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Iranian-Backed Forces Threatens ‘Harsh Response’ To Recent Israeli Airstrikes On Syria’s Palmyra

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Iranian-Backed Forces Threatens ‘Harsh Response’ To Recent Israeli Airstrikes On Syria’s Palmyra

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

The Allies of Syria Operations Room, which commands Iranian-backed forces in Syria, has vowed to response “very harshly” to the October 13 Israeli airstrikes that targeted the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra.

In a statement released on October 14, the operations room revealed that the Israeli airstrikes had destroyed several barracks and a service center of Iranian-backed forces.

Israeli warplanes launched the airstrikes from the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, which is occupied by the US-led coalition, after sneaking along the Jordanian border.

“As a result of this aggression, a number of our Mujahedeen brothers were martyred or wounded,” the statement reads.

The operation room didn’t provide an exact death toll. However, it said that the number of casualties would have been greater if it was not for precautionary measures.

A Syrian military source acknowledged that a service member was killed and three others were wounded in the aerial attack. Activist also reported that two Iranian-backed Syrian fighters were killed.

“The command of the operation room has taken the decision to respond to this aggression to avenge the souls of the martyrs and the blood of the wounded, and the response will be very harsh,” the operations room said in a statement.

This was the second Israeli attack on central Syria this month. On October 8, a series of airstrike hit the country’s largest air base, known as the T-4, in the eastern Homs countryside. The base hosts the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ main weapons supply center in Syria.

Iranian-backed forces responded in the past to Israeli attacks on their positions in Syria. The Israeli military will likely take their threats very seriously.


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Baghdad Bob

It is time for Iranian “backed forces”‘ to act as the US and Zionists are destabilizing Lebanon ti bog Hezbollah in a civil war. The Zionists are very desperate and vulnerable from Algeria to Afghanistan.


Iran needs to set up a full air defense umbrella around their bases in Syria as Russia did. Then rotate a many air defense operators from Iran as possible, so they can all get real combat practice against the Zio forces.

This is what Russia does and why Russia allows such strikes. To learn all of the USSA air attack secrets from Israel this way. This is how Iran started their drone program by capturing and shooting down USSA drones.


Empty threats.

Rhodium 10

Tell it to Israeli shipping company( the last one was hit by a drone that killed 2 sailors and severy damage)

Rhodium 10

Accord Russian web citing SAA sources Israel launched the last airstrike hided in 2 civilian planes A-429(Dubai-Beirut) and A-532 ( Bagdad-Damasco)


Typical hot air from the fartsian idiots LOL

Schlomo from non-hasbara

There have been quite a lot dead Zionists in mysterious circumstances though :) How come never attacked the 6 Iranian oil tankers :)

F-35 Lightning

In your dreams?


Add 373s

F-35 Lightning

They will be destroyed as soon as they enter Syria


Don’t threaten it,do it,just like Iran did when they blasted Al Asad airbase in Iraq,take Al Tanf down.

F-35 Lightning

Rusty Russkies made a big mistake allowing US/FSA to control Al-Tanf :) Only 50km away from Damascus. If needed, US could launch a ground invasion and capture the capital in 1 week.


Invade with what? i suppose you think its ok for the US to invade Countries?

Chris Gr

This is not going to do anything. There is no such serious policy and the peoples of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran are turning to islamism as a counterweight to bad secular policies.

F-35 Lightning

They will do nothing. And if they do, USAF will smash them while IDF incinerator them double time

F-35 Lightning

Once again the all-mighty pantsir proves completely ineffective against cruise missiles and glide bombs. Outdated system that uses passive phased array radar tech from the 1980’s. Meanwhile US and western countries use only AESA tech for air defense and air-air radars.





More zionist attacks from Lebanese airspace? Why is the triple passport holder, traitor hariri not arrested & interrogated?


You need to thank Pootin for his support of the zio terrorist jew scumm attacks. Without Pootin support it would never happen


As long as Syria dont give an ultimatum to the invadors, yankees, nato, uk, zionists, nothing will change. All coordinates off the bases from these terrorists are well known. Balistic missils from Iran will clean the place. The remaining terrorists isis and co. have no suply anymore and will dy in the dessert. And give the same ultimatum to Putin he has to close the sky over Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and borders off Jordan. Putin is playing dirty games.


Just forgot to mention turky as a invador who has to be chased out off Syria.

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