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MAY 2021

Iran Vows “Massive Response” If Israel Crosses ‘Red Lines’ With Sub Presence In Gulf

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Just a little over three weeks to go until President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan.20 and tensions in the Persian Gulf are at boiling point given not only the presence of a US nuclear submarine but allegedly a major Israeli presence as well. A week ago Israeli sources confirmed that an Israeli submarine had crossed the Suez Canal visibly above water en route to the Persian Gulf as a clear “message” to the Islamic Republic.

On Monday Iran’s foreign ministry warned that Israel now risks crossing “red lines” should it enter deeply into the Gulf and thus Iran’s own backyard, with ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh warning that Israel should be “aware of the risks of crossing Iran’s red lines.”

Iran Vows "Massive Response" If Israel Crosses 'Red Lines' With Sub Presence In Gulf

“Everybody knows what the Persian Gulf means to Iran, and what policy Iran pursues about its national interests and security,” Khatibzadeh said according to Tasnim news agency. The build-up in Persian Gulf waters comes after the November assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh near Tehran in a sophisticated operation widely blamed on Israeli intelligence.

Khatibzadeh added that Iran has sent “messages to the US government and our friends in the region warning the current US regime not to embark on a new adventure in its final days at the White House.”

Separately on Monday a top level Iranian parliament member issued a more directly threatening response to the Israeli sub presence. According to new statements by the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Abolfazl Amouei:

Iran will not hesitate to give a “strong and massive” response to any Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf, a lawmaker says, after the Washington Post  claimed that Tel Aviv was sending one to the strategic waters.

“Israel must know that our response to aggression against our national security will be strong and massive,” Amouei added, speaking on behalf of Iranian lawmakers.

Echoing prior statements of both Iran’s president and the foreign ministry, Amouei alleged that Israel and the outgoing Trump administration were busy looking to provoke a conflict, given the door is closing for such an opportunity as Biden has vowed to immediately restore US participation in the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA).

“Israel is looking for excuses to drag the region into a tension that creates chaos in the last days of the Trump presidency,” Amouei said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

However, whether the Israeli sub is currently actually in Gulf waters or even as far as in the Strait of Hormuz remains a different question. Iran’s foreign ministry downplayed this at the same time, calling both recent Israeli and a Washington Post report a “media assumption.”


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  1. Just Me says:

    Iran is toying with the petrified little Zionist hot air regime, but something sure is afoot.

  2. Great Khan says:

    Iran brother very STRONK! have many brother….now Zionist little Jew buy big diaper…Big China brother also no like Jew and link with Iran brotherhahahahha mamtu boltu little Jew very scared…..hahahahha

    Turkey, Iran, Pakistan rail link to China’s Belt and Road

    Oriental express service for the 21st century connecting West Asia to China begins


      1. farbat says:

        irans missiles are more high tech these days than that of dprk for sure i mean the body the motor the fuel even is more advanced than most nations and its all more advanced so iran has no need to import anything in that aspect from dprk

        1. John Brown says:

          Yes and Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor is Hezbollah’s and Iran’s nuclear

          weapon against Israel. Its why Iran doesn’t need or want nuclear weapons.It will give off more radiation then 10 nuclear bombs
          when it is destroyed leaving much of israel un-inhabital for some time.

          Just look at Chernobyl or the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disasters. The no go zones around both are still bigger then Israel.

          if Israel and the so called superior master race had any brains they would dismantle the reactor for this reason alone.

          1. farbat says:

            you dont seem to get it they cant stop 1 single of our missiles they simply dont have the know how of plasma technology and the nano technology used to counter it

          2. John Brown says:

            I guess the Israeli media, government etc., according to you are fake news anti Jewish and full of hate????

            What a joke you are.

            Israel can’t even shoot down rockets from Hamas on the Gaza strip made in someones basement.


            An Israeli army tank hit two Hamas military positions in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday afternoon in retaliation for three rockets that were fired at Israel minutes earlier, the Israeli military said in a statement.The Hof Ashkelon Regional Council announced that one of the rockets landed in a greenhouse in one of the communities within its
            jurisdiction, causing no damage nor injuries. A second rocket landed in another community within the regional council, with one home damaged lightly by shrapnel, the council’s spokesman said.

