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Iranian Forces Got Control Of Several U.S. Drones In Syria And Iraq (Video)

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The Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) penetrated a command center of the U.S. Army and took control of several American unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs) which were constantly flying over Syria and Iraq, IRGC Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh revealed on February 21.

“Seven to eight drones that had constant flights over Syria and Iraq were brought under our control and their intel was monitored by us and we could gain their first-hand intel,” Fars News quoted the IRGC General as saying.

The Iranian news agency released several videos which the IRGC managed to extract from U.S. UAVs flying over Syria and Iraq. One of the videos shows a drone malfunctioning after being penetrated by the IRGC than making a rough landing in a desert area 10 kilometers away from its base. The UAV was later destroyed by U.S. warplane.

Iran has been developing UAVs and since the Iraq-Iran war in the 1980s. This gave the country a major advantage in unnamed vehicles technology in comparison with its neighbors. The IRGC began using this experience in electronic warfare. It allowed Iran to penetrate and take control of several U.S. drones during the last decade, including the top-secret RQ-170 stealth UAV in 2011.

The Iranian statement came amid reports that the U.S. had accelerated a secret program to sabotage Iran’s missile program.

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When they scouped the RQ 170, that really turned the ‘mad dog’ blue.
Wonder how many thousands of reproductions of the ‘LiightningBolt’ they have by now.
Well done IRGC, knights of Persia.

Tommy Jensen

Amateurish and unprofessional, and against all International rules of order for free navigation in International waterways.

Human kind is doomed

But undiscriminate killings done by USA all around the world is legitimate, right?

Zionism = EVIL

Since 1945, the Americunts savages and their NATO poodles have killed over 20 million civilians in 44 illegal wars from Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, even tiny Grenada and Dominican Republic were not spared. Not to mention supporting CIA thugs like Pinochet in Chile to the most disgusting dictators from Haiti, Egypt, Pakistan to Argentina and Brazil.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts and Zionist dehumanized savages only believe in the LAW OF THE JUNGLE!


What part of “Yankee Go Home” don’t you understand?




Killing the Americans with their own guns is poetic justice.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

This episode shows just how powerfull EW are and just how fragile/sensitive US technology is


The recent advancement in EW technology has essentially changed how warfare is conducted the world over.

Iran is a rather special case since many in the West are lead to believe the Iranians have no real military/technological prowess yet they downed one of America’s most advanced drones (RQ-170) reversed engineered the design leading to the Iranians drones adopting the flying wing architecture. They essentially have a “stealth” option now available to them.


LOL yeah right


Shortly after the assault began, Somali militia and armed civilian fighters shot down two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. The subsequent operation to secure and recover the crews of both helicopters extended the initial operation into an overnight standoff and daylight rescue operation on 4 October. The battle resulted in 18 deaths, 73 wounded and one helicopter pilot captured among the U.S. raid party and rescue forces. What a pity…

Zionism = EVIL

He is a hasbara Jew and paid to post desperate one liners, mostly on any Iran related item.

Zionism = EVIL

Haha Jew boy is here despite being a daily laughing stock. “white Americunt” my arse :)


Hey, i support Russia and Syria from day 1 and i have exposed exposed a few rats!
However, being on this site for 4 years, ive noticed people believing everything this site says!
This footage is even more questionable than the Israeli footage of the Pantsir s1 attack!

Problem is, u know damn well this website will not disprove this iranian footage as they did the Israeli footage!
just look at how many edits there are in the video!
Edits suggest fake!

Even the final explosion of the craft is an edit just before! This is exactly what the Israeli’s did!

Do u honestly believe in ur heart of hearts that iran doesnt propagandise its citizens any less than what Israel does?

For Fuck sakes all im looking for on this site is some people with an open mind! Everyone….. and i mean EVERYONE is brainwashed!

Nobody even gives 2 fucks about the new US administration and how it is KILLING the CIA of past! Literally holding trials as we speak for war crimes of TREASON!

