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Iran Vows To Boost Missile Capabilities, Claims Its ‘S-300 Version’ Is Better Than Russian

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Iran Vows To Boost Missile Capabilities, Claims Its 'S-300 Version' Is Better Than Russian

Missiles are displayed during an exhibition on the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war, as part of the “Sacred Defense Week” commemorating the 8-year war on September 28, 2014 at a park, northern Tehran. (Photo: Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images).

Iran made several interesting military claims in September 2018, as reported by PressTV.

The most significant is probably the claim that the US would lose any war it starts with Iran. On September 14th, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the IRGC’s second-in-command, said in a speech that Washington knows “it will be on the losing side if it ever starts a war with Iran and [this will] help further increase Iran’s influence.”

“The US military is incapable of engaging us in a battle and the American economy wouldn’t be able to support the war either,” he added.

He also said that the recent IRGC missile attack against Iraq-based militants was a clear warning to Iran’s adversaries. It showed that even the slightest violations to the Islamic Republic’s sovereignty would be decisive.

Salami also claimed that that all US plans to isolate Iran had backfired and many countries were now following Iran’s model of resistance against the US, Israel and other “bullying powers.”

“The Iranian nation defeated the US when it blocked America’s ‘New Middle East’ project,” Salami said. The Iranian nation, he added, also caused US plan to retake control over the Islamic world to fail, as cited by PressTV.

The US, according to the Brigadier General also suffered major defeats in Palestine, Syria and the rest of the Middle East.

On September 9th, Former defense minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says Iran’s own version of the S-300 missile system is more precise than the Russian type.

According to Vahidi, after the Russians initially refused to deliver the S-300, Iran started to build its own prototype based on the long-range Russian air defense system.

“We told them that we will build the system ourselves indigenously, and ultimately, by God’s grace and through the diligence of the Iranian youth and elite, we built a better version in less than six years,” said Vahidi, who is currently the president of the Supreme National Defense University.

“Today, the Islamic Republic has the main say in the West Asia region, and Iran’s discourse dominates,” Vahidi said.

The rhetoric, however, is not one of “force and hegemony,” he added. “We are not trying to subject Iraq and Syria to hegemony, and do not seek to add even a palm’s length of soil to the country’s territory.”

“Our discourse features extrication of humanity,” the commander said, adding that thanks to the efforts of the country’s researchers and elite “no door would remain closed to the country.”

Prior to that, on September 1st, Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister for International Affairs Second Brigadier General Mohammad Ahadi, during a meeting with foreign military attachés residing in Tehran, said that Iran plans to boost the capabilities of its ballistic and cruise missiles.

“Increasing the capabilities of various types of ballistic and cruise missiles, the acquisition of a new generation of fighter jets as well as … vessels and submarines with various weapons capabilities are among the new plans of the ministry,” Ahadi said.

He further added that United Nations Security Council sanctions against the country had failed to stop the development of Iran’s defense industry.

“We have the necessary infrastructure and what we need to do is research and development while upgrading and keeping updated the defense industry. To that end, we are relying on the country’s very high scientific capacities and tens of thousands of graduates in different technical and engineering majors,” Ahadi pointed out.

He also added that Iran’s defense diplomacy is open to interactions with all nations, with the exception of Israel. Ahadi further added that the Islamic Republic aims to promote peace and security in the region and across the world and prevent any crisis.

The official further noted that Iran enjoys good defense and security relations with regional countries, saying close cooperation with neighboring states is a priority.

In addition to that, the Drive cited Iranian Air Defense Force Brigadier General Mahmoud Ebrahiminejad, Deputy Commander of the Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base who said that Iran had successfully tested its Bavar 373 long-range surface-to-air missile system in a ballistic missile defense role. The successful tests took place in 2017. The Bavar 373 has been under development since at least 2011 and it was announced that its initial operational evaluation had been completed in January 2018.

As reported by PressTV, Iran has, in recent years, made major breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in manufacturing military equipment and hardware, despite sanctions.

Iran also, on August 13th, revealed the Fateh Mobin missile, which is a new generation of precision-guided missiles capable of striking ground and seaborne targets in surgical operations.

The boost in missile capabilities was mentioned as early as August 19th. That is when Brigadier General Amir Hatami announced the unveiling of Iran’s new fighter jet and claimed that the country has no choice but to improve its defensive capabilities.

