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Iranian Forces Deployed Air-Defense System, Anti-Aircraft Guns In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Monitoring Group

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Iranian Forces Deployed Air-Defense System, Anti-Aircraft Guns In Syria’s Deir Ezzor: Monitoring Group

File image.

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had deployed a mobile air-defense system in the southern countryside of Syria’s Deir Ezzor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on August 7.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the air-defense system was deployed in the in the al-Mazar’a area in the outskirts of the town of al-Mayadin. The group said that the system was armed with “several missiles,” without providing any further details.

A few days after the deployed of the air-defense system, a convoy of 20 trucks carrying anti-aircraft guns and military equipment arrived in the Shrine of Ain Ali, which is also located near al-Mayadin. Iranian-backed forces guarding the area were placed on high-alert when the convoy arrived.

Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces maintain a large military presence in southern Deir Ezzor, especially in al-Mayadin and its outskirts. The US and Israel have carried out airstrikes on the area on many occasions over the last few years.

The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces are not active in southern Deir Ezzor due to their limited resources. As a result of this, hostile warplanes can operate in the area with much freedom.

The IRGC appears to be building a complete air-defense network to protect its forces and allies in southern Deir Ezzor. Last week, a radar was deployed in the area, possibly to provide early warning.


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Looks like the end game in Syria has started to kick out the US. When access denial is achieved, US troops are without air cover. Then it will get very messy.

Chess Master

Ass seen in Red Alert


Is that a movie?

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Upon his first major speech to the Lebanese people after returning from President Raisi’s inauguration, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has stated that the Zionist cowards were save by the Americunts and told to back down since Hezbollah would have destroyed them. He also said that the next war will spell the end of Zionist cancer in the region. It is no coincidence that the Zionist diaper force has chickened out.


B 52 coming 5-minute job down with mollah. Terrorist

Diaper Hasbara dan

Is Riza a Mexican name dumbass Hasbara troll? REZA is the Iranian name for one of the Imams.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Hmmm no on many levels, you good in the head?
B-52 is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered strategic bomber. A BOMBER.
Do you know what happened to those B-52 bombers in Vietnam?
It is 2021 now okay buddy.


Would they be the same B 52s that were shot down by the shed load over North Vietnam along with hundreds of other US aircraft?you can still see them the wreckage is in an open air museum in Hanoi LOL!!


1. B-52’s don’t fly anywhere without US air superiority. They aren’t the least bit ‘stealthy’ … easy targets for SAMs.

2. These days they primarily launch TLAMS … so do US warships and submarines in the Mediterranian and Red seas … so why fly a B-52 half way across the world to do a job that can be done with assets you already have in the field?

3. Modern air defences can shoot down TLAMS with ease.

Jim Allen

No, not really. The West (and the world has no defense for today’s Russian, and Chinese weapon’s system’s. I suggest getting yourself an update.


B-52?! A 1950’s US strategic bomber attacking Lebanon?! Could you be anymore idiotic?!


And how you imagine in that stupid skull of yours that the B52 will fly over when air defense is installed to shot down anything especially big air-crafts, obviously you have 0 knowledge in air-defense, radars, early warnings, active and passive radars.

Diaper Hasbara dan

Iran with the very smart policy of “strategic patience” has built a very formidable Axis of Resistance infrastructure in Syria and Iraq. Imagine the cajones of bringing in 20 truckloads of AD systems in broad daylight on the totally secure Tehran-Beirut resistance highway. The ZioCUNTS are just barking dogs.

The Objective

This article is misleading as to the reason for this deployment. Iran deployed these air defense systems to help keep the Iraq-Syria border crossing open as civil war is being prepared in Lebanon by America and Israel. These can buy some time for Hezbollah in a new Lebanon war, even though the air defenses will be destroyed within weeks of any conflict.
Another possibility is that Biden does not want Israel’s repeated airstrikes on Iranian assets in Syria. This may be an issue Iran brought up during negotiations, but I doubt Biden can go that far in trying to prevent Israeli strikes in Syria. After all, there’s no guarantee that JCPOA will be salvaged.
The bottom-line is that these air defense systems will be wiped out in a surprise air attack by Israel in the coming weeks or months.

Last edited 1 month ago by The Objective
Abdul Wahhab

LOL, so much effort into BS.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

The secretary-general of Hezbollah said the Lebanese resistance movement does not pursue war, but is not afraid of one either since it is certain about its chances of victory.

During a televised speech on Saturday, on the anniversary of the movement’s victory against the Zionist regime during the war that the latter imposed on Lebanon in 2006, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah made a point of underlining the group’s readiness and prowess as well as its well-equipped arsenal in light of a recent dangerous escalation that was tempted by the regime’s military against Lebanon. Sayyed Nasrallah also alluded to the quick Zionist deescalation on the northern Occupied Palestine border after Hezbollah retaliatory rocket fire that silenced Zionist guns and set fire to a large area in Occupied Shebaa Farms area.


doubt it very much…


Nothing strange if Iran want to protect assets in Syria.
I’m not sure these reports are true but if it is then we might soon know how well they work.
If true Iran could learn a thing or two if they get attacked a lot and maybe we will see attackers being shot down, at the same time other parties would get to know a lot more about Iran’s air defenses.

