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Iranian Navy Increases Its International Presence  

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Iranian Navy Increases Its International Presence  

In this photo released Thursday, June 10, 2021, by the Iranian army, an Iranian warship moves in the Atlantic Ocean. Iran has dispatched two warships to the Atlantic Ocean, a rare mission to demonstrate the country’s maritime power, state TV reported Thursday, without specifying the vessels’ final destination. (Iranian Army via AP)

The Persian country aims to become a strong naval power.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, research fellow in international law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Iranian naval incursions continue to increase. The Persian country, after consolidating its presence in the Caribbean, included Europe in its navy’s route. The French and British governments are concerned about the passage of Iranian ships on the English Channel and international tensions are likely to rise as Tehran is becoming a new naval power with intercontinental projections.

Two Iranian ships that were in the Atlantic recently, allegedly carrying arms to Venezuela, were seen in the English Channel between the UK and France. Iran’s destroyer Sahand and the support vessel Makran departed from the center of the Atlantic Ocean and crossed the English Channel last Sunday, according to data captured by intelligence satellites from France and the UK. The presence of the ships was first reported by the USNI News media agency, which believes that the vessels were crossing the Channel during a journey to Russia, where they will supposedly participate in a Russian naval parade in St. Petersburg on Sunday, July 25th. However, there is still no concrete data to affirm the real reason for the movement of ships.

The scale of the power of these ships is what generates fear in Western observers. The Sahand is a Moudge-class destroyer with a displacement of 2,500 tons, 95 meters long and has a crew of 140 officers and sailors, equipped with long-range radar, electronic warfare systems, naval weapons, cannons and machine guns, in addition to surface-to-air missiles, anti-submarine torpedoes, and a helicopter. Meanwhile, the Makran is a new type of warship, commissioned by the Iranian Navy in January 2021, built from a former oil tanker to serve as a mobile maritime base capable of long-range naval operations. The ship has a displacement of 111,000 tons, 230 meters in length, and can carry tens of thousands of tons of equipment such as speedboats, mobile road vehicles, drones, and helicopters, as well as a firepower that includes the naval missiles Qadir and Abu-Mahd and rocket launchers.

Regardless of Tehran’s intention, the very presence of ships with such firepower is reason enough for nations “visited” by the Iranian Navy to be surprised and alert. For this reason, NATO has started to monitor the situation closely and is following the movement of the vessels. Even if it is really just a passage towards the Baltic Sea and the Russian naval parade, tensions will not decrease, as Iran’s lack of prior warning will be perceived as an affront and will motivate responses – which can take place in the diplomatic, commercial or military arena (with possible NATO naval maneuvers).

However, in order to correctly analyze the presence of these ships in Europe, it is necessary to remember the Venezuelan issue, as the episodes provide us with information about Iran’s naval intentions. Sahand and Makran were the same ships that raised fears in Washington in May, when they began crossing the Atlantic, possibly carrying weapons for the Bolivarian government. Tehran has never revealed details about the operations of such ships, which further heightens suspicions in the West. However, in fact, there are many reasons why Iran has moved to that region. What started as economic assistance, sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela, quickly evolved into oil cooperation, with both countries breaking the US-imposed international blockade on them.

From economic-oil cooperation, there was an evolution to a military stage and Iran finally made its presence in the “geopolitical backyard” of its biggest international rival. At the time, commenting on the case, the commander of the Iranian Navy, Hossein Khanzadi, said: “[Iranian presence] is a response to the US claims that Iran would never be able to have a presence in the Atlantic.” This means that Tehran plans to increase its presence in regions that have historically been under the American military umbrella.

Iranian investments in naval advancement began in April of last year, when the Revolutionary Navy started a series of maneuvers against American ships in the Persian Gulf, challenging the American presence in the region. At the peak of the crisis generated by political instability and the pandemic, Washington was undetermined to respond to the actions of its rival, leading to the progress of the naval ambitions of the Persian country, which later began to transit the Caribbean.

