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Iranian Government Allows Qatar To Use National Airspace

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Iranian Government Allows Qatar To Use National Airspace

Tehran uses the ongoing crisis in order to boost ties with Qatar and to draw it into own sphere of influence.

The Iranian Mehr News Agency reported that Iran has allowed aircraft of Qatar Airways to cross the Iranian airspace:

Civil Aviation Organization of Iran has provided Qatar Airways with the license to cross the Iranian airspace.

Following the tensions between Arab countries and the ban on Qatari flights to use skies of some Persian Gulf states, the permit was issued by Civil Aviation Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran (CAO.IRI) and at the request of both International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Qatar.

The license became operation on Tuesday morning and Iran’s CAO announced that all possible capacities will be exploited to establish safe and orderly flow of international air traffic inside the region.

The decision for permit issuance was a result of coordination between international emergency coordination teams and ICAO Middle East (MID) Regional Office.

Majority of flights by airlines of Qatar head North Africa or Southern Europe and, prior to recent movements, Qatari aircrafts would first enter the airspace of Saudi Arabia and then Egypt. Now with imposition of air restrictions, flights from Qatar need to pass through Iran, Iraq and Jordan before entering North Africa.

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Miguel Redondo

That is te first step….
When the Saudi King doubles down , he will loose Qatar to Iran


you get the feeling a bigass war gonna breakout


Same here. I feel like a war is coming


A war to end daesh/Zionist/saudi reign of terror hopefully!!!

Miguel Redondo

Here you see the actual situation…
Which are the nations who help Qatar ?

comment image

John Brown

The empire is going to invade Qatar.


The empire is already in Qatar – Al Udied Air Base is largest US military base in ME – with 10,000 US personnel stationed there.

Red Tick Alert

But Turkey is now manning up there as well. Whoops.

John Brown

Yes you are right but now there is a rebellion as the empire begins to collapse. The empire wants to crush this rebellion to show no one can escape the racist supremacist Jewish empire and live.


what a bullshit:
1. you can’t enter Africa from Jordan without using egyptian airspace- take a look at the map
2. on the route to europe qatar air use the last years allways the iranian airspace directly to the turkish

Red Tick Alert

and so it starts …. tick-tock exactly as planned.

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