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JULY 2020

Iranian Navy Tests New Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (Video)


Commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, announced that a Qadir-class midget submarine of the Iranian Navy has test-fired an anti-ship missile for the first time ever on the third and last day of “Velayat 97” naval drills.

“Our Qadir-class submarines have so far fired cruise missiles and Fateh has this capability too and we will display it in future drills,” Rear Admiral Khanzadi told Fars News on February 24.

The Iranian Admiral said that the new submarine-launched anti-ship missile was domestically developed within the framework of Jask-2 project. The missile is a variant of the Nasr-1 cruise missile.

According to experts, the Nasr-1 is in fact a copy of the Chinese-made C-704 anti-ship cruise missile. The missile has a range of 35km and it can be equipped with an active radar seeker or an electro-optical one. The Iranian Navy presented a land-launched variant of the missile during the “Velayat 90” drills in 2012. A year later, an air-launched variant was tested.

Iranian Navy Tests New Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile (Video)

Nasr-1 anti-ship cruise missile, Photo by Mohammad Agah, Source: Tasnim News Agency

Submarine-launched cruise missiles (SLCMs) are considered lethal as it is difficult to detect their launch. Only a handful of countries were able to develop this type of advanced weapon systems.

The Nasr-1’s range is short compared to most SLACMs. However, the ability to launch it from midget quiet submarines, such as the Qadir-class, makes it a real threat for Iran’s enemies in the Persian Gulf.

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  • Jesus

    Not bad from a midget sub deploying this weapon that could sucker punch a destroyer with a dual volley, followed up by some 533 MM torpedoes that would KO the destroyer.

  • katakanBR

    35km is good enought for hormuz chokepoint

    • You can call me Al

      Tel-Aviv ?.

    • BlueInGreen

      Southafront has some of their information wrong. Apparently the missile fired was the Jask-2 that has a range of 100km not 35km.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      or the Saudi petro-pimps :)

  • You can call me Al

    Look at 20 secs +, what is that parachute landing (in the sea) for ?.

    • paul ( original )

      I saw it as well but don’t know. Hope someone will tell us.

  • BlueInGreen

    Some additional information for you guys based on members from the Iranian defense section from PDF. The missile cruise shown to be fired from the Ghadir midget sub is launched from a powered torpedo that houses the cruise missile itself. What this allows for the slow Ghadir sub to do is to essentially launch the torpedo from one location, have that powered torpedo move into position while the Ghadir sub moves away from the original launch area, then the cruise missile launched from the torpedo capsule. Odds are the powered torpedo can move some distance away then launch, thus improving the range of the cruise missile itself.

    This Immensely improves the survival odds of Iranian subs due to how the subs can now fire a torpedo, move far away from the original launch area to another position, fire another missile , move away yet again, confusing the enemy along the way.

    I usually don’t get too excited about this sort of stuff but what Iran has achieved is exceptional.

    • verner

      if true, yes amazing. will confound the morons from moronistan no end. and the saudis are anxious to keep ras tanura working so attacking iran on behalf of the squatters is not really an issue – let’s hope mohammed bin salman decides to kashoggi donny’s son in law, jared, for a number of unfulfilled promises.

      • BlueInGreen

        According to Iranian members on PDF, the missile that was fired was the Jask-2 which has a range of 100km.

    • paul ( original )

      I am glad you posted this. At least to me the video was unclear. First a submarine, then a torpedo and finally a missile were shown. It looked like disconnected images, but your explanation has made things perfectly clear. Yes this is a very inventive system. Presumably the torpedo can be launched from a very simple platform such as a fast patrol boat with a torpedo tube.

      • BlueInGreen

        This is the original post I’m getting my info from. This user is well respect amongst Iranian military enthusiasts.

        Some points:

        – The Ghadir sub that launched it was half submerged to show to enemy intelligence that this is not a copy of older Chinese submarine launched AshMs.

        – It was intended to show that this is a new kind torpedo-AshM hybrid, powered, likely able to travel a significant distance as torpedo

        – This weapon is tailored for a Ghadir-like sub:
        *Small subs are not very fast, so the torpedo portion of the weapon creates distance for the Ghadir to escape from the launch area
        *Since line of sight sensors have only about 50km range, the smaller space for the missile, due to the torpedo portion of the weapon is justified.

        A version with a over-horizon capabel AshM like the Nasir, would leave less space for the torpedo function –> less torpedo range. It will come for more advanced subs with external targeting information.
        But for the Ghadir in an autonomous, silent mode using its own sensors more than 50km weapon range is not of any use

        So in conclusion this is a “new” (first shown in 2012), innovative weapon for submarines that are at a severe speed disadvantage and need “stealthy” launch method to increase suitability. This hybrid weapon will increase the survivability of any submarine that does targeting on its own, without a large advanced long-range sonar, hence for the Kilos, Fateh and at least Besat.
        But its greatest application is for the Ghadir class as it increases its threatening range while providing it with a huge survivability advantage.

    • Joe Kerr

      Iran has excellent R&D (according to New Scientist), and this shows that its applied tech is also gaining momentum. Good news, but not so for Israel and its U.S. colony… and the main reason Israel’s pushing its colony to attack Iran.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Actually, the 3 IRIN upgraded Kilo Class subs have the newer ‘Club-S’ missile which has an even longer range and heavier payload. Iran has developed a range of GPS guided terrain hugging cruise missiles.

      Iranian LACM (land attack) Cruise missiles
      Nasr-1 – Iranian-made short-range missiles deployed all domestic submarines.
      Meshkat – Iranian cruise missile with range of 2000 kilometers.
      Qader – Iranian anti-ship cruise missile with a range over 200 km.
      Ya-Ali – Iranian land attack cruise missile with 700 km range.
      Soumar – copy of the Raduga Kh-55.
      Noor – Anti-ship cruise missile based on C-802
      Kowsar – medium-range, land-based anti-ship missile
      Nasr-e Basir – Anti-ship cruise missile
      Zafar – Anti-ship cruise missile
      Nasir – anti-ship cruise missile

  • AJ

    Midget submarine firing midget missiles!

    • Joe Kerr

      Got a problem?

    • chris chuba

      FOX news wasn’t laughing. The cruise missile has range and a payload that the Syrians don’t have. It’s no fun when they can hit back so we won’t be able to do any of our self-esteem building missile attacks against Iran.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    very good