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Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack

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Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack

FILE IMAGE: An Iranian technician is at the Natanz enrichment facility

A spokesman for the Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has stated that the country’s security forces have identified the perpetrators of an act of sabotage at Natanz nuclear facility in central Iran in July.

The agency’s spokesman announced that while the details of the act of sabotage are still being investigated, the security forces have identified the material authors of the operation.

“It is for the security organizations to painstakingly investigate [the incident] and they are expected to give their final view in this regard. Their investigations are underway and as far as we know, they have detected the agents [who committed the act of sabotage] as well as the motive, methods and manner of the sabotage,” Behrouz Kamalvandi said on Sunday.

Shortly after the incident SNSC Spokesman Keyvan Khosravi said experts from different sectors started investigating “different hypotheses” about the Natanz incident immediately after its occurrence, and have determined its main cause.

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said later that the “main cause” of the incident had been determined and would be announced at an appropriate time.

In the latest official comments on the incident, Kamalvindi stated that the saboteurs sought to disrupt the uranium enrichment process at the Natanz facility, but claimed that they were not successful in this respect, repeating earlier claims that the act of sabotage caused no casualties and failed to stop enrichment work at the facility.

The AEOI has decided to build another shed at the nuclear facility to replace the damaged structure.

The AEOI spokesman likened the current conditions facing the country to a ‘scene of war,’ saying, “We might suffer a loss in this scene, but it only makes us more motivated for defence and work.”

Iranian Officials Claim They Have Identified Perpetrators Of Natanz Sabotage Attack

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Elsewhere in his remarks, Kamalvandi said the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is under heavy political pressure and its Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi has also confirmed this, but that he promised to act in a professional way.

The IAEA’s chief visited Tehran on August 24 and 25 where he met with senior Iranian officials, which led to the issuance of a joint statement aimed at strengthening cooperation and building more confidence.

The AEOI spokesman said of the visit and agreements reached: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has nothing to conceal. So, it allowed the IAEA to have access to demanded sites, because further prolongation of this issue and not giving the agency the permission [to visit those sites] would have only benefited the US.”

At the end of the two-day trip by the IAEA chief, Iran and the UN agency issued a joint statement on agreements and the results of high-level talks between the two sides.

After intensive bilateral consultations, Iran and the IAEA reached an agreement on the resolution of the safeguards implementation issues specified by the IAEA, in good faith. In this regard, Iran is voluntarily providing the IAEA with access to the two locations specified by the IAEA and facilitating the IAEA verification activities to resolve these issues. LINK


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As soon as UN sanctions are lifted Iran should ban the IAEA from entering their country until Zioterrorist nuke sites in the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine, which routinely threatens the entire world with the Samson option, are open for inspection and the US/UK/France terrorists that gave them those nukes are sanctioned.

Jens Holm

Its well descriebed what Israel has as well as they dont make more of them.

Putting in Rotchild and their cigars and wine blur Your comment svery much…and Zorros too https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62692c9b4c366bab1780fdaf5780717bfa5742fe8befb5343ad96262421523fe.jpg

In the other hand Yiou bring an exelent idea. If the Jews has none with curlky hair and Your would wear mask as Your women, You, the Jews and Your women will be some kind of unification.

You could even share wifes and they didnt know. And the women could go with anyone they wish, because all the zeroes had become Zorros.

Even the Jews proudly will say: We all look like Omar Sherif:)

cechas vodobenikov

u need more meth—u become more unhinged by the week

Vox Populi

Very little damage was done to Natanz besides some burnt grass, however it has provided Iranian intelligence services with a plethora of information.


No one gave Israel nukes … lol

Israel has NOT asked the IAEA for help and are NOT party to its inspections … hello?

The USA are members of the IAEA either … eh?

Iran is and needed help … they’re obligated to ‘come clean’ and have been stalling inspections/inspectors from seeing ALL nuclear sites …

Israel has never used nukes on its enemies to date … eh?

cechas vodobenikov

Israel can’t–if they did Israel would become a radioactive sand dune


Laughable … whose gonna attack Israel with a Nuke?

Subs … ballistic missiles … air planes … ALL with GPS accuracy

200 ? 300 ? 400 ?

