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Iranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In Afghanistan

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Iran’s Tashim News Agency reports (source):

A large number of prisoners, all of them senior members of Daesh (also ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group, broke out of a Taliban prison in northwest Afghanistan after US troops helped them escape through a covert operation.

Iranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In Afghanistan

According to Tasnim dispatches, American forces operating in Afghanistan carried out a secret military operation in the northwestern province of Badghis two weeks ago and helped the Daesh inmates escape the prison.

The report added that 40 Daesh ringleaders, all of them foreigners, were transferred by helicopters after American troops raided the prison and killed all its security guards.

Abdullah Afzali, deputy head of Badghis provincial council, confirmed the news.

Informed sources have given a detailed account of the US operation to rescue the Daesh forces and the developments that helped Americans pinpoint the location of the prison in the mountainous areas.

Aminullah, a man from Uzbekistan, was one of the Daesh commanders held captive in the Taliban prison. His success to escape from the prison led to the dismissal of the Taliban prison guard and his punishment.

Iranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In Afghanistan

Aminullah was one of the prominent Daesh leaders in northern parts of Afghanistan.

Informed sources suggest that the Uzbekistani national had established close contact with the American military forces since the early days of moving to Afghanistan.

Americans used to employ Aminullah as an undercover among the Taliban to acquire information for carrying out operations against the Taliban in northern Afghanistan.

That is while, before Aminullah’s escape from the Taliban prison, the American forces had launched an extensive intelligence operation using drones to locate the Taliban prison in which the Daesh forces were being held, but their failure to get any useful information had created a sense of humiliation among Americans.

The informed sources say Aminullah made contact with Americans immediately after escaping from the prison, let them know about the exact location of the jail, and helped them plan a rescue operation.

Iranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In AfghanistanIranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In Afghanistan

Thereafter, the US forces analyzed the geographical position of the ‘Panjboz’ village and the Taliban prison and decided to carry out an aerial and heliborne operation to release the Daesh inmates, considering the number of the Taliban fighters and that the region was inaccessible by road.

Finally, the US launched an attack on January 13 by bombing the areas around the prison and killing a number of the Taliban forces. Afterwards, the American helicopters were dispatched to the operation zone and disembarked troops who killed the prison guards, released the Daesh forces and took them away on board the choppers.

Taliban forces had earlier captured the Daesh forces in Panjboz village after heavy clashes with Daesh terrorists.

Iranian Media: US Helped ISIS Commanders To Escape From Taliban Prison In Afghanistan

The videos below show how the Taliban fighters freed the village from Daesh and imprisoned the terrorists in one of the houses of the village (VIDEOS CAN BE FOUND HERE).

In one of the videos received by Tasnim, one of top Taliban commanders introduces a number of Daesh’s foreign memebers and their nationality.

It was not the first time that American forces helped the Daesh forces. During the armed clashes between the Taliban and the Daesh terrorists in western Afghanistan, the US forces repeatedly bombed the Taliban positions and transferred prominent Daesh figures, including local leader Mullah Nangiyali, with copters to the military bases.

This video shows the transfer of top Daesh figures and their families by Afghan forces.

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Pave Way IV

Well… I am absolutely shocked! Shocked, I tell you…

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

The biggest rats and traitors here is the US service men and women involved in these kind of operations.

Even if you are not told who you are airlifting, you know it, but I guess they have done it so many times that they just dont care any more, or they US top brass found someone who would do anything for a raise and a medal.

Tha Lo Ryder

You are assuming that the article is factual. It is just as likely that this is Iranian propaganda. In general Iranians are few in number in Afghanistan.
If indeed the story is factual the raid to take them from the Taliban may easily have been to take them to Guantanamo.
I’m not against the idea that the US took them because they are “our guys” , I think there is enough evidence to suggest some have been, but I like to try objectivity a bit more often than not.
Truth is the first casualty of war.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Well, with the repeated reportings through 2018 of “a helicopter” in NATO controlled airspace, have picked up ISIS and AQ leaders and flown them somewhere, both in afghan and syria, im leaning to believe this story, allthough i do not 100% know it, it just seems plausible that the US would do this.

Albert Pike

Soldiers do what they are told to do – it’s allways ‘Yes Sir’ – it’s not their fault, if they have to free ISIS/CIA mercenaries. The responsibility lies with the highest command – that would ulimately be Donald Trump (Please nobody comes with the ‘deep state’, please – it does’t exist in a organisation, which is ruled from the top).

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Soldiers are not robots, every single soldiers have a right to deny to follow a illegal order without prosecution, its not allways “yes sir”, that is in the Geneva convention if i remember correct .
But again, hoping that US follow international law is kinda stupid of me.

And i said US service men and women, that means every rank, including the president as supreme commander.


The person who wrote this article is basically saying to the masses that there is in instability between Russia and Iran and turkey.

Let me get this right, the Russians, Iranians and the turks are now fighting over Land that Kurds occupy?
Seems Plausible and realistic.
If they do not contain their anger the Americans will be quick to pick up and take advantage of the situation.
What I would do in the place of Russia:
Take Just enough land to surround the oil rich producing terretory, pit the Iranians against Turks. Tax the oil producing fighting sides and build up leverage in the middle east. that can in turn be sold off to the Americans at a later date.


you’re on the wrong commentary field


Most people are to stupid to understand, let alone get past the last verse.

“”Let me get this right, the Russians, Iranians and the turks are now fighting””
Will fly over most peoples heads. but those who understand what I wrote will keep to themselves.
Im on the right side.
Why dont You sit back and relax before You eventually become a threat to the wrong people with the wrong ideas.

I Spit fire.
I am what I am.


still wrong commentary field besides providing a fallacious analysis of the situation, wherever that situation is unfolding. try again and try better.


and the destitute states of america believe that they will reach a peace deal with the talibans – beyond funny just tragic the delusional state the destitute’s states’ pentagon quite obviously is in. disturbing.


Since the British Helped Saud and Abdoulwahab(The founder of wahabaism) to control the Arabian peninsula, Sunni Islam has become a shadow of it’s former self.

Albert Pike

Saud and Abdoulwahab where both doenmeh decendents. A frankist British kingdom will always help their illuminated brothers to raise hell…

Albert Pike

What is there not to be understood? IS, al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood are all fake, created by USraHell as gatekeepers and used in false flag operations…

“The use of terrorism according to John Bolton”


Totally correct. Israel-USA-NATO have succeeded with the destruction of Syria economy-education-industry (Russia is helping right now to recover all of that), and now they will try to use the same method (put terrorists and agitators )in Iran and Russia to crate instability and destruction.


Only the guilty and the stupid pretend that ISIS are not American forces.

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