“We will spare no efforts to preserve the defense power and will develop it,” the Iranian defense minister said, adding, “We have no other way because they (the enemies) want to disarm us.”

All of this comes after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned the US leader not to “play with the lion’s tail” after the US unveiled a series of economic and political measures which Tehran said amounted to a declaration of war. To that Donald Trump threatened Iran with “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before.” This all followed Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal and reintroduced sanctions, some of which have already come into effect, with others incoming by the end of 2018.

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Tommy Jensen

So Syria dont need Russia to create Yinon with US and Israel. Syria can get S-300 from Iran.

Sage Durham

There are rumours Russia sold custom advanced s-300 to Iran – more like s-400.
I hope Syria has this.


The reason the modern S-300 can hit something with accuracy is because Russian Satalites look down and see the black object.

S-400 is a Small Army, this is why this an Aerial denial system. Multiple Missiles systems and Multiple systems that use advanced Russian Technology can track target…
The low flyinng missiles use technology based on the Human eye.
The None export version of the S-400 and the US equivelant hit targets with 99A% accuracy because those systems can guide Satalite targets woth 500 million dollars AKA F-35 SU57

Icarus Tanović

Syrians already hit f35 with S200.


did not sell

Zionism = EVIL

Iranians have modified them and changed the frequencies and IFF as they don’t trust the Russians. Secondly, the S-300 are over 25 years old and even NATO member Greece has them and Zionists have taken them apart in Greece. The S-400 being sold to Turkey will be dud as Russians would have provided the operational specs to both NATO and Zionists. Russia is like a whore and will sell to anyone willing to pay. The Saudis who are bitter enemies of Russia are getting S-400, so are US puppets UAE and Qatar. The S-400 are like the 10,000 Russian Natasha whores in the region from Dubai to Istanbul, whoever pays can have them.


as they don’t trust the Russians

so, they are not friens of russia? :DDDD btw., modifications will not help, ruskies take them down at will.


Modified the IFF low level Frequency? The Russians sold the Iranians old stock? or New stock with the Original electroni…. No… This is a Load of Bullshit.
The Russians have an invested interest in putting a competent air defence on it southern Border..
The Russians would not Sell Iran dud S-300’s and if Iran DID modify the accuracy… Russia should investigate than.. Iran Is leaving a hole that leads deep into the Russian Belly.


with iran syria was already lost in 2015 :P

Manuel Flores Escobar

it would better for Syria that Iran air defense will be deployed in Syria…..SAA are an unskilled army with some unprofesional movements..( example to park a pantsir system while the crew were smoking cigarrets and israeli air force were attacking Syria..)



Zionism = EVIL

and why do think Arabs lose wars? they are undisciplined and emotional people and can’t think strategically.


Iranians are not Arab, they are Caucasian, that is Israel’s real fear of Iran.
They are also well educated.


arabs are caucasians, too :DDDD


the usaf would destroy them. think global, write local

Promitheas Apollonious



Well done Iran, don’t stop, keep it up. Produce ICBM and nuclear weapons. This is your right.

Iran has produced a Turbo jet engine with 25 kilonewtons thrust yields. Very good. Iran should produce turbo jet engines with 200 kilonewtons thrust yields for fighter jets which can be easily modified into 300 kilonewtons turbojet engines for commercial jets.


I don’t care if its better, equal or worse to the Russian system, if the Iranians have it, they should sent it the fuck over to Syria, just to piss off the Israelis.

Feudalism Victory

That would be funny. Theyd have to be prepared to shoot them quickly as its a good bet theyd be targetted by israel real quick though.

paul ( original )

I hope it is better. To prove it lets hope we will soon see Israeli jets getting a very close last look at them.


Unfortunately, I doubt Iran has enough to send to Syria. If they did I’m sure they would give it to both Syria and Hezbollah.

Icarus Tanović

Maybe they already have.


If they did, why is Israel still bombing Iranian and Hezbollah troops and bases in Syria without consequences? Right now the only thing that’s holding them back for a while is the fall out of the Il-20 shootdown.

