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Iranian Army Unveils ‘Hormuz’ Radar & ‘Shams’ Air-Defense Simulator (Photos)

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Iranian Army Unveils ‘Hormuz’ Radar & ‘Shams’ Air-Defense Simulator (Photos)

File image.

On October 2, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force (IRIADF) unveiled a new tactical radar and an air-defense simulator.

The new systems were showcased during a ceremony held at the Arm Defense Force Research and Self Sufficiency Organization in the presence of the Commander of Army Air Defense Force Brig. Gen. Alireza Sabahifard.

The new medium-range radar system, dubbed “Hormuz,” was designed to detect and identify airborne targets with speed and accuracy. The radar can relay information to the air defense missile fire control center. The radar is also efficient and easy to maintain. Its technical specifications were not revealed.

The second system showcased at the ceremony was the Shams long-range strategic threats simulator, which likely be used to train the service members of the IRIADF. The system can simulate modern and up-to-date combat scenarios, like attacks with ballistic missiles.

Iran has been working nonstop to improve its air-defense capabilities with domestically developed and produced systems. In September, the Iranian military unveiled the state-of-the-art “Alborz” 3D radar system and the “Borhan” command-and-control system.

US sanctions and Israel’s repeated threats forced the Iranian military to relay more and more on its domestic capabilities. As a result, Tehran gained much experience in several military fields in the last few years.


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All of their systems will be put up to the test, when we decide enough is enough with their nuclear threat. The way it’s going now, there doesn’t seem to be any coming deal since the mullahs think they can hold the stick from both ends and continue enriching uranium for the bomb.

So, when all the mumbo jumbo talking bullshit ends, there is only one option left for Israel. I can already see Iranaian missiles incoming to hit our cities and Hezbollah joining the war, but our response will shock the world and will remind our enemies what happens when you seek to destroy us. If i were an Iranian, I wouldn’t be sleeping very well at nights.

Israel might be hit very hard in those attacks, but Iran…well they can try to rebuild their Islamic terroristic state again, or what will be left of it.

Let it begin, with or without the U.S support.

down under

Iran already has hypersonic missiles. Israel needs another 9/11, much bigger stunt than 20 years ago this time.


Sure they have, clowns like you know everything. Anyway don’t worry, you’ll get the answer sooner than you think.

down under

Israel’s only chance is to bring US back to the fold with another 9/11 stunt. Otherwise just not happening for Israel. This may not be enough with US’s on going severe decline.

Last edited 25 days ago by down under

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Chris Gr

Alexander the Great should come back!

Diaper Zion

Alexander the Gay :D Diaper Zion needs more homosexuals ASAP


Makedonian Alexander great


lol…….brah……lol…..quit joking brah. Yous too far away from Iran. You can’t do much. Can’t you see?……lol


When you can’t face small Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah Iebnon and they ripped down your pant down then how you going to face Iran.

Iran have already proven their resilience long time back fight against Iraq under rule of saddam and 28 western nation supported Saddam including pusyisharhell. Now Iran is self sufficient in producing weapons and a almost undeclared nuclear power.

The one small bomb on your ass will burn you inside out. 💣.

You bloody cowards can only kill small childrens and women.

Chris Gr

Israel actually supported Iran against Saddam.


Excellent progress by the Iranians.

Chris Gr

I don’t know about the Somali pirates though

Chris Gr

Iranians were good in the Cold War but now they should lose!


who do you want to win now? US shitbilly? or would you like yahudi shyster to win?

Chris Gr

To make peace with the non-Muslim world. But they want to advance their jihad. And we will defend.

L du Plessis



I knew Egyptian man named Shams.
I stole his wife and made his kids serve me.

Chris Gr

I am the only sane dude here on SF. This proves it.


You are an imbecile and you proved it all by yourself.

Chris Gr

You have no reasons to deal with me only ad hominem attacks.


Brah….lol…..you middle aged now, and we can see you don’t know this region at all. Too late to learn anything now no?

Chris Gr

I am 27 idiot!


They look like dummy . Irani using as a propaganda

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