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Iranian Military Boasts Offensive Capability Amid Flare Up With Israel

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Iranian Military Boasts Offensive Capability Amid Flare Up With Israel


On January 25th, the Iranian Army’s ground forces launched a massive military drill to showcase their rapid deployment capabilities.

The two-day Eghtedar 97 exercise in the Isfahan province were inaugurated by Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari, the commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Force.

“The drill is aimed at assessing new structural changes to the Army’s ground forces with over 12,000 forces participating to exercise state-of-the-art offensive tactics,” PressTV reported.

Armored vehicles, artillery units, rapid reaction forces, mechanized infantry, electronic warfare, telecommunications and UAVs were deployed for the drills.

“In these drills we will showcase two important developments: a special-forces rapid deployment battalion and a highly mobile offensive armored battalion,” General Heidari said.

Heidari said the drills would delight Iran’s allies while warning aggressors that they would face a “rapid and crushing blow.”

Also on January 25th, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi reacted strongly to comments by French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian regarding sanctions related to Iran’s missile program.

“Iran’s military capabilities are part of the country’s legitimate defense power and a guarantor of the Islamic Republic’s national security, which is based on the doctrine of deterrence,” Qassemi said.

“The Islamic Republic has designed its defense capabilities based on a realistic assessment of the existing threats,” he said, further claiming that the country could strengthen its missile capabilities to the extend it deems needed.

“Iran’s missile capability is not negotiable, and this has been brought to the attention of the French side during the ongoing political dialogue between Iran and France,” he said.

Qassemi said that the calls for sanctions on Iran’s missile program goes against the spirit of political conversations and cooperation between the two countries.

“Iran has always sought to consolidate peace and stability in the region, and believes the mass sale of sophisticated and assault weapons by the US and some European countries, including France, has undermined regional stability and balance,” he said.

On January 27th, Major General Mohammad Baqeri, the chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said that the Iranian military would adopt offensive tactics whenever they decide they are necessary.

“There is, among the country’s broad strategies, a defensive strategy — we defend the independence and territorial integrity and national interests of the country,” Maj. Gen. Baqeri said. “This, however, does not mean that we would be acting exclusively defensively and passively in our operational-level and tactical approaches.”

He said Iran did not have any intention of seizing foreign territory or harming foreign interests, yet, “to protect our national achievements and interests, we may adopt an offensive approach.”

“If someone sought to violate our country, if signs and evidence [of such aggression] were detected, the Islamic Republic would not be sitting idly by so that the nation’s interests and the country’s calm are endangered,” Baqeri said.

Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari also commented on the capabilities of the Iranian army. He said that the Iranian military didn’t need asymmetric warfare in defense any longer.

“To protect the Islamic homeland, Iran’s Armed Forces no longer need the asymmetric approach, and we are at a stage where we can defend our homeland and the establishment using a good offensive approach,” he added.

The “offensive” component in Iran’s defensive strategy was presented for the first time during the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps’ massive exercises in the Persian Gulf in December 2018. The Great Prophet 12 drill, according to IRGC chief General Mohammad Ali Jafari served its purpose and that Iranians “hope the enemies have more than ever grasped the power of our response.”

“This was a response to allegations made by the enemies who should know that the defense capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are deterrent, and as the Eminent Leader [Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei] has said, ‘if they try to hit us once, they will definitely be hit 10 times more’,” Jafari said.

All of this follows a recent flare up in relations between Israel and Iran. With both sides making their rhetoric more harsh and Israel claiming that it repeatedly struck Iranian targets in Syria.

On January 26th, Aliya and Integration Minister Yoav Gallant said that “The State of Israel has a plan to expel the Iranians from Syria,” Gallant said. “Israel is using intelligence, diplomatic, security, and military components.”

These exchanges with Israel are highly likely why Iran has been boasting its defensive and now offensive prowess over the last few weeks.