What Iran is doing is simply increasing its naval projection, far beyond the limits of its coastline. This attitude is common among the world powers and Tehran has a plan to become a naval military power. For a long time, the Atlantic powers believed they were “owners” of this ocean, but the rise of new naval states shows that the principle of freedom of navigation is absolute and must be respected.


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iran should build dozens of catamarans for the region and dozens of 3000 ton ships so every 100000 ton ship can have more company in future than just one ship and the idea that rouhani basically made iran into one of the biggest steel seller in the world is an annoyance this steel should be immediatly diverted after he is gone into the ship industry iran needs all its ressources itself because liberalism is a failure and soon enough its a dead failure one on top of it and all it does is waste ressources as if there is no tomorrow for nothing but paper in return liberalism is a dead ideology of masochistic slave people

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
Abraham Lincoln

What a joke surprised an alert. Its routine and no big deal all nations with navies do this.


russia should cooperate with iran on nuclear fueled submarines because iran will have them not so far in the future anyway and it will only be a loss for russia to not cooperate but the same can be said in many fields russia should stop its delusions about following the west and zionist pack of losers russia should know better than that

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
Jimmy Chu

China is a better bet and more willing to cooperate with Iran.


iran will cooperate with china that is a given afterall both china and iran are the global precursor entities and both are going to be centers of global governance they are basically impossible to disconnect in that sense


both russia and iran have figured out supercavitating technology and they both dont have one single supercavitating large submarine china is beating russia and iran might do so too which is in my view another reason why russia should keep close to both china and iran going forward instead of having hopes on a trumpian miracle or something absurd like that in which russia wouldnt be the eternal enemy because that wont happen ever just like it wont happen in our case ever not aslong as the western elites have a say in the matter

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

Iranian navy is undergoing a major qualitative and quantitative build up with new designs and heavier tonnage aimed at securing blue waters. Iran just this week launched a stealth Catamaran armed with supersonic SSM and a platform for the hypersonic missiles which will become operational in the the near future.

The new Iranian ship is one of several under construction that will be called the Shahed Soleimani class of stealth ships.


roflmaoooooo………iran and navy…let the games begin 🤣😂😂😂😋😋😎😎


Sorry, but this is ridiculous. It’s fine for the Iranians to sail to Venezuela and Russia; if aynthing, it shows that the Iranian leadership isn’t afraid to send their men on potentially dangerous missions, but it most certainly does not “raise fears” among either the US or European states. Maybe it raises something among the Iranian leadership (a sense of pride, I mean, of course) and among some readers, but it’s surely nothing the US or Europe is concerned about. To claim that Iran is developping international projection power is ludicrous. Their power is at home. Now there, it is indeed noteworthy and it is in the same region, that it is really cause for concern for NATO and her dependents like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Last edited 12 days ago by Dave

tell me how many navies around the world can have international presence in fact how many navies have the capabilities for far voyages?

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

also iranians arent afraid of the likes you mentioned in fact you sound ridiculous


iran is now among a handful of nations and that is not going to change its going to become even more clear in the future with more and more fleets joining

frank g

it is very laughable how those euro snobs cry foul, when any other country outside their delusional self appointed western rules based order, travels through international waters using freedom of navigation rights that apply to all. what a bunch of cry baby hypocrites.


they cant accept that iran has done what few navies can which is have an international footprint meaning having a navy which allows far voyages without refueling or other halts in fact they told iran that it could never achieve this thing and they were wrong

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
Séamus Ó Néill

“Iranian naval incursions continue to increase”. Perhaps the author is unaware of the meaning of “incursion” but the Iranian navy was most certainly not invading nor attacking anyone. Iran has the same Freedom of Navigation rights as any other country, although exercising those rights may irritate and exasperate the world’s bully and its lackeys, there’s feck all they can do about it within the confines of international law.

L du Plessis

So Nato may sail the world but Iran may not, Western democracy ???

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