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Iran Vows To Respond To Israeli Strike On Syria’s T4 Airbase – Reports

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Iran Vows To Respond To Israeli Strike On Syria's T4 Airbase - Reports

A S-300 missile system is displayed by Iran’s army during a military parade marking the 36th anniversary of Iraq’s 1980 invasion of Iran. IMAGE SOURCE: AP PHOTO/ EBRAHIM NOROOZI

Iran vows to respond to the alleged April 9 Israeli airstrike on Syria’s T4 Airbase in which at least 7 Iranian servicemembers were killed.

According to Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV channel, the senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned that the Israeli missile attack “will not remain without a response.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif denounced the Israeli strike on April 10 by saying that “whenever the terrorists face defeats, the Zionist regime launches operations and so do the Americans.”

“The situation of US-backed terrorists is Syria is not good and every day they are suffering new blows. The Zionist regime and the US have in different stages rushed to the scene to boost the morale of terrorists,” Zarif said.

Zarif warned of the repercussions of the “dangerous” policies adopted by Israel and the US and Israel. He noted that “there is authentic intelligence that the US is relocating the Daesh [ISIS] terrorists” to use them in different regions.

“These policies are very dangerous and their outcome will be dangerous for both regional and international peace and security as well as the US itself,” Zarif said.

Asked about an alleged chemicalattack on the Syrian town of Douma last weekend, Zarif noted:

“We think the US government is seeking a pretext for intervention.”


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Iran vowed many times before … nothing in the end .

Steve Bell

Israeli assassinations of Iranian scientists stopped after a busload of Israelis was blown up in Bulgaria. Expect another such surprise.


That ages ago and know how many vows had been issued?

Hisham Saber

Iran has a defensive doctrine for right now. When the exact time comes, Iran can muster millions of men under arms. And that fatwa, banning nuclear weapons, can be struck down very easily, and you better believe they have weapons grade uranium and plutonium and the delivery system should the call arrive.


…..or even some nukes supplied by NK

John Whitehot

Israel has been whining all the time, nothing in the end.


This time they really dared to attack Iranian Assets deliberately which I thought previous they would not dare to.
Meanwhile Iran just vow again…yawn

John Whitehot

meanwhile, the “Angel of death” (Israeli definition) Assad is still there, after years of whining.

Peter Bond

You meant winning, fixed that for you Pratt!

John Whitehot


Hisham Saber

Heres a joke for you.

What do you call 40 Jews in a basement ?

A whine cellar !

Patrick Jann

I would have said an ashtray :D

John Whitehot


roberto silveira

Iran will respond… Iran will respond… Russia will respond… Russia will respond… Nothing happens. Meanwhile, Israhell, zioUSA become more and more obnoxious. I’m tired.

You can call me Al

Yes I know, but the next day or two will give us a clue what will happen or at least where it is going.

If the US attacks with Israel, the Saudis and other Nato Countries, well all h3ll is going to break out in and around Syria, maybe Iraq, Palestine and The Lebanon too …..the question then is, do they hit Iran and starting from there, we will know if it will go Global. Nato attacks on Russia’s West border ?, does China come in ?…….

They – US plus allies must be in a deep state of panic to even contemplate the next step.

Steve Bell

Not sure about Russia, but Iran keeps its promises… perhaps another busload of Israelis will be blown up in Bulgaria, or Israeli warplanes suddenly falling from the sky over Lebanon.

John Whitehot

“or Israeli warplanes suddenly falling from the sky over Lebanon”

which would be something good and just, as the israeli war-criminals need to respond for the violations of the airspace of a sovereign country and even the usage of weapons within it.


As far as I’m aware, Iran has always delivered on it’s promises. Would you elaborate on when has Iran not responded to Israeli offences?

John Whitehot

It’s only the MsM that is talking about israeli raids like they changed anything in the conflict.

reality is that they do that from the safety of lebanese airspcae just to give the impression that they still have the ability to use military instruments.

Israel is now limited to provocations, and nobody will bother responding to them.


Maybe this is the reason Trump wants to take out the Syrian Sams that keeps all western planes out of Syria .

At the moment no Israeli plane dare to fly into Syria so they need lots and lots of Cruise missiles to do the job and it is happening now as more ships with old Tomahawks get close to Syria .

Assad should now try to use dummies to allow the fools to destroy them …

I believe all are preparing and hiding their assets that can be taken out.
Only fools do not prepare.


Against an in raw power superior foe one doesn’t win by a head on attack. But with a well thought trough long time strategy, lots of patience and never getting lost of the aim. Russia is very skilled in doing it that way, so is Iran. Often we will never hear or feel the response because it is so subtile nobody realises it happened until it is long too late.
Just look what happened with Turkey, they are a part of NATO yet they ended up openly criticising the US. Wether this is because of the influence of Russia or not we don’t know, maybe never will know.