PressTV also reported that Iran maintains that its military power is solely for deterrence and does not threaten any country. The country also claims it has made significant progress in its military technology in recent years.

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The only problem with that very nice and tempting idea is ….that US would get involved to
protect Israel.
And than China and Russia would have to get involved too.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia will not do a damn thing to its “partners” and China is too busy selling junk to dollar stores. Self-respecting nations have to stand up for themselves or become a permanent bitch.

Promitheas Apollonious

they will need serious reason to do that.


Enough talk.
Lets have some of that “Iran’s missile capability” in action as retaliation on Israeli attacks against Iranian positions…. instead of complaining all the time that Russia doesn’t protect you enough in Syria..

Stop hiding behind Russia and blaming Russia for everything for once.


Why jako?
Our commanders and officials say no Iranian soldiers are in Syria and therefore no Iranian military got killed by Israeli attacks except Syrians. There’s no Iranian military in Syria except for some advisors.
It doesn’t mean there are no volunteers, just like Russian MCs. But they’re not the country’s armed forces and the country is not forced to react when the volunteer force is being attacked, specially if the reaction puts the country in disadvantage. The exact reason why Russia did not retaliate against US attack on Russian MCs.

I tell you what. If Iran decided it’s necessary to act and help Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah (and help they did since the beginning of the ISIS theater) I’m sure they will react to Israeli attacks, whenever those attacks are no longer insignificant, target real Iranians and the need to answering them outweighs the disadvantage against the country (FYI, one Iranian MP asked why Syrian s-300 are not active under Russian supervision, he didn’t ask Russia to attack Israelis to defend the non existent Iranian forces).

If Israel was attacking Syria solely to hit Iranian targets and Syria was damaged because of Iranian stupid insistence on having warehouses full of missiles without protection in Damascus airport, don’t you think Syrians would ask Iranians to give it a rest? Israel’s aim was not and is not Iranians, but strengthening Netanyahu’s internal position.

There is a reason why the Empire has not attacked Iran yet and something tells me it’s not the “tough talk” Iranian commanders give them.

PS. This just came in:


You argument is sound and logical from every aspect.

Thank you for your explanation and for link also.
I am VERY glad to hear that criticizing Syrian S-300 was not
Iranian official position.
It is maybe time to get those S-300 up and ready !
There are plenty of Israeli jets waiting to be shot down !
It would also help that Syrian S-300 have visit of Iranian officer-expert so that Iran can see directly what keeps those Syrian crews from mastering use of S-300.
They are not beginners on the Russian weapons systems so I can’t see why it takes them so long to learn how to do their job properly.

Having those S-300 active is crucial for resolving Israeli problem in Syria.
There are no other alternatives to that solution.
That will resolve security problem in Lebanon as well.
Also that will strengthen overall security position of SAA and allay forces in Syria.
And also secure speeding up of their victory and peace process in post war Syria


Don’t mention it.
Radars is a very difficult thing to master. They are not magical things that solve a problem like Israeli aggression overnight and operating an integrated radar network is even more difficult. It takes years to properly train expert operators.

The conditions they will face doesn’t leave any room for errors, as Israelis proved to be willing to put civilians’ lives at risk to further their agenda.

I found this website sometimes ago that explains things with a relative simple language and has very enlightening information about radars, how they operate and difficulty of tracking and targeting aerial objects in a crowded environment. Have a look and spread the word:


Looking forward for the day these acts of aggression finally stop.

Zionism = EVIL

Talk is cheap, either do something or shut the hell up as the Zionists have killed hundreds of Iranians so far.


the most moronic and entirely destitute states of america is looking for any excuse to attack Iran so iran is better off preparing the future annihilation of israel, at a time that suits Iran and won’t give the pentagon/statedepartment a glorious and long awaited hard on (reason) to start a war with iran – israel deserve no pardon and for the world it’s better that the deconstruction of the illegitimate experimemt takes place, e.g. after that the destitute states has gone bankrupt and can no longer entertain a war, at home or elsewhere.

meanwhile join the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement and do what you can in persuading your neighbours, friends local politicians, your local safeway etc to stop israeli products from being sold or marketed und zu weiter.