But nooooo, everyone just assumes the USA is still the USA of past! REALLY?
Then why the big difference?

Why is the American media attacking Trump?

Why do they try to stop Trump meeting KJU and Putin?

People on this site have blinkers on!
They see only what they wanna see!

So yeah, i stopped taking part in this shit!
i totally support Russia and Syria but im not being a part of these fuckin nut cases!

Today one guy said that Mao didnt kill millions of Chinese! That its all fake!


Tudor Miron

What can I say… Oops!


No proof that it is a US drone. Data on the screen is from Fars News, would be more believable if there was a screen shot showing US data.

Zionism = EVIL

The FACT on the ground in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is that the Axis of Resistance is now untouchable and the Zionist mad barking dog Nutter Yahoo acknowledged that the “Iranians have increased their foot print in Syria and are now truly entrenched”. The Zionist pinprick raids backfired big-time as they failed to understand Persian psyche.

The sole variable in this approach is simply the number of rockets
and GPS kits available. There are known rocket stockpiles remaining in
Syria—and, clearly, there are larger missiles, as last month’s launch
showed—but the world leader in the field is Hezbollah in Lebanon, with
an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 rockets of all ranges and payloads aimed
at Israel. The added advantage of Lebanon is that Israel does not bomb
there, unlike in Syria, precisely because of this massive deterrent

As officials here in Israel never tire of pointing out, the artificial country is small and narrow strip of Occupied Palestine. Strikes on a handful of strategic targets—Ben Gurion International Airport, the Dimona nuclear reactor, afew power stations and air bases—could be conclusive. A recent Hezbollah propaganda video replete with satellite imagery and coordinates had these and other sites
clearly visible and marked for destruction. It is no coincidence that the Zionist regime has not attacked Lebanon since its humiliating 33 day defeat in 2006. Today, Hezbollah is hundred fold stronger and more battle hardened flush with victories in Syria and Iraq.

Making the projectiles more accurate increases the threat level and, in turn, Israel’s appreciation of the risk and recent back down against Iran and vain attempts to internationalize the issue at the failed low key conference in Poland boycotted by most EU and turned into a disaster for Zionists as they accused the host Poles for collaborating Nazis. To rub salt in Zionist humiliation, Russia withdrew Nethanyahu’s invitation to like Putin’s arse.

Piglet (Lawrence of Bavaria)

The Dimona nuclear reactor is defunct from being run too hard to produce more fissile material for nuclear weapons, but the site is used for reprocessing plutonium from other sources (such as no-longer usable plutonium pits from radioactive decay) into new nuclear weapons.


The easiest way to attack Isarel is to attack their water supplies. The desalination plants alomg the cost to the meditarian, the pipes coming from the Golan and the pumping stations at the Galilea lake.
Hitting one of these and render it out of order for a month will cause major impact in Israel, as they are running at the limits for years.

Zionism = EVIL

Indeed, very good point, the Zionist criminals have also been stealing water from the Lebanese Litani catchment area and that is why they are occupying the Shebba Farms as well as Occupied Golan. In the next war it is incumbent upon Hezbollah to hit Zionist infrastructure if the Zionist cowards target even one civilian apartment in Beirut or anywhere. 99% of the Zionist land rustlers have no connection to Palestine and are soft corrupt parasites living on western welfare and will cut and run when life gets too hard. Destroying their water assets is a good idea and should be done at the onset of any next conflict. The average Arab is much tougher and can survive any hardship as history has shown.

The Zionist scum know the consequences and that is they took over 14 kms of midget Jordanian puppets land at Aqaba to build a 2nd strategic airport at Eilat, in case Hezbollah flattens the Ben Gurion hovel. The idiots underestimate Hezbollah capability as the new generation of missiles that can fly all the way to the Red Sea. Zionist scum have a major surprise coming.


