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Iranian General Advises Netanyahu To “Practice Swimming” Because Soon He Will Have To “Flee Into Sea”

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Iranian General Advises Netanyahu To "Practice Swimming" Because Soon He Will Have To "Flee Into Sea"

IRGC deputy commander Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami

Deputy chief of the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami called Israel a “political mannequin” for the U.S. adding that the power of Lebanese Hezbollah is enough to terminate it. Salami also advised Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to learn how to swim because he will be forced to flee his country soon.

“I tell the prime minister of the Zionist regime to practice swimming in the Mediterranean because soon you will have no choice, but flee into the sea … Wherever you are in the occupied land, you’ll be under fire from us, from east and west. You became arrogant. If there’s a war, the result will be your complete elimination,” Brig. Gen. Salami told a gathering of IRGC and Basij forces in Iran’s central city of Isfahan on October 5, according to the France-Press Agency (AFP).

Brig. Gen. Salami threats are a response to remarks by Netanyahu, who vowed a day earlier that Israel will continue its military operations again Iranian forces in Syria and Lebanon.

“Israel will continue doing what it takes to defend itself… We will continue blocking Iran’s attempts to use Syria and Lebanon as its forward bases to launch attacks on Israel,” Netanyahu told reporters during a joint press briefing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Jerusalem, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The tension between Israel and Iran escalated following the September 17 airstrikes on the coastal Syrian city of Lattakia and the shootdown of the Russian Il-20 intelligence plane. Later, senior Israeli officials began releasing more hostile statements when Russia delivered S-300 long-range air defense systems to Syria.

According to some local experts , Israel fears that these advanced air defense systems will not only limit the operations of its air force, but will also provide an umbrella fro Iranian and Hezbollah forces in Syria.


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Dušan Mirić

Bullish, counterproductive, in vain rattle of a tongue inappropriate to a general

Hisham Saber

Its not like he’s a President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister. He is a Lt. General of the IRGC. Not even the Defense Minister. He is at an appropriate position to threaten the Israeli’s back. They speak in the language of annihilation, and so should he, as he did.

Israeli’s Zionist occupying power only understands the language of force. As they learned major lessons in 2006 against Hezbollah. He’s right too, you see, Israel has no strategic depth. It can easily be eliminated. The first to go will be their airports and airfields, shipping ports and ports too will be done away with rather quickly.

So he’s stating the truth about swimming.

Brother Thomas

I agree. Unfortunately comments like this are seized upon for news headlines propaganda, despite being entirely hot air.


With a name like “salami”, he’s got to be good…wife’s name is probably “cheese”?


What actual attacks have Iran and Hezbollah launched against Israel? A map showing threatening Hezbollah and Iranian formations would be terrific. But I’ll see the return of Jesus before Israel publishes anything specific like that. A stray artillery round fired by the SAA. Check. Drone overflights. Check. Fire kites. Check. But where is the actual on-the-ground, existential threat?

War of words? OK. I get that.. Major exchanges of threats. Oh, and plenty of actual Israeli attacks. LOTS of those.


Well…. he got all the talking done!

Feudalism Victory

Sounds like hot air and rhetoric. Israel has bombed a bunch of somethings in syria and not one counter attack? Seems weak to me.


The 17the is quite a while back for the people who ran 200+ strikes on Syria in 18 months…..
Have there been any strikes on Syria by Israel since then?

There’s the answer.

Peter Bond

Iran with all rhetoric bravado didn’t do a thing when Israel was bombing the sheet out of Syrian, Hezzie and Iranians, now big Christian daddy Russkie gave Syria S300, little muslim Iran is now barking…such pathetic weak minded cowards…they almost believe their lies…without daddy Ruskie, Iran would feel the full wrath of Israel, and that is fact… I put any of you Muslim loving Iran to a debate!


I see you have a strong BOND with Israel–oh, Peter BOND . . . please!

Peter Bond

Yes I do john, they follow words before or after action, they don’t dlck around. If they say they gonna get your behind, you better believe it.

