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Iranian Drone Flies Within 100 Feet Of U.S. F-18 In Persian Gulf


Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

While the US government is busy deciding how to tag and track the millions of drones flying over populated areas, potentially jeopardizing aircraft as they take off and land, the US military just had a close encounter in the Persian Gulf, where Reuters reports that an Iranian drone came within 100 feet of a U.S. Navy warplane as it prepared to land on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier off the coast of Iran in the Gulf. The officials said the drone forced the US aircraft to take evasive action.

As AP adds, the drone came within 100 feet below the aircraft and 200 feet to the side of the aircraft. The F/A-18 was in a landing pattern several thousand feet off the deck of the ship waiting to land.

The F/A-18 maneuvered repeatedly to avoid the Iranian QOM-1 drone. The drone did not appear to be armed.

Iranian Drone Flies Within 100 Feet Of U.S. F-18 In Persian Gulf

The officials said the drone encounter was considered unsafe and unprofessional. The US used an emergency radio frequency in the immediate area to warn those operating the drone to back away. It did eventually move off.

Since there is no rain over Bedminster, NJ today and Trump is out golfing, we will have to wait at least 3-5 hours before there is an official White House tweet  response.



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  • Brian Minavi

    The US has shot some of these drones down but the missles they use to shoot them down are probably 100x more expensive than what Iran paid for creating the drone. Wasted US tax dollars at its finest

    • puria

      LOL!!! you genius get back to primary school and learn some math.

      • heydad

        Ya while it may be a waste so is about 99% of air bags. Just cause you will never use them doesn’t make them a waste of money. At times safety is worth the extra cost. Whats a few expensive missiles for added security against threats and the ability to test out active equipment. They would be tossed otherwise. There is plenty of other places to be critical of spending that makes this a non-issue.

        • puria

          Calm down bro. You sounds like your president. You’re right bro. I’m agree with you. The stupid yankee has spent 6 trillion(said Trump) and got nothing but a kick in the ass. A missile less or more doesn’t make different ;-)

        • FlorianGeyer

          If human life is so valuable , why does the US Military kill so many innocents ?

          • Rob Obrien

            That’s funny idiot go get a clue

          • Bru

            I see the answer to this in a statement by Bill Clinton after he had an aspirin factory in Sudan bombed. He justified it by stating that “They [these non-American blacks] are nobodies…”, .i.e. for the American elite, non-Americans have zero worth and civilians can be genocided (see what they did to the Indians, Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese, Koreans, etc.).
            BTW I appreciate very much your numerous insightful contributions.

        • Marco

          you smart ass, make your eyes open, do not cry and read the few lines below. The Iranians want to order some highly modern fighter jets just the Americans not be shy and not cry when their rockets shoot. LOL!!!

        • grumpy_carpenter

          A heavily armed US patrol somewhere in the middle east comes under fire by a couple of teenaged insurgents armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s.

          To save American lives they don’t deal with the threat themselves but call in an air strike their CO which is routed to his commander at a well stocked base in Qatar who authorizes an air strike from a carrier in the Persian gulf who sends up a ‘package’ of strike aircraft consisting of a pair of F-18’s, directed by an AWAC, which has their own fighter cover and re-fueling tanker.

          These aircraft then attack the insurgents with precision guided missiles and return to base while all this action is viewed via drone and satellite link at the pentagon.

          How many millions of tax dollars are spent killing this way. Think of what it costs to keep a carrier group in the Persian gulf or the costs of running a single 10,000 man airbase in qatar compared to what your adversaries spend. Just keeping you there fighting is winning the war for them ….. it’s the long game but it all it costs them is time.

          • Lamarsky

            The idea was presented that the Belgium Relief effort was a Cover to supply the Germans with food, ammo, iron, and oil to keep the war going. Once the moneymen got what they wanted (or all the liquid capital they could from the Germans) they turned off the spigot. The war just stopped with an Armistice. Then German just went down able to keep order.
            So some say.

          • … and in a world where world trade is creating less and less “just print more” with every passing week.

    • Colin Oskapy

      The Americans are spastic criminals – a war economy society whereby the military are parasites wasting money faster than US taxpayers can ever hope to repay even part of it.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      While I question your numbers I agree that the US military has a knack for finding the most expensive, convoluted way of killing and destroying ever imagined. If instead of spending money on weapons they just loaded a b-52 with the equivalent amount of cash and dropped that on their enemies they would have more to live for than martyrdom and 72 virgins and would be too busy enjoying life to fight Americans.

