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Iranian Foreign Minister Had Rivalry With Qassem Soleimani, According to Unreleased Interview

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Iranian Foreign Minister Had Rivalry With Qassem Soleimani, According to Unreleased Interview

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Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif allegedly was forced to “sacrifice diplomacy for the IRGC’s operations”, because of interventions by former Qods Force Commander Qasem Soleimani in Iran’s diplomatic affairs.

This was reported in an alleged interview he gave back in March 2021, and was supposed to be released in August 2021, after President Hassan Rouhani’s administration leaves office.

The interview was reportedly obtained by the London-based Iran International television channel.

The interview was conducted by Iranian journalist Saeed Laylaz who is close to Rouhani’s economic team.

Zarif said that his ministry followed a “cold war strategy,” but under Soleimani’s influence, he had to further a diplomacy that would serve Iran’s interests in its military operations in the region.

“On the other hand, I have never been able to ask Soleimani to do something that would serve my diplomatic moves,” he allegedly said.

Zarif said that Soleimani intervened in his meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, adding that Soleimani would never accept a demand by Zarif.

“He would not accept to refrain from using the Iranian national airline for transportation to Syria,” he reportedly said.

The foreign minister stressed that Iran always attached priority to its war operations. He said his role in determining Iran’s foreign policy was “nil.”

Meanwhile he maintained that Soleimani’s visit to Moscow immediately after the 2015 nuclear deal was an alleged attempt to destroy the nuclear deal.

“That trip was made upon Moscow’s initiative without the Iranian Foreign Ministry having any control on it. Its objective was to destroy the JCPOA,” Zarif allegedly said.

Zarif added that Rouhani did not know about Soleimani’s intervention in diplomacy. He also said that the foreign ministry was kept in the dark about Iran’s military operations in Syria.

“It was former US Foreign Secretary John Kerry who told me Israel had launched more than 200 attacks on Iranian forces in Syria,” he said.

“The United States knew about the attack on Ain al-Assad [January 8, 2020] in Iraq before I was informed of it,”Zarif said, adding that Iranian military officials told him about the missile attack on the Ukrainian civilian airliner on the same date, a day or two after the plane was shot down killing all 176 people onboard.

Elsewhere in the alleged interview, Zarif spoke about Russia and how it wanted to destroy the Iran Nuclear Deal.

He allegedly “rude and non-diplomatic language” in his talks with Lavrov at times. Nonetheless, he said that he supported the ties with Russia and China, although he also said Iran’s relations with America is against Russia’s interests, so Russia opposes the normalization of Iran’s ties with the United States.

Reportedly, Iran’s Foreign Ministry admitted that Zarif gave the interview, but said that his words had been distorted through the use of selective quotes, according to the Guardian.

Saeed Khatibzadeh, a spokesman for the ministry, called the leak “unethical politics.”

“The Foreign Ministry is not responsible for the publication of this audio file. This interview was not a conversation with the media,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh.

According to the diplomat, “one should look at Zarif’s words as a whole, and not selectively.” He added that “in this file, the Iranian Foreign Minister speaks of [General] Qasem Soleimani with respect.”

Former Vice President Mohammad Ali Abtahi said that the publication of Zarif’s comments was “tantamount to Israel stealing the nuclear documents” from Iran.


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        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          Off course Soleimani intervened in Diplomacy. Nothing happened. What do a man of action do with a bunch of sheep who only know to baa, baa, baa, baaaaaa.

        2. Arch Bungle says:


        3. Arch Bungle says:


          “Iran International (Persian: ایران اینترنشنال‎) is a British-based Persian television station headquartered in London. It is aimed at Iranian viewers[1] and broadcasts free-to-air by satellite.

          The channel has received media attention for its reporting on human
          rights violations, political developments, LGBTQ+ rights and women’s
          rights in Iran”

          This is one of those british-american propaganda outfits.

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            Definitely PROPAGANDA. However, this is not PROPAGANDA:


          2. Free man says:

            So you only believe what you want to believe out of what Zarif said. Funny man.
            These Twitter accounts are of people living in Iran. This is the reality in Iran, whether you like it or not.

          3. Arch Bungle says:

            I don’t do ‘believe’.

            I do verified FACTS.

            The MEK in Iran also have twitter accounts.

            NOTHING in Zarif’s actual transcript is actually worth raising a fart about.

            Your attempt to spin a breeze into a storm is a clear indicator you’re part of an orchestrated PROPAGANDA campaign.

            Aside from that, you have never, in the history of this site been a source of any kind of verifiable truth.