Now, am surprised non of you Israel bashers have countered my comment, must be because deep down you know it’s true. Iran’s airfarce is shlt! Israel would completely annihilate Iran in the air.


I agree with you there…. shooting CHILDREN with dumdum bullets sure isn’t “dicking around.”

PS. If Israel coulda then Israel woulda – unless you’re agreeing they’re just all talk and murder only those who can’t strike back?

Peter Bond

Shooting what children? Peaceful children who are at school or the ones with AK 47’s or the ones Muslims use as human shields? Or the ones Hamas pays to create mayhem with monetary rewards to the family if he or she gets killed? Or Hama’s deliberately firing weapons near little kids in hope Israel retaliates then they use for propaganda? The only child killers are you Muslims, vile religion and vile humans.


They should be at school?
Oh yeah – that’s a real good reason to shoot children with EXPLOSIVE bullets.

A childish misdemeanor warrants a deadly illegal response – in YOUR world!

PS. You asked for debate – have you answered my questions yet?
PPS. I’m atheist not Muslim.

PPS. So You agree – Yisraelis are all talk and only hit at people (and chidlren) who can’t hit back.


Hmmm….struck a note there did I.
Shame – poor little kiddy-killing c*nts have to go back killing kiddies.

Question 1:
So. It’s about 3 weeks since the Great Israeli Booby – how many times has Israel struck Syria since then?

Question 2:
So. Tell us – during the first Gulf war, when the US was bombing Iraq and Iraq was launching Scuds at Israel – why didn’t those “now barking…such pathetic weak minded cowards” called Israelis respond to those Scud strikes?
As you’re unlikely to answer the questions – despite your asking for debate – I figure I better do so for you.

Answer 1:

Answer 2:
For the same reason Iran didn’t strike Israel in retaliation for Israeli strikes on them in Syria – so as not to provide the excuse for someone else to join the party.
Question 3:
Please provide the EVIDENCE that Iranians were hiding in the Syria power plant those “now barking…such pathetic weak minded cowards” called Israelis bombed on the night of their Great Israeli Booby? Sheesh kebabs… REALLY disgusting Yisraeli stunt that one – knocking breakfast, lunch and supper for lil Syrian kiddie.!

Question 4:
Where’re the Israeli radar/data and voice recordings showing the Russians are, as those “now barking…such pathetic weak minded cowards” called Israelis claim, lying about what happened.
Over to you.

Lena Jones

I’m happy to give free swimming lessons to the invader jew.

Jim Martin

Statements like this from Tehran only prove that the advance weapons from Iran to Lebanon via Syria are a clear and present danger to Israel who is internationally justified to wipe them off the map and do the same to anyone transporting them via Syria. I am sure the Israelis thank butt head for the declaration of war on Israel

If this mess was on Russia’s boarder they would be bombing 24 hours a day. It also speaks to the unstable hothead making these remarks the same group who took American hostages in 1979 and at the same time vowed to “export their rancid revolution” of blood and hate. If they had been gracious in victory in 1979, like Nelson Mandela, America would have supplied Iraqi satellite photos to Tehran during the Iran/Iraq war and we all would have been rid of Saddam Hussein back in the 1980s and no Gulf War I and II. These hothead Jihadis in Terhan are not only vicious with their dark vision, they are JUST PLAIN STUPID and an ongoing burden to the long suffering Iranian people

Brother Thomas

I commented elsewhere that this was “unhelpful rhetoric. Achieves nothing…”.

Allow me to correct myself: it only helps Israel spread its hasbara and false narrative as illustrated by your post.

Iran has not attacked or invaded any of its neighbors in 3,000 years. Israel, on the other hand, regularly attacks and invades its neighbors and occupies their territory.

Lebanon not only has the right, but an urgent need to be able to defend itself from Israel. Not only Iran, but every country undee the UN charter should be supporting Lebanon in this.