Russia has no interest helping Syria in taking back Golan territory and dont want to change Status quo in that matter,


That’s why Israel covets the water in the Litani River. :)

Zionism = EVIL

According to a recent report on the subject by the British Israel Communication and Research Centre (BICOM), the focus—at least in Lebanon—is to upgrade Hezbollah’s
existing stockpile of 20,000 long-range Zelzal-2 rockets.

Some press reports termed the sites missile “factories,” but this was a
misnomer, the senior British officer said. “They’re not huge hangars like people
imagine, it could be a room as small as this,” he said with a wave of
his hand. The Iranians have done an excellent job in creating a long term military infrastructure for their Hezbollah allies that can sustain asymmetrical war for months if not years and do immense damage to Israel. Hezbollah leader’s recent speech and confidence attests to his forces ability to cause havoc in Israel and cause unimaginable casualties. This has given the usually boastful and belligerent Zionist pause for though.

Piglet (Lawrence of Bavaria)

Hezbollah needs an air-defense system to stop IAF operations over Lebanon.

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, I understand they have mobile systems already in the Bekaa and more Iranian systems are coming on line, but as the British military report even states, the biggest deterrent for Hezbollah has been the 150,000 missiles that can cripple the Zionist entity. Why do you think not a single Zionist air strike in Lebanon since 2006? Hezbollah even has built watch towers that overlook the pathetic Zionist wall that is 15 meter tall and is supposedly intended to keep Hezbollah from looking into northern Occupied Palestine. The Zionist scum don’t have guts to even fire at Hezbollah warriors manning the towers near Zionist occupied Shebba Farms. These towers have Iranian super Kornet Dehalveih with a range of 5-8 kms in open sight, fire and forget and let the laser targeting system do the rest.

comment image

Piglet (Lawrence of Bavaria)

Did you get a chance to read “Why S-300 In Syria Not Being Used Against Israeli Aircraft” yet? It explains why the IAF needs to be stopped from using Lebanese airspace.

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, it was a pretty balanced article and shed light on all the different variables in the Syrian and Lebanese military situation. The Zionist project in Syria has failed miserably and the so-called “conference” in Poland to gang up on Iran boomeranged on the Zionists :)


i do not disbelieve this story, however, there is an edit in the video! We see the drone performing as normal then suddenly a cut to the drone coming down! How do we know this footage is not an Iranian drone acting as an American drone coming down? How do we know that the drone on the ground is a US drone or a made up model to look like it!

I cant believe this story either even though im sure most on this site will want too! If i wanted to make the US look bad, i could have my propaganda team get some footage of a US drones camera online, show some 2 mins of video feed, then with very poor editing, suddenly cut to a new video of the aircraft coming down (swaying poorly) and then cut to a new piece of video showing very hazy footage of the drone on the ground which could have been a mock up card board thing! Then i would not show real close up evidence, id just blow the thing up and say “hey look what we did, we caught a US drone, they are not as smart as they think they are”, then show it on TV all over Iran!


How do we know, well if it was an Iranian drone that crashed, why did the US bother to bomb it?


How can u prove the US bombed it? Because Iran said so?
Why not just show the footage uneditted? Why the sudden cut?


“Why not just show the footage unedited? Why the sudden cut?”

If you opened your eyes and had a brain, you would have noticed that the first part of the video was the feed from the American drone. After it crashed the feed switched to another drone.

How can you be so stupid and still read and write?

Promitheas Apollonious

he is an american trained clone. they all know to read and write part of their programming. Now thinking… it is an all together another story. not programmed for that.


.Sinbad, dont play games with me!!

there are literally 4 different scenes!
1. Drone operating under US control
2. Same drone and same drone camera displaying view of its own descent!
3. Drone being filmed by another camera descending
4. drone on the ground and then exploded

Since u like to play games, lets at least agree that between scene 1 and 2 we are both looking through the same drones lens!

After that we see the 2nd camera footage!

