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JUNE 2021

Iranian Deputy Governor Accuses ‘Foreign Agents’ Of Deaths Of Protesters

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Iranian Deputy Governor Accuses 'Foreign Agents' Of Deaths Of Protesters

People protest in Tehran, Iran December 30, 2017 © Reuters

Habibollah Khojastehpour, the deputy governor of Lorestan province, has accused “foreign agents” for the deaths of two demonstrators on December 30.

“No shots were fired by the police and security forces. We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri groups [militant groups] and foreign agents in this clash,” he said in an interview to the state-run TV on December 31.

According to reports, in total 12 people had died since as a result of protests started on December 28. Protests have been taking places in several major cities, including Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan and Rasht.

On December 31, media reported access to social media apps Instagram and Telegram had been temporarily restricted in Iran. On January 1, Iranian Information and Communications Technology Minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi confirmed that the restricted access to social networks is a temporary measure.

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LR captain

some reports that i have read stated that protest only have generally less than 100 protesters on average. Also the Iranian president stated that his going to address some of the protesters major issues. But by also blaming the deaths of protesters by foreign agents and blocking social media. This tells me that Iran knows this is color revolution in progress.

So they are opening dialogue with them on the economic issues. so he is already separating radicals from the regular people in that fashion.

blaming the deaths on foreign agents is two fold. First to stop the protest from gaining support and second to discourage anymore attempts to assassinate the populace.

Clearly Iran is taking a very different approach to color revolutions.


Hopefully they can catch some of these foreign saboteurs and send their heads back to Langley, VA mailbox.


That’s the whole idea, cortisol. The Iranians cleanse their society of Deep State scum periodicly by allowing the scum to expose themselves. When the jews murdered many Iranian scientists and their families a couple of years back, Iran used the exposed Israeli murder network to rid itself of thousands of Deep State sleeper cells.


Yes, sounds like legit. Only way to flush them out by creating a seemingly tempting opportunity to activate these cells. Rouhani said the original economic issues which protests are based on are real and will address them. I hope within weeks we shall see some kind of conclusion to these protests and the intelligence network has been dug out. Some of the most violent protests shouting Israeli slogans must be “rent-a-crowds”.


None “color revolution”, this is a CIA-Mosad intervention in Iran.

Graeme Rymill

Even President Rouhani admits some of the protestors have genuine grievances:

“‘I believe that what has happened in the last couple of days is on
the surface a threat which has to be converted into an opportunity to
find out the deep causes of the problems,’said the Iranian president.

‘Because all the people on the streets are not those commanded by
foreigners and there are some of them who are protesting for their own
feelings and problems,’ noted Mr. Rouhani.”



2 protestors died. It’s on the sunni populated area.
Seems like some of the agitators already identified and arrested. It’s a long night for the Iranians.


Your ‘talking points’ are the BBC’s ‘talking points’- yet your comment is so upvoted- how curious!


Of course, that is obvious, what did you expect ? What will IRAN do about this problem ? since the next step for Israel-USA will be to arm with weapons the “opposition” created by them (with a lot of mercenaries and terrorists settled in Afganistan already) ?


Relax there’s not much opposition inside.


I have some other worries. I expect CIA, MI6 and Mossad agents not do gunshots and bomb explosions in the protesters and then Trump and Benjenyahu will tweet that look Iran did it, like Syrians false flag chemical attacks.

Tommy Jensen

What if Iran uses chemical attacks against innocent protesters who only want freedom?
Then UNSC is forced to invade Iran legally in an OTP Obligation To Protect civilians with non-fly zones and everything.


This is not 1970 but this is 2018 the technology era, wake up. Due to communication technology Trump and Benjanyahu cannot fool the world anymore. World is moving forward and the Trump and Benjanyahu will be left sleeping in their thoughts.


You really don’t have the first clue, do you. Iran has the infrastructure to end such prorests safely at a moment’s notice. No part of Iran is outsdie the control of the Iran government (Iranians don’t make the same mistakes as Gaddafi and Assad). Iran allows them to continue at the moment so the West’s assets will expose themselves.