          3. farbat says:

            there is truely no defense they have and this being the fact they can basically get ready for a whole different scenario their whole capabilities will be nullified fast and after hezbollah syria palestine jordan and generally the people of this region will have nothing to fear from the zionists anymore because the small arms which the zionists will have as only protection of theirs will not defend them against the angry armed masses

      2. farbat says:

        dprk has icbm and some believe iran would import such missiles but 2021 will show the world that iran does have the range only not the need and this will happen in multiple ways

        1. Shia man says:

          Yes iran has many surprises hidden

          1. Just Me says:

            If the dumb petrified Zionists are waiting for Russia to ask Iran to “leave Syria”

            they are in for a shock. The Russian MOD for the first time
            intentionally released a photo of Iranian, Russian and Pakistani Zeinabiyoun Brigade on the Golan operating together. They seem to be very comfortable operating together.

      3. Frank says:


        The president of the Iranian University of Science and Industry,
        Jabbar Ali Zakri, announced that the second satellite manufactured by
        this university, the “Zafar 2”, is ready for launch.

        Zakri pointed out that the period of making the satellite inside the
        country takes between 18 to 24 months at a maximum, and said that the
        Iranian University of Science and Industry has prepared the second model
        of the Zafar satellite, which is ready for launch and stability in the
        space orbit around the Earth, after it approval from the space

        He stressed, “The university signed a contract with the Ministry of
        Communications to design and manufacture satellites, and the Zafar 1
        satellite was the university’s first production, as it was delivered to
        the space organization, but it could not reach orbit due to the
        emergence of a technical problem in the launch device. The second
        industrial manufactured satellite by the university is Zafar-2, its
        conditions are better than the first satellite.”

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      Be carefull,lgbt boi protest for non accord and non binding factual elements,personally am glad things are getting better,power in the truth,there is no way just can be mocked,it is what it is,knowledge,understanding,wizdom,experienced many marvelous lessons earn’t:
      stay safe:

    2. Jimmy Jim says:


      1. JIMI JAMES says:

        Nazis never had the balls to be frank,too many high ranked nazi/jews see= nocando!

        1. Frank says:

          Frankly, NAZIS were the role model for the ASHKENAZI.

          1. John Brown says:

            No you got it backwards .

            jews were allies of Nazis and Hitler created Israel Havara pact and
            then Jews ditched nazis as they had used them for what Jews wanted

          2. farbat says:

            i agree they wanted this since before the first world war but they failed miserably and had to create alot of veils to hide the reality of their involvement the holohoax is just one of these veils

        2. John Brown says:

          Yes jews were allies of Nazis and Hitler created Israel Havara pact and then Jews ditched nazis as they had used them for what Jews wanted

  3. farbat says:

    a handful of days is left count them because soon america wont be around to protect you anymore

    1. Great Khan says:

      little Jew man very scared…buy many diapers….hahahhahaha

      1. farbat says:

        whats the obscenity in your picture about

        1. Great Khan says:

          Great Khan give finger to all enemies….hahahahaha

          1. farbat says:

            you give your enemies an easy win

          2. Great Khan says:

            Great Khan don’t care hahahahha now post picture of himself… handsome….

          3. farbat says:

            the only thing the jews for example are hyper sensible about is their security because they are cowards while insults certainly wont get you anywhere with such imps

          4. farbat says:

            clearly they will never enjoy security again

          5. Great Khan says:

            Zionist coward,,,,,, hide behind stooopind fat Amerikan…but fat Amerikan have big problem now…..so Zionist try to make fat Amerikan start war.. Great Khan know it fail….Zionist mamtu…hahahhaha 20 days big fat stooopid Trump gone, then what? Zionist kaputenheimer……

          6. farbat says:

            the fake news about starting a war is that fake news neither america nor any other entity on the planet can take on iran right now in a full fledged war the zionist usurper entity would be wiped clean in an hour and americans would have to count their deads until there is nobody left to count

