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Iran Will Support Syria If US Attacks – Top Adviser To Iran’s Supreme Leader

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Iran Will Support Syria If US Attacks – Top Adviser To Iran’s Supreme Leader

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On April 11, Ali Akbar Velayati, the top adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, vowed to support the Damascus government against any attack of the US and its allies, according to Reuters news agency.

“We will stand by Syria’s government against any foreign aggression … Iran backs Syria in its fight against America and the Zionist Regime [Israel],” Ali Akbar Velayati told the Syrian state TV during his visit to the newly liberated Eastern Ghouta region.

Velayati added that Syria’s enemies are angry because of “its military advances against terrorist groups” in a hint to the recent successful operation in the Eastern Ghouta region and the US reaction to it.

Khamenei’s top adviser visit to Syria came only three days after seven Iranian officers and soldiers were killed in an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian T4 airbase in the eastern Homs countryside. Back then, Velayati promised that Iran will respond to the Israeli attack.

Iran will likely assist Syria in case of any possible large-scale attack by the US and its allies on the country. Teheran may step up its military aid to the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and deploye more troops in the war-torn country. If the large-scale regional conflict erupts, Teheran may use its missile arsenal.

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  1. Lupus says:


    1. Rob says:


      Saddam and his nation were innocent just they invaded Iraq for Israeli migrants.

      Trump, May and Macron like witches deluding the world by false chemical attacks in Syria to make it cause to invade Syria. We know that they do these tricks to wash lands with blood in the nations but these tricks will be smashed on their faces.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        No Saddam was not innocent, he rejected the US dollar, the worst crime in the world for America.

        The good news, is they openly show the world their weak spot.
        If ordinary people took their money out of banks, and bought gold and silver it would destroy the dollar, and save millions of lives.
        Death to the dollar.

        1. Rob says:

          What is dollar note that is just a paper.

        2. Judith says:

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      2. Merijn says:

        Do you know what they did with Witches…?

    2. christianblood says:

      Excellent analysis! Thank you!

    3. Starlight says:

      Iran has no choice. Syria was no form of ally to Iran prior to the ‘war’- when Assad was a willing lackey of Tony Blair and Bush in the aftermath of Blair’s false flag, 911.

      But once Assad learned the lesson that even a perfect lick-spittle of the West is DEAD when the jews want you dead (see Saddam), Assad was happy to accept help from anyone.

      By engaging in the Syria (and Yemen) war, Iran seeks experience, influence, and a complicating factor in the region that delays the Deep State planning for the Iran War.

      But Iran is limited to taking on wahhbai terrorists only. Iran doesn’t even dare attack the vile jew filth of Israel, when said jew filth mass murder yet again even more Iranians. And Iran knows Putin gives Israel every assistance in buchering Iranians. But what can Iran do?

      Jew filth publications were only today quoting the words of Putin’s deputy embassador to the demonic state of Israel- where Putin’s man told the neo-nazi jews that Russia would destroy Iran if Iran ever tried revenge attacks against Israel. Google it- lots of reports of this, cos the jews ALWAYS boast about how they have Russia by the balls.

      So Iran backing Syria means NOTHING in the face of jew and nazi attacks against Syria- and who can blame friendless Iran for merely doing whatever they can to survive.

  2. Russie Unie says:

    Allahu Akbar ! God bless Iran ! Long live the Axis of Resistance !

  3. alejoeisabel says:

    That is exactly what the Zionists want a war with Iran. That is why Bolton was put in the NSA to whisper in Trump’s ear. Any doubts that the Zionists control the US.

    1. The Latin Mass says:

      Iran should not even fight if Russia is drawn in. Fight with proxies, of course a sane Iran would do this. But a war against Iran is what the jews want.

  4. FlorianGeyer says:

    Make the NATO boys and girls bleed and that will not be able to be concealed from their home countries.

    The deaths of ‘ Brown Mussie people ‘ mean nothing to them ,especially the Holocaust being committed in Yemen today.

    1. whatsmolly says:

      I think ultimately their control of public opinion is not as strong as they think. Once the US soldiers start comming back home in coffins the public won’t be too excited about going to war over a story that all western msm media only spent a day reporting on. Most people are quit disinterested and blind to this conflict and it wouldn’t take much for public opinion to shift in a different direction. He was also elected on the promise to not fuck with the middle East and it’s going to turn a good portion of the left and right against him even if Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons attack.

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        whatsmolly, this time Americans mess with wrong foe. Russia is not Syria. It’s not about “US soldiers start comming back home in coffins” but total armagedon on US soil. Yes, US can destroy Russia with full scale nuclear attack but retaliatory devestation of US is also inevitable.

  5. Roger Snellman says:

    Iran’s support will consist of holding up Sunni’s as human shields. Iran attacking the US in Syria is every war mongers dream. That will bring Israel into the battle with the extermination of Hezbollah and another expansion of Israel to include southern Lebanon and a small chunk of Syria, granted larger that the chunk they took from Syria 50 years ago.

    1. Redadmiral says:

      How the fuck do ya sleep with all those wet dreams you do be havin….

