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Iranian Forces Deployed Radar In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Monitoring Group

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Iranian Forces Deployed Radar In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Monitoring Group

Illustrative image, source: defapress.ir

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has deployed a radar system in the southern countryside of Syria’s Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on August 1.

The radar was reportedly deployed in al-Mazar’a area in the outskirts of the town of al-Mayadin, where Iranian-backed forces maintain a large presence. The London-based monitoring group didn’t provide any information on the type of the radar.

Al-Mazar’a overlooks much of the southern Deir Ezzor countryside, as well as the eastern bank of the Euphrates River which is held by the Syrian Democratic Forces. The US maintains several bases on the eastern bank.

“Iranian military experts supervised the installation and operation of the radar within the area,” the SOHR quoted one of its sources in Deir Ezzor as saying.

The US and Israel have carried out airstrikes on Iranian-backed forces in southern Deir Ezzor on many occasions over the last few years.

The new radar was likely deployed by the IRGC to provide early warning, or as a part of secret preparations to deploy air-defense systems in southern Deir Ezzor. The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces are not active in the region due to their limited resources.


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Arch Bungle

Bravo! Another chicken-wire and rubber decoy for the dumb israelis to blow a cool few million in missiles on.

The Persians must be rolling in the aisles …

Ralph Conner

Mohammed Ali called it Rope A Dope.

The Objective

You don’t seem to realize that Hezbollah has been all but cut off from Iran.


it hasnt its called emanzipation and ansarullah compared to hezbollah did achieve that already at the very beginning so i have no idea why hezbollah should not emanzipate itself aswell its not irans place to father all its allies until the very end and children have to grow up one day and take care of their own lives the same is true about lebanon iraq syria etc pp unlike you wahabi creatures iran is working with a view towards the future

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

its like the same issue about catching them a fish or teaching them fishing and iran did teach hezbollah fishing in many ways but besides that it still does offer hezbollah support and the whole structures in south lebanon are stronger today because of the lack of lebanese government capability than they were ever before


i welcome the collapse of usury but the social support in south lebanon works actually quite well compared to the northern usury filled mad fools who repeat the same failure again probably the 100th time they still wont learn but with people you have to be very patient specially masses are like children

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Arch Bungle

Is that even English?


Dude, get focus.

Arch Bungle

Your responses sound like they were generated by a bot. Smart by bot standards. Stupid by human ones …

The Objective

not really supply trucks move back and fourth impunity
and odd plane still makes the round trip and the Russians make that Iranian ships make to the cost.

IT is Hamas that is cut off from Iran because does not supports after Hamas operatives were spotted training Syrian rebels.

do not lie to US or YOU will be replaced


More hasbara BS from you. Hamas tested Iron Doom for Iran in May. Hamas is an integrated, permanent part of the axis of resistance.

Arch Bungle

What are you talking about you senile old fool?

He’s allowed to have his opinions and we’re allowed to inform him how wrong they are.

Arch Bungle

“Im doing quite well. ”


You just keep telling yourself that.

Affirmations are good for your mental health.

You need all the affirmations you can get.

Arch Bungle

“And Denmark do produce Mercedes parts”

So does Africa. And every other third world shithole on the planet.


no hamas isnt cut off either when i told you that iran has tunnels and i talk about huge and very deep tunnels reaching from inside iran to the mediterranian than you did laugh but i repeat this iran can supply all of the resistance day in and day out and its enemies can do little about it

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Peter Wallace

Tunnels that go from Iran to the Med. That means they go under Iraq , Syria and Lebanon. That is some tunnel. That is what , 2000 km and do they have permission from Iraq , Syria and Lebanon to have done that. That is a little hard to believe and surely it would be a state secret in the first place.

Arch Bungle

Clearly he means tunnels as in smuggling routes.

It’s not so hard to believe, no government in the world is able to completely shut down smuggling routes.

Peter Wallace

” Huge and deep tunnels ” ? Not sure if he means tunnel tunnels which is why I am seeking clarification from him.

Peter Wallace

If I want your advice on anything I will wind up the key on the monkey. You are nothing but a paid troll. Stick to selling your arse

Peter Wallace

I am talking to farbat about something you haven’t a clue about. Hmm , that sounds familiar so crawl back under your rock now that you have earn’t another 5c for a stupid ignorant non topic comment.