          7. Jim Allen says:

            Essentially that’s true. The few countries that have the capability to take on Iran are Iran’s allies, with their capabilities defending it’s Middle Eastern allies, and the collective interest’s against Western aggression.
            In principal US Government is capable of using it’s nuclear forces against Iran. In practice however, the attempt to use these weapons against Russian allies, or Russia, will result in the immediate, and spectacular world class failure of US, and Western countries abilities to defend themselves for an extended period.
            Without the collateral damage to civilian infrastructure, and population, that is the trademark of US/NATO forces.
            Any significant attack by Western military against Iran, results in US military losses of all surface Navy assets, in range of Iranian/allied defenses, US Coalition military bases, assets, and ground forces, within hours. Western Naval submarine assets operating within the region’s relatively small, and shallow waters won’t fare any better.
            The fake State of Israel will receive the response promised by Iran. With special attention provided by the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah. The militia has a bone to pick with the pretender’s on the topic of their conduct towards the Palestinians.
            Upon who’s lands they’re illegally squatting on.
            The Golan Heights will undoubtedly receive much needed attention.

          8. farbat says:

            you dont know half of the story still but even the known parts are enough to argue so much but this is basically ignoring plasma technology know how in iran and the fact that is even better than that of china which btw created an artificial sun based on parts of this technology still the chinese themselves cant stop a single of iranian next gen missiles they cant do a thing about plasma particle wave emitter weapon the uss bonhomme was melted so were many american radars inside the usa which you probably dont know about and the missiles which hit aramco are a total different thing than you were told in fact it was the use of plasma weapon not mere drones meanwhile there is also cyber a field that america gets slapped in daily even thou you are not told about it

          9. Jim Allen says:

            Preaching to the choir.
            What the Hell do you think I said ?
            Since God invented translation speaking Farsi isn’t absolutely necessary. I don’t need you to tell me what I’m not told by our beloved Government, there’s still sources with actual news around.

          10. farbat says:

            if you could speak farsi than you could listen a little bit to what pasdars say about the issue because these people really dont care much of secrets its the west who tries to keep all of these issues secret be it iranian next gen weapons or any other attacks that happened

          11. farbat says:

            the issue of iranian plasma technology will certainly become a public issue in the next decade but the last decade it was tried to be silenced for sure and largely made fun of aswell but they surely noticed with the uss bonhomme how not funny this issue is for them also they will never tell the truth neither about what destroys wallstreet right now for almost a decade nor about who melted their assets

          12. farbat says:

            the usa is sinking like the titanic it has little time left and again you are not told because the job of those who deceive the societies is to keep you dumbed down so their hierarchy will work but it crumbles all over the place already people are sick to be second class citizens and basically a caste of miserables and undesirables and the whole elite structure is right now trying to fool you with other mistakes of theirs and they will be punished for it without a doubt

          13. farbat says:

            its all their war about image they seek to destroy irans image while trying to keep theirs its pathetic if you ask me because it has little influence on the real terms on the ground

          14. farbat says:

            if you think obscenity is a weapon you can wield against such imps than you are wrong they will lick on your finger and enjoy it XD

          15. farbat says:

            your enemies are way more disgusting creatures than for this to annoying them

  4. Arman Melkonyan says:


    You are stupid. And you lie.

    We have already seen your “strong response”: you do nothing. Iranians vowed to avenge the murders of their generals and the nuclear scientists killed by the Jews, but did nothing.

    Iranians even encouraged and helped the Israelis and their allies the Azeris conquer Armenian lands on their northern frontier. Now that Russia “gifted” the south of Armenia (as if it belonged to Russia) to Azerbaijan and is busy preparing a corridor between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Iran is completely encircled and isolated to the north. All those Israeli drones and precision ballistic missiles in Azerbaijan which destroyed Karabakh and killed Armenians by the thousands, are now targeting Iranian installations and cities.

    Yet the stupid Muslim Iranians (who rejected their own civilized Zoroastrian religion and culture in favor of the depraved Islam of their barbaric Arab and Turkish conquerors) cried, ‘Karabakh is Azerbaijan!’ and threatened the Armenians with military attack during the second Karabakh war. As far as I know, Iran also blocked passage of aid to Armenia.