Try thinking and reading- rather than taking what the BBC and CNN reports as ‘facts’. You see you ‘THINK’ that by hating the BBC, CNN etc, you are ‘free’ from their manipulation- but you are NOT. Their carefully crafted talking points are YOUR talking points. That’s how they get you!

Peter Bond

With more money and weapons and butting in of Sunnis and the West, this might turn out like Syria. Iran would be a battle ground for all Sunni-Shia Jihadist, of course sponsored by the GCC with Saudi at the helm of affairs with the West at the sidelines waiting for an opportunity to intervene. Trump must be on call right now to all his Saudi chummies congratulating themselves and planning next line of action.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why does an Idiot child like you even pretend to understand Iran and anyone over there by trying to make it sound like religious war when it’s not but a war by outside agents on sovereign nations. The problem with your nonsense is you seem to take childlike glee in thinking you are intellectually right in what you believe, this is the tragic downfall of idiots like you.

The Sauds make me laugh as they are the cesspool of terrorism in the middle east their own Shiite and Sunni population want Democracy in the region and this will continue to grow in numbers where that country will soon be engulfed in a civil war. The Israelis and US troops can’t leave the country without it turning into a civil war.

Keep dreaming and besides you should have learned better english in school and when you were in the academy.

Peter Bond

Blimey! My English, bad?? Who would have thought?

Mr English Nazi, Saudi and Iran belong to the same cesspit and both fund terrorism, Lebanon and Pakistan comes to mind.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Your sad and futile attempt humor just shows you to be your typical Buffoon!

Just a heads up can’t be a NAtional ZIonist since I am not Jewish or ascribe to that Philosophy which is so similar to Wahhabism of the Saudis. When you mention Countries whom support Terrorism seems your beloved Israel and the US come to mind along with many others such as the KSA ,UAE ,Qatar ,Turkey ,Germany , UK ,France and etc. the list is far too long go on you get the idea. The difference I can tell which groups belong to whom you on the other hand just spout childish nonsense.

The reference you make to Lebanon is weak since their funding is derived from donors to their local political resistance group called Hezbollah which is accepted by most countries and the UN as a political entity , tired broke nations like the US really are not important about labeling because they pick and choose their own enemies. Pakistan had their funding provided by the CIA to start the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

So where is your proof as to what countries that provide terrorist funding or as the US likes to call Terrorists in their pay as “Freedom Fighters” or the “Opposition” in some countries their still foreigners in another land. Try to come up with some credible answers rather than some tireless boring semantics that are published the media with no proof.

Peter Bond

Don’t think I read the garbage you spend time with no thought process to put down, you are like a leech, nasty one, out for blood like your felloe Allah Akbar jihadist, Putin has killed many of your type and when shit hits the fan he would drop Syria, Iran like a deadly toxin, he let’s Israel bomb the shit out of Syria, that should tell you… Hahaha, dumb Muslim. This is the alliance of Christians, Jews, Hindus versus blood loving Muslims.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The crap you spew amazes me since there is no alliance as such as you profess. This is an alliance money and power and nothing more stop trying to make it sound religious. You sound like a Schizophrenic with your rantings along with a touch of Manic Depression.

Your terrorist friends Al Nutbar in Idlib have had seven of their headquarters bombed with another in completely obliterated under rubble 15 given an instant grave in Harasta by SAAaF and the RuAF an hour ago .

You can cry since your friends may be among the dead, this is a victory for the free people which you are not part of you empire slave.

Peter Bond

Friends? What friends retard? They should be bombed if they are Islamic terrorists.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They all have your twisted dream of creating a Sunni-Shia war, which makes you the same as the twisted little minds that tries to drive this need for global domination.

Peter Bond

My dear Terra, is that your real name or some troll name?

I don’t care on Sunni-Shai conflict or why Ali, Hussein where killed, what I care about is how terrorism would cease to exist or reduced to a bare minimum.

