni faith was based on the teachings of the Ulema and thought to have it’s origins in the fiqh. It was partially preserved in the Book of Kreos. One of the zensunni names of god was al-mutakallim, they also believed in a number of kiswa such as Auliya, the female at the left hand of God, shaitan and his realm of Gehenna. One Zensunni Philosopher of note was Bu Ji.
Later, the Zensunni predisposition was manipulated by the Bene Gesserit, via their Missionaria Protectiva arm and Panoplia Propheticus strategy, for their own political objectives. One of the most prominent homes of Zensunni beliefs, Arrakis, was of particular interest in this regard. The exclusivity of the critical Spice Melange on the planet made the resident Fremen, staunch followers of Zensunni, of natural interest to the Bene Gesserit.”

Arthur Deodat Jr.

… world’s leading state sponsor of terror.

TOWs, Toyotas, former warsaw pact ammunition transfer to moderate headchoppers, oil teft and occupation of foreign land.
I guess we forgot somebody to mention.
“I like oil! We are keeping the oil. “


mullahs are crying they are under pressure, oh no…


If he’s crying, at least it’s because of pressure as you said it yourself.
What’s your regime’s excuse for crying and shrieking more than 20 years about Iran?


Bibi is the one crying about you for 20 years, other PM wouldn’t let you get so far with your nuclear program (Sharon my hero). It all might change soon anyway.

Assad must stay

Agree hondred procent

Traiano Welcome

“Israel claims that Iran has long been in violation of the JCPOA, ”

HA HA HA. israel the clown-dog barking with it’s master.

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