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Iranian IRGC Penetrated US Command In Syria And Iraq – Media


Iranian IRGC Penetrated US Command In Syria And Iraq - Media

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Aerospace Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), announced that the IRGC had successfully penetrated the US Army command centers in Syria and Iraq, according to a report of the Russian state-run media outlet RT Arabic.

Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh allegedly said that the IRGC is now seeing everything that’s going on inside the US Army command centers. Moreover, Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh said that the whole world will witness a great scandal if the IRGC reveales the info it collected.

Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh didn’t clarify if the IRGC penetrated the US Army centers by recruiting human assets in the centers. Or if the IRGC technically hacked some systems.

According to the report, Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh also revealed that the Aerospace Force of the IRGC developed a heavy bomb with a warhead that weights 10ton. Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh said that the heavy bomb is called “the father of all bombs”.

Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh said that the Iranian heavy bomb can be dropped from an Ilyushin cargo plane. Brig. Gen. is likely referring to the Il-76 heavy cargo plane that can carry up to 50tons.



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  • Nigel Maund

    Just hope Iran does release all the information on the mail and comms traffic within the US Military Command, as the Americans need a final massive wake up call concerning the Evil Swine who run their benighted country! As though 911 were not proof enough of who’s in control of their country and what their real agenda is?

    • BL

      Does the average American even know the truth about 9/11 though? I somehow doubt it.

      • Pastèqye

        you, do you know what the truth is about september 11, 2001? about the nukes?
        look for dimitri khalezov’s research.

        • BL

          The method isn’t so important, what’s most important is people who orchestrated it and the reasons they did. That’s a lot easier to demonstrate and doesn’t require advanced scientific/technical skills to understand. It’s already hard enough to get the average dumb ass American to understand even the most basic points about 9/11.

          • Pastèqye

            you right, i’m no scientific so all i am able to do is to believe one hypothesis over another about the dawn of the two towers.. um i mean the three towers, one easily forget about the little one :)
            ryan dawson has done a tremendous work about CIA’s and Mossad’s role in the september 11, 2001 attacks.

            Ryan Dawson.

          • Ivan Kumar

            Totally agree. Method is not that important. What baffles me is the fact that the original version of building 7 collapse was somehow wiped out from our memory and even most eager truth-seekers don’t talk about it, despite documented evidence being available. I’m talking of course about Larry “We-Pulled-It” Silverstein.

        • Nigel Maund

          Yes thanks! I know about it from a video om SGT Report which I saw yesterday.

        • Orcbuu

          Their are NO PLANES.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            I didn’t see any actual passenger planes crashing into the towers originally just saw a flash of light and then windows were sliced like a lazer cut.

        • Kell

          Here we go lol – it was (nukes) (Nanothermite) (Holograms) (Lazers) X Y or fkn Z this is how they destroy you – a typical Western neet/autistic response ie the murder weapon that killed the girl is largely irrelivent, its who did it and why.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Watched it can tell you the different stations showed various angles and seen the one from across the river and many discrepancies in the photos and video delays.

            Called a family member and told them the exactly what would happen right up until Syria and also told about the Arab spring, that was 2001 but all that is easy to figure out.

          • Orcbuu

            Same here i got this INFOS all before they got even started or Beeing so BIG. I tell it to people too, why the hell should i not tel them the truth what is going on.

        • Graeme Rymill

          Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers

          By Steven Jones

          1. Observation of tritium (an important component of hydrogen-bomb fuel) at WTC sites at the few nano-curie level only. This is strong evidence against the
          mini-nuke hypothesis.

          2. The fact that radioactive iodine concentrations were actually lower in the upper/WTC debris-filled layers.

          3. Radioactive hot-spots in NYC were found to be due to radium, which is traceable to industrial uses (not bombs). This in itself does not rule out mini-nukes, but these data certainly do not support the mini-nuke hypothesis.

          4. Lioy et al. report
          that radioactivity from thorium, uranium, actinium series and other
          radionuclides is at or near the background level for WTC dust.

          5. Nuclear activation or residual “fall-out” radioactivity (above background) was NOT observed, in tests performed by the author on actual WTC samples. This result is consistent with the low Iodine-131 measured by independent researchers (point 2 above) and the low radionuclide counts (point 4 above) and again provides compelling evidence against the mini-nuke-at-Towers

          6. No fatalities due to radiation “burning” were reported near ground zero. William Rodriguez survived the North Tower collapse.

          7. No observed melting of glass due to the collapse-process of the Towers.

          8. One more: The mini-nuke idea fails completely for WTC 7 where vertically-directed plumes of dust were absent during the collapse, and the building fell quite neatly onto its own footprint. (Molten metal was observed under the WTC7 rubble as well.)


