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Iranian-backed Forces Concentrate Troops At Syrian-Iraqi Border To Protect Military Convoys From Iran

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Iranian-backed Forces Concentrate Troops At Syrian-Iraqi Border To Protect Military Convoys From Iran

FILE IMAGE: Members of Iraq’s Hezbollah al-Nujaba Movement are in Syria

Iranian-backed forces are deploying reinforcements to the Syrian-Iraqi border area, according to reports circulating online. From the Syrian side of the border, Iranian-backed fighters are located in the city of al-Bukamal. From the Iraqi side, they are deployed in the city of al-Qaim.

Experts link the growing activity of the Iranian-backed forces in the area with the recently opened land route that links Teheran, Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut. The Al-Bukamal-Deir Ezzor part of the road is now the most vulnerable segment of the supply line because it borders with the ISIS-held part of the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

Last weekend, reports appeared that the first Iranian military convoy crossed into Syria via the recently established land route. If Iran seeks to provide supplies via the road on a constant basis, it needs additional forces to defend them in the area.

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This is good news and should help bring about the end of the war and the Israelistan secession attempt east of the river sooner rather than later.


The best thing for Lebanon will be from Iran to deliver some Surface to Air Missiles, in case of escalation that will be the best weapon, we all know how the Zionists work only with F-16 drooping bombs, so if Iran can deliver some small part of air defense for strategic positions in Lebanon that will be very good very good. Cuz everyday Israhelli jets are just flying over Lebanon as if its their space, and we don’t count the spy drones that are 24/7 over Lebanon. For me that will be the smartest decision of Iran for Lebanon/Hezbollah.And beside that they can transfer as much as they like any other weapons.Trust that Hezbollah needs Ground To Air Missiles, they are strong from ground but when someone attack you from above and destabilize you and that’s very bad…


“Only work with Zionists dropping bombs.”

Actually, since the shoot down of 1- maybe 2 isaeli fighters, the IDF has been deploying more and more cruise missiles, and their latest attack included some Jericho tactical missiles. Besides that, Iran is only now modernizing their air defense systems, and it’s not clear if they can spare anything for Lebanon.

Jens Holm

Thats the escallation. You make it Yourself and blame Israel for it.


absolutely i agree, because US/israhell for sure will be surveilling the land route for any possible weak points via satellite and airplane and drone and whatnot. so ADS must be top priority. Iran and its allies will be victorious absolutely :)))


Why is Iran ‘flooding’ into Syria when the zionist filth that rule in Israel have said they must not? For that very reason. Iran is doing everything it can to prevent the coming Iran war. So Iran keeps the war in Yemen HOT- after the puppets of the palace coup in KSA decided to try to end it.

And Iran tries to provoke the sick demonic mad jews of Israel with activity in Syria. When the jewish state attacks Syria, it loses face on the world stage. And the Deep State’s coming war on Iran demands that Israel is NOT directly involved in attacking Iran.

This is what we call the GREAT GAME. The true game of planetry chess, where every move you make is for an unseen reason.

A semi-hot war between Israel and Iran would be disasterous for current Deep State planning. Iran knows this all too well- although Iran also knows the sick filth in Israel, if push came to shove, would try to kick start the armaggedon with use of their nukes. The Deep State has forces all across Israel to try to prevent such an action by mad jews, but the Deep State’s most ‘loyal’ jewish agents are wholly untrustworthy.

Want to know just how EVIL the jews of Israel actually are? Well they thought it a GOOD idea to have a jewish sniper shoot that disabled guy protesting in Gaza in the head. The worst and most depraved people in Human history rule in Israel. It is with these monsters Iran must play its game. And Iran knows that the jewish powerbase across the Earth has successfully justified the worst crimes of the jews in Israel across the decades.

But Iran has no choice. Putin is weak and foolish when it comes to the Great Game- never allowing Russia to act as an Empire Power. And Iran is lost once the Deep State begins its attacks on Iran. Iran correctly assumes the Deep State needs to craft initial conditions for the Iran war, and Iran acts to sabotage these conditions.

Brad Isherwood

The race is on…..
Shia babies vs USD $$.
US flooded Iraq since 2003 with ….Pallets of Cash $$….for Iraqi trash!
USD $$ buys into a nation to subvert it,….then the dope and guns grease the crime circles.
Later it’s the politico/religious system.
US have played this just like the British Empire did since the 1700s.
Sunni and Kurd outnumber the Shia in ME…..addicted to instant respect demand socio wise,
They sell out to the US/USD$$….as it gives them Now** primacy.
Just look at how the Kurds went from rag tag fighters at Kobani,
To….. Screw you Assad….chew on this!

US sanctions Russia….yet buys Russian LNG to screw Europe ….
This is a Kodak of the game going on between the powers.

Gotta feel for Syria….bad location….lots of players throwing down in the game.
Follow the Money : )

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