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Iranian-Backed Group Threates To Attack US-Led Collation Forces And Bases In Syria


On April 6, the Iranian-backed Baqir Brigade announced in an official statement that its units will begin conducting military operations against the US-led coalition and the US-backed forces in Syria. The brigade added that the US-led coalition bases in Syria are “within the range of its fire” and called on the civilians to stay away from these bases.

Iranian-Backed Group Threates To Attack US-Led Collation Forces And Bases In Syria

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The Iranian-backed force was formed in Aleppo governorate in 2012 by two brothers named “Khalid al-Hassan” and “Abu al-Abass” of the well-known Arab tribe of al-Bakara. The two brothers reportedly fought alongside Lebanese Hezbollah during the 2006 Israeli-Lebanese war.

In 2015, the Baqir Brigade joined the Syrian National Defense Forces (NDF) and hundreds of fighters of the al-Bakara tribe joined its ranks. Baqir Brigade fighters participated in the battles against ISIS in Aleppo and Deir Ezzor governorates.

The Baqir Brigade came to the spot light when the US-led coalition killed dozens of its fighters during its airstrikes on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions east of Deir Ezzor city on February 8. Back then, the commanders of the brigade and the leaders of the al-Bakara tribe vowed to take revenge from the US-led coalition.

Syrian opposition sources reported that the military capabilities of the Baqir Brigade had increased after it had recevied advanced weapons and loads of ammunition from Iran.

Local observers believe that the Baqir Brigade has means and the motivation to conduct serious attacks against the US-led coalition, unlike other “resistance movements” that had been recently formed in eastern Syria.



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