Iran, a once work power is now a third world country run by fanatics in dresses whom still clings on the religion of the Arabs, Persia lost its identity the day it embraced Islam!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

My dear Peter , whether it’s your actual name is besides the point since trolls use real names more commonly than anyone else.

The only way to curtail terrorism is end the Dynastic desires of the US and Israel along with the NAZI Alliance called NATO and that would solve 90% if not all civil unrest in the world.

What happened in the Middle East you seem to have far less of comprehension of ,just like the decline of colonialism in Africa so it is also happening in the Middle East. The Western world sold itself as soon as it gave up it’s Christianity for the Judaic version of Christianity, Christians lost their identity long ago.

They say “Never go over to the dark side just because it is the easier path.”

Peter Bond

The Chinese would be happy to arm both sides, good for business. Russia with its ailing economy can be competition for Western countries. Ah yes, The GCC Sunni States would be rolling on the floor with glee, domestic problems at home would affect Iran’s terrorists sponsorship abroad. Allah Akbar!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have no real domestic problems in Iran , like Italy they have 12% unemployment and still have one of the highest GDP growth in the World this year.Their economic outlook has been far greater than the US has ever been, using and abusing the embargo and trade restrictions illegally asking other countries to comply.

The child in you was fooled about the Bahrain video from 2011 being from Iran in 2017 , the attacks by MEK terrorists on police stations and the stealing a fire engine and killing a father and son after they let it run downhill into a car. The US,Israel ,KSA, UAE, France, Germany and UK are the current sponsor of these terrorists you are thinking of. You should be pulling your head out of your ass long enough to ask why these Nations are willing to sponsor terrorism and what is their real goal and it’s not what you think.

Peter Bond

Ignoramuse, here is a link to tell how how bad and shitty Iranian economy is:


All it took was a few clicks. You are so deluded
spewing laughable comments on Iranian shitty economy, I can’t waste anyone time with you, go debate a retard as yourself!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

You are the one that is deluded since you try to use statistics formed by the IMF and other sources which have nothing to do with Iran, since they are not really part of their network. I talk growth of the economy and you spout BS data which is meaningless garbles about growth, the US and any country I mentioned wouldn’t be able to survive with any economic blockades and they would be basket cases.

Why don’t you go back to hicksville Europe you bovine marsupial!!!


Why would it need foreign Countries to make the people see what a shitty retarted Gouvernment they have. Do you think the iranian youth gives a shit about islam? islam betrayed them and took their freedom.

Tommy Jensen

Iranian youth wants Talmud?


Iran government should have to arrange pro government counter protests in opposition areas. Government should have to be kind and avoid use of bullet or conflict.

The main protests took place in three places in other towns just a bunch of few people warm the environment. They want destruction of Iran and nothing else. These protests will bring chaos to Iran like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc.

Dissatisfaction, 60% unemployment ratio and regime change protests we have also seen recently in America, so what happened. Trump went down? No.

Solomon Krupacek

why government? why not people??


Iran should ban any social media apps/Method of communications that allow foreign interest to facilitate unrest against the Iranian Government. (Whatsapp)

Real Anti-Racist Action

Saudileaks 29: Docs Unveil Riyadh’s Intention to Strike at Iran’s National Security:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The documents released by the Yemen Cyber Army after it hacked the Saudi Foreign Ministry in May showed that former Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal in a letter to Chief of the Royal Court Khalid al-Tuwaijri has proposed adoption of a plan to harm Iran’s national security.
The Saudi Foreign Ministry was hacked by the Yemen Cyber Army in May, and a copy of its information was sent to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

In the letter, Faisal mentions an article in a Persian-language daily, Keyhan, that has covered the Saudi rulers’ cruelty against its population and the existence of several torture and interrogation centers in Saudi Arabia.

Then the former minister proposes different means and methods to stir unrest in Iran with the help of opposition forces, social media, newspapers, magazines and websites.

