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Iranian Navy’s Largest Ship Catches Fire, Sinks In Gulf Of Oman

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Iranian Navy's Largest Ship Catches Fire, Sinks In Gulf Of Oman

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On June 2nd, the Iranian Navy’s largest ship caught fire and subsequently sank in the Gulf of Oman.

The circumstances of the incident are largely unclear.

The Fars and Tasnim news agencies said efforts had failed to save the support ship Kharg, named after the island that serves as the main oil terminal for Iran.

The fire on the ship began after midnight and firefighters attempted to contain it, but ultimately failed.

The vessel sank near the Iranian port of Jask, some 1,270 kilometers southeast of Tehran on the Gulf of Oman near the Strait of Hormuz.

Photos circulated on Iranian social media of sailors wearing life jackets evacuating the vessel as a fire burned behind them. Fars news reported that the entire crew of the ship safely disembarked and there were no casualties.

State TV and semiofficial news agencies referred to the Kharg as a “training ship.”

There is a video of a cloud of smoke coming out of the ship in the distance.

HINT: The sound in the video is EXTREMELY LOUD. Be advised.

The Kharg serves as one of a few vessels in the Iranian navy capable of providing replenishment at sea for its other ships. It also can lift heavy cargo and serve as a launch point for helicopters.

Satellite photos from Planet Labs Inc. analyzed by The Associated Press showed the Kharg off to the west of Jask on June 1st.

Iranian Navy's Largest Ship Catches Fire, Sinks In Gulf Of Oman

Click to see full-size image

Satellites from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that track fires from space detected a blaze at the site of the Jask that started just before the time of the fire reported by Fars.

The ship was built in Great Britain and launched in 1977, it entered the Iranian Navy in 1984 after lengthy negotiations that followed Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.

The sinking of the Kharg marks the latest naval disaster in Iran.

In 2020 during an Iranian military training exercise, a missile mistakenly struck a naval vessel near the port of Jask, killing 19 sailors and wounding 15. Earlier, in 2018, an Iranian Navy destroyer sank in the Caspian Sea.


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This was no case of human spontaneous combustion!!!! Avia.pro is in fact reporting that the Kharg was hit by an armed drone, more than likely from the usual ME supremacists. The war continues and will grow in intensity.

Last edited 7 months ago by Mr.Spicklespock
Diaper hasbara Dan

I would doubt it as it was a 45 year old ship plagued by problems as Iranian military is deteriorating as there has been no effort made to refurbishment old assets. It is time Iran got serious.

Brother Ma

Armed drone? A Rapier? Or something like that? Very big and why couldn’t the ship radars see it? If it was an armed drone, then even the Houthis will be able to take out destroyers . Way to win.


Did you mean the ASHKENAZI NON-SEMITIC Jews


I think you mean the (tr)AshcanNAZI Khazarians?


where are the Israely subs at the moment?

None of you

Brilliant news

End of the Days

Mazol Tov 😂😁
This is only the beginning.

Diaper hasbara Dan

No, but Zionists are kaput after the humiliation in Gaza.

Peter Jennings

For a lover of apartheid.


Wow … you took out a barely seaworthy supply / training ship with zero casualties. What’s next? Sink a couple of garbage scows or a drone strike on an IRGC daycare?


Another Urban Moving Systems operation?!


Not sure what is worse, Iranian navy or Iranian air force lmao


Look in the mirror

Christian J. Chuba

Bad news but at least it wasn’t the Makran.

I sure hope that the Makran has state of the art fire control and defense systems. While the Kharg, wasn’t excessively old, it wasn’t new at 44yrs.
Average age of U.S. cruiser: 30yr, life expectancy: 50yrs
U.S. Aircraft carriers: 2 are older, 9 are newer w/6 built after 1990.

Potato Man

Iran election is right around the corner on 18th June.
1. The Rouhani talking out of his ass and saying shit they making a deal with yankees…which is a lie and he wants to blame it on the next government.
2. yankees + Zion and Wahhabi are gonna get hit much harder, right after Rouhani and his clowns are out.
3. We don’t know much…ignore the clowns.

Last edited 7 months ago by Potato Man
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