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Iranian Forces Establish New Positions To Protect Syria’s Phosphate Mines From ISIS

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Iranian Forces Establish New Positions To Protect Syria’s Phosphate Mines From ISIS

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Iranian-backed forces are building new positions in the southern Homs countryside to protect phosphate mines in the region from ISIS cells, a number of Syrian opposition sources reported on February 23.

According to the sources, Iranian-backed forces established two new positions near the area of al-Souaniye, where a large phosphate mine is located. The remaining mines are located around the town of Khunayfis, a few kilometers to the west.

Iranian-backed forces also deployed large reinforcements in al-Souniye and Khunayfis to guard phosphate mines from ISIS cells, which are known to be present in the nearby Homs desert.

Earlier this month, ISIS cells attacked Iranian forces guarding Khunayfis mines. Three fighters were killed and around four others were injured.

In 2020, the Damascus government finalized reconstruction works at phosphate factories in southern Homs mines. Over the last four years, the mines attracted investments from Russian, Iran and Serbia.

ISIS cells in the Homs desert pose a dangerous threat to al-Souniye and Khunayfis mines, which produce hundreds of thousands of tons of phosphate every year.


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Jens Holm

Hard to see the relations to Jews in this ???

William D

I thought the internet would open everyone’s minds. Then I learned that the intelligent were already communicating before the internet. It was the ignorant that were too stupid and lazy to communicate until it was easy to write a few words anonymously. You prophesized the devil and yet you communicate on it’s channel with it’s venom


It makes NO difference in the US what you say…Zionist or Israel…denouncing either gets you the anti-semitic moniker. But there is hope…my state, Arkansas (home of Israeli owned Tom Cotton) has struck down as unconstitutional their BDS law. The law they passed without the public even being aware of it, I might add. Hopefully this is the crack that breaks the dam.

Ashok Varma

The biggest problem for Syria is Turkey and its support for Wahhabi terrorism. Iran, like Russia is doing a good job protecting Syria and the world from vile headchopper proxies of Turkey and US.

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