This footage is meaningless!

i am only caring about scene 1 and 2!
Why the cut??
A cut suggests Editing!

Why not show the very moment the drone is operating as normal and then the take over (continuing the footage without break) and then showing the drone descending!

Watch the video again!
Even before exploding, the video suddenly cuts and then we are viewing a whole new edit!

Watch it again! watch the full version!
And then tell me u would bet your house on it that this video is 100% real and not some kind of propaganda as Israel has also just been caught doing!

Promitheas Apollonious

you write too much of meaningless, nothing. Afghans took control of the drones in afghanistan and Iranians did the same. Now what you in your single cell, require to believe what is common knowledge, to me is irrelevant and obviously will not follow you, into your stupidity. Stop wasting pixel space.


So what u are saying is that i cant question this?
Did u see my original post?
i said “i do not disbelieve this”
“yet i do not believe it either”
so did i not set myself ground for reasonable doubt?

am i allowed to question a video that factually has been edited??
Doesnt a cut in a video suggest editing?
Doesnt editing suggest possible propaganda as we have all seen in the israeli pantsir attack videos?

Why am i not allowed to question this video?? Explain why i cant!!


Sinbad, dont play games with me!!

there are literally 4 different scenes!
1. Drone operating under US control
2. Same drone and same drone camera displaying view of its own descent!
3. Drone being filmed by another camera descending
4. drone on the ground and then exploded

Since u like to play games, lets at least agree that between scene 1 and 2 we are both looking through the same drones lens!

After that we see the 2nd camera footage!

This footage is meaningless!

i am only caring about scene 1 and 2!
Why the cut??
A cut suggests Editing!

Why not show the very moment the drone is operating as normal and then the take over (continuing the footage without break) and then showing the drone descending!

Watch the video again!
Even before exploding, the video suddenly cuts and then we are viewing a whole new edit!

Watch it again! watch the full version!
And then tell me u would bet your house on it that this video is 100% real and not some kind of propaganda as Israel has also just been caught doing!


” How can you (Justin) be so stupid and still read and write? ”

Very easily U suspect, Sinbad :)


..Sinbad, dont play games with me!!

there are literally 4 different scenes!
1. Drone operating under US control
2. Same drone and same drone camera displaying view of its own descent!
3. Drone being filmed by another camera descending
4. drone on the ground and then exploded

Since u like to play games, lets at least agree that between scene 1 and 2 we are both looking through the same drones lens!

After that we see the 2nd camera footage!

This footage is meaningless!

i am only caring about scene 1 and 2!
Why the cut??
A cut suggests Editing!

Why not show the very moment the drone is operating as normal and then the take over (continuing the footage without break) and then showing the drone descending!

Watch the video again!
Even before exploding, the video suddenly cuts and then we are viewing a whole new edit!

Watch it again! watch the full version!
And then tell me u would bet your house on it that this video is 100% real and not some kind of propaganda as Israel has also just been caught doing!


Answer me this florian…
Was the video edited?
Yes or no?
i will shut up if u can give me a good answer!
but i bet u dont!
i bet u avoid answering this!


I do not know of any US drone bases in Syria or Iraq where the US military do not control areas 10 kilometers away.

That being the case, there was no need to blow the drone up as a helicopter with a recovery team could have been there in minutes.

If the US were aware that their drone had been hacked, they would have been worried about continuing data streams being electronically stolen from their downed drone. Hence the airstrike.


my original statement was…..

“i dont not disbelieve this report”
“also i do not believe it”


By the way the US has bases in Al-Tanf and Al-Tabqa!

Destroying this aircraft made me more suspicious!

If u have an open mind u will question everything! Even the destruction!

Even when it exploded, there was an edit! Just before it exploded there was a cut!
Watch it!

What did israel do with their pantsir video?
They edited it just before the explosion!

Tell me, why supply footage of the drone operating as normal and then CUT
then supply footage of the drone under control?

