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JUNE 2023

Iranian-Backed Forces In Eastern Aleppo Received New Missile Shipment: Monitoring Group

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Iranian-Backed Forces In Eastern Aleppo Received New Missile Shipment: Monitoring Group

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

A shipment of Iranian-made missiles had been delivered to Iranian-backed forces in the eastern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on November 25.

According to the London-based monitoring group, the shipment was sent to a newly-established base near the town of Hbubah. The base is located on the western bank of the Euphrates River, a few kilometers away from the eastern bank where the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are situated.

“Trucks loaded with Iranian-made missiles as well as other military and logistical equipment arrived at the base in the past few hours,” the SOHR’s report reads.

The monitoring group noted that this was the second Iranian weapons shipment to arrive at the newly-established base in November.

Iranian-backed forces maintain a fairly large presence in the countryside of Aleppo. One of the largest factions backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the region is the Baqir Brigade, which was established in the early years of the war.

While Iran is indeed working to expand its presence in Aleppo, the SOHR’s report is questionable. The monitoring group’s claims may be meant to justify future Israeli or US strikes on Syrian and Iranian forces’ positions in countryside of the governorate.


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Peter Wallace

First time SF has qualified SOHR with ” the report is questionable” As most would know SOHR was a one man band in London who strongly supported the anti Assad factions so his reports were so biased if put on the back of a truck would have flipped the truck onto its back . Western MSM loved his reports as they backed up their biased claims against Assad and Syria. After ISIS and his factions got a sound beating he did develop into a one source of reporting from that side with a more truthful bent however because of his previous lies although his reports were quite often almost factual there was always the element of his biased b/s. SF always published his reports with any qualifications and left it up to the readers to know of his past and his bias or for the naïve to think he had lots of credibility. Perhaps SF has taken notice of many comments , some vehement , to allowing his reports published as facts when they were just reporting whatever came to light from all sides. Thanks jens for your vote of confidence and I know I am so stupid so no need to tell me.. All in advance to save your time jens.. 🥰

Chris Gr

Yes, SOHR is a bit unreliable right now.


This proves the Zionist regime has failed. They’ve been conducting “successful” air strikes to stop Iran and its allies, but clearly its failed. Not only is Iran still delivering weapons, they’re building Hezbollah and other allies factories all around Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen.

Chris Gr

Yes but you know why this happens?


I hope Venezuela Peru Iran Syria Lebanon Yemen attack Zionists soon

L du Plessis

Better get air defences against israeli missiles 😂

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