    So what do you call a bunch of cultural Muslim half-breeds who cheer as their enemies Israel, the US and Turkey encircle them? Morons, that’s right.

    Morons, I mean IRANIANS,

    It’s now an *established fact* that you morons have been threatening the West and Israel with retaliation for decades but you weren’t able to do anything. And when you once half-heartedly tried, you COWARDS politely called the Americans and informed them that a few Iranian missiles are about to befall an American outpost in the middle of some desert in Iraq (only for public relations purposes, Iranians love Americans, only have a few problems with their naughty government which is democratically elected by the American people) so could the American soldiers please step outside for a few moments until the show is over.

    Only hypocrites and COWARDS fire missiles and caution their enemies so that they don’t die.

    Stupid Iranians,

    All those S-300s you bought and paid American dollars for (thence supporting the economy of America and Israel by propping up the petrodollar) will not work against Israeli and American planes — who will not politely call you to let you know they are coming. The Russians already gave away all their secrets to NATO. Putin like the rest of the Russian administration are Jews, you morons. Did Russia ever retaliate against Israel, America and even Donmeh-ruled Turkey when they all killed goyim Russian soldiers and officers? Russia just gave away Armenian lands adjoining the northern Iranian frontiers to NATO when they could have stopped the Azeris and the Turks just with a warning.

    No, moronic Iranians,

    You are nothing, militarily and culturally. The Jews and the Americans saved you for last, for when the time was right. They encouraged Iranians and the rest of the world to foster the false belief that you’re some shit who can stand up to them.

    Now that a great (engineered and planned) economic and financial crisis is about to hit, the Jews and the Americans will destroy you in the name of providing bread and circuses to their goyim electorates.

    We will watch as NATO devastates Iran — just like you depraved Iranians watched along with your crypto-Jewish Russian “partners” as Turkish and Israeli drones and missiles murdered Christian Armenians.

    And perhaps snidely whisper in your ears, “Iran is Azerbaijan.”

    1. Great Khan says:

      hahahahaha Armeni angry….Iran brother STRONK! Jew sell Harop to Azeri brother….hahahaha Armeni coward not fight….run faster than Usian Bolt….hahhahaahhaa

    2. Frank says:

      Dude Frankly you are butthurt and spamming the same crap all over. You should have fought instead of being a troll.

      1. Arman Melkonyan says:

        Why don’t you quit stalking me and instead fight your enemies and die?

        1. Just Me says:

          You seem very angry all the time?

          1. farbat says:

            armenians were supposed to replace the vatican and partly the jews which is why the armenians partly suck up so badly to the jews they are like students right now of being exactly as disgusting as the kippah wearing imps while the armenian church will act similar to the hat wearing jew atleast that was the idea

          2. Arman Melkonyan says:

            What a big fat lie. Are you a Jew mascarading as a Muslim?

          3. Jim Allen says:

            No, those are Headcutters.

          4. Arman Melkonyan says:

            I see, just a straight Jew.
            But I was asking the Iranian guy, not you, Isaac.

          5. Jim Allen says:

            I’m not Jew, dipshit. You’re commenting on a public site, I give zero fucks about who you were trolling, I comment where I please.

          6. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Oh, sorry,

            You’re a redneck piece of shit.

            My bad, sincere apologies.

          7. Jim Allen says:

            Armenian pig shit, and a good Christian.
            You are a piece of lying shit. So much so I’m thing you’re Zionist Khazar.

          8. farbat says:

            people like this one who are global armenians are students of the kippah so this is why they are so disgusting all of the time and he might be actually fake and a real kippah being an imposter basically

          9. farbat says:

            the kippah according to globalist plans should get rid of in this decade while the hat jew will remain for another 6 decades until they are completely replaced atleast that was once the plan but we did mess up alot of it and so did the ruskis

          10. farbat says:

            what some dont get is that putin is a russian emperor supreme i mean for god sakes did he beat them all up who sought to balkanize and destroy russia to parasitically exist on its ressources XD

          11. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Hi Freud.