Last edited 1 month ago by Anyone
Americunt LOSERS

So much for Zionist cowards boasts for “expelling Iran from the region” ROFLMAO.


Iranian Air-Defense Systems – pieces of junk haha ^^

Arch Bungle

Almost as bad as PATRIOT or that THAAD crap.

Peter Wallace

Better than your junk which probably doesn’t get used much unless jens is in town.


US military equipment is overpriced scrap metal.

Donald Moore

Tell that to the US AF when Iran shot down a RQ-4A Global Hawk BAMS-D surveillance drone that flew at high altitude and cost over $100 million!


There was a time, when the USA have built great weapons. Many of the Iranian weapon systems including air defense missles are based on this technology. The Iranian reverse engineered and enhanced them. There were some things that didn’t work so well in the past and they were sorted out, like the HAWK missle replacement of the Phoenix. What is today there is working very well. I am not a fan of Iran, like everybody knows, but it makes no sense to live in illusions.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ullrich

not america you dont seem to understand still what i said to you fools many many times just look at americas flag its stars and stripes why must i an iranian explain european heraldic design to you people american flag means that america is no nation the confederates wanted a nation state they lost but the stars and stripes entity is basically nothing than a company acting as a nation its a slave machinery in fact and when one considers both sides slavers south and north in the american civilwar than surely the north was maybe not openly disgusting as the south but it was vemonous evil and still is because these globalists are simply evil they are the worst thing that humanity has produced they are as destructive as they are brilliant and they dont care even a little about america not a tiny bit either way america is basically in the iron age in many ways without the globalist pushing it up but as soon as their fiat system gets replaced with something more sinister and new the dollar will collapse and america will have 0 capabilities and fall to ruin

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

if you did understand how much in truth you are fighting against those who want you to survive and many billions of other people and how much you play on the team of people who dont care even a little about the entirety of humanity than maybe you would revolt right there against the orwellian systems put in place in the entire west but you dont know anything and you still fight on the same side as isis and ruin dont you

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

you will soon lose territory you miserable zionists

G2 Man

As posted earlier, Iran is methodically building an integrated layered fibre optic secure link AD system in Syria which includes manpads, AAA and various SAM systems. Now the Axis of Resistance is in a very strong position as the new Iranian President, who himself has extensive security and combat experience has pledged unlimited support to Iranian allies.

G2 Man

They have managed to quite successfully shoot down various US drones at will. Could not say the same about the Patriots.

Séamus Ó Néill

That “junk” made quite a mess of the Al Asad military base and shook America and Israel to the core. It’s funny how all bullies are cowards…


I am still laughing at that attack,they were screaming like big schoolgirls inside the base LOL!!


You basically cut and paste the same comment week in week out.

But heads up – if really want to know the definitive piece of junk, over-hyped and overpriced, SAM system on international market – that’d be the US Patriot PAC2 Battery. With failure record since 1990’s. Patriot SAM’s couldn’t stop Iraqi Scud missiles hitting Saudi Arabia in 1991, nor Iranian cruise missiles hitting Saudi Arabia in 2020.


They just keep Israël from expanding in to Syria. Wich blocks the global agenda. Wich will create a much bigger conflict, because the clock is ticking..

Arch Bungle

So despite 10 years ‘israel’ of ‘striking Iranian targets in syria’ Iranian presence grows stronger everyday.

Last edited 1 month ago by Arch Bungle
Stephen michael Basteed

Red flag to a bull.
Now the axis has to put up or shut up, if there isn’t a pubic attack on this array they will have to retract and Iran can expand an exclusion zone against nato’s interests.
Worrying for jordan ,israel’s best buddy and the US’s bitch.
An islamic restructuring of Jordan, and extending israels risk laden borders and providing real support to the Palestinian people would be a good day.
isreals biggest problem, as of all military outposts is resupply, and a willingness to supply.
bibi burnt a lot of bridges and there is a growing awareness to the actions of the israelis despicable villainous actions, the british at their height thought such things beneath them .
In my mind isreal has made the possibility of peace impossible,and the countries that sent this filth there need to take them back and pay recompense for the crimes they committed.
Iran needs to continue its steady pace, a miscalculation at this point is uncorrectable, the hijacking and tanker farce are an indication of how successful Iran has become,and the recent deals by Russia and China in an increase in trade is a reflection of this.
I respect their leadership in their decision making even if i dont see eye to eye in their culture,
Good luck in battle
nato your time is coming, International law is the only law that should apply, ignore it at your peril
but empires always die hard

Ivan Freely

“…and pay recompense for the crimes they committed.”