      • Barba_Papa

        True. But that would violate two key American principles. That A: the US Defense Industry needs to have its share of the bloated Defense budget. Can’t do that when you’re giving it to Jihadis to party. And B: Americans simply love gadgets.

        An urban myth has it NASA spent a million dollars coming up with a ball point pen that could write in zero gravity, whereas the Russians would simply issue their cosmonauts a pencil. While untrue it does illustrate why the Americans just cannot do simple and cheap.

        • Lamarsky

          Graphite dust creates a nasty mess in the cabin in space.
          Clogs filters and gets in electronics.

          • That’s why you don’t use pencils – they make you sniff and sneeze!?

      • True – but that would remove the need for war and the related need to buy lots of weapons stuff – and shoot themselves in foot because they have nothing else to sell.

    • John Whitehot

      with this in mind, a country like Iran should manufacture like 100000 drones and swarm US carriers, make them shoot them down until they run out of missiles, and then move in piloted aircraft and just sink the helpless fat targets.
      i’m joking, but who knows.

      • Lamarsky

        Same as drones in water.
        Drone torpedoes and cheap planes and surfaces by the thousands…
        The U.S. Navy’s nightmare.
        Richard Maybury mentioned this in his financial newletter years ago…
        There have been companies and patented countermeasure designs ready to take advantage of this money making opportunity.
        Not my opinion, the market has a mind of its own.
        For some, money had the smell of blood.

      • Bob

        Or, identify how many incoming moving targets the US Naval targeting system can track simultaneously, and send enough missile look-alike drones to max the targeting systems capacity and then follow up with an anti ship missile behind the pack…

        • John Whitehot

          :D basically, spamming the USN radars

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Iran, thanks for downing that USA drone; You need to up the tempo on USA1 They must be attacked from all sides! The USA imperial international squatters have no base in Law. They are the new Outlaws. Take them down Iran. CIA murdered Mossadegh over OIL back in 1953., after Iran helped by providing oil for UK ships. That is how UK repaid Iran by treacherously joining with USA and the CIA to overthrow Mossadegh. They are using the same playbook, to do the same with Maduro in Venezuela? The majority Venezuelans saved Chavez!

  • Bru

    What are the US doing , cruising along the Iranian coast? What if Iran would do the same , cruising along the US coast?

  • Justin Ryan

    How is this even possible?
    There is no way this drone could reach the same speed or altitude that a F-18 could!
    This is rubbish!

    • A drone flies faster and higher than an aircraft carrier sails?
      It’s not the speed or height of the jet the drone has to match – just the speed of its landing site.
      You silly dumbo.

      • Justin Ryan

        ahh my bad, the f-18 was preparing to land! Damn, thats pretty ballsy of the Iranian’s! Lol, they don’t give a fuck!

        • ;-)

          • Justin Ryan

            Wait a minute!
            An Iranian drone 100 feet from an F-18 attempting to land on an aircraft carrier! This seems even more crazy!
            An aircraft carrier has protection right?
            Usually many frigates and air defence destroyers! How the fuck does a drone get this close?
            This is obvious proof just how vulnerable and incompetent the US navy is!
            They allowed this drone to sneak through all these ships?

          • Who knows – perhaps we’ll soon hear American panic that the Iranians COULD … how do they say it …. new-cue-larize drones and threaten Americans protecting America in the Persian Gulf.

    • John Whitehot

      The F-18 was in approach phase.

      Anyway drones can get quite high because of their weight and engine types, it would not surprise me if in some case they can get higher than conventional aircraft like F-18s.

      • Justin Ryan

        Yeah, my bad…. pretty crazy shit huh!

  • “The officials said the drone encounter was considered unsafe and unprofessional.”
    Not really – it’s your being there at all that is “unsafe and unprofessional.”
    But isn’t it remarkable how simple and easy it is to throw a US fighter jet off it’s course?

  • Tudor Miron

    “Since there is no rain over Bedminster, NJ today and Trump is out golfing, we will have to wait at least 3-5 hours before there is an official White House tweet response.” Lol. You made my day :)