      2. farbat says:

        the globalists did tell these imbeciles that we iranians would help them to wipe out turks but they are mistaken and now they all have some kind of menstruation pains because iran isnt anyone lackey

        1. Just Me says:

          I have no dogs in any fight, but from what I saw the Armenians simply did not fight, neither did their Russian protectors defend them. This was a land grab donnybrook and Iran had no dogs in this fight. I wonder why this Armenian is so cross with Iran? If anything they should blame Russia and the Jews who sold them out.

          1. farbat says:

            you dont get it the globalists promised the armenians a holy armenian empire and we were supposed to help them but like usual the global arrogance only fools itself with these plans

          2. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Iranians are the BITCHES of the SUNNI Turks.

          3. farbat says:

            hahahaha sure ask the turks how much they control us but do it fast they might be gone soon XD

          4. farbat says:

            armenia instead of watching us beat the turks had to watch their usurpation be ended XD

          5. Arman Melkonyan says:

            You Iranians love sucking Turkish dick. Your present-day glorious leader is a Turk.
            And you stupid Iranian claim that you will defeat Turks?
            Iranians’ are the Turks’ BITCHES big time.
            You perfidious Iranians BEGGED and BRIBED the Turks with gold so that they would sell your oil for you and violate American sanctions.
            Now the Turks are going to get it up the ass too.
            You idiots,
            You think Biden is going to save your ass. Instead, he’s gonna hand it to you.
            We watch…

          6. farbat says:

            they should have given the land over to muslims freely and stopped this insulting image after all our hands build all those villages schools mosques etc pp which they and the ruskis so ignorantly destroyed in the past

          7. farbat says:

            now the globalists tell them some nonsense and give us like always useless promises as if they dont get that rouhani is at his end we have no interest in their plots their freemason puppet can soon go to his brother into prison but unfortunally for them he seems to love his life and that of his brother

          8. farbat says:

            the armenians better get rid of pashinyan the other globalist tool because they ended their power themselves we just patiently watch how they fool themselves and give us room and the chinese better also stop listening to that bunch also china and russia have 0 reasons to go to war and russia certainly will not get rid off by these nazi scum and the american terrorists so again all their plots are worthless

          9. Frank says:

            Frankly, the Armenians are shameless losers. In any other country with an iota of self respect, this creep Pashinyan would have been lynched a long time ago. Armenian men are worse than trannies.

          10. JIMI JAMES says:

            Didn’t get you war hey,fk no! You lost armenians had the balls to defend their constituates unlike erm faggotry biden supporting degenerates assume war to be childsplay,well it ain’t maybe if you really pout your bodys on the line you may come to learn,the better,wise men won over your deep state gimps!

          11. Jesus says:

            He is not Armenian, I think he is a deluded Greek.

          12. Jim Allen says:

            “Their Russian protectors,” had no obligation to act in Armenia’s behalf outside Armenia’s borders.
            The Armenian’s failed to recognize NK, as is required by law. In other words this is still Azerbaijan land.
            CIA/Soros interference in Armenian Government, to turn Armenia away from it’s long time ally Russia in exchange for gifts of money with 33% compounded interest attatched, and empty promises of military backing, access to EU, and NATO. Armenia is fortunate Russia keeps it’s word to the letter. Russia is legend worldwide for this quality, over centuries.

    3. farbat says:

      go and join your jews in fear you can wait for our response and meanwhile explain to us while you are afraid why you are afraid because we are supposedly so stupid

      1. Arman Melkonyan says:

        I am not expressing my fear of you, Muslim.

        Only my contempt for you.

        1. JIMI JAMES says:

          Copy and paste king,you’re scared of the truth says enough,regardless you shant have the power to ever change anything with your hate for life,loser!

    4. farbat says:

      all of west asia is iran so is azerbaijan but you shall see yourself if you rat are still around

      1. Arman Melkonyan says:

        There are no more true Persians since you were defeated and mongrelized by your Muslim conquerors.
        What a bunch of sick little shits you Iranians are.
        Armenians have been raped, tortured and genocided by the Turkish monsters for a thousand years, yet Armenians NEVER gave up their Christian religion and culture.
        Whereas you degenerate Iranians lay there like a cheap whore and betrayed your own Zoroastrian religion and culture and adopted bastard Islam as your own religion.
        Iranians are the