The former Saudi foreign minister says he has received a letter from the Saudi embassy in Tehran that has offered 7 ways to foment unrest in Iran and damage the country’s national security.

The 7 ways are as follows:

1. Launching propaganda campaign on events happening in Iran,
2. Shifting media focus on Iran’s role in Arab states,
3. Establishing TV channels, in addition to the present Saudi media outlets, and inviting experts for negative campaign against Iran,
4. Setting up Persian-language analysis and news networks,
5. Using Salafi TV and Radio networks and sending religious missionaries to Iran,
6. Preparing and briefing Saudi pilgrims on how to influence Iranians,
7. Receiving aid from Iranian dissidents to gain intelligence from inside Iran and using them to fight against Iran’s political system and movements in the region.

At the end of the letter, Faisal writes that proposal number five is not possible at present, given Iran’s high intelligence superiority over its internal affairs.

He also says that with regard to proposal number 6, care should be taken in order not to inspire anyone with the idea that the Hajj rituals are turning political.

And on using Iranian dissidents, he says, the Saudi spy agency should decide.

Late in May, the Yemen Cyber Army released a portion of the information and documents that it had gained in its recent cyber attack on Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense Ministries.

The Yemen Cyber Army announced that it has hacked the website, servers and archives of Saudi Arabia’s Foreign, Interior and Defense ministries and would release thousands of these top secret documents.

The group claimed that it “has gained access to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) network and have full control over more than 3000 computers and servers, and thousands of users. We also have access to the emails, personal and secret information of hundreds of thousands of their staff and diplomats in different missions around the world”.

The hackers’ statement, which said the cyber army has also attacked the Saudi Interior and Defense ministries and vowed to release their details later, was carried by several globally known hackers websites.

Following the hack in May, the Yemen Cyber Army sent a copy of its information to FNA and another one to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.

“WikiLeaks released over 60,000 documents on Friday and vowed to release the rest in coming weeks, but we plan to release the documents in separate news items since many of them contain the names of foreign nationals who have demanded visit to Saudi Arabia, for example for Hajj pilgrimage, and their names have been mentioned among the Saudi agents. Thus releasing the list of names and documents might hurt innocent individuals who have done nothing, but applied for visa at a Saudi embassy for doing Hajj pilgrimage,” FNA English Editor-in-Chief Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm said.

“The number of the documents is way beyond the 500,000 that has been announced by WikiLeaks, but they need to be checked first to make sure that they do not contain misleading information and are not harmful to innocent people,” he added.



See the one who want to be leader of what’s they called the Muslim world see their religion as tools and political weapon to cause instability and incite violence. Whatever happened to being religious.

John Wallace

As I said days ago , protesters will be shot and Police will be shot which can only lead too degeneration from here. Escalation of violence until the beginnings of a civil war like which happened in Syria and elsewhere. Can not one see the unseen hand pulling the strings for the people marionettes too be lead down the path of internal destruction. The simplest and cheapest form of invasion by the great manipulator who sits comfortably by the fire while supping his wine of choice.. I fear the devil has landed too unleash his wrath of fire and destruction using his intended victim as destroyers of themselves .
Time is short to be able to look up and see the hand of Armageddon that is pulling the strings . The end days of Mohammad Mosaddegh return .

Solomon Krupacek

dont fear. here everybody wrotem, iran is sooooo much strong, that kck the ass of usa and israel. buy popcorn and sit in chair. will come the nicest defat of ussrael. ;)

leon mc pilibin

The Iranians and the Russians are well aware of the plots against IRAN by you know who.They will never succeed in their evil scheme as they did elsewhere eg Syria.This is only making the anti zionist resistance even stronger,and the zionists weaker with every failure that mounts up..This year is going to see the beginning of the end of the Empire of CHAOS.


You must be mad- the Deep State hasn’t even gotten started yet. Trump has yet to do his first major evil as prez- but it is coming.

We lose cos Putin is in the pocket of the jews (why do you think Putin won’t sell the s-400 air defense system to Iran or Syria, yet he’s sold it to Turkey and offered it to Israel and Saudi Arabia).

