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JUNE 2021

Iranian Forces Will Not Participate In Any Operation In Daraa: Iranian Official

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Iranian Forces Will Not Participate In Any Operation In Daraa: Iranian Official

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

On May 23,  Iran’s ambassador to Jordan Mojtaba Ferdosipour told the Jordanian al-Ghad newspaper that Iranian forces will not participate in any possible military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in southern Syria. The ambassador suggested that such operation will be backed by Russia.

“Iran will not have any role or participation in such an operation [in southern Syria] if it happened, just as we did not have a role in the operations of Ghouta, Duma and Damascus,” Ferdosipour said during an interview with al-Ghad.

Ferdosipour also confirmed that Russia and the Damascus government are currently negotiating with militants in southern Syria in an attempt to reach a peaceful solution. If these efforts are failed, a military operation will be an option, according to the Iranian diplomat.

The Iranian ambassador also denied the presence of Iranian forces in the southern governorate of Daraa and stressed that only the SAA and the Jordanian Army should be deployed on the Syrian-Jordanian border. Ferdosipour added that Iran had supported the US-Russian ceasefire agreement, which was employment in southern Syria in July 2017.

“We support cooperation and communication between Jordan and Syria to ensure the security of the border between the two countries,” Ferdosipour said.

According to local observers, the SAA and Russia are indeed preparing to launch a large-scale military operation against the radical militants in governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra. Elite units of the SAA 4th Division, Republican Guard and the Tiger Forces are already being deployed in southern Syria.

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I would think that the Iranian forces will be reinforcing the lines of contact around the ISIS pocket in the desert.


Smart move from Iran. Syria and Russia don’t need Iranians or Hezbollah to do the job. israel will have no excuse to bomb syrians soldiers.

USA and israel are using Iran and Hezbollah as scapegoats to advance their imperialist agenda.

Dr. Pro Liv

Good move !
Not to give false excuses to IsraHell

Tudor Miron

I’d like to reply to Florian and you with a question. Do you know what was the initial plan (global predictor) regarding all this ME events? What’s happening now is unexpected by many (includding gp) and is a good example of knowing and applying so colled principles of conсeptual power.

Dr. Pro Liv

“Do you know what was the initial plan (global predictor) regarding all this ME events?”

What “events” you are talking about?
Wars in Iraq and Syria ?

Tudor Miron

War in Syria in particular.


But of course they will lie and say Iranian troops are there.
It’s a rare day when Israel speaks the truth.


But that would be….dishonest!!!

Dr. Pro Liv

If they say what they say, they do it because of the others also. Not only because of Israel.
The point is that everybody is informed on the situations. And Israel will have to prove their claims and not just attack to protect their “Jihad for Jews” buddies.
Syrians have to do all the possible to protect themselves from Israeli airplanes..
And they must get involved Russian airplanes also…… as many as they can….


Israel is made up of professional liars (jews) .


Meaning that if Israel attacks they’d attacks Syrian and thus legitimate target for retaliation.


This time Syrian and Russian are together in Daraa South Syria to launch large scale military operation against terrorists. No excuse for Benjamin and Avigdor to retaliate on false flag projectiles. LOL.


America is becoming day by day irrelevant, I mean moving out of the world game. This is good sign for the whole world. Nobody trust Washington anymore.


US, UK, France and Israel have invaded Middle East for oil and gas. They think that they will steal this oil and gas and other minerals from Middle East countries and will sell to other countries to make cash. I don’t see this is possible. Second that time has gone that US, UK and France divide countries. Now this is time of US, UK and France to be divided.


The US, UK and French law is not applicable to the countries of Middle East.

Except Israeli migrants and Kurds the Middle East all states have one culture, one language and one religion but still US, UK and France have divided them in several states because a great united Arab will be a great problem for US, UK and France to handle them.


They need to repatriate ISIS back into Israel.


I’m sure Iran knows that sending troops back there will offend both friend and foe.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This might be why both the Israeli’s and Assad came away happy after their meetings with Putin, something we’ve never seen before. We also have Iran and Turkey cooperating in northern Syria as well, another first as far as I know, which makes me think that some sort of a deal was done, that seems to have somehow miraculously made all involved parties happy, and all at the same time, truly a miracle. Maybe Putin truly is as good a diplomat as I keep hearing he is.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Let’s see what excuse they will come up with


What is it Israel’s business where Iran is as long as they are not invading that so-called piece of Zionist-stolen Palestinian land, FALSELY called Israel?

Trying to please those Ashkenazi WARMONGERING Jews in that stolen land of Palestine. is a losing game, as Iran will find out-the hard way

I am guessing they believe America decided to pull out of the Nuclear Agreement ,all by themselves. NO Israeli influence, whatsoever,. no 30 million from Ashkenazi Zionist, Adelson…no ,of course not !!!

America is OWNED by Israel

Others, such as Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria a have also learned, too late


Of course, this is a prudent wise decision. Israel would use Iran participation as a excuse to destroy Syria army (since Russia wouldn’t do anything to stop Israel).

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