Pay? With what? Western nations are financially bankrupt.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ivan Freely
G2 Man

US is now officially $35 TRILLION in debt and China is looking to buy whatever is left. So in real terms there is not much left to pay anything. The Jew fanned wars were the last straw that broke the drug addicted camels back.

"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

Iran should use Syria as a weapons testing ground. It is ridiculous that they haven’t shot at any Israhelli planes yet.


syria should be nobodies weapons testing ground imagine somebody did say this about your nation or your city that it should be a weapons testing ground this kind of stuff is disgusting


This is exactly what the Russians have been doing in Syria. The result is ISIS got hammered and Syrians got their country back. How you find that ‘disgusting’ is beyond me.

Jim Allen

Perhaps, but the fact remains, Syria is that testing ground. Syria has benefited greatly from it’s allie’s testing weapons in a war they had committed themselves to provide military assistance to long ago. Russia was up front about it’s testing of weapons as a part of it’s decision to accept Syria’s request for military assistance. Russia wasn’t simply testing, weapons, it’s also testing upgrade’s to existing weapon’s system’s that SAA, and all allie’s own, and have in service. Syria benefit’s in having Russian upgraded equipment such as MiG-29SMT in the inventory. About two dozen of these 4++ gen multi-role fighters, with Russian trained, Syrian pilots to fly them. Russia tested these weapon’s in Syria under combat conditions prior to supplying Syria with these plane’s.
Your emotionally driven balderdash is irrelevant, and in conflict with your interest’s in not being ruled by evil dictator’s.

G2 Man

These are force protection weapons and Iran is intent on defending its allies and interests.


Israel snipes from outside of Syrian air space using standoff weapons. They stay out of range of any weapons Iran has in Syria. Iran has nothing in Syria that can reach IAF aircraft and the SAA are under Russian ROE because the last thing they want is to give Israel / USA an excuse to widen the war.

I’m not sure Russia has even supplied them with missiles that can reach Israeli aircraft … they may only have been sold short range missiles that can only cover Syrian airspace. The SAA has had pretty good success shooting down IAF missiles and glide bombs though.

Iran likely IS trying to use Syria as a test bed … that’s what all those IAF air strikes are all about.


Iran also deployed AA defenses in 2018 like TOR and it got destroyed by Israeli jets. Junk russian systems will be lowing up AGAIN real soon.

G2 Man

Leaving pointless trolling aside, history does not conform to your idiotic comments. Russian AD systems have a proven record from Vietnam to ME wars where they downed the most advanced western aircraft. Even for a troll, get some education for your own benefit.


S300, TOR, Pantsir, OSA were all destroyed ON VIDEO over the last 3 years. You can dispute this all you want but the videos dont lie.

Diaper Hasbara Dan

Sure kiddo, Hollywood fake videos are all the woke these days. Keep pushing trailer trash propaganda. Americunt dumbasses also “won” the Afghanistan and Iraq wars MISSION ACCOMPLISHED eh :)


TB2 in Libya destroyed Panstir on video, TB2 in Armenia destroyed all other systems on video. Each video was released on the internet and takes 2 minutes to find.


So by your logic the M2 Abrams is a piece of junk because so many were destroyed by the Houti’s in Yemen. Now Blackhawks are being downed in Afghanistan does that make them junk too?

Funny thing is in the hands of Americans these weapons work fine but as soon as you sell them to idiots who don’t know how to use them or don’t understand combined arms warfare they turn to junk. Do you think the operator might have something to do with how a weapon performs?

You should really read up a bit on how different air defence systems specialize and how they support each other before you look like a fool in public again.


Russian systems are junk – we all saw it in Libya, Syria and Armenia ^^

Islam collapse

1 Pakistani soldiers dispatched 2 hell in waziristan in a rebel attack

Arch Bungle

1000 hindutva members floating down the Ganga rotten with black fungus.


Very little is going well for the globlist American mutts and their Zionist masters.

Their power projection has been reduced to throwing their fast-food feces over your fence and soiling your garden where, tellingly, they are terrified to tread. And, yes, they can still make it difficult for you to clean up their mess.

Now isn’t that something for their trolls to admire?

Last edited 1 month ago by BLT
L du Plessis

Can they shoot down incoming missiles!! thats the question.


The USA controls the entire Iraq / Syrian border as well as Al-Tanf which was supposed to seal off the land routes between Syria and Iran to protect Israel.

The Israeli’s monitor and bomb Iranian positions weekly and say their spies know everything Iran is doing in Syria.

How did Iran get complete air defence systems plus ammo into Syria when the country is supposedly sealed off from Iran by Israel and the USA? You don’t do something like this overnight. It would have taken a huge airlift to get all the launchers, radars and command centers + the hundred or more specialized soldiers to run them.

There is no way a decent military intelligence system would have missed this kind of activity and you would think if the Israelis could have destroyed an air defence system by bombing they would have made it a priority.

Kinda begs the question as to whether IAF air strikes are for show to keep up moral at home and make Americans believe they have the omnipotent “tech” they thought they were paying for.

Raptar Driver

You should know mcflurry?

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