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Iranian President Arrived In Moscow To Discuss Regional Issues, Economic Cooperation

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Iranian President Arrived In Moscow To Discuss Regional Issues, Economic Cooperation

(Iranian Presidency Office via AP)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Moscow for a two-day official visit on Monday.

Rouhani heads a high-ranking politico-economic delegation. The sides will discuss a number of regional issues and a bilateral cooperation.

Rouhani is scheduled to meet hold meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.

It’s expected that the sides will discuss a wide range of economic issues, including energy, trade, investment, infrastructure projets and others.

There are no doubts that the crisis in Syria will be also discussed.

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I have just one thing to say, and what we all will face, inevitably, because of the sheer scale of it.

Be careful when you open this link, I must warn you, I couldn’t see it for more than few seconds and still the images is burned into my mind and soul. Weapon systems the west likes to use, the same they use everywhere, in all their wars. This is Yemen, and in Iraq there are even more of this. DU. aka Depleted Uranium and the effect on the Yemenite children.


My present to the worst rotten scumbag walking on this planet Trump. Are there still someone, I had my rude awakening, when I heard Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 is as we speak an fact, tanks to the Imperial banana republic Trumpistan. Trump, may you sick scumbag rot in hell. The great war is coming, may the lord have mercy upon us all.



What an ignorant POS. Calling Trump a scumbag? You define what an uneducated, American hater is. No, pal, you’re the one going to rot in Hell. What a sack of balls you have to lecture America, you Norwegian swine. Who the eff do you think you are? No Norwegian sites to post on? Peace, a$$wipe.


Best thing about the internet is you get to learn what the average pinhead thinks. Great comment, cretin. You’re one to talk about scumbags. What, you can’t post on any sites in Norway, a$$hole?

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