Why not show the entire moment when the drone was taken over also?

Who was filming when the drone was on the ground? was that US footage? if so how did they get that? Was it Iranian footage? OK so if its iranian, why fly a slow drone to this area to film it?

why edit the explosion! What is the purpose of all of these screen cuts??

I have questions, nobody has answers on this site!

people just yell and scream because THEY ARE ALL FUCKING BIASED IDIOTS!

i bet if this was israeli footage ud all be saying “FAKE” but since its iranian, where are the doubts of people on this site? there are so many screen cuts i cant even count them!

Russia Today…. whats their motto??


Well i am questioning more and nobody on this site has answers!
Everyone is brainwashed now!
Nobody is a free thinker!


There is always much that will take time before reality replaces the fake realities . Reality always wins but fakery can exist for a very long time as we all know. Religious and quasi religions such as the ‘Holocaust’ being examples.

We all now live in a world of instant connectivity and information , where many expect todays realities to be headline news.

Patience and due diligence these days is an old fashioned concept, I know, and all we can do is debate information openly . Even now debate is not allowed by the black propagandists who are still stuck in the 1960’s.


yes and do u agree that i have the right to question an obviously edited video?

if yes, then whats the fucking problem with all these nut bags on this site?



The ‘nut bags ‘ as you call them, and I am happy to be one in your context, all have great experience in filtering out hasbara trolls.

They often use the same construction of language that you do.

Just as you have the opportunity to give an opinion, so do those with a dissenting opinion to yours, and your attempts to intimidate are a ‘signature’ that is well recognised here.


u mean protecting the common ideology!
ive been on this site since 2015! Supporting that same cause as u all! But none of u have an open mind about the new US administration! This is my only arguement here! Nobody on this site blinked an eyelid!
There is new information that nobody cares to entertain because of the bias i am talking about! THERE WAS an Iranian nuclear facility in Syria! Nobody blinked an eye lid when they found out that Iran was building its rockets in syria! This was apart of the whole iran deal! To not show any signs or intention to build nuclear weapons! So they shifted this all to syria!
Nobody here knew about the rocket factories until southfront reported on it and the reaction here was positive towards this news! Why positive? Why not be a more conscientious reaction? The nuclear factory news should be treated with disgust! Because it means Iran’s intention all along was to bullshit the world and claim it had no nuclear weapons intention but instead, shifted its operation to Syria! Therefore it WAS making nuclear weapons! And the reaction on this website? Not a fucking word! when u guys get news that is “bad” on Iran, u welcome it! IRAN LIED!!!! We should react accordingly! Iran never intended to uphold its claim to be only making non-weapons grade nuclear material! So iran making rockets and nuclear material in Syria….. doesnt take much to realise what they were up to now does it? i would almost liek to know what people on this site would think if iran set off a nuclear weapon on Saudi or Israel! i get the feeling all of u would be dancing and celebrating and not thinking for one moment that Iran lied to the world and TO YOU!
These factories were in Syria! FACT!


Please provide proof of the ‘nuclear factories in Syria please’.

Frankly , given a choice of Iran , Saudi Arabia and Israel going up in a puff of smoke, I would choose Israel and Saudi Arabia , as both of those countries have caused millions of casualties in the Middle East.

Iran has NOT. Iran has not initiated wars other nations in this century or the last.

As for Iran manufacturing weapons in Syria, the US manufactures weapons all over the globe via US corporations.


google “nuclear facility in syria”
Its mostly MSM on the front page of google saying it!
reuters. haaretz, bbc etc
i know u wont like that!

So keep refining ur search until u find someone u can believe!

Maybe zerohedge?


Proof is NOT what the Western MSM or any other media declares , without verifiable details.

Its just propaganda .