If Israel is attacked by nukes …. they will take down others with them … Count on it Goy

chris chuba

I remember reading a worshipful tribute to Israel piece in the neocon portal, ‘realcearworld or realcleardefense.com’ bragging about Israel’s prowess at setting back Iran’s nuclear program 2 yrs and what a bargain we get for the low, low price of $4B a year.

1. The Intel of what/how to destroy came from the IAEA data, not from the Mossad and we have the JCPOA to thank / blame for that, not Israel. It is because of open inspections that we have access to Iranian centrifuge manufacturing for 18yrs.

2. The damage assessment was fiction, the actual damage will again from the IAEA inspections since they have open access to Natanz because of the JCPOA.

3. The mechanism for the actual damage is not officially known yet but when it is revealed, I bet it will be bribery of local Iranians from U.S. dollars and not connected to the Mossad at all.

Jens Holm

I am not Iran. Who is? But if I was, the best future would be having reassns for attacks and money for devellopingthe country for all.

So if an opposition agree in that, they could be the detonators. Maybee they still has some few hardhead Muhadjins there.

I do think at Russia a little too, because they have sold a nukepower station to Iran.


the IAEA should request to inspect the jews dimona nuclear compound in the negeve desert and if not allowed, put sanctions on the jews. most european countries and turkey would welcome a situation where the negeve compound is inspected and evaluated. it wouldn’t hurt to demand that such an inspection is performed. the disjointed states of A will object naturally but it would bring to the world’s attention the fact that the jews are holding the world at ransom with the threat of using their nukes.


The IAEA has no jurisdiction … Israel developed Nuclear Power without asking for IAEA help … lol

YOU sound scared verner … get over it



Hey twat, not at all, it’s the jews that are shitting their pants since they know that nothing will save them in the near future, neither nukes nor the disunited states of A. it’s a 6 feet under moment in the lives of the jews.


Whose on their ‘back foot’?

Israel just shat on Nasrallah trying to harm 1 soldier … lol

YOUR lot is in deep doo doo … YOUR brain will burst


cechas vodobenikov

stop lying durak—Israel stole nukes from the French and amerikans


The 200+ Nukes were stolen?

Goy …

Free man

It seems that the Mossad can do whatever it wants in Iran. And the mullahs regime would contain everything Israel is doing to it. Cowards with big mouths.

Emad Irani

keep dreaming Idiot, the wrong move was to let IAEA in the country :) Israel cannot even control its own streets, beside that IRGC has the last word in Iran…

Vox Populi

What would you like Iran to do dear disgruntled? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/66ecf68d9ecef973f644e75a0d43e2068092506c51b459655ac9eabce370daf3.png However, Iran is doing great job of cloning Zionist weapons. It appears that India, whose Defence Minister just visited Iran and signed 22 major defence collaboration agreements may have provided the blueprints to the Arrow system, whose prototype was displayed at the IDO exhibition this week.

Free man

You are funny. The Mullahs regime seems to have obtained the blueprints to the Arrow system poster.

cechas vodobenikov

u idiots that can’t invent anything required nazi physicists to invent your nukes

Tommy Jensen

Because IAEA didnt find anything, it doesnt mean Iran not have Tsar bombs from Russia and other WMD’s hidden in caves and underground tunnels close to Israel’s borders. IAEA cannot examine every little cave in Iran.

cechas vodobenikov

47%-60% of u idiots believe ghosts….no I can’t prove they do exist

El Mashi

Israel’s enemies all have their nukes stored in Dimona Nuclear Research Labs in the Negev. As we speak, how many rockets are pointed at Dimona? Probably thousands, and those number increases with time. Like all colonial and imperial masters in history, they will weaken and disappear: Israel is no exception. Shalom.

Vox Populi

Iranian Defence Exhibition displays Iranian cloning of Israeli Arrow missile AD system.



How long can you hold your breath?

100 Years? 200 years?



Russia’s latest nuclear-powered subs to carry cruise missiles with range of over 4,000 km

The new Kalibr-M cruise missiles will be capable of delivering either conventional high-explosive fragmentation or nuclear warheads to the target, according to a source in the defense industry… https://tass.com/defense/1194783

cechas vodobenikov

childish comments….unfree girl, turdy, etc…..iran should develop Nukes—cowardly anglos would never attack a nation that can defend itself, afraid of DPRK…lose all wars

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