Icarus Tanović

Because they’re waiting for real moment.


so, you want more israeli attacks

Zionism = EVIL

Not if the Zionist planes are shot down. The Russians so far have colluded with the Zionists and have given them a free pass to bomb Syria. The Russian military and especially the defence minister Shoigu was quite angry at the loss of Russian lives in several of these raids, but the coward Putin who is part Jew overruled the military and downplayed the loss of Russian lives. The death of the latest 15 Russians in the downing of the IL-20 has not gone down too well in Russian streets where anger at Zionist scum is growing. Putin has ordered that the funerals be kept private and media silenced when the bodies return home.


they will be destroyed before put in service


They’re going to come anyway. But a system comparable to the S-300 might stop the IDF from bombing the shit out of Iranian and Hezbollah troops and bases in Syria as is currently happening.

Zionism = EVIL

The FACT is that Zionist child killers have a weak ground army that is unable to take casualties or stay mobilized for long asymmetrical war so they rely on indiscriminate air strikes. The Russian S-400 and their IFF systems have proved to be duds as the 4 F-16 strike package ghosting the ill-fated IL-20 showed. Putin is a coward anyway and enslaved to Zionists and he apologized and downplayed the destruction of the Russian plane and 15 lives lost. The only way to stop the daily Zionist air attacks is to deploy an integrated AD system over Syria, Iraq and Iran. The Iranians need to cover their forces that have taken substantial losses in men and material.


those weak zionists won all wars, defeated united armies with million troops.

Mustafa Mehmet

Well said.mollas got jack shit just talking big . with no action


Well, they’re definitely not going to get the US to put our signature back on the nuclear deal with this approach. Besides the fact that Iran has so far failed to get ahold of a suitable replacement for their F-4s, and they expect us to believe that they’ve made major improvements on their newly arrived Russian rockets? When Iran’s government is depending totally on deterrence for survival, who exactly is playing with a sleeping lion?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

sounds like u are a zionist


I’m American.

Luke Hemmming

Dual citizen American maybe?


american zionist


So anyone who disagrees with you is in league with your personal enemies? I hope you don’t apply that train of thought to your family life.


i am hated zionist here, too. in reality i hate zionists :D

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

can be american zionists


Just finished an article that claims Kameni takes an S300 with him when he travels internally inside Iran. The Bavar373 still requires pounting, unlike the °360 s300.


That article is completely untrue. Ayatollah Khamenei has visited Mashhad only once in 2018 on March 21st, never in June, July or August.


Thank you for the fact check. It wouldn’t surprise me as all kinds of stories are are being circulated for propaganda purposes.


He takes 2, one in each trouser pocket.


Due to the title of the story, I kinda picturd this long missile tractor-trailor following his entourage around.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

If Iran’s missile is at least as good as the Russian S-300, shouldn’t Iran supply them to Syria, to boost its defenses against Israel?


I think the recent attack on Syria by Israel, that resulted in the shooting down of the Russian plane, and the death of the crew, was aimed at a Syrian missile factory.
Iran is showing the Syrians how to make their own missiles.


Iiiiiraaaan …. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

land of bigger lies than russian ones :DDD

some weeks ago they showed the hypermpdernd 4+++ fighter, which was a 50 years old yankee plane :DD

i am sure, their s-300 is also piece of shit. 98% of iranian missiles were catched by saudi air defense systems.

ayatollahs must die.


I have discussed the Kosar fighter jet you’re referring to in the relevant article.

Concerning the Iranian missiles being intercepted by the RSAD, firstly there are many documented failed interceptions resulting in hits by Houthi missiles and secondly the Badr-1 and Burkan 2-H missiles used by Houthis are sub-quality copies of older Iranian Fajr-3 artillery rocket (not missile) and Qiam 1 short range missile respectively.
It’s unwise to compare the Houthi missile power with the Iranian missile power both in quality and quantity.


When Russia refused to supply Iran with S300 systems to placate American fears, China stepped into the breach.
China which makes the S300 under license from Russia, supplied Iran with guidance modules.
Iran has fitted these modules to its own domestically built missiles, greatly improving their accuracy.
It’s highly likely that Iran now makes its own copies of the guidance modules.
So now with multiple sources, anybody can shoot down attacking American planes.
Ain’t life grand.


The S-200 has repeatedly caused Bird Strikes on the Latest NATO technology…
This is How 94-95 IQ Jews Compare 105IQ White technology.


well thank you iran for showing us how NOT to treat an ally.
you could have kept you big fat mouth shut, but NOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO.
you had to just go and tell the whole world.

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