Is this story fake?
Is this something u could believe before finding out for urself?
Do u automatically deny it because u havent heard about it on southfront?
would this be the kind of information southfront would report on since it is making Russia look bad?
Forget about how u FEEL and forget about what u WANT to believe!
Start finding out TRUTH!
Make me look like a liar Florian! DO IT!!!
Putin is cooperating with Trump on this!
There was a REASON why Putin / Russia didnt shoot down the last volley of missiles that attacked Syria!
Putin KNOWS who the U.S Uranium went to!
Putin KNOWS what the U.S Uranium was to be used for!
Putin KNOWS what were the REAL targets of the USA
Putin ALLOWED Those targets to be hit!
Putin And Trumo are WORKING TOGETHER to remove the power and expose the BAD U.S actors!
U think john mcCain died of cancer?
How was his death predicted 30 days before down to the exact minute?HUH?
If u know the exact time (down to the very minute) that someone will “die of cancer” doesnt that mean that his death was planned??
Planned by who?
Follow the fucking news and wake the fuck up!!!
This is not CRAZY this is HAPPENING!

comment image


Twas the Clintons and others in that circle who facilitated the uranium exports to Russia.

Without the Clinton gang ,Russia would not have the material.

There is a lot more to it in the concealed US documents that embarrass America.


That’s is not proof, it’s just a map with symbols on it. Any halfwit can do that. Evan an Israeli halfwit.


i didnt send it as proof and i agree it could be BS! But i sent it anyway! If i sent u BBc reports u would say the same thing! But its on Zerohedge too! they are fairly reliable! but u wont get it on this site either and u know it!

But think about this, none of us knew that Iran was building its missile bases in Syria until a few were destroyed! THEN, we found out!

So like i said, i found out from Qanon first, then i did my own research and found on Zerohedge, drudgereport, debkafile! 2 of these i just listed are very credible!

Then when u research the Clintons and Obama and their cabinet members, it all adds up!

Iran WAS seeking nuclear weapons and hid it in Syria! The missiles they were building in syria were medium range type! Whats the best thing to put on the end of a medium range missile?

Ask urself, why did obama allow Iran to start building up its economy again? WHY! Good will? Many of the neocons were against it! Iran was fighting and gaining ground in Iraq at the time! Valerie Jarrett is from the most richest family in Iran! Huma abedin’s father is the head of the muslim brotherhood! How can such bad people be so close to obama and Clinton?

Why do u think NK is cooperating with the USA now??

Do u even stop to think about this or do u allow this information to just brush past with silly excuses! Think about it!!!

The reason u cant accept the info i give u is because u only want to believe it from sources u want to hear from!

I am telling u that Obama and Clinton and McCain were extremely bad people! WORSE than even u can imagine! 10 x worse than u think! But Trump is fucking them!!!!
And so is Putin!
The reason u dont know this is because u are stuck here!!!!
people will not look else where!
This site also has an agenda! its pro iranian!

Yes iran is good in many respects but is it so hard to believe that the CIA supports and creates the perceived good guys and the perceived bad guys??

you know its true!

Trust me….. the CIA works with Iran and NK too!

Think about this…. when the IRGC captured those american sailors on those gun boats and televised it, they wanted a ransom! They were paid 1.3 billion in cash AND they also got their sanctions dropped with 130 billion returned to them!

The 130 billion,10% was sent in CASH!
Their are photos of this! The money was on pallots!
It was in US dollars, Euros, pounds etc etc!
US C-130 aircraft flew this money to Iran!
US aircraft LANDED IN IRAN to send CASH!!!!!
Why cash with 13 C-130’s?

Some iranian families were getting a share!
Those cooperating with Obama!

There was a plan between the CIA, NK, Iran to start a war! They wanted Iran to have a nuke! they wanted NK to have nukes!

Google Uranium 1 JUST GOOGLE IT!!!!!


Now he is free and things will change!

U think this is crazy yet i am telling u that hundreds of millions of smart people know this but nobody on this site does!

Florian, do u want to be someone who doesnt know??
Do u?
U dont have to believe me, just google what i have told u!
Just fucking google it!