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        I pray for peace. I do not wish this to happen to Syria. I am just stating the facts. Can you not see where this is headed? What in the world do you believe will happen?

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          World goes down in flames if you stupid f@cks do not stop warmongering. Israel goes in the first raw.

        2. Joe says:

          We all do. Poor Syrians have faced 7 years of war, yet evil forces from Israel to o US want to continue to kill and destroy.

          They even want to destroy the world with war against Russia

        3. Ewan says:

          Israel was unable to exterminate Hizbollah 12 years ago. They will be even less likely to do it now. The israelis fear a Golan takeback by Hizbollah and Iran- which will happen anyway once Syria is stabilised. That is why it is goading the US into an attack. The US is playing chicken with Russia to elicit a response.If Russia shows determination, the US will back off (Trump made provision for this by adding ambiguity to his 2nd tweet on Syria being bombed – saying it may not be soon – essentially an exit clause for chickenshit US”

    2. alejoeisabel says:

      Unlike Iran, Israel, the US, Turkey violate international law. That is the main difference. Iran and Russia and Hezbollah are in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. The US, Turkey, Israel and all of their mercenaries are invaders.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        All true but the Rest Of World cares little for those rules. ROW believes Assad cares little for international law since he lied about getting rid of chemical weapons back in 2014. ROW believes Russia cares little for international law since invading Ukraine and taking Ukraine’s land. ROW believes Iran cares little for international law because of their support for international terrorist Hezbollah.

        1. You can call me Al says:

          Your invading The Ukraine gives you up, you pathetic zio-Yank.

        2. christianblood says:

          International law = U$ and Western liberal imperialist hegemony!

        3. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          When you are talking about those who are flippant with International laws time for the intellectually impaired to learn a few things about the real facts of those whom break it with impunity. Well let me give you a little information which people like you and others are not informed about as the only little green men in Ukraine were 9000 Polish soldiers whom were cutoff by Russian forces which made a retreat after negotiations with Russia and NATO. Why do people like you not know these things as there were Academi, Craft along with other known Mercenaries groups along with NATO special forces aiding in the overthrow of the democratically elected Government. Who in the rest of the world do think your talking about G-77 Nations support Iran and Russia in defending Syria , please tell me you are not talking about some western and a few EU countries are you?

          We could look back even further at those who have done what you believe Russia had done , US in the Korean war , Vietnam war , South America, Africa, Afghanistan(twice), Iraq(twice) Former Yugoslavia and that is an ongoing mess like Libya , Syria ad infinitum seems you are so far off base and are just deflecting of crimes and laws being broken by the west . Let’s look at Israel which took up hundreds of Resolutions at the UN against it and not even adheres to one of them and still murders and massacres with impunity because the US uses its bully stance to throw its weight around.

          Seems you are not even credible to come up with a real argument as Hezbollah is not even in the definition of a terrorist as if you were to apply that to Israel Forces that definition would definitely apply along with the US,UK France , Saudi Arabia etc. you get the picture as you have some twisted views in this world.

    3. The Latin Mass says:

      Let Russia defend her allies. Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey should all stay out.

      1. Roger Snellman says:

        Russia has run away with it’s tail between it’s legs. Begging Israel not to attack again. Iraq, Turkey and Iran are all in, do not think Pakistan is in. Then there is US, UK, France, … those are the movers and shakers to watch.

        1. Mountains says:

          Turkey? Turkey will definitely come in riding with US, France and Uk that I can granti you.

          Pakistan might get hired to storm Iran from the otherside this could break Irans will and back quicklier then expected if Pakistan incursion arrives which they could technically if Saudi Arabia orders it and pays for it

          1. BlueOctopusBoy says:

            Pakistans military is garbage..they can barely contain home grown insurgency…in a conflict with Iran they’ll be wiped out…Pakistan has nukes by it’s only to deter India’s superior nukes… Iran’s main for will be US, Israel, Saudi….

          2. Mountains says:

            Pakistan has modern army forget nukes weapon for weapon pakistan has modern army where as Iran has outdated weaponry. They could get invaded fairly easily

          3. christianblood says:

            Iranians are warriors and have the will and the moral to fight for their country and independence and that their biggest and most effective weapon.

          4. Mountains says:

            The persians definitely don’t have the history to back it. They have been known through out history as habitual bottlers and would fold even at armies 1000 times smaller in numbers then themselves. The definition of a paper tiger is defined by PERSIANS

          5. christianblood says:

            When Iranians were down militarily, just at the start of their revolution in 1980, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq backed by all Arab and Sunni states and by America and the West tried to invade their land and destroy them and they couldn’t over come them. Today they are much more stronger and united and they will be a tough nut to crack.

          6. Mountains says:

            Not at all and on the contrary.. Iran will fold quickly remember this

          7. Ewan says:

            In an allout war, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain and all oil terminals and US Persian Gulf military bases will be flattened in seconds by Iranian missile barrages. Israel will fall to the same fate. The pakis will fight on whichever side pays them more. (actually, they may help Iran when the Saudis aren’t looking)

        2. christianblood says:

          The evil, satanic empire of the U$ and its Western vassals shall NOT endure. It will crumble from within.