“Iran’s Strategy is to Wipe Israel Off Political Map – Senior Iranian Commander”

“”We announce that if Israel takes any action to wage a war against us, it will definitely lead to its own elimination and freeing of occupied territories,”

Well Israel KILLS often (LEGITIMATELY INVITED) Iranian soldiers in Syria quite often…
So what else as reason do you need to react?!?
You don’t have to annihilate Israel just kick them in the balls very hard so that we all can be HAPPY !


nah israel has earned zilch respect and should expect no mercy from its enemies gathering around a country which to 90% is stolen from the palestinians. thus kick them not only in the nuts, kick them all the way to the other side of the atlantic and they will see that their welcome is considerably chillier than what they would expect. the world does not need israel and the world owes israel zilch but israel is in desperate need of the world but given the balance between the two good – riddance and kingdom come for israel!


Thing is though, missiles aside the Iranian military has only old junk. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to still see F-4 Phantoms and MiG-29’s parked on the runway of Tehran airport, or see a tank transporter carrying an old Chieftain tank, but its cool because they are museum pieces and should be in a museum, not be in the inventory of an army that potentially has to face the US and IDF.

When most you have is either old junk, refurbished old junk or clones of old junk, it’s kinda hard to directly challenge a country which is armed to the teeth with the latest in modern weaponry. All courtesy of the US taxpayer.


I know exactly what kind of “old junk” they have (including their newly produced clone of the U.S. 3rd generation jet)
Maybe you should spend some time explaining to some ignoramuses here who fanatically exaggerate all aspects of Iran’s military power.
They make it sound like Iran is stronger than Russia let alone Israel.

My comment was only linked on Iranian missiles.
I was actually talking here about their (so much bragged about) immense missile power with which they are threatening quite often to be able to annihilate Israel completely.
Weather that power is exaggerated or not I do not know !
I will take their word for it.

So all I say is ;
Why they don’t retaliate at least little bit from Syria when Israel attacks their positions in Syria ?!
If their soldiers are killed they have every right to retaliate.
That’s all I’m saying!


Retaliating a little bit with some missiles after an Israeli air attack would be counter productive since Iron Dome and David’s Sling will not be overwhelmed by a few missiles, it will take a coordinated effort with Syria and Hezbollah to organize a missile strike with enough missiles and decoys overwhelming jew air defenses and causing some real damage.


Fuck ” Iron Dome and David’s Sling ” they are over rated !
Their performance was moderate against banal Palestinian rocket launchers which is the simplest, slowest unguided rocket that exists.
Even if Israel menage to shoot down few missiles Iranians have only to send bigger salvo and that is it !
That would have huge psychological impact to whole Israel if even single missile arrives to hit Tel Aviv!

Or “coordinate” with Hezbollah (but not from Lebanon not to give Israel excuse to start bombing Lebanon)

“According to some report the Russians warned ”
If true (I don’t believe it) than we are back on Russo-Israely agreement of preemptive strikes (with warnings)
I sincerely hope it isn’t true because that would be going back on where we were last year.
Syrians MUST jump start using those S-300 and taking down those Israeli motherfuckers even over Mediterranean sea or any other place over Lebanon.
That would be only permanent solution.


Iron dome and David sling might be over rated as American weapons are, however, a sucessuful attack requires a concentrated effort involving decoys and enough missiles to exact significant damage. If the Iranian were firing Iskander missiles, they need to fire a couple, if they are firing their domestic missiles, they fire 100, and hypothetically expect 10 to make it through. If 30 end up making it through they will have a better assessment of what Israeli antiballistic missiles are capable of for future actions.

From what I gather a schism is developing between the military and political Russian establishments in regards to how the S300 missiles are going to be used.


