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JUNE 2020

Iranian And U.S. Officials Held Secret Talks In Iraqi Kurdistan – Report


Iranian And U.S. Officials Held Secret Talks In Iraqi Kurdistan – Report

Mural on the American Embassy in Iran. (Credit: Phillip Maiwald)

Iranian and U.S. officials held secret talks in the Iraqi Kurdistan region earlier this month, Israel’s I24 News TV reported on July 9, citing unmanned sources.

According to the sources, the secret Iranian-U.S. talks were held on July 5 in an unspecified hotel in Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil.

“A delegation of Saudi officials was staying at the same hotel, before being moved to another place, to be away from the negotiating place,” I24 News quoted one of the sources.

The Iranian delegation was reportedly headed by Hassan Khamenei, the grandson of Iran’s late supreme leader Ali Khamenei, and included Iraj Masjedi, current Iranian ambassador to Baghdad, as well as commanders from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other senior Iranian officials.

Iranian And U.S. Officials Held Secret Talks In Iraqi Kurdistan – Report

Hassan Khamenei

The Israeli news channel didn’t provide any information on the U.S. delegation to the supposed secret meeting in Erbil.

I24 News’ claims have not been confirmed by Tehran, Washington nor any Kurdish source. However, several sources talked about a meeting between Iranian officials and figures of Kurdish, Iranian opposition parties in Iraqi Kurdistan. This confirms the presence of an Iranian delegation in the Kurdish area on July 5.

The tension between Iran and the U.S. escalated over the last two months following a series of attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and the shot down of a U.S. spy drone off Iran’s shores. Tehran said that it wouldn’t hold any official talks with Washington unless it lefts the sanctions imposed after the nuclear deal. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the sides are not holding some ‘unofficial’ talks behind the secene on a constant basis. This is a common pratice for important geopolitical players.

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  • verner

    seems unlikely

    • Jimmy Jim

      yep, pure hogwash…….

      • verner

        Iran has the upper hand and the disintegrated states of A knows that for a fact. Iran can close down the hormuz straight and close down loading in ras tanura for a long long time, however much the morons in the white house rants and raves and however much the seriously mentally sick netanyahu huffs and puffs, to no avail. the quickly disintegrating states of A would attempt to put together a coalition of naval forces to keep the hormuz open and the red sea/gulf of oman straight open, but again, floating mines and magnet mines and torpedoes und zu weiter won’t be overcome easily however large the naval coalition turns out to be.

        • klove and light

          lol they dont have to use no mines or Torpedos lololol

          all they have to do is sink1-3 ships (i mean old ones from their own inventory) to block any BIG ships from passing the straight at ist narrowest part which lies in iranian Waters……there is absolutley Nothing NADA any Nation in the world can do About this……and once they are sunk at the Right place, if Iran does not want to, NO Nation in the world can bring up These ships as Long as Iran does not give permission to do so!!!!!

          and even in a war Scenario…it is virtually impossible to bring the sunken ships up….that would have to be a very Long procedure, very technical….and that is not possible when Missiles, Torpedos drones etc… come flying your way…….

          but i quess, Iran will only block it after beiing attacked………which will definetly make oil Prices go through the rooftop and Level out most economys of the world in a short period of time…

          • verner

            what shall the disintegrating states of A do, surgical attacks in a country that houses 80 million anti-americans while the Iranian side of the persian gulf including the hormuz is littered with securely hidden installations for the firing of torpedoes, or releasing hundred of mines and firing off missiles and so on. the dumb morons has been working to identify/locate those installations but so far nothing much achieved.
            and as is well known in pentagon but possibly not by the oxymoron bolton (national security advisor) who still thinks like the moron he is and believes the disintegrated states of A can win without a stream of bodybags going home, the war has to be decided in the air with full air-supremacy for the airforce, but that ain’t gonna happen.

  • Jimmy Jim

    Iran’s LATE supreme leader Khamenei? what have you folks been smokin????????????

  • Charles Homer

    As shown in this article, Washington’s entire anti-Iran narrative may well be built on a web of lies to the American people:


    American voters should be very cautious because it certainly appears that the foundation of Washington’s anti-Iran narrative is less solid than it appears to be.

    • Noland

      You, just don’t know how stupid the us is atm bro

  • RichardD

    Anything from an Israeli source citing unnamed sources is probably a Mossad psyop.

  • Garga


    First, the guy in pic marked by circle is Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, grandson of late Ayatollah Seyyed Roohollah Khomeni, the late founder and leader of the Islamic Revolution in 1979 (passed away 1989). NOT to be confused with current leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Hassan Khomeni has no official position in the government. He wanted to enter the Assembly of Experts elections in 2015 but the Guardian Council decided he’s not fit for the post because he’s not a jurist (Mojtahed, which is essential for the members who decide on leader). He’s the head of the institute which publishes his grandfather’s books, speeches, writings, etc.

    Anyway, I doubt the government send him for a “secret” talk with Americans., to put it mildly. In addition, the report is by an Israeli publication quoting an “anonymous source” which is synonym for lies. Try harder.