        3. Ted says:

          Do not try and talk sense you will upset the ignorant. The facts that are right in front of us all but do not sway them one bit why should your words? Simply because they are true? They believe Iran could stop such an attack yet what did Iran do yesterday when bombed again? Where was this mighty power ? Russia is the only country with the ability to react to such an attack and that is limited as well. It is pretty obvious that the US continues to push the issue, that the US has no right to be involved here but is hell bent on sticking its nose where it does not belong. At some point Russia will realize that the powers that be are out to hurt it and it will have to act. I am with you when I say I hope its not the start.

          1. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

            Let me explain to you that Iran is in Syria in limited numbers and these are Hezbollah Militias from Iran and Afghanistan and not IRGC troops. The Syrian Air defences tested out a new intercept method and was able to stop 5 of 8 cruise missiles with it , that should explain what US and it’s small group of backers and troops. Why do you think Trump went on twitter downplaying his tough talk many are not with Trump as they know Russia has better capabilities than the US has. Wonder how many arrogant US citizens and UK along France believe they can win.

        4. Ewan says:

          Mainly Shakers- Shake and Run when Hizbollah Yakhonts sinks their fleet.

        5. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

          Like how you think these decrepit old failed Empires with their Sycophant leaders all bowing down to an impotent raging little fat criminal called Bibi you make me laugh with your pathetic little childlike musings from a bunch of miscreants derelict of conscious thought and so called Think Tank analysts in the west. These are fast fading hasbeens of a bygone era never to see that their light has faded and waned in this new world as yet they seek to be relevant in it. When you name countries you don’t seem to understand the politics of each individual one has and how their local politics are. You do nothing but just make empty talking points about what you think or want to happen which doesn’t always make it happen so. You mistake Russian diplomacy for weakness and yet you can’t fathom old school International political leniency similar to trying to teach a child that there are certain behaviors that is expected of it rather than throwing childish temper tantrums because it doesn’t get it’s way.

          Feel sorry for your lack of insight and knowledge in the political spectrum and having presumed assumptions always makes one incapable of making wise and prudent comments.

    4. Sinbad2 says:

      Israel couldn’t defeat an ants nest, they rely on America to protect them.
      Israel is like one of those bad American comedies, where the whimpy kid pays a bully to protect him. The only difference, is Israel has convinced those stupid goddams to pay to die for Israel.

    5. You can call me Al says:

      Hahahaha, the hooked noses need to bang their head on a bloody wall. Hezbollah beat them last time, this time they will hammer them.

    6. Tudor Miron says:

      “extermination of Hezbollah “(c) – same way they exterminated them in 2006?

    7. Joe says:

      Your views are all wrong.

      Iran will not attack but defend. When they do inside Syria, for certainty US forces are all dead meat as Iran has all the logistics, manpower and resources US does not have.

      Israel fear HEZBOLLAH the most and it is your fantasy that Israel dare even to provoke HEZBOLLAH in Lebanon let alone expanding.

      Facts have proven to be so .. Israel needs US to do the dirty work
      So far failed

      Next war, HEZBOLLAH will be fighting inside Israel…. See how Houthis fought HEZBOLLAH style vs all the air power money can buy

      Face reality

      1. Ewan says:

        Hezbollah will fight inside Israel and Trump will have to move his Embassy to the new Israeli capital – a Polish Ghetto

    8. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Really blow MSM nonsense out your ass all the time? We seen how effective Israel is in a fair fight they lose in 67′ they attacked then cried to UK and the US to help them keep them to steal the land yet it was not recognized by the UN and the US and Israeli pilots flying unmarked planes attacked the USS Liberty with the intention of sinking it to start a nuclear war , this gets boring trying to go nuclear only idiots would think they will survive.

  6. georgeking says:

    Iran needs to share its Air Defence Systems and home designed Jet fighter planes with Syria

    1. christianblood says:

      And Russia and China should arm Iran to the teeth giving them more sophisticated anti-ship and anti-aircraft missiles and more submarines so that they can close down the Hormuz if attacked.

      1. MH370 says:

        they even sale S400 to turkey and Saudi..what do you think Russia would arm Iran to the teeth?

  7. World_Eye says:

    Of course they will support they are supporting whole along why should they stop now.

  8. MH370 says:

    are they capable? its not about proxy war anymore fighting militants but full fledge conventional war with no hold barred with full back united nations.

  9. Vitex says:

    Much as I have sympathy for the Iranian cause, can’t really take soldiers seriously who wear Ray-Bans as part of their combat gear.

    1. goingbrokes says:

      Parade gear, my friend!

    2. Terra Cotta Woolpuller says:

      Most out there wear that as Parade gear and seriously you think they Parade gear as combat gear not even close on that one.

  10. Parisa Zoorgoo says:

    heroes are fighting the dancing child burners, while cowardly rat racers alow them to take over the gov. we must all help to defeat this cancer, we are the worlds immune sytem and must do our part. demonstrate demonstrate and demonstrate some more and you will save lives

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