“enough missiles to exact significant damage”

The most ”significant damage” would happen on the psychological level if any of major cities would be hit even without killing anybody.
Just panic and fear and feeling the vulnerability of their situation is worthy result. A satisfaction.

If you talk about Russian “Iskander missiles” I do not know that anybody has them except Russia and Belarus.
And I don’t think that Russia would sell them to Iran or anybody else.

I don’t know anything about any “schism” developing between the “military and political Russian establishments”
And I couldn’t care less.
Decision was made to finally give Syria S-300 and that S-300 is becoming (logically) integral part of whole Russian AA system in Syria.
So there is no way going back on not using S-300.
All those Russian pro Jew and liberal lobbies are not true friends of Russia anyways.
They never were and they never will be!
So fuck them!
IF Syrians finally do not start sending those Israeli jets down situation with Jew attacks will continue forever.
So no alternative there!


When you fire missiles with uncertain CEP capabilities in urban area you are going to have enough casualties, there should be enough casualties to deter IAF from conducting reciprocal attacks. Jews love their own lives and are averse to casualties as Americans are.
Jews like Americans believe the lies peddled by their governments of how invincible they are, so casualties from missile attacks would prove Jewish vulnerability, and a return to a saner policy of live and let live.


can’t agree more.


I reckon that Syria might not take kindly to Iran launching a war against Israel from its territory. The Syrian government is kinda busy still winning its own war for it to be dragged along into a war with Israel. And they would be dragged along as the IDF’s missiles would hit its installations as well. If only because that is what Israel always does, collective punishment. If they can’t hit the perpetrators then everybody gets hit. Just look at Gaza. Islamic Jihad, or some other group launches rockets at Israel, Israel hits Hamas. And again, and again, until Hamas makes the other groups stop the attacks. Collective punishment!


Syria bares grudge against Israel also but still…
What you say is perfect common sense that is not present on this forum much (if at all)
And that same common sense logic applies everywhere yet it is not accepted.
Majority are cheer leaders for starting even bigger conflict here (the more stupid reason the better) WW3 included.
Like growing conflict can resolve anything
Whenever I tried to defend common sense and was explaining that Russia doesn’t want to start WW3 over small incidents I was labeled Jew or Jew sympathizer.
Now I don’t do that any longer even though I haven’t changed my mind. (I give them some of their medicine and push war rhetoric that involves Iran – the same way they do with Russia all the time)
Yet I still think the same way you do.
Absolute priority is to win this war without spreading or growing it .
Absolute priority is to get PEACE in Syria as soon as possible to go back to normal life and heal the scars.
7 years of war is already far too much.
Putin is wise man and I think Assad also.


I usually ignore the screamers. Or make fun of how I’m going to use my 30 shekels of silver to date my hot lady Mossad handler.


There are too many of them here so you are doing your “ignoring” very well I must admit.
The major tendency here is to ignore, obscure or label anything that is not bombastic, anti Jew conspiracy theory and craving for more war.
Iran, Hezbollah,SAA and Assad are declared saints and untouchable and can not be looked at as normal human beings with their limits and deficiencies also.

Fact that wars are necessary evil that hardly ever bring any good dosn’t go much through heads of majority here.
So I can’t be bothered to repeat that or say anything realistic any more if people don’t want to hear it.


To be honest I only skim through most replies and when I see DA JEWZ I tend to skip. Occasionally I reply, because after all, I have to correct the foolish and the ignorant on the interwebz or the world will end. And some of the people I reply to regularly do talk about DA JEWZ as well, but these at least I can reason with up to a degree. As a rule, when the reply consists of more then HASBARA TROLL!!!! but some actual rebuttal and a decent tone I will debate such a person. It helps that I had friends who had wildly different opinions on certain things that I do. So you either go crazy about that, or learn to adapt in order to save the friendship.