Zionism = EVIL

This is usual hasbara tactic to deflect, this JIM MARTIN is a Zionist scum and has very poor grasp of English, despite adopting a fake Anglo name. The simple fact is that the Zionist cancerous occupation of Palestine will never be accepted by anyone in the region, and the Iranian general is stating an obvious fact, swim or face doom.

Jim Martin

Lebanon as the right to defend itself against Hezbollah, and so does Israel

Back to the peanut gallery for you for a fresh bag

Brother Thomas

You must be a peanut seller. Hezbollah stands up for Lebanon, and fiercely at that. Remember the walloping they gave the IDF?

Zionism = EVIL

Your English is not up to snuff, silly hasbara IDIOT, it is BORDERS not Boarders. The Zionists are indeed illegal BOARDERS freeloading off US moronic taxpayers in Palestine.

Lena Jones

Jim, you sound like you need a free swimming lesson.

Jim Martin

Swimming lesson? Why so close to the water? don’t your Tehran Regime types like to shoot 19 year old girls in the neck on down town Tehran or rape and murder Journalists in prison and turn it into a farce?

Lena Jones

Oh shut it down already little satanist! Evidently, you wanna drown with the rest of the jewish occupying regime in Historic Arab Palestine – so be it lol!

Jim Martin

spoken like yet another extremist nutcase

Lena Jones

The only extremists around here are the satanic defenders of the terrorist state of israel – you know, people like YOU!


Boarder? missed hasbara memo on English 101?


comment image


Jim, you do know the walls of your matrix bubble are made of pure garbage don’t you? You do understand that if even the slightest questioning of all your assumptions occurs that this bubble of garbage will come crashing down?

How many times has Lebanon been invaded by Iran?

How many times has Iran threatened to nuke anyone?

What is the appropriate response to a nuclear power that has invaded it’s neighbors repeatedly in the name of security, and yet refused to establish a legally defined borderline?

You support a fictional country birthed into this world based on the hubris of a colonial power. This pseudostate will always be renowned for bulldozing the homes of natives who threw rocks.

It’s time to put the mask of Janus away and accept that the pseudostate you support is nothing but a projection of manifest destiny. The very act of attempting to appeal to the higher ground is insulting to many readers here. If you approach people honestly and claim some sort of racial or spiritual superiority, we might actually destain your words a little less.


ao why iran do not simply attack israel? i guess you know the answer :)

Concrete Mike

Hahaha how do you like living with a bag on your head


IDF zionazi bullshit propaganda, just plain stupid on so many levels… but the ultimate idiocy is “the long suffering Iranian people”… how about you stop hallucinating and be more concerned about the long suffering palestinian people, the people your masters are slaughtering every day? Nothing “internationally justified” there, it’s nothing but a genocide.


Did you not know that Israel is a name of Palestine’s land? Well, now you know . . .


to Israel who is internationally justified to wipe them off the map and do the same to anyone transporting them via Syria.

No they are not “entitiled.” There isn’t actually one international law for Israel and a different international law Israel. Ditto for Americuntland that provides the cover for their atrocity.

the same group who took American hostages in 1979 and at the same time vowed to “export their rancid revolution”

How is that worse than bombing the homes and children of Gaza with bombs, DU, DIME and WP 24/7 for weeks not once, not twice, not even three times but more?

How is that worse than shooting children with explosive bullets again and again and again?

Seriously – you need to take those “Made in Israel” blinkers off.

Zionism = EVIL

Pretty sensible advise, the Khazar pretend “Jews” are usurpers in Arab Palestine and doomed. They need to pack for colder ghetto climates.


Icebergs will be an excellent place to send them. There they can gather in perfect safety until the icebergs float into warmer waters . . .


Zionism is dead end. Take the advice and get out while you can.


Make sure you place a concrete block around the disgusting bastard’s neck so that it swims to the bottom. It is such a filthy thing–a child killer and a flea ridden mongrel. The Dead Sea would be a fitting place to drown the maggot . . .


