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JUNE 2023

Iranian-Backed Forces Deploy Troops In Northern Aleppo Near Turkish-Occupied Areas

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Iranian-Backed Forces Deploy Troops In Northern Aleppo Near Turkish-Occupied Areas

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Iranian-backed forces have deployed reinforcements on the frontlines with Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo, the pro-opposition Qasioun News reported on September 7.

According to the news outlet, Iranian-backed units were deployed in the town of Marnaz and the nearby Minaq airbase, which are located a few meters away from the so-called Euphrates Shield (ES) region.

“The pro-Iranian al-Rassoul al-Azam militia sent military vehicles and armored personnel carriers (APCs) to Minaq airbase and the town of Marnaz, the closest points to the opposition-held area of Azaz,” the outlet reported, citing local sources.

Maraanaz and Minaq airbase are jointly controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). Several units of the Russian Military Police are also deployed near the two locations.

Earlier this month, the SAA reinforced its positions west and north of Aleppo’s city center. Several reports said that the army is preparing for a military operation.

The deployment of Iranian-backed forces in northern Aleppo could be aimed at preventing ES forces from intervening, in case the SAA launched a military operation in the western countryside of the governorate.


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Hopefully the trope of Iranian troops is less harmful to civilians than the old “chemical attack’ meme was.


good, more iranians in the golan heights or close close to the land the squatters have stolen and far less squatters anywhere. what could be better, the Iranians moving forward, Turkey moving forward and Syria the same and Iraq and the squatters will be squashed to pulp. and once that is a fact the fifth columns embedded in societies around the world must follow – squashed to pulp.


Or they are there to protect the shia enclave if Nubbol, a few kms from Minagh airbase.


Nubl is not an enclave for several years anymore.


It is still an enclave in sunni lands. Just not militarily anymore. Still, HTS used to target the former enclave. So some extra protection might be warranted.


God bless these heroes. The SAA should launch a military operation west of Aleppo asap. This would prevent more deaths of civilians in Aleppo city due to the shellings of the Jihadis.

Joe Dickson

As soon as Turkey gets kicked out of NATO Iran will invade. It is the perfect staging area.


Turkey is as cancerous as the Zionists, and both are mutually inclusive menace to all their neighbors.


Iran, Russia, Armenia and all of Syria’s allies are on the same page now, and a decision has been made to liberate Idlib. Iranian forces and allied militias will once again provide the muscle power while Russia and Armenia special forces and airpower. I hope the Serbs also send some forces to beef up the axis of resistance and get real combat experience with allies.


Hopefully this will happen


The SAA could consider a powerful operation to both fully secure the outskirts of Aleppo city and separate Idlib terrorists from their friends in occupied parts of northern Syria.


Very good, I hope a real offensive starts soon.

Pave Way IV

Well, THAT would be a hell of a cauldron… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f027ce064bbe9ea13fbf26f5a8790d4dcffb54e8ccdf29ce72529336a6013959.png

Icarus Tanović

Some give toilet to Wahhabis.

Robert M

Nice, but untill Erdogan is alive and rules over Syria the international terrorism can’t be defeated: we should cut the head of the snake instead, that is in Turkey.

Simon Bernstein

dont be surprised when US/Israeli Airforce pays these iranian militias a visit

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Don’t be surprised when Hezbollah finishes converting those 10,000 dumb rockets they used to have into newly modified precision guided missiles. How many Iron Dome and David’s Sling systems does Israel have, 50, 100, 200, they’ll need 2,000. And won’t you be surprised when the US/Israeli Air Force is greeted by those newly developed AA systems and missiles the Iranians are boasting about, if they’re half as good as those MRBM’s they used to attack Isis in Syria just a mere 5 km away from where US special forces were operating, wasn’t that a very effective demonstration to Israel and the US, “look at what we can do now”, LOL That old saying, “don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house” seems appropriate now. Coincidentally you’re the spitting image of someone I know very well but unfortunately don’t like very much, but he doesn’t have a Jewish name, which means he must get his looks from his mothers side, which also means your team lost another breeder, unfortunately for you and for us, LOL, I’d have preferred your lot kept him.


Hezbollah did pay you land rustlers a very successful visit. I would not count on Israel doing anything after the new Iranian red lines.The cost would be too high as the IDF has been exposed in a very poor state.


syria together with russia and iran seem intent on liberating syria from all invaders, so don’t worry. once idlib is done and dusted, as it will be, syria will turn east along the turkish border and confront the sdf and alf or whatever and lo and behold, turkey will join up as well since the enemy that holds court in the northeast of syria, backed by the ever imbecile morons from washington dc, is turkey’s enemy number uno and that takes precedence over any other interests, such as being best friend forever with the unhinged states of A, so the safe zone will become the unsafe zone for all kurds and all boots from the unhinged states of A will have to find passage for home asap. will be fun to watch – the three good guys and the squatters cowering on their little sliver of stolen land hoping to survive. they won’t be allowed to survive, they’ll be minced and that is a sight to behold for all anti-zionistas of the world.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The ALF Kurds operate here and have been killing heaps of Turks and their proxies lately, sending Iranian backed forces here is the equivalent of sending peacekeepers to the Russian Front during WW2, what the hell are they going to do there, are they just going to camp between 2 warring parties that are going at it tooth and nail, just for the fun of it, mmmmm.


turkey, syria, iraq and iran ought to join up and quash the relatively independent kurdish movement in eastern iraq. just finish it off and return the land to the iraqi people and the future income from oil to the iraqi people.

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