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MARCH 2021

Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack


Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack

FILE IMAGE: An Iranian technician is at the Natanz enrichment facility

A spokesman for the Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has stated that the country’s security forces have identified the perpetrators of an act of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility in central Iran in July.

The agency’s spokesman announced that while the details of the act of sabotage are still being investigated, the security forces have identified the material authors of the operation.

“It is for the security organizations to painstakingly investigate [the incident] and they are expected to give their final view in this regard. Their investigations are underway and as far as we know, they have detected the agents [who committed the act of sabotage] as well as the motive, methods and manner of the sabotage,” Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Sunday.

Shortly after the incident SNSC Spokesman Keyvan Khosravi said experts from different sectors started investigating “different hypotheses” about the Natanz incident immediately after its occurrence, and have determined its main cause.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said later that the “main cause” of the incident had been determined and would be announced at an appropriate time.

In the latest official comments on the incident, Kamalvindi stated that the saboteurs sought to disrupt the uranium enrichment process at the Natanz facility, but claimed that they were not successful in this respect, repeating earlier claims that the act of sabotage caused no casualties and failed to stop enrichment work at the facility.

The AEOI has decided to build another shed at the nuclear facility to replace the damaged structure.

The AEOI spokesman likened the current conditions facing the country to a ‘scene of war,’ saying, “We might suffer a loss in this scene, but it only makes us more motivated for defence and work.”

Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack

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Elsewhere in his remarks, Kamalvandi said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is under heavy political pressure and its Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi has also confirmed this, but that he promised to act in a professional way.

The IAEA’s chief visited Tehran on August 24 and 25 where he met with senior Iranian officials, which led to the issuance of a joint statement aimed at strengthening cooperation and building more confidence.

The AEOI spokesman said of the visit and agreements reached: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has nothing to conceal. So, it allowed the IAEA to have access to demanded sites, because further prolongation of this issue and not giving the agency the permission [to visit those sites] would have only benefited the US.”

At the end of the two-day trip by the IAEA chief, Iran and the UN agency issued a joint statement on agreements and the results of high-level talks between the two sides.

After intensive bilateral consultations, Iran and the IAEA reached an agreement on the resolution of the safeguards implementation issues specified by the IAEA, in good faith. In this regard, Iran is voluntarily providing the IAEA with access to the two locations specified by the IAEA and facilitating the IAEA verification activities to resolve these issues. LINK




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