Call me crazy, i dont care because i know im right!


“Call me crazy, i ( Justin )dont care because i know im right! ”

And “there’s the rub”, tis people such as you who profess to know it all, yet all you do know is what you are willing to comprehend that conforms with what you think you should know to be part of the circle .

At best you are a priest and at worst you one of the ignorant flock.

Good day Justin and Gooodbye.


i dont claim to be the creator of this information!
This information is known to hundreds of millions of people! (not exagerating)!
The only reason people on this site dont know the same information is because they only SEEM to look at southfront!

Southfront will NEVER say a bad word about Iran!

have u EVER heard southfront say one bad word about Iran? Have u??
Have they ever said one bad word about China??


So how can u honestly say u have all the info when the site is excluding such information?

people on this site ADMIT to the Uranium 1 scandal BUT they cant admit that the Uranium went to Iran!
They admit Russia and kazakstan have the worlds second largest uranium stores and dont need the USA’s small amounts of Uranium so how does it make sense that Russia bought the Uranium from the USA for itself?

Why was the deal secret?
What was Iran using it for and why did they source it from the USA?
Why not Kazakstan or Russia?

Do people ask themselves these questions or do they ignore it?
Because u will not find this info on southfront!
What about Clintons 20 year aid who married a Jew who texts young girls! Her father and uncle just so happen to be leaders of the muslim brotherhood! Does this not raise questions? Am i CRAZY to bring this up??

What about Valeri Jarrett?
Iranian born and from one of the richest families in Iran!She was Obama’s number one advisor! Why is obama wearing in multiple occasions shia muslim attire? Why dont people on this site ask questions??

Why is it so hard to believe that if the USA created and supported ISIS, HTS, SDF and FSA that they do not do this on a grander scale such as North Korea?

Why is this so unbelievable?

New info is out!
Leaked and why we are seeing attacks on Trump, why Trump is meeting with Kim Jong Un!

Everyone on this site thinks they “know”! but how can they know when there is even MORE DAMNING info on the USA! Even more damning information! But the reason they dont want to read up on it is because it involves Iran and Russia!

FACT Russia bought Uranium from the USA and paid the Clintons to do so!
Russia gave this uranium to iran!
USA knew who it was going to and planned for it to go to them!
Obama dropped the sanctions on Iran!
Iran started creating its weapons in Syria!

This is the TRUTH!!


Critical thinking is always appreciated but logic-less doubt mongering is not.
The reason people are not responding to your questions is because they’re pseudo-questions not real questions. Just because you don’t know the story fully it doesn’t make it fake!

Here’s a general rule of thumb: If a claim (in this case by Iran) is not refuted (in this case by the US) then it’s most probably true!







comment image

Rodney Loder

I could go there and find out then everyone would know, that’s why these Christian pigs keep me here to worship the bag of awfulness up the road, I mean Lane which sounds like plane, now there is that similarity a Christian pig would make something out of, it’s easy for the Christian swine to make something out of nothing don’t you agree?.


Anytime Iran showcases any military or space capability western analysts claim that it’s fake or purchased from China/Russia but later as Iran provides conclusive information in response they eventually confirm that capability. This has happened over and over again.

If Iran had the capability in 2011 on the US’s most advanced UAV, it undoubtedly has the capability now!


yeah i see what u mean, poor iran huh!
its not like they deserve it or anything is it!!

comment image
comment image

comment image

comment image

comment image


1st photo is Fallagh tank, I fail to understand your point.
2nd photo is not an Iranian equipment.
3rd and 4th photos, it’s amateurish to judge a military equipment only by it’s exterior. Kosar is essentially the Northrop F-5F Tiger which is %100 made in Iran (which is a huge step that very few countries in the world have achieved towards the next level; an indigenous design).
In addition, there are updates such as laser INS/GPS navigation system, MFD (Multi Function Display) and HUD (Head-up Display).