            You have been a constant source of innuendo. Supposition. Vague suggestion.

            AKA proganda.

            That is your M.O.

          4. Free man says:

            “The issues raised in the audio file violate national security so seriously…” – LOL.

          5. Free man says:

            officers from the IRGC raided the offices of President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif :

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        LOL! Propaganda.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      LOL. Propaganda

  1. johnny rotten says:

    Soleimani is a hero even for those who live thousands of miles from the MO, Zarif with his Anglo-American past stinks of betrayal, he should shut up and do aside, I don’t know the Iranian political scene, but Ahmadinejad seemed to me a great president.

  2. Lazy Gamer says:

    What a nice reveal of Iranian and International politics. Damn, Russia had two sides on the nuclear deal. lol

    1. Assad must stay says:

      yes that was very surprising to read, as putin had stated many times he supports the deal and this and that

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      Soleimani was in Moscow to tell Kremlin, that Brzezinski and US planned to bomb and take over the Russian base in Latakia, Syria. So it was now, or forever losing the Russian foothold in Syria.

      First hereafter Russia decided to keep it, and the kalibr missiles from the Caspian Sea rained over ISIS footholds near Latakia to show US what could happen. A US Air-Carrier turned around and sailed away from Syria.
      So off course Russia was not interested in a Obama wagging liberal triple-citizens Zarif and Rouhani Iran. Off course not.

      1. James says:

        I was going to say that surely the US wouldn’t be that short-sighted…..but yeah it seemed that Russia needed to show off it’s missile capabilities so the US Generals knew what capabilities Russia now had.

        Liberals are a disease, like the ‘German disease’ which cannot be cured.

  3. Tommy Jensen says:

    All Liberals hated Soleimani.
    Obama hated him, Pelosi hated him, Rouhani hated him, Zarif hated him, Netanyahu hated him, Soros hated him, Rockefeller hated him, Prince Charles hated him, Nuland hated him, Dick Cheney hated him, McCain hated him.
    Soleimani destroyed their assets and investments, was a hero, a Robin Hood of the ME, changed the planned geopolitical usury game. Honoured be his memory.

    1. James says:

      I thought I sensed a change in the wind around here ;)

      Anyway, yeah I agree. It seems to be that Liberal mentality no matter where in the world people are from.

      1. Free man says:

        Vice President of President Khatami : Zarif’s private conversation file is like the stealing of the nuclear documents by Israel :

        1. James says:

          It’s certainly powerful stuff if you can connect the rest of the dots.

    2. Ewan says:

      The coming destruction of ZioStan will be in his name.

  4. James says:

    Sounds like Soleimani was ‘disposed’ of at arms length to prevent any bad blood against the current regime. Zarif wanted him gone as it was interfering in his policy, he threatened to resign, and the assassination of Soleimani soon followed.

    1. Assad must stay says:

      thats a possibility but i havent heard or seen any evidence of it yet, but yes the retaliation was pathetic

      1. Albert Pike says:

        Well there was:
        ‘The Leader of the Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, truly mourned a brother. Surprisingly, the Iranian government of Sheikh Hassan Rohani also joined in the crying, when it was no secret that he despised Soleimani and saw him as a serious political rival. The idea was even floated of a possible prior agreement on President Rohani’s part to his assassination.’

        or here:
        ‘ President Rohani represents the interests of the bourgeoisie in Tehran and Esfahan, merchants oriented toward international trade and hard hit by U.S. sanctions. Sheikh Rohani is a long-time friend of the US deep state: he was the first Iranian contact between the Reagan administration and Israel during the Iran-Contra affair in 1985. It was he who introduced Hashem Rafsanjani to Oliver North’s men, allowing him to buy arms, to become the commander-in-chief of the armies and incidentally the richest man in the country, and then the President of the Islamic Republic. Sheikh Rohani was chosen by the Obama administration and Ali-Akbar Velayati during secret negotiations in Oman in 2013 to put an end to the secular nationalism of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and restore relations between the two countries.’

        1. Assad must stay says:

          is this true?

          1. Albert Pike says:

            You only asked if there were other reports – not if it’s true. I wasn’t there – didn’t see it with my own eyes – I can’t tell you if it’s true…

          2. Assad must stay says:

            i know, thanks anyway :)

          3. Tommy Jensen says:

            Voltaire site is true and reliable in 80-90% of all cases, but they are normally first out when it is still not mainstream.
            If you look at previous articles 10-15 years ago, you will see many evaluations and predictions coming true some 5-10 years later

          4. Assad must stay says:

            thanks tommy

    2. farbat says:

      hahahahaha how absurd

      1. daniel says:

        Why you don’t tell us about inside-Iran? Who are Liberals,who are the others?