      • Kell
    • SOF

      Unfortunately the ‘truth movement’ has been hijacked by the same intelligence services who at least knew what went down in 2001, starting with labels like ‘conspiracy theorist’ to psyops like ‘no planes’, and shaming tactics like ‘disrespect to victims’ to remove any chance of bridging the credibility gap between the masses and those Americans who suspected something was amiss.

      Infighting, harsh comments on discussion boards and smear campaigns between members of this movement did the rest to further alienate the saner members and left behind the oddballs and lunatics with their own monolithic views.

      • Nigel Maund

        SQF, good commentary!…. Thanks!

    • Kell
  • Sounds a bit like hogwash – why would they announce it an warn the Americans if they had?

    • Graeme Rymill

      Exactly! If they have this information what is holding them back?

      • @Inc2Get

        Negotiation edge. Iran needs some dirt on the US and will use it to bargain for sanction lifting as such and other stuff. However, it´s not the first time they state such claims that turns out to be fake or non valid.

        • 888mladen .

          Which country has been successful in lifting US sanctions so far?

      • FlorianGeyer

        Possibly why the Zionist spy masters do not reveal all the paedophiles they find. It would remove the power of blackmail or ‘ leverage ‘ in polite parlance :)

        • Orcbuu


        • Jens Holm

          hahaha.Which Philipis is it.

      • They might wish to use it as a bargaining chip?

    • Manie

      Most likely just bluster, given their spotty record on wild claims. however, the only reason they would announce such achievements in penetrating the US command, and if true would be to
      1. Use it as a bargaining chip
      2. Force the enemy to change their tactics, and by doing so,thus satisfying their end goal, whatever that might be.
      3. Exposing real motive of US involvement in Syrian war and its illegal actions to the world beyond doubt.

      • Vitex

        I think probably 3 above. The Iranians do dream up some pearlers – like their so-called “stealth” aircraft – but hacking into US communications is not impossible. Maybe they have uncovered some new bit of US treachery and just want to tell them that the Iranians know about it.

        • Manie

          The did after all hack the RQ Droe over Iran a couple of years ago, so one has to assume that thier claims are legit to a degree. Besides, for the last 16 years they have probably been monitoring and studying US communication signals in Iraq and Afghanistan.. time will tell.

          • Jens Holm

            Im sure they have tryed.

        • Jens Holm

          its like that all over. You have to update nd change more and better.

    • Kell

      Yes the only reason I could see would be to get them to halt some action they were about to undertake ie we are watching and will expose you otherwise you wouldnt say anything and keep on watching.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Good point.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They keep trying to plan a chemical attack but they keep proving all the attacks are more fraudulent and fake. Read the story about the Swedish doctors exposing the first claim, interesting read it’s on Indicter and Friends of Syria@realfriendsofsyria extremely informative.

  • Expo Marker

    I hope Iran has penetrated the US Army, both with members and technology. The end of tyranny in this world will end when the blatant agressors can not do anything.

    • Adam Houbař

      iran is also tyrany, there is not good side in this geopoliticts chess..

      • TeresaWMcCloud

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      • Justin

        Evil to the US yes!
        Look at Iran’s history, they’ve been fucked ever since oil was discovered there!

        They are doing what they can to claim their independence, sovereignty and security!

        And don’t tell me the USA doesn’t fight dirty! You know they do and their media sugar coats it!

  • Zainab Ali

    yankees are full of arrogance with their fakery – they know what iran stands for and lives by so they try to undermine/lie about her to the world – it has backfired nevertheless for these zio puppets

    • Jens Holm

      They have known for many Years, what iran stands for. You dont get new either if you get new clothe.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Wow, the bumpkin trying to deflect again doesn’t it get tiring with your attempts to keep trying and failing.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Jerns is as flakey as a Danish Pastry :)

      • Nigel Maund

        What the hell are you on about! Can’t you find another site to talk rubbish on than SF?

  • FlorianGeyer

    Why reveal in now?

    • Vince Dhimos

      Maybe because the US still has plans to keep permanent bases in Syria and had warned the SAA not to cross the Euphrates. In order to cross, the Russians fired off those 7 Iskander missiles into Deir Ezzor and scared the bejeebers out of the US, then quickly took advantage of the shock effect to scamper across. This rumor could be another deterrent.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Yes, there does appear to have been a rather odd communique from the US spokesman in Syria about the Kurds not taking Deir Ezzor City especially when the only parts they could take are the industrial areas on the Northern side of the Euphrates.

        • Jens Holm

          Well as usual You take away that others take away or declare things. So how many bridges have SAA done – or in facts russians have.

          Your definitions around whats Deir el Zor is as a town/city seemes very limitid. very important newer things are mainly there.

          You might look at a map and focusing fx powerplant, pipelines, railroad,grain silos,food factories. If You made a hard border you would have a big population having no jobs.