Iran could win with an Empire Power as true ally. But Putin has stated, in public, over and over, that his Russia doesn’t play that way. That only the USA is a true world power, and that Russia will always step out of America’s way UNLESS direct Russian interests are threatened.

Russia accdently leaked a massive cloud of radioactive gas over Europe as Putin ramps up production of all varieties of nuclear warheads in readiness for the coming conflicts. Putin ordered all key Russian industries to be ready to immediately switch to World War production.

Putin is NOT playing the Great Game- and thus Russia refused to back the Deep State down. The Iran War is now unstoppable. And that war will see the widespread use of nukes by the West- after which the use of nuclear weapons will have been normalised.


Would these Jews and their collaborators lie about Iran:
comment image

Oli Oli

under 2 % of people understand.thast the problem we r facing today.as u pointed out correctly, the main stream media has been hyjacked by zionism.Hollywood has been hyjacked by zionism.us and eu and japan foreign policy has been hyjacked by zionism.All because of 2 things.money and the big great lie of our time.its the zionists that control the monetary sytem since 120 years.the “holocaust” lie which makes europe a slave to zionism for ever(“for ever” a phrase used by all major politicians in europe when speaking about the holocaust.

Peter Bond

Jews rule the world, I am gonna marry one or convert soon…you lot can remain below the food chain coming on news sites with the likes of yous to moan and groan about how the Jews have taken over the world, try doing something about it but highly doubt you could do anything, or simply go start your own news media, oops, Facebook has a Jewish owner.hahahaha. Good and pays to be Jewish!

Peter Bond

Hey! not bad, how do i become Jewish because clearly you can’t beat them they own you if you don’t know please know now. Would take this than Muslims whom are mostly violent, make a bunch of babies and contribute nothing to the world.


Miscreants like you are part of the problem, not part of the solution to humanity’s problems.


I’m sure that the Iranians have studied the color revolutions and Arab spring regime change operations in depth and have counter measures being rolled out on an as needed basis to deal with these foreign subversion attempts.


comment image

Israel army court charged the Palestinian youth Ahed Tamimi with assaulting soldiers

This brave Palestinian girl is now in the hands of US sponsored pro-Trump foreign terrorists. She is so brave that she should have to be the prime minister of Palestine.

This girl may be a true Muslim or a true Christian or a true Jewish that is why she is now in trouble by atheist that call themselves true Jewish. I call them trash.

Solomon Krupacek

blond and palestinian? :)))

Cindy Myer

There is a wonderful invention that most if not all us females love and it is called ‘Hair Dye’, I use it quite often to change the colour of my hair. We girls love doing stuff like that. As your a man it maybe hard for you to grasp that concept.

Solomon Krupacek

sure. and you color also your skin. arn´t you? :))

Cindy Myer

When I get a tan yes my skin colour changes :-) and when I stay out of the sun for months it goes back to white.


wtf? she doesnt loook arabs? even syrian? she look….european


As you know Syria , Lebanon , Jordan are all a mix of Aryan and Arab . Shia and Christians generally being Aryan , and Sunni’s being Arab . That is only generally , these people have lived together and mixed for hundreds of years .


That is why the Israeli authorities and public are avidly demanding the silencing of this minor. Because she is blond and pale, and essentially looks similar to many teenagers in the west. That visual familiarity has the potential to draw to both interest and sympathy toward her story in western media, and that would be highly corrosive to the broader Israeli political narrative, that seeks to perpetually demonize all Palestinians to western audiences.


It’s so obvious this is organised by foreign agents hoping for Iranian maidan.

Catching the leaders to find out is top priority now.

Suddenly Trump and Israel are full of praise for the people of Iran forgetting that the demonstrators form just a drop in the ocean.

Will be another failed project as usual

Icarus Tanović

They always fail on Iran and always will.