But the US feels the wind against them is getting stronger, and it makes them go furious, all that escalation we see now happens because the US is realising slowly that it is not only losing but it has lost long ago. Had they seen that two year ago there had been plenty of time to react, but they didn’t because Russia played it very well and the US always were one step behind. For you this seems like nothing is happening but this is a good sign because it is supposed to look exactly like that.

roberto silveira

Agree. You have put things intelligently. Thank you.

Russie Unie

Nuke them all ! Fed up with the zionists !

Peter Bond

Knock off the vodka meathead, Israel has over 300 nukes, now tell me what country on earth can eat that many? Iran? Hahaha

Taz T

That’s why Israel should not be allowed to have nuclear bombs because they are a menace and danger to the region and if they use nuclear bombs they have to forget the holocaust! hahaha


300 Nukes and it lost to 3000 poor little guerillas with No airforce, No tanks, No navy, No artillery – Israeli army without USA help are…back home in Polish Ghettos or drowned in the Med like rats off a ship.


Israel is an unwanted state in the region. pushing its existance through violance. us/west helping them cause all their bankers and thus politicians are israeli controlled. this issue is worse than isis (surely an israeli plan) or other terrorist psychopats. should israel state not kicked out of the middle east, peace will never come to the world.

leon mc pilibin

Liars,liars,liars,and more lies.So k Zionist warmongering scumbags.


remember , israel air force have 700 planes with genius pilot …

Hisham Saber

spoken like a true Jewish Zionist blowjob. Heck, if I had your address, I would send you pillows to kneel on while you serviced you jEWish Israeli cousins.

700 planes? And one genius pilot? Hardly. And btw, its who has the ground forces to take and control territory that counts. The child killing IDF of Syrian Arab Army, NDF , Hezbollah , who have 7 years of real combat experience, and possibly the IRGC Corps, and Iranian National Army. Wake up. The writing is on the wall for Israel. Its time to start heading back to Europe, Russia, or whatever, before the Iranians destroy Ben Gurion Airport.


Genius Pilot ! LoL – what an asshole you are. American planes + Radar jammers don’t make “genius” pilot. It makes freeloader pilot – free gifts from USA – Israeli Army are pussies – 60 000 lost to 3000 Hizbollah in 2006 – afterwards, Zio Cowards never attacked Lebanon like they used to. Now they begging USA to Attack Iran and help wipe out Hizbollah. Where are “genius” pilots now – too scared to attack Syria – their Mommas are keeping them at home. Fckoff back to European ghettos u parasites.


Yes, as much as I do not want to admit it, Iran never follows through on its reactionary threats. Never to help Palestine and Gaza–just a lot of bluster. I have listened to the same empty threats down through the years. Sadly, to say, this time will not be any different. Turkey is exactly the same–all afraid of the little stolen land called Israelhell. Shame on them. However, I do admire their efforts in Syria. They are truly helping close down the Israel / US hegemonic drive. For this, my congratulations. They are a great fighting force. But about Palestine, Gaza and the latest Israeli attack on its military in Syria, their tough words are but empty bluster. But, this time . . . hopefully I am wrong . . .

Peter Bond

In a dog fight, Iran’s airforce would be wiped out!!! The Israel’s don’t phuck around, Israeli pilots have thousand hours of flying and fight simulations..Iran is no match…it would be a beat down and this would be even more embarrassing like what the Arabs faced. May G+d continue to bless israel.

Hisham Saber

you can fly around in the skies all you want, who’s got the boots on the ground? Thye Shia crescent and Sunni Arabs of the region will eat you alive. Forgot the little taste of hell Israel got at the hands of a militia, Hezbollah, in 2006. Leading to the discontinuation and closure of the plant that makes the Merkava MBT (Chariot of God, lol). That was a militia, how do you think Israel, who are only good at shooting unarmed civilians are going to fare against the full ground forces of Iran and its might of its armed forces and auxiliaries?

So , yeah, pray to your Gods Jewboy, whomever they are, Molech, Baal, Rabbi’s a phallus etc. The U.S., U.K, France and Israel against Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Syrian Arab Army (7 years experience, both, IRGC, Iran , Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces that answer directly to Khamenie. Iraq, and silently operating behing this alliance is China.

You Jews, and Zionist blowjobs are in for a terrifying ordeal. Israel wont be on any new maps within 5 years, give or a take a year.

John Whitehot

“Iran never follows through on its reactionary threats”

no, it’s just that when israeli military or mossad get killed it does not get reported.

Dušan Mirić

I hope Iranians are not going to target civilians structures. It is counterproductive and they know it very well.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Iran does not produce a single anti-air system that can defend Lebanon or Syria.
Iran has never shot down an Israeli airplane in their life.
Iran threats are as hollow as their ability to send in a division in Syria and end the Syrian war by the year 2014 lol.

Augsta “Augsta”

Iran’s threats are as deep as your mother’s deep fat ugly pussy.

Fred Dozer

The entire article is plain and simple facts. However the comments downplay Iran as a threat to Israel or the US. Why is that the exact opposite of both countries positions as, Iran being the largest threat in the world. I think Lebanon needs several S-500. Maybe they can get a good deal or aid to buy them ?

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