    3. Helen4Yemen says:

      Silly, very silly! If Iranians wanted him killed, they could have arranged
      a simple car accident right there at home.

      1. James says:

        I don’t think it would have been that simple. A car bombing? Maybe. But it was designed this way for Iranian public consumption, so that it looked like the American’s fault to not give the IRGC anymore support.

        The pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place now…..at least for me. I thought Iran was all united as one, but it’s clear there are two different mindsets for the political scene. And this sounds like what Lavrov was concerned about, which is why he invited Soleimani for talks and spoke to Zarif with “rude and non-diplomatic language” AKA calling him something along the lines of a f****** idiot for basically appeasing the Americans in return for lifting sanctions.

        1. Jaime Galarza says:

          I had read about very deep differences in the Iranian leadership (Thierry Meyssan in Voltairenet), but I could not beleive it. Now, it makes more sense.

          1. Jetthardy says:

            I tend to trust Thierry after voltairenet reported a month in advance that Michael Flynn was gonna be released and the reason the media gave was the same that voltairenet reported.

          2. Tommy Jensen says:

            Thierry is the best in his class.

  5. FlorianGeyer says:

    Rivalry in all walks of life is surely a truly democratic trait to have.

    Without peaceful rivalry ( it used to be called healthy debate in past era’s ) in politics the alternative is autocracy and we can see that today in the West that serious rivals to the woke neo-bolsheviks in power are all cancelled.

    This tyranny mimics the ‘ There is only one God and God is our’s mantra’ from the various rival religions.

    1. Albert Pike says:

      Well, Javad Zarif is a Henry Kissinger fan and Hojjatieh. If Trump helped to wash somebody in the Iranian leadership out, who was in the way of the Zionists – that would make sence:

      ‘ “To my esteemed enemy, Mohammad-Javad Zarif.” Iran’s former ambassador to the United Nations remains very proud of this dedication in his copy of Henry Kissinger’s Diplomacy.
      The book was a statesman’s gift, a polite and perhaps hopeful gesture from a former secretary of state to a man who certainly seemed, before the coming of the crude populist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, destined to serve as Iran’s foreign minister…
      Piety rather than politics dominated the Zarif residence behind Bagh-e Shah Square in central Tehran. Upon reaching school age, Mohammad-
Javad enrolled at the Alavi School, a private institution that aimed to nurture a religious elite to counter the secular educational establishment that dominated Pahlavi Iran.
      But the religiosity of the Zarifs did not translate into support for Khomeini and the revolutionary movement. In his book, Zarif reveals that his father “from the time of the revolution until his death” in 1984 was “very much against the revolutionaries and the Islamic Republic.” The memoir does not explain why the elder Zarif opposed the revolution, but reading between the lines one clearly sees the Zarifs as members of the Hojjatiyeh Charitable Society, a secretive anti-Bahá′i and anti-communist group that was suppressed by Khomeini after 1979.
      Founded by Sheikh Mahmoud Halabi in 1953, the same year Prime Minister Mohammad
      Mosaddegh’s government was toppled by a clerically aided and American-backed military coup, the Hojjatiyeh urged devout Iranians to await the return of the Mahdi, the Shia Messiah, to start the revolution and establish just Islamic rule…’ https://newrepublic.com/article/116167/mohammad-javad-zarif-irans-foreign-minister-religious-zealot
      Hojjatiyeh and Baha’i are both masonic/zionist foundings. ‘Halabi’ is the same name like the ‘Syrian Jews’ – the ‘Halabi Jews’. All Persian Jews were naturalized in the 1800 – they became Muslims by law…

      1. daniel says:

        Thank you for your insight and information about inside Iran, I hope that Iranian get rid of Liberals, dark age religious and corruption,

      2. James says:


      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        This is all very interesting.
        In my business experience, I always preferred to listen to people with different opinions rather than an echo chamber, as long as they were not stained by political dogma.

        As we age and have more experiences our opinions can change. It’s therefore wise to hear what younger people think as well, just as it was wise to hear what older people thought when we were younger !

        If everyone is of the same mindset opportunities can be missed.

        1. Albert Pike says:

          I like what you write, but I don’t think we are much further apart then 10 years…

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            I am 71 later this year.
            I accepted that Britain might go to war at some stage of my life, but I never even imagined the deliberate destruction of Britain from within.