The Irainians will- rest assured- but that is NOT the play here. Too many peeps have forgotten the time of REAGAN- the last prez of a Trump type. Reagan was senile and thick- a non-politician as prez, just like Trump. And Reagan was manipulated by CONVINCERS- carefully created fairytales that ‘explained’ the world with ‘events’. Reagan went to war in South America on the back of these CONVINCERS.

The Iran protests will go nowhere, making many hard-of-thinking types on our side issue a sigh of relief. But the fact of the protests in Iran are presented to thickie Trump as ‘proof’ that American HOT action in Iran will be welcome by the common Iranian citizen. MI6 and the CIA KNOW the protests will fizzle out, and that many of the West’s assets will be fatally exposed in the process. But the CONVINCER- the fake news ‘fact’ that convinces Trump their is real opposition in Iran that will welcome war- has been successfully manufactured.


The opposition is still weak in Iran. I am surprised the US rushed this on pressures from Israel. They didn’t build enough to start an uprising from the people. This is not even poor planning, this is a waste of good cards built over decades.

The whole CIA network will collapse when they expand their last card which is the mujahideen khalq. The CIA work for the last two decades will evaporate.

The problem for the US is there is no agreement on how to deal with Iran. You have to remember that the destruction or balkanization Iran is the main objective of Israel, The US, instead, is more interested in bringing Iran to the fold to steer it away from China and Russia. But it seems that every time the US and Israeli objectives collide, the US always adopts Israeli objectives. That is why the US foreign policy seems incoherent every time in the middle east.


The opposition is indeed ‘WEAK’ in Iran. Iran uses the tricks of the West, including pseudo democracy to wrong-foot all viable opposition forces. But this is no different from the situation in Britain or the USA. Depressing in the scheme of things- but in bad times the rulers of Iran think they have no other choice.

And yes, Iran is a VERY tough nut to crack- and the reasons go way back to the Mongol invasions, and the genocide the mongols used as a weapon of war in Persia. Of course, today the jewish powerbase that brings so much evil to the world is a direct descendant of that mongol power, and NOTHING to do with the ancient land of ‘Israel’. The zionists are literally the new mongol hoardes.

PS this is why Hollywood has NEVER portrayed the evil of Ghengis Khan and his demons in any Hollywood movie. Indeed, the jews of Hollywood made Khan a ‘hero’ when they had John Wayne lionise him. Zionists = Mongols.

Oli Oli

lolol ohhh what protests in a country of 80 million.LOL. Remember the wallstreet protests in the us???100 of thousands of people protested.. with thousands gettint detained….what about the daily protests of african american in the us, and the DAILY “State Sanctioned” murder of african americans??What about the daily protests since 2 years against the child killer Bibi in israel???
Its obviuos that these demos in iran r “led” and supported by zionists, us, british agents.Money buys everything.easy to buy of some sunni dickheads to sponsor demos.easier than what people think.
It was 1 man ( ONE MAN)

Kermit Roosevelt Jr. who started the coup etat against iran in the 50´s.and it cost the bastards 1,000,000 dollars.

Now if anybody believes that was expensive..hahah….today its even easier because of the thin air money.they paid each of the ambassadors of lybia and syria which “changed” sides during the conflict 1,000,000 dollars a month LIFELONG!! so imagine what they would and can pay to dickheads which help them organize demos and killings etc.. in iran today. theyd pay billions.and they can.


It’s embarrassing and appalling to listen to western pols go on about peaceful protests and human rights in the face of rioting and murder by the Iran protesters. When their own governments have and would respond in a similar manner to the same crimes. And they are using terrorists extensively in their highly criminal regime change activities in multiple places.


Bit IN-YOUR-FACE when so many peeps died in the UK over Xmas- without protests as a cause.

But even here, now zionists have infiltrated the editorial control of Southfront, the story of Ahed Tamimi is completely missing on this site. Jewish atrocities in Palestine over Xmas are as under-reported on OUR sites as in the mainstream press- and that’s a VERY depressing fact.

How does Southfront now spin world events- almost in lockstep with the talking points of the BBC.