Peter Wallace

This may belong to SF but my question was to farbat , not you to use the opportunity to spew forth more of your dumb shit. Why don’t you go and see if you can support a tank on your head all by yourself.

Arch Bungle


Iran has proven to have exceptional logistics for the needed supply.

Your pathetic attempts at reality bending are those of a 5 year old.

Peter Wallace

He is not interested in facts , truth or reality discourse . His sole objective is to denigrate the comments on this site in some insane attempt to discredit the value of this site. His comprehension that those he freely denigrates would be banned from his sites where as he is free to say as he wishes on here. He is a really dumb naïve fool.

Arch Bungle

That’s true.

What he’s doing in ingraining resistance to Zionist propaganda.

This is the Poster Boy of Zionism. These are the best they have to fight their Hasbara wars.

And creatures like jens is why israel, despite all it’s influence over the Anglo-Saxon world, is losing the global propaganda war.

Nobody who spends a minute talking to jens could ever respect the Zio-Neocolonial project.

He’s also made Denmark look pretty crappy as well …

Arch Bungle

“One of my intensions are You know more. You cant devellop with the knowledge level here. ”

You’ve been here more than 2 years and your “knowledge level” has gone nowhere.

In fact, you just get dumber every year!

And WTF is a “Choran” ???

Arch Bungle

If you could just follow the rules of basic grammar I’d be able to make sense of your gibberish.

Meh. Probably a waste of time anyway.

Arch Bungle

“Iran has no logistics for needed supply.”

Despite the physical evidence that they do?


you are underestimating us muslims way to much little jew and do you think hamas is a helpless group do you really think all of irans friends are all small and helpless without iran than you are mistaken big time do better not underestimate us muslims if you want to have a good fight ahead

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Arch Bungle

Neither Hamas nor Hezbollah are cut of from Iranian weapons supplies.

This has been proven time and time again by the increasing volume and quality of materiel used by them in recent conflicts.


Another wet dream? Iran has a permanent land bridge from Tehran to the Med. Get used to it

Arch Bungle

You’re welcome to your fantasies.

I’ll stick to facts on the ground.

Christian J. Chuba

It has wheels. All they need to do is move about 25 m as soon as they detect incoming missiles. The glide bombs are GPS guided. All they hit are stationary shacks.


Hmmm, together with our Russian friends??? Is shooting back, anti semitic???

Zionist scum in diapers

Iranian Khordad and Bavar 373 are now being deployed in Syria along with a force protect brigade. So much for Zionist boasts.


As per July 2020 agreement between Iran and Syria. Looks like End Days for israel and criminal family run Arab regimes.


haifa and tel aviv will be wiped out eventually so let it escalate we can wipe out our enemies with ease

Adolf Hitler

give me child support you dead beat


Thats why they’re MOBILE you idiot. Fire and Scoot. F16’s can be tracked and shot down shortly after take-off. Israel’s ONLY dominance is coming to an end. Iran has been testing bavar 373 for years in the Syrian arena


iran can place missiles ground to ground aswell as ground to sea aswell as ground to air in capsules under the earth and launch them from there in fact iran doesnt need a whole anti air system placed on top of the ground it only needs radars the missiles can be launched from subterrain capsules so just so you people understand this silo concept
this concept of silos its not the same as the underground capsule concept which is hardest to find
considering that iran can place missile capsules all over syrian desert and launch them when it wants to a simple radar is basically already a huge danger to irans enemies also iran did reverse engineered most technologies needed for this from russia so russia if it wanted could copy iran and plant basically the whole of russia with missiles and it would need no mobile launchers anymore

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

btw iran can plant missiles in shallow waters iran can plant pods of missiles and drones in the middle of the ocean and therefore irans fleet moving into the antlantic does obviously freak out america it just needs one speedboat to move somewhere and drop something undetected and a huge damage could be caused and nobody would know who it was so america is terrified right now about iran moving soon into the pacific all the way to make a visit to little old dprk or maybe china who knows

Peter Wallace

Iran’s underground missile storage and firing have been known about for sometime. Smart move to keep them out of reach of the US / Israel. I don’t think Israel will hesitate to use nukes if they think they are losing or Iran is dropping dozens of missiles on their cities. My concern is more about how will the people be protected in such an event.


Mě by zajímalo, jak by potom Israel okecal to, že zamořil radiací, ohromná místa.


An iranian radar – try not to laugh too much ^^

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