As for Iran, Hezbollah and Assad, or even Russia being friends, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, just my enemy’s enemy, nothing more, nothing less. I’ve been to Iran three times so I know a little about the country and its government and I wouldn’t call that government saints. I’ll welcome it while it successfully opposes and thwarts US foreign policy, and even rub my hands in glee, but that still doesn’t mean I’ll think they’re saints.


“the enemy of my enemy is not my friend, just my enemy’s enemy, nothing more, nothing less”
These words of yours.. That’s what i would cal being realist
in life. And it is becoming rarity not on this forum only but in every day life also.

I also appreciate your comments above about managing situations and people with opinions that differ too much.
For some reason I think that well balanced common sense judgment is becoming scarce commodity.
People are ever more agitated and tend to go to extremes more often closing possibility for dialog.
I suppose that we all try to cope with that problem with more or less success without ready made formula….


Generation 3 aircraft armed with standoff weapons….like cruise missiles and BVR fire and forget munitions could still be effective.


You would have to have a damn good radar network and integrated command structure, one that can detect the F-35I. And your pilots need to be well trained, as in logging in lots of flight time and training hours. Which I don’t think the IRIAF seems to be doing, as they are hard pressed already to keep their ancient warbirds in the air, let alone intensively.

I think this is why Iran has invested heavily in missile air defenses. But the best they have is the S-300 and its Iranian knockoff. What they need is the S-400, together with a heavy influx of SU-30’s and SU-35’s. But the Iranians are their own worst enemy in military procurement. Because of their experience with the US cutting off all spare parts they are interested in military technology first and foremost, being able to produce it themselves. I think they would like the S-400, SU-30 and SU-35, but they are interested in producing them themselves. Whereas Russia would probably love to sell those weapons to them, but not if that means the vast majority gets produced, if almost everything in Iran, because Russian workers at the Sukhoi and S-400 plants need jobs building those weapons too. So any negotiations with Russia take like forever. Where the smart thing for Iran would be to buy a 100+ Sukhois NOW. Because they need that upgrade to their airforce NOW.


Iran cannot buy any weapons until 2020. After that I see Iran buying Russian military hardware, the fact that they want to coproduction is understandable, since they want to assimilate a higher level technology, Russia had no problem giving India that opportunity with Suk 30MKI .
If Russia sells Iran Nebo M radar system, the F35’s goose will be cooked, with stealth being meaningless, UHF and VHF fusion of data providing accurate coordinates for exact weapon lock locations, the rules of engagement will be changed, the F35’s will be outperformed aerodynamically by generation 3 fighters.
At present no one knows the exact Iranian capabilities, assessments can be made from their available equipment and possible methodology of employing them.


I reckon that if Russia really wanted to sell advanced weaponry to Iran it would find a way. What is the US going to do? Walk away from the nuclear deal? Different times with India though, they were sold in a time when Russia was still reeling from the USSR’s collapse. So Russia was probably still willing to give away its technology for peanuts. As it stands now Russia is far more hesitant to do that. As witnessed by the refusal to sell China its advanced jet engines, not unless they came with the SU-35’s that were attached to them. So the point remains, Iran only wants the technology, whereas Russia also wants to sell hardware. Until the Iranians consent to also buy some hardware they’re not getting any technology.

About Iranian capabilities, you are correct, we don’t know them exactly. The regular army has not been involved in any war since the war with Iraq ended, as their conventional capabilities are outdated and limited. The Revolutionary Guards on the other hand have seen extensive service in training and overseeing Hezbollah, and in fighting in Syria. They however lack the heavy weaponry that the army has so its mostly light infantry and irregular warfare. I always got the impression that the Iranians know their army is no match for the US army in a stand up fight, which was why their plan in case of invasion was to retreat inland and let the IRGC fight an irregular war behind American lines. All the while trying to blow up as much oil tankers that came to through the Hormuz Straits.


Technology comes with purchasing the hardware, say Iran wants 100 Suk 30 aircraft, they can buy 60 and they can build 40 under license getting familiar with the technology and ability to assemble and maintain the aircraft.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x