“Southfront now spin world events- almost in lockstep with the talking points of the BBC”

Such as?

Peter Bond

SouthFront is a jihad-commie loving site, nice try dickhead!

Ray Douglas

This is how it started in Syria. We now know where the US helicopters were transporting ISIS terrorists to. It was to Iran. They are going to try their luck there as they have failed in Syria.


No, Syria and Libya were vulnerable cos both regimes had allowed large areas of each nation to become defacto ‘independent’. Iran will never make that mistake. There are no cracks for the West to exploit in Iran this way.

Ray Douglas

Iran clearly needs to identify and resolve the problems which are being complained about. This is the certain way to take the wind out of the sails of anyone trying to take advantage. If the complaints are genuine and are a source of discontentment then they need to be resolved, and quickly. They should never have been allowed to fester in the first place. After all, billions and billions of $’s were given back to Iran which had been illegally seized by the US after the nuclear agreement.

Raptar Driver

The ‘problems’ Iran has is mostly a result of the sanctions war against it by the Empire and its lap dogs and most Persians understand this, this is a CIA/Mossad/MI6 action.

Ray Douglas

That is likely true but just the same the most humble citizen in Iran is deserving a slice of the cake just the same as the intelligentsia. It is not the intelligentsia that is out on the streets and if the ordinary person felt he was getting a fair slice and had a decent standard of living he would not be on the streets listening to agents of US.

Raptar Driver

I believe that there are nefarious, desperate and greedy individuals in all countries and with the ability to print unlimited money it is quite easy to produce such results. I have heard that there are not that many people protesting, time always will tell and I am of the firm understanding that this is not an indigenous uprising like the many ‘uprisings’ before it.

Cheryl Brandon


Phillip Giraldi- Americas’s JEWS are driving
Americans to wars.” Retired CIA agent.

Iran Haters Groups in the USA.

David Frum/Max Boot/ Bill Kristol/ Bret Stephen and
Robert Kagan-Non JEWS

INFLUENTIAL JEWS who drive the Iran Haters Groups in
the U$A.

Mark Dubowitz/Michael LEDEEN/ Reuel Marc
Gerecht-Foundation for the Defense of “Democracy”/ Daniel Pipes-Middle East
Foundation/ John Podhoretz Commentator for another idealogue media/ Elliot
Abrams-Council on Foreign Affairs/ Meyrav Wurmster-Middle East Research
Institute-MERI/Kimberley Kagan-Institute for the study of War Making/Frederick
Kagan/Danielle Pletka/ David Wurmster-American Enterprise Insitute/

AIPAC-LOBBY ON BEHALF OF ISRAHELL. AIPAC is the final recipe starting back in
Switzerland as ; The JEWISH Agency in 1929 which became the American Zionist
Emergency Appeal between 1939-1943. Helped by the United Jewish Appeal which
morphed into AZEC and then AZC9 American Zionist Council). We know what
happened in 1963 when 2 Kennedy brothers tried to enforce the FARA Laws by
getting these aforementioned organisations to register as “Foreign Agents”. The
court matter was handled by SIMON RIFKIND lawyer and, who knew JFK quite well.
After the 2 brothers were assassinated, the matter was not pursued by any President.

WINEP-The Washington Institute of Near East Studies

Hudson Institute owned and operated by JEWS.

Phillip Giraldi; “ Americas Jews are driving American Neo Conservative

Peter Bond

Always the fault of the Jews whom are less than 2 billion Muslims, somehow they make Muslims kill each other in the name of Muslim gods, the make Muslims riot and make protesters die by impersonating Muslim police officers to shoot at innocent protesters. Are Jews that powerful??? If yes, then I would love to be Jewish, they have been persecuted for centuries, yet they stand and in mind of Muslims seem to control the world from the media to financial sector to education e.t.c. This just shows they have a powerful force behind them, God of Israel. Allah has deserted Muslims, even Mohammed died of poison.