          • FlorianGeyer

            Your Danish pessimism is legion Jens.

        • goingbrokes

          It is complete confusion in US command. Some of the chiefs are in covert rebellion against their own government, others tow the line, some hope to arrange their retirement fund from Syrian oil, others want to be warlords in their own right. Mixed messages for sure. Chaos reigns in the Empire.
          Some warn SAA to not cross. Then someone, who admits to reality, says Kurds won’t take D-E (because really they can’t). It’s good to have a laugh every day about these announcements. It is so bizarre.

          • FlorianGeyer

            The US State Dept spokes people then put the icing on the Comedy Cake .

          • Thegr8rambino

            Lol I know, its such a shit show, almost every spokesman and general is saying contradictory things and trump seems to have no clue about it at all

      • ruca

        Iskanders? I thought they were cruise missiles. Link please.

      • Jens Holm

        I dont see it as that. I see the next would be SAA move towards it and they hir´t som heavý fortifications.

      • Nigel Maund

        Correct!…. This is the answer. It’s a big warning to the US “Deep State” and their European and US Controllers; attack the SAA and Iranian forces and you’ll reap the bitter harvest!

  • Marko Paunovic

    If they are telling the truth, they have critical Intel of US actions in the ME. If they are lying, they’ll make the americans paranoid of Infiltration. It’s a good move if you ask me.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      i think, americans are laughing

      • Orcbuu

        I dont think so, even when it is a Bluff. The Military has more then Enough Secrets if only one can be unhidden it is a Positive thing for ALL of us.

      • Thegr8rambino


        • Solomon Krupacek

          they know, these are only empty words.

          • Thegr8rambino

            Not so sure about that!!

  • Solomon Krupacek

    false news. if it were so, then would never tell no one word about this success.

    • Orcbuu

      LOL, ofc you have to TELL everybody you have something against the Enemy of the World, so you can have more Support, Media and Negotiation Weight for it. Are you Drunk?! Do you know that Negotiation-Poker is a Valid Game in the Military Command.

      • javier

        the dude is just talks shit and is really stupid

        • Solomon Krupacek

          i see, that guys with spanis names are extremly stupid :)))

      • Solomon Krupacek

        dont drug yourself. what you wrote is mismatch :DDD

  • Stuart Thompson

    Obviously not true, why would you expose your new knowledge to your enemies when you could use that new information against your enemies with drastic effectiveness, one word “Enigma”

    • Thegr8rambino

      What can US do? If Iran is telling the truth, they already have the damaging info, they can’t get it back

  • cynic

    Uh huh. They reveal this information now to inform the world that they have ceased wasting their effort, as they found no intelligence to be present there.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      This is truly are nifty Sarcastic remark ” as they found no intelligence to be present there” next time inform everyone it’s sarcasm.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Very true :)

  • SOF

    ‘ Moreover, Brig. Gen. Hajizadeh said that the whole world will witness a great scandal if the IRGC reveals the info it collected.’

    I can’t wait.

  • Attrition47

    If they managed it they must have been blown to boast about it or it might be disinformation; either way it’s a bit of a laugh. ;O)

  • cortisol

    Let’s see those secret US plans.

    US helicopters evacuating their valuable and now experienced ISIS assets from Deir Ezzor, and also moving them around in Afghanistan. Check.

    US bombing Syrian army. Check.

    US/Israel created the new SDF, installed agents in charge and are preparing to use it as another placeholder of territory for eventual annexation. Bases being built all over the place. Check.

    The new SDF also used to destabilize Turkey and heavy weapons smuggled across the border, due to Turkey getting closer to CIS/SCO. Check.

    Now you know their plans. SDF seems to be at the core of everything now, squeeze it from all sides and co-operate with Turks on this, and the US goes along with it. Build strong Iraq-Syria-Lebanon coalition. Saudi Arabia is a goner and has no more ability to wage or maintain new wars. Yemen is going nowhere, and they are only killing civilians out of frustration. Check mate.

  • VGA

    Maybe some tranny US intelligence officer will blow the lid on a new scandal lol!

  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    The US is moving its ISIS proxies around all the time. The info could become dated quite quickly.

    • Jens Holm

      Seemes You brain is made in cement.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Unlike your brain Jens that is Made in Israel.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    I hope they expose the US soon.

  • Jens Holm

    So how will they hide this big firecracker.

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Disclose to the whole evil world.

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  • eric zweistein

    If true, the IRGC wouldn’t spill the beans. Fake News.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    Lmao…. Guess it’s more important to boast than to keep classified information in Iran.

    • 888mladen .

      Nobody in his right mind.

  • Thegr8rambino

    Hahahaha very nice Iran!!! Keep up the good work!!!