The Ayatollahs should better keep their less than intelligent dogs on a leash. What kind of horrible moron is this ‘Salami’? Probably a paid agent of Israel. With such statements he does incredible harm to his country. Diplomatically and PR-wise, this is a disaster. It undermines the cooler heads working with Iran and gives hardliners like Netanyahu, Trump etc. all the ammunition they need. I’m speeless before such idiocy. You have most of the world working with you and now you throw it all away. Do you think Europeans and others will be able to keep their line before such blatant annihilism?

Rüdiger Preiss

With such rhetoric he puts himself on Trump / Boris Johnson / Netanyahu level. Inappropriate and disappointing.

Hisham Saber

You have to stand up to a bully. The Zionists only understand the language of force. BTw, he’s not a member of the Iranian government, but a Lt General of the IRGC. Not a President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister or Minister of Defense.

Cleverson Santos

HaHaHaHa we all know the truth whether you like Israel or not there are no country in middle east that can seriously threat Israel, people can bullshit about as much as they want, but in reality Israel has beaten the Arabs for a long time and now the Persians seems to be the next… change the approach use your heads a direct confront to Israel is suicide… pretending and playing powerful doesnt win wars… If Israel really wanted entire arab countries would turn to dust and sand…

Promitheas Apollonious

Maybe you are right thinking 2006 that Hez demolish you and you was running to UN to save you with a cease fire agreement, so yes we do know the truth.


Israel would have no chances surviving without $$$billions and US weapons and US protection and US veto. Wait… It can’t survive without the US.

Promitheas Apollonious

$$$ dont win wars and US never win a war it started. Now with all this sub humans infesting their armies all over west I dont see how they can fight against warriors and not have their asses busted all the way to kingdom come. If you need an example see what is happening to the saudis in Yemen and you understand perfectly well what I mean.

Queers perverts and lesbians as the IDF has and the rest of their allies dont win wars they just behave like trump and farting at the mouth from a safe distance of security or in UN and their mass media.

Hisham Saber

This isn’t 67′, 73′ when the U.S., U.K., France fully backed the Israeli military and associated terrorist groups, Hagenah, Irgun etc. Israel suffered and withdrew from Lebanon in disgrace in 2000. Then, in 2006, 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ stopped and effectively routed 75,000 IDF troops, and two armored battalions. Israel had total air superiority too. Israel almost lost her Naval flagship right off her coast. And 44 out of 400 Merkava (Chariot of God) MBT’s were totally destroyed, with many malfunctioning, needing to be extracted under fire of Hezbollah ATGM’s teams. Israel discontinued the production of the Merkava after its embarrassing performance in Battle, also due to inferior, static tactics of the Israeli’s, who are not nearly as mobile and hardened as Hezbollah.

And Hezbollah had its best troops and fighters, special forces and commandos stationed north of the Litani Line, and the saw no action. Now imagine if they were involved directly. The battle would have been in Israel proper.

Israel couldn’t even capture Lebanese border villages and were not able to mount any effective offense and were outmaneuvered, outclassed, outwitted, outflanked and suffered a total failure of its army. They were just going back to their true selves of being the terror state by repeatedly bombing civilian districts in south Beirut.

And Hezbollah was able to thoroughly outsmart the famous Israeli ‘ Golani Brigade’, effectively surrounding them, with Israel using major airpower and re-enforcements to extract them.

Hezbollah was able to launch missiles to the very last day of the 33 day conflict. And today, Hezbollah missiles have new advanced Chinese-Iranian variant guidance systems and are very accurate, and an estimated 100-150 thousand ballistic missiles that can reach any part of the Zionist Israeli territory. And Hezbollah has 7 years of real time combat experience from fighting extensively in Syria, and it, and the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU’s)-Hashd Al -Shaabi, and Iraqi Hezbollah and auxiliaries ,have all been distilled down to the best fighting force in the world. Who’s going to stop their momentum? Israel. Please. Israel will lose badly in a regional war at this point, and cease to exist quite possibly. What? The U.S., U.K., France are going to come to the rescue? They are all weak and timid, don’t want a part of a nasty war of attrition right in the heart of the Shia-Sunni crescent. They haven’t even been able to subdue the Taliban, who for 17 grueling years, wearing beach sandals and bedsheets, armed with AK-47’s and RGP’s, fighting on motorcycles have been increasingly been victorious as of late especially.

