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JUNE 2023

Iranian Drones Buzz US Aircraft Carrier. Helicopter With ‘Russian PMCs’ Crashed In Libya

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A Libyan National Army (LNA) military helicopter that was transporting Russian private military contractors has crashed near al-Jufra Air Base in central Libya, Brig. Gen. Abdul Hadi Dara, a spokesman for the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), claimed on September 23.

The helicopter, which was also carrying weapons, allegedly crashed near the town of Sawknah, to the southwest of al-Jufra. Several explosions were heard in the region. The GNA spokesman told Turkish state-run Anadolu Agency that at least four Russian PMCs lost their lives in the crash.

These claims were dismissed by the Libyan National Army (LNA), which reported that the helicopter touched the ground with the main rotor during an emergency landing. The aircraft caught fire and burned as a result of the incident. However, there were no casualties.

While a limited presence of Russia-linked PMCs in Libya is no secret, pro-GNA and pro-Turkish sources like to claim that almost every incident, crash or explosion involves the mysterious Russians and led to casualties among them. Likely, this approach is an attempt to compensate for the inability of the Turkish Armed Forces, GNA units and almost 10,000 Turkish-backed Syrian militants deployed in Libya to capture the port city of Sirte from the Libyan National Army. In fact, the mighty Turkish advance on LNA positions virtually ground to a halt after Turkish-led forces secured the countryside of Tripoli. The main reason for this being the red line drawn by Egypt, the main LNA backer along with the UAE, which warned that it will respond with direct military action if Sirte is attacked. At the same time, Russian participation in the ongoing standoff is mostly focused on distant diplomatic support to the UAE-Egypt block and diplomatic work with Turkey. Russian PMCs deployed in the conflict zone represent the interests of various Russian business groups rather than those of the state.

According to the US, there are 3,000 Russia-linked PMCs. Later, AFRICOM even claimed that Russia deployed 14 warplanes in Libya. These warplanes, the US military says, are based out of Al Jufra and Al Khadim airfields. They are allegedly operated by Russian contractors and have engaged in “combat activities”. Nonetheless, the Pentagon provided no evidence to support these claims.

On September 11, Rear Admiral Heidi Berg, AFRICOM’s director of intelligence, said that two Russia-deployed Mig-29 jets had already crashed: one on June 28, another on September 7. The statement came just a few days after an evacuation training video released by a Russian military blog was used by Turkish propaganda and MSM to claim that a Russian warplane had crashed in Libya. So, it looks as if the US military simply once again used sensational, unfounded reports to maintain an artificially created frightening image of Russia.

On September 23, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps released several close-up photos of the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and its escort ships in the Persian Gulf. The photos were taken by an IRGC military drone that buzzed the US carrier strike group recently. The USS Nimitz passed through the Strait of Hormuz into the Persian Gulf last week.

On the same day, 188 new naval drones and helicopters were officially added to the IRGC Navy’s fleet of aircraft. During the ceremony, three types of vertical take-off and landing drones, dubbed Sepehr, Shahab-2 and Hodhod-4, were unveiled for the first time. According to an IRGC Navy commander, all three drones can take off from ships. The batch of delivered equipment also included a number of Mohajer-6 combat drones. The Mohajer-6 has a range of 200 km and can be armed with up to four guided missiles.

Iran insists that it has a full spectrum of means and measures that it can employ against US naval forces and bases in the Persian Gulf region in the event of an open military confrontation. In their turn, the United States regularly deploys aircraft carriers in the gulf as a part of its own power projection policy. In April 2020, US President Donald Trump even stated that he had passed an order to “destroy any and all Iranian gunboats” if they harass US ships at sea. Taking into account that Iran sees the Persian Gulf as a vital area of national interest and cannot leave US strike groups there without close monitoring, the sides are balancing right on the brink of a new open confrontation.

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There are no Russians in Libyan war. So its ok. let them mercenaries die like dirty dogs that they are:)))

Jens Holm

Unternet indicates the Russians are there too.


shush. little yellow men die better without announcement.

johnny rotten

Check the sources, the Muslim brotherhood and Africom, trustworthiness less than zero, go ahead.

Jens Holm

Check Ritrten too.

At at least other rapport the helicopter too: https://libya.liveuamap.com/en/2020/23-september-spokesman-for-the-sirte-and-aljufrah-operations

Hohnny Rotten seemes excused having no internet fro facts finding. Instead he is an artist in making them himself.

AM Hants

Talking about yourself Jens?

Potato Man

US talk like they have no mercenaries in Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria LMFAO. BS, US use mercenaries to cover the death of their soldiers and save a face. Most of the US mercenaries are or were normal soldiers before becoming a mercenaries and believe it or not, they are smart to leave Army and become mercenaries. They can get away from war crimes they have done and make more money.

Jens Holm

US dont talk as if they have no mercenairies in Afghanistan. They also dont cover their death.

And yes those hired hands too gets free too often. Thats unfortunatly how outsourcing can work in responsabilities in other jobs as well. They can be difficult to control, reward and punish – And the ones hiring them try to wash hands too.

Potato Man

You are full of yourself buddy, More US contractors have died in Afghanistan than US troops — but the Pentagon doesn’t keep track https://www.businessinsider.com.au/more-us-contractors-have-died-in-afghanistan-than-us-troops-2019-12?r=US&IR=T

How about you STFU about shit you don’t know? Why do you lie? “They also dont cover their death.” THE WHOLE POINT OF MERCENARIES IS, you know what it is pointless to even try to talk to you.

BTW before you even try to save your ugly ass, that report is from businessinsider. It is not Russia or ME news report buddy.


Sputnik reported that in the previous 60 days, seven different US fighter jets had crashed across the various service branches, including another F/A-18F and some stealthy F-35 and F-22 aircraft. Military.com likewise noted that the Navy saw a third engine fire earlier this month when a Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing at Marine Corps Air Station New River in North Carolina. https://sputniknews.com/military/202009241080564182-second-us-navy-hornet-fighter-jet-makes-emergency-landing-at-virginia-base-in-as-many-weeks/

Jens Holm

Thats no news as well as no secrets:


Ots like selling bread and next putting in stones in it as if You were a dentist with no jobs.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/757650b05397cf2d4fa366e5979f36b1a96a3627a4c5dddbcb03843fed1bdce0.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6929a7dac0115433e7e643aa9171d5cb94c2d81c7871b3ebaacebdf914c71ea7.jpg

cechas vodobenikov

GNA/turkeys have appropriated the fake news yellow journalism that has pervaded USA since Twain observed that anyone that believe amerikan media is misinformed—the remainder are uninformed “the men amerikans most admire tell them the most extravagant lies; the men they most despise try to tell them the truth”. HL Menkhen

Jens Holm

Thats not an american thing.

It becomes even worse in countres where only the Govermental oppinion is allowed.

There are severall counbterweights against it, which in many countries are forbidden as well. It is to learn to learn whats behind those news.

I see to many dark news here created by people themself even confirming them in internal cirkels learning each other to believe it.

Very much they even say is secrets inside USA and my country even can be borrowed atlibraries or found roight here at the internet.

And what happens: You are told all of that is a lie per definitions and create Your own dark web and Your Leaders by that can treat You as spendable sheep instead of human beings.

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