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JUNE 2021

Iranian Diplomat Denies That Iran Deployed Missiles In Iraq

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Iranian Diplomat Denies That Iran Deployed Missiles In Iraq

Illustrative image, source: kataibhizbollah.com

On September 1, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, denounced a report of the Reuters news agency, which claimed that Iran had given “ballistic missiles” to the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). The Iranian diplomat called these claims “fabricated and nonsense.”

“Such news merely is to cause panic among countries in the region and are in line with their policy to spread Iranophobia … They seem to target Iran’s foreign relations mainly with its neighbors,” Qasemi said, according to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Reuters’ report, which was released a day earlier, was also denied by an unnamed Iraqi official who told the London-based al-Hayat newspaper that the PMU has only locally-made rockets with a range of 50km.

“Such reports are not precise. There is a mistake in what has been said. The missiles are produced by Hashd al-Shaabi [PMU] and they were unveiled during ceremonies to celebrate victory over the ISIL [ISIS],” al-Hayat quoted the Iraqi official as saying.

In its report, Reuters said that Iran had deployed missiles in Iraq in order “to deter attacks on its interests in the Middle East and to give it the means to hit regional foes.”  The news agency noted that Iraqi and Western officials confirmed its information.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Twitter that he is “deeply concerned” over Reuters’ report. This statement was viewed by observers as an attempt to use the report as a mean to pressure Iran, without verifying the information in it.

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S Melanson

Qasemi rejected a report of the Reuters Mouthpeice for Mossad Network that Iran deployed missiles in Iraq… as if we needed to be told.


Reuters is Zionism encapsulated, never believe any of their stories.


The Iranians need to learn to not bother. If they respond to every Israeli lie, they will get no real work done.


Ideally you should not respond to lies at all. That is, trying to refute them. The ideal counter to such lies is to agree and amplify, So the lies become ridiculous and the accuser becomes embarrassed.


PMU needs some hard hitting weapons that can project power, so why should not Iran give ballistic missiles to them? Of course do not admit it publically, however, increase and spread your firepower assets in the region. American bases in Iraq and Syria should feel vulnerable and helpless.


Larger ballistic missiles supplied to PMU in Iraq.
I think NOT. This sounds like MSM BS. :)


Yea, something like Fatheh 313, light and mobile with range of 500 kms.
Why do you think NOT?
I was not referring to the news article, I stated that Iranian proxies can be armed with more powerful weapons to improve the balance of power in the region.


Woops, my mistake. :)


Qassemi may be right, these lies are designed to scare neighbours or create justifications.
That reminds me of earlier reports about Kurds in Syria participating in the upcoming Edlib operations by SAA and allies. Now it seems that was designed to freak Turks out, in order to put them against SAA. Apparently it spectacularly failed!

With each passing day it becomes more tedious to watch and hear “news” from the western or Arabic sources. The lies aren’t the problem anymore, one gets used to it but their repetition and laundering old lies is.


The existence of entire Israel is illegal because they have occupied the land of Palestine and still attacking other countries for expansion to build greater Israel. Israel have developed long range missiles, ICBMS, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and still producing which is a huge threat to the other countries in the world.

Now the countries in the area must produce their own military equipments or to get from other friendly countries to defend themselves from enemies for which they should not have to get permission from child butcher Netanyahu.


And even if Iran did supply those missiles, so what??? Iran has the right to look after its own interests and is not bound by any missile treaty. Furthermore, it is clear that Iran has no intentin to attack any of its neighbours, it only wants self-defensive capabilities in case the empire-in-decline with or without its ZioNazi master decides to attack.

After all, that empire has been supplying its ZioNazi master with military hardware for years, and has now even stationed troops in that stinking genocidal cesspool who are “prepared to die” for that illegitmate garbage dump.

So, as usual, there are double, triple standards applied here, with the support of extreme hypocrisy.

Empire's Frontiers

Classic strategy.

Intelligence agencies craft a narrative and release it through their media pipelines.

Then they ‘read’ it, publicly accept it as true, brazenly refer to the media organization as a ‘paper of record’, and at that point go about the rest of the plan acting on the false report they created and introduced to begin with.

Invent reality.


An attempt to invent the reality the US Coalition of Terror craves for more like. :)

Its a very risky game with a strong opponent.


I thought it was a very Good Plan to have an Advanced Defense-Post in Iraq….to Shoot Down any Anglo-ZioNazi-Birdies crossing that Territory


The chosen have in no way finished with the tolerant……will that be cash or debit card?……


The West loves to accuse others of what it is doing themselves, as it has supplied TOW and Grad missiles to Jihadists by the shiploads. They say that when you point your finger at someone three fingers will be pointing back at you. So accusation leveled at others by the West basically means it is doing the same, only ten times worse.


Western SOP.


No surprise to me. When this was first reported, I said wait until someone reputable, like Iran, to make a statement. Reuters is as reputable as the AP, which is to say that they are organs of Zionists, just trying to give US/Israel some BS to work with. If their plan of attacking Iranian assets goes south, as it appears to be happening, as their FFCW ‘event’ was outed…they need a backup plan to give them some sort of excuse to attack Iran directly. They have already amassed forces and positioned themselves for an attack and this might well be their last chance to do so. These fools will be the death of many people. I do not think Iran will want to play a game of tit for tat. I fear any attack will be met with a massive reply. Hopefully, common sense (if there is any among them)will prevail.

Peter Bedijn

I hope they will drop them on Israël !

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