LOL , We dont ” want to make the US look bad ” We want you to see US really really REAL FACE,


pre 2017 i was saying “fuck the USA, fuck these cunts”!
i was even exposing people on this site who were so pro USA that they were supporting isis and HTS against the SAA!

Fast forward to janurary 2017
its a different story now!

Trump is leaving Syria!
probably will leave Afghanistan!

doesnt it deserve some nice words??

or u gonna laugh?

Dude….. i see things differently to u!
im watching grand jury indictments occurring in the USA!
This is the beginning of the end for the cabal!

if Venezuela is an attempt to take oil then let me say this…..

look at Japan, look at Germany! Look at South Korea!
former enemies or current proxies!

They are all in the top 5 economies in the world!

now look at north Korea (chinese proxy)

who would u rather be taken over by?

look at former East Germany, look at eastern europe!

Venezuela is going down! Question is, who is going to take over? What political system will the people be ruled by? Look at china and its social credit system! Look at the digital spy grid!

I’m from Australia and i am happy to admit we are a U.S proxy! Thank God!
If we were a Chinese proxy WE’D BE FUCKED!!!!!

So believe whatever u want dude! I like the man thats in charge in the USA at the moment! he is pulling out of wars and trying to get his economy started!

im loving whats happening!

And i also love Putin!


You fail to realize that countries DON’T HAVE TO BE proxies and can be sovereign!


So the biggest US base in Europe is in Germany! Germany have a restriction on their military forces! Same goes to Japan!
They are OCCUPIED!

Australia is not occupied but OBLIGATED to host US bases for which no Australian can set foot on (Pine Gap)

There are allies, proxies and puppets!
Australia is not independent! We follow orders! More so US orders rather than UK.

I disagree with your comment!

North Korea is the BIGGEST proxy on the face of the earth!


It’s another demonstration of how American technology is stuck in the 1980’s.
The rest of the world advances, America reminisces about it’s golden days and polishes the Mustang.

Tom Tom

sold out by American globalists.


Yeah I know, Marx explained why it happens over 100 years ago.
It’s inevitable it’s built into capitalism.


Smart development. Being able to track, interfere and even control IDF and US drones is vital added arrow in the arsenal of any country that wants to defend against the globalists.

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian and Hezbollah ELINT capability has grown immensely, thanks to Americunt and Zionists exposing their most “sophisticated” equipment as well as Hezbollah has captured hundreds of spy ware and listening devices in south Lebanon and even some planted by treacherous Lebanese Wahhabis in Bekaa. Hezbollah has become very good at finding them and sending them to Iran for technical analysis and reverse engineering. Hezbollah can also tap into the IDF cellular networks and that is in the latest sham IDF exercises all smart phones were banned. Zionists are literally shit scared of Hezbollah.


Zionists don’t make anything, they steal the technology made by the Goyim. The actual work is done in Western universities by people from all over the world.

Zionism = EVIL

“By way of deception thou shalt do war”? the Zionist shameless scum don’t even bother to hide the FACT that their whole disgusting origins are based on deception and lies. They will and have sold their mothers for profit. Jews control 90% of global prostitution, white slavery, human trafficking, drugs and illicit organ harvesting trade.


This is the problem with all remote control devices, their is always the possibility someone else can also control it.


Whoever’s closer with a more powerful transmitter.


Iran upsets the Zionist narrative that they are intelligent and the other camel Bedouins. The Iranians are Indo-European like the Ashkenazis and do not lack brain.


The Persians have done as much for the development of man as anyone. The Juice… Not so much, a very developed/evolved parasite…

Real Anti-Racist Action

If the US cannot secure peoples medical records online.
Then their is nothing that the US can secure in existence.
The modern-US = failure. It has been crashing and will continue crashing in its current state for the next 30 years.


Remember when Obama was Pres and Iran captured one of our military drones flying over their country and Bummer asked for it back…. Lol

Kira Binkley


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