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Iran Will Withdraw From Iraq And Syria Only If They Ask For That: Senior Official

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Iran Will Withdraw From Iraq And Syria Only If They Ask For That: Senior Official

Illustrative image: Iran’s Basij forces

On July 13, Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser to Iran Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, said that Iran would immediately withdraw its “military advisers” from Syria and Iraq if governments of the two countries demanded so.

“We will immediately leave if Iraqi and Syrian governments want it, not because of Israel and America’s pressure,” said Velayati at the Valdai Discussion Club, according to the Lebanese news outlet Daily Star.

Velayati added that the military presence of his country in Syria is well-coordinated with Russia and the Damascus government. According to Khamenei’s adviser, Iran is only working to “counter the Americans powerfully” in the war torn country.

“We will counter the Americans powerfully … We will help Syria counter the US aggression, If the US does not want to leave our region, we will force it to do that,” the Russian news agency TASS quoted Velayati as saying.

While Velayati claimed that the Iranian military presence in Syria “has no relation to Israel,” Hossein Amir Abdollahian, the Iranian parliament speaker’s special adviser on international affairs, said last week that Iranian military advisers will help Syria to counter the Israeli attempt to gain dominance in the region.

Recently, Israel and the US began pressuring Iran through political, economic and indirect military means to withdraw its troops from Syria. Valayati’s statement indicates that Iran is not ready to take such step before a US withdrawal from the country. And even in this case, it’s very unlikely that Teheran will withdraw its forces.

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Iran should challenge the US coals if they can make the same statement.

You can call me Al

Stay as long as you are required Iran or until as you state, are asked to leave. Ignore the war mongering US threats.

John Whitehot

Iranian presence in Syria is made up by officers, and not by troops.

They are there to provide leadership tasks, not combat ones.

Empire's Frontiers

Those two things aren’t separable.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

You obviously do not know the difference between advisors and combatants.

Empire's Frontiers

There are very few Iranian advisors who aren’t engaged in combat.

Russians, perhaps there is some separation there.

But the Iranian advisors being blown up every two weeks are in combat whether you like it or not.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

I used to do exactly what the Iranians are doing. You do not know what you are talking about.

Empire's Frontiers

So you’re a former Iranian officer, or your talking about advising in addition to having air superiority?

If you were doing what the Iranians are doing, you were in combat.

Concrete Mike

Not neccesarily…what about training centers…logistics, mecanics, ew, engineering. All.kinds of tasks that is NOT combat im with steven on this one. Listen to the vet, he speaks the truth.

Empire's Frontiers

I’m not discounting his experience.

But the Iranians are facing a considerably more violent tour than simply advising would suggest.

Concrete Mike

Hard to say my man. Im not in syria, im in a 10m deep hole going around in circles lol. Oh well its beers time in 40 mins…lets have on in honor of brave syrians fighting for their country.


Don’t believe all you read in the Zionist media.

Empire's Frontiers

That’s rich coming from you.


Iranian officers have largely been killed in Syria by mortar shelling or in skirmish ambushes – not in the active combat command of SAA. Syria has had multiple war zone fronts and areas and roads behind combat fronts have not always been secure.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Most of the Iran Hezbollah militia is made up from many countries dealing with terrorism as they are wanting to learn how to fight it in their own countries. This also gives them a chance to leave their own countries and move their families to Iran. US has screwed up their countries with terrorists and not many people are happy with that now.


If I have Guests in my Home….. and my Neighbour says they got to leave….I will listen to my Neighbour and KICK MY GUESTS OUT OF MY HOME…….BWAHAHAA…IsraHell & America are a bit Sick in the Head….


And they’re losing the battle so they are getting sicker in the head by the day.


Well IsraHell always got the Samson Option Left….


True, but if they would have to resort to that it would mean IsraHell itself is history.


That might be part of the plan….or of the Old Plan…. have Israel Destroyed… Create a Shock & Fear in the West for Muslims… that could have been the Start of Modern Crusades… the Outcome of this Battle Wouldn’t even Matter to the Elites… Create Chaos… Bring Order


Hey Merijn, interesting article indeed, though some of seems to be far-fetched, some of it more real, some I cannot assess either way.

What is shocking for me is the enormous amount of campaign & lobbying funding swirling around that corrupts a large group of Congress (wo)men. Preston James refers to it numerous times in his exposé. Nevertheless, among his 30 points about “what specifically must be done to take back America from the Israeli/WZ
hijackers and prevent them from transforming America into GAZA II and
then tyrannizing, terrorizing, asset stripping, interning in FEMA Camps
and systematically mass murdering us”, he does not mention stopping this obsessively sick form of monetisation of politics.

Anyhow, thanks for linking to the article. Tot gauw ;-)


Tot snel….;)


Yes, good for brave Iran to stand against these warmongering, land grabbing maggots. And I must say that I am very happy that Ireland is now passing a law that will criminalize those doing business by purchasing goods from the occupied territories. The murder of the Palestinians in the “Right to Return March” is coming home to roost. The child killing bastards are now on the downward slide–thank God Let’s hope the rest of the European nations have the moral decency and courage to follow suit. Imagine! Some years ago, there was almost nothing left of Syrian territory. Israel was gloating at the bit. Now, it is different; Israel, the illegal occupier of the land named israel and the land of Palestine is now ‘chomping” at the bit. They are worried. Their Zionist world dominance agenda has suffered a mortal blow–and is now irreversible. It must be so disappointing and lonely for the Americans in their embassy in Jerusalem–no other westerners to have coffee with and bulshit. How nice! Soon, its back to Tel Aviv. Long live Syria, Palestine, Gaza, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon– Hezbollah, SAA, Russia– and Ireland.–and others fair minded nations.
Recently, it has been suggested by the American Congress that Trump take at lest 20 ememas per day. and for the tube to be inserted by his “lover” BIBi (meaning sewage) Netanyahu. Then Trump has to do same in return to the child killer..
And to be sure, that is the only decent suggestion coming from that bunch in recent years.


Proud of Ireland.
I wrote a comment yesterday which is interconnected to what you said here, so I post the link to it:


Of course they’ll leave if local governments don’t want them, they don’t want to get shot by their own allies.
On the other hand that is a mighty thin thread they’re holding onto, their presence complicates matters for everyone and if the locals decide they don’t need Iran anymore well… simplify simplify.
BTW, when Iran says “Iraqi government,” do they mean Baghdad or the leaders of their Iraqi proxy militias?


BTW, when you say “Iraqi government,” do you mean the American installed Government, or the leaders of the peoples militias?


And that’s the way it should be, the empire-in-decline & its ZioNazi master in Jerusalem do not decide who stays and who leaves Syria. Period.

Lena Jones

As an American I DEMAND we kick out all israel-firster from our land – send them all to Leper island and NOT to occupied Historic Palestine .

Well, my demand is less preposterous than what USrael is demanding of Syria.

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