And if Iran gets involved, there would be a crash of the global economy, the Petro-Dollar would be toast, and Israel will definaetly cease to exist, and the U.S., U.K., French influence and belligerence, hegemony in the MENA region would come to an end. With the void filled by Russia and China.

42 degrees south

well said.

Peter Bond

Hahaha, even in absolute defeat, Muslims declare victory…what a dumbhass people.


Thanks for the laugh. I know it is not good to laugh at the mentally challenged but I could not help it.

Promitheas Apollonious

hey brainless. Laugh all you want your asshole it be in a sling soon enough just keep farting. But do it else where.

Promitheas Apollonious

I see this article bring in new jew boys. Do they up grade you according to the article or ?

Zo Fu

fkin ayatollah’s lapdogs. They are the same morons as Israel-FUKUS coalition.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

nutty yahoo better listen to this man and take him VERY seriously!!! if nutty yahoo keeps trying to cause trouble, WONT BE GOOD FOR HIM!


A little disappointing if accurate… but I’d like to see an official source for these quotes made by the French press… as well as the context for them.

I think the Reagan quote is a good example of accuracy, where context is vital…

“My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

Accuracy, context and bias are so important in proper understanding of such reports.

leon mc pilibin

That is the only language that nutandyahoo and his loverman understand,no ifs or buts,,the gloves are off if israhell crosses irans red lines,simple.


They’ll say they pose no threat to Israel one day, and turn around a declare imminent victory the next. GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!


There is no such country as Israel, some criminals occupy Palestine.

Peter Bond

No country as Israel? You filthy Israeli haters live in a surreal world of yours, best you wake up and know Israel is there to stay, you idiots can’t fk with Israel, they know how to kicked Muslim behind, Persian behind would be even better when evil Tehran is turned into glass.

Instead of Iranian leaders to focus on irainians, they are busy spending money on Hama’s, Hezzie and many other terrorist organization.

Saudi and the US intend to bleed Iran of money, and they would succeed because iraninan leaders are stoopid, blind hate makes them do stoopid things


Peter, no offence . . . but try changing your medication . . . that’s a good little boy . . .

Peter Bond

Medication because am spot on? You retarded monkey, how about taking my comment apart or trying counter my comment? The best you shlthead could do is use the old silly medication remark…Israel is there to stay and you haters better start getting used to it…

Abramo Putra

Ashkenazi Israel is the largest anti-Semitic state in the world, as it kills, deports, imprisons, the Arab Semitic Palestinians. It is implementing the final solution of expelling and deporting Palestinians outside the confines of the state. When will the world be indignant about these inhuman crimes?



I would have instead advised Netanyahu to practice diving head-first into a shallow pool.

Oh well , different strokes for different folks , I suppose…..

Brother Thomas

Unhelpful rhetoric. Achieves nothing and is counter factual.

Iran has not attacked or invaded any of its neighbors in 3,000 years. Israel, on the other hand, regularly attacks and invades its neighbors and occupies their territory.


AFP is the French Government, the story is most likely a lie.
Israel has a long history of lying, and using the FUKUS countries to spread its lies.

danny holmes

Iran is not scared of Isreal’s nuclear weapons ?!

Peter Bond

Dumbhass, they really need to…or they would go meet Allah… In pieces!

danny holmes

I was being sarcastic with my comment. Isreal dare not use nuclear weapons in countries surrounding Isreal as the radioactive ash will surely blow over back to Isreal.

Peter Bond

Little smaller clean low yield radioactive nucke bombs with “One way ticket to meet Allah” chiselled into the bomb should do the trick…with that done, Iran and all moslems would get the message very clear.

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