          2. Albert Pike says:

            Sadly – Something comes from something, should have been stomped out 300years ago:


          3. FlorianGeyer says:

            Thousands of masons in one place has to be an opportunity to communicate with the flock :)

          4. Albert Pike says:

            They are all happy to go to heaven – that we know. Only question ist why do they have to take us with? Would be nicer if they see ‘TheGreatArchitect’ exclusively…

          5. FlorianGeyer says:

            Modern warfare since the advent of cannons has progressively ended the power of Castles and bunkers.
            Even Hitlers Atlantic wall was a colossal waste of scarce resources.

            In an armageddon situation there will be survivors and if I was one, I like to think that I would have the courage to lay waste to the concrete lairs of our oppressors.

          6. Albert Pike says:

            They aren’t gone stay in the green hills of England, they will be as much south as possible. How do you get to empty New Zealand or Patagonia, as a survivor in wasted England, to where those guys will be?

            No – we are not gone get them. Anyway those thousands in Royal Albert Hall, were just the idiots who believe in the cause. They are punished with stupidity in the first place…

  6. Arch Bungle says:

    Big Deal. Everyone has a rivalry with everyone in Iran.

    1. daniel says:

      I wouldn’t say everyone,this is patriots vs non patriots, this is classic by now,

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Well, “Everyone who is Anyone” :-)

    2. Albert Pike says:

      Not everybody who has, dies on a mission as an envoy…

      1. Helen4Yemen says:

        Meaning what? Iranians killed their own general?

        1. Albert Pike says:

          Well it was a rather suspicious hit, since he was on the road because he was ordered to do so, even flew under his real name. There could be a fraction inside the Iranians who are in cohorts with the Zionists…

        2. Arch Bungle says:

          I would think this extremely unlikely. It makes a nice conpiracy theory but the stakes were too high for ANY Iranian faction, pro Soleimani or anti-Soleimani.

          On the other hand the American motive is clear as day – and at the end of the day, the bullet (missile) came from Uncle Sam.

      2. Arch Bungle says:

        The thing is, Soleimani had been operating as an “envoy” for years already.

        He had already been tasked with cooperating with the Americans and Iraqi Sunnis in various operations against ISIS previously.

        If internal rivalry was the issue he would have been taken out by his own a long time ago.

        Regardless of which internal faction may have had a grudge against him, do you think the Iranians would have risked the embarrassment of having a man of Soleimani’s stature killed?

        1. Albert Pike says:

          You agree the Zio-Hojjatieh Iranians couldn’t kill himself, so Trump did it for them. There is no embarrassment – the great satan enemy did it, and they rained rockets on them. Everbody was happy…

  7. Potato Man says:

    The interview was reportedly obtained by the London-based Iran International television channel.

    uhmmm lol.

  8. Emad Irani says:

    Zarif is a dead man already

    1. Free man says:

      Indeed, this is what happened in Iran to those who spill the beans.

      1. Emad Irani says:

        Justifiably, Zarif was always a traitor. If the IRGC elite decides, he is gone. Just like Ali Abdullah Saleh was gone in Yemen. Just a matter of time after elections

        1. daniel says:

          It’s not only Zarif alone,

    2. Hadi Heidary says:

      truth has a bite i know!!!!

  9. Zarif is a traitor and Soleimani was a hero, Khamenei should get rid of him and his soft politics, constantly begging to the west for sanction relief, get a grip

    1. Assad must stay says:

      yes that too, he constantly begged EU to stay in the deal and abide by the deal and drop sanctions and this and that like dude seriously?

    2. daniel says:

      Unfortunately it’s not only Zarif, there’s a large number/groups of iranian which are pro West and anti East/China-Russia,

      1. You mean Rouhani too right? He must also go

    3. Ewan says:

      He’s a diplomat – give him a break. He was sometimes professionally embaressed because the iRGC had their own diplomacy-independent agenda

    4. Hadi Heidary says:

      i don’t know what to say to you…… just downvote i guess…

      1. So you are a zionist

        1. Hadi Heidary says:

          sorry to break your bubbles but we on iran “Chose ” rohani and his team (zarrif etc….)to run the country! fact is people choose anyone else over the irgc candidates and their affiliates!
          now go call 40 million people traitor to their own country!!!!!!

        2. Furkan Sahin says:

          i like Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi Iran

    5. Furkan Sahin says:

      Zarif is fake

  10. Assad must stay says:

    whether this is true or not, zarif seemed way too soft and lenient with iran’s enemies at times from some of his statements, now i understand thats something a certain portion of iranians want, but that’s not what iran’s enemies want

  11. Ahson says:

    Most of this article is just sensationalism.

