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JULY 2022

Iranian Combat UAVs Raise Fears In Israel: Media

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Iranian Combat UAVs Raise Fears In Israel: Media


On April 25, the French outlet TTU reported that Israel is seeking to block Iran from using Syrian air bases to launch unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). According to the report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already undertaken certain measures.

TTU links this speculation with the recent escalation of tensions between Iran and Israel in Syria.

Recently, Tehran condemned the April 9 air strike by the “Zionist regime” against its forces deployed in the T4 airbase in Syria’s Homs. According to reports, at least 7 Iranian servicemen, including an officer of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), were killed in those strike by Israel. The killed officer was allegedly a specialist in the UAVs field.

On April 13, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement that the Iranian UAV that had allegedly penetrated Israeli airspace on February 10 had been armed with explosives. According to the IDF, the UAV was en route to carry out an attack within Israel before it was shot down.

TTU stated that it could serve as another confirmation that Iran has capabilities of using combat UAVs to attack Israeli forces in response to the T4 airbase strike.

According to TTU, Israel is concerned over the spread of the Iranian UAV technologies across the region. Over the last years, Iran has allegedly delivered its UAVs to Iraq, Hezbollah and allied forces in Syria.

For example, Hamaseh is an Iranian reconnaissance and combat UAV. It weights 440 kg and can capable of carrying about 45 to 60 kg [electronic systems and missiles] with the operating range of 200 km.

According to the Israeli officer, quoted by TTU, “Iranians assured that they have UAV for strike operations, although this equipment is not so precise as they claim”. The official stated that these combat UAVs pose a threat to Israeli strategic points, such as military bases, power plants and other infrastructure. So, these UAVs are a “legal” target.

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Looks like a mock up. Front wheel is not for an aircraft.


Hamaseh flight test:



Thanky ou for the video. on this out of focus video and yes, the front wheel does look similar. The UAV also look similar to the Israeli ‘heron?’ . I guess captured technology? It also looks like a RC takeoff (shaky) rather than automated?


Just for easier maneuvering on the display. There is no doubt that there is an appropriate front wheel, but for an unmanned aircraft of this size I doubt it is steering.




The Iranians do have a history of slightly sketchy mock-ups.


It’s often disinformation – to mislead the Israeli’s about the priorities and depths of Iran’s actual military programs. Israel has colossal advantage of unfettered access to US satellite imagery over Iran – so Iranian’s use more traditional mock-ups to sow covert and overt confusion.


Israel cannot attack successfully T4 or other Syrian airbases to combat Iranian presence there, NATO tried to bomb several airfields on April 14, only to embarrass themselves. With the advent of more air defense and attack assets being delivered in Syria by Russia and Iran, Israel is in a no win situation, as Iranians test Israeli defenses against their drones and EW, repeatedly making their drones more combat effective and their presence an existential threat to Israel.


Its good to see Iran testing her weapons in combat.

John Whitehot

israeli newspapers have a lots of uses nowadays, which don’t include getting reliable information.

Icarus Tanović

One can whip his asss with them too, yeah?

John Whitehot

or use them as covers when sleeping on benches after losing job .. xD


Iran have taken X-ray of whole Palestine and Israeli migrants cannot hide there.

Icarus Tanović

Huston, we have a…hmm problem! And then Liberman cried and cried… ?


Nice Great, FEAR in ISRAHELL is what all want and that’s what the world needs for those Zionistic Bastards.


IOs there somethin in the soil that makes everyone in the middle east hate each other?

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