When Syria failed (after Putin, years late, finally pulled his finger out), it wasa predictable that the Deep State would move to the NEXT plan…

BUT consider the facts. The CIA and MI6 are burning through their VERY valuable Iranian assets at a rate of knots to keep the ‘protest’ story going- but by “LIGHTING UP” their assets, they know the Iranian authorities will become aware of them and their networks.

Intelligence departments ONLY hang their assets out to ‘die’ when those assets are more useful BURNED. In other words, when the burning of the assets is designed to be a cause for other, greater action. WAR- war is what I’m talking about- war sold by the jewish controlled mainstream and Soros fake indy media on the back of ‘people power’ in Iran.

Why hasn’t the British SAS used their snipers in Iran to butcher a bunch of protestors and police to make things ‘worse’? Because the game is delicate. Give Iranian authorities a REAL justification to crack down, and Iran has the policing infrastructure to defuse and deactivate the protests overnight. Iran ain’t (pre invasion) Libya or Syria.

So why doesn’t Iran crack down anyway? Cos Iran wants the assets of the West to be LIGHTED UP, so they can be tagged and squeezed.

Southfront should be explaining these things, not me. But Southfront has been recently compromised by zionist infiltrators- hence the ZERO coverage of jewish atrocities across Palestine this Xmas.

Should we worry? Well we’re getting the REAGAN PLAY with Trump. A senile president who rants but knows nothing, being manipulated by fake news. The protests in Iran are designed to be the fake news thickie Trump will think is real. Getting Trump to move his war lust from N Korea (which is actually a purpose built American asset- where the USA has assisted N Korea to improve its nuclear defenses covertly to make reunification with the South less likely) to Iran.

The Iran War is coming. It is the war major US generals warned about over Xmas. Dumb dumbs thought they were talking about N Korea, but senior people in the US armed forces know the TRUTH about N Korea, and hence know the USA will never attack its own asset.

Tony Blair used the 911 false flag and the most pathetic transparent lies about Iraq- and later Libya (which followed his lies about Kosovo). Over and over we see their lies don’t even have to be good or convincing. The factor is getting enough other forces on board with the war. That the Iran War hasn’t happened yet proves this is hard. But the Deep State, with Putin so servile to jewish manipulation, is an irressitable force that always gets its way.

Peter Bond

Keep dreaming till the towel-head Ayatollahs get kicked off and exiled to Siberia, Russia.

Peter Bond

Of course, the Jews are to blame, Jews are the ones running around murdering poor Iranians and all Muslims, Jews are the ones to blame cause of all the earthquakes ravishing Iran and the world, the Jews created ISIS, Saudi Monarch are descendants of Jews, blimey, they control the darm world, scratch that, they control the darm universe.

– Mind of a Muslim somewhere in the middleast.

Larissa Vanderbilt

Trump has just stated: ” . .the US would be looking for any human rights violations”. Trump should be looking in his own back yard for human rights violations: The millions of dead Vietnamese, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Chileans, Ecuadorians, Nicaraguans, Cubans, Philipinos, Japanese, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Libyans and Lebanese who wanted their own human rights, but instead received death from the skies above. Then Trump should look at the thousands of Americans whose human rights were completely violated within America itself: the native Indians, the African Americans, the Kent State University victims, the Branch Davidians, etc. The hypocrisy of this nation is flabbergasting . .

Cheryl Brandon

There will be no “Persian Spring” like the one in Syria in 2012. I hope Persian/ like Venezuelans and Syrian know that, the economic hardships have been exacerbated by UN driven sanctions. So, instead of blaming government 100%; Share the blame around to all those people seated in the UN who create these problems. Mossad and CIA, come up with something more creative. This copy and paste rent a mob with arms faking it as “protestors” are nothing more than armed /foreign combattants! HANDS OFF IRAN.


Well, the simple truth is, Iran spend to much money for Hezbulla; Houti and Assad and not enough on own People. its not like war is cheap and cost nothing. So they are not happy with Islam anymore. Seems their is some need for Putin-Money. But i doubt that Russia has anything for cheap.

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