    1. daniel says:


      1. Ahson says:

        its all he said you said she said I said, no? I will only concede the truth on one count, where Zarif slipped his tongue, that the Sepah do truly run the country. Not the mullah’s, not the bureaucrats and not even the bazaris……

        1. Tommy Jensen says:

          ..and so what? Iran is a country under heavy sanctions, foreign violence and threats.
          Who should run the country if not those who are able to defend it??

          1. Ahson says:

            its the same setup from the Achaemenid times Tommy…….The sepah are the modern day Praetorian guard. Same same……Mullah’s got no say……just symbolic. Iranian pop. is totally not religious, however fiercely nationalistic.

  12. farbat says:

    so revolutionaries and the revolutionary government are in a rivalry with liberals and the western republican systems what a suprise its almost as if they figured out iranian domestic politics to 10%

  13. farbat says:

    probably soon the west will parade the iranian hillary clinton faezeh hashemi this degenerate witch as some kind of savior for liberalism and freedom in iran what these fools dont understand is that they are making things only harder for the liberals for years now and that the revolutionaries being in government will be their worst nightmare and it will be like a 1000s of soleimanis at once

    1. daniel says:

      Are you against”making things only harder for the Liberals…”? Can’t you chose side?

  14. daniel says:

    The London-based Iran International television channel is owned by MBS Saudi,

  15. Ivan Freely says:

    Be highly suspicious when dealing with anything coming from London. IMO, this feels like someone is trying to discredit Soleimani.

    1. James says:

      I agree, but I think this is designed to embarrass the Iranian leadership in front of their own people as incompetent.

  16. Ewan says:

    Big Deal – There are always inter-agency rivalries in any country – even in the US. Is this an attempt to cast Zarif as a co-conspirator in the murder of Soleimani? – It will never work. Soleimani took orders directly from Khamenei. It is Soleimani and the IRGC that created the new Middle East and it took him the full twenty years of his amazing career. Zarif was just frustrated that he was in the dark about IRGC activities in Iraq and Syria.

  17. Ronald says:

    Iran International is based in London and they speak Farsi, but it is Saudi funded.
    That should speak for its aims

  18. cechas vodobenikov says:

    no rivalries in amerikan military diktatorship—only installed senile hair sniffer in basement with special alert system so that Oreo hologram Harris can bring him donuts and diapers

  19. Jetthardy says:

    Every country it seems is divided between the west (read America) and non west (Cause not every nation in the west sides with America). There are those that want to seek assimilation into the anglosphere, those that want to be business partners and those who want to do their own thing.

    In Iran’s case from what I understand, the Rouhani faction is seeking rapprochement/detente with the anglosphere while the Khomeni faction no longer wants to deal with the US. Soleimani would seem to lean more towards Khomeni’s side, but I don’t think he wanted war, he was trying to implement Iran’s strategy of not fighting another war on the homeland like in the 80s.

    The US, I believe, is trying to play on these factions currently by favoring the Rouhani camp. Rouhani’s ties to the west are documented and him being able to say “Look, I got the Empire to bend and rejoin the deal” could be used for politics at home. America too scores points in some peoples eyes for “seeing the light” and rejoining “international consensus”. Looks good back here at home as well.

    I think much will hinge on the Iranian elections and what kind of government that brings. There is already a cold war that is slowly turning hot between Israel and Iran, which doesn’t bode well for either Iraq, Syria or Lebanon as they will be the main battlegrounds as neither Israel or Iran will let the fight reach home outside missile strikes. Israel won’t care, they need an outside enemy to justify their aggression and Iran has enemies in spades to justify their defensive posture and occassional sabre rattling.

    Overall, while the situation is currently tense, I don’t believe it will heat up further until the Israeli and Iranian govs figure out their political issues. It is likely a hardline stance will be continued by both sides, but each country knows that the war would be a long, bloody affair that neither countries populations have an appetite for. Behind the scenes America is going to be trying hard to divide the Iranians like they do in every gov they have an interest in dominating. I could very likely be wrong, as one wrong move by either side will set the ME alight, but cooler heads at the moment, seem to be prevailing.

  20. Me&Myself None says:

    I am not surprised one bit about Russia snake like, coward behavior; In front of the camera they are all for the JCPOA, behind it, they are doing everything to jeopardize it. Here is the latest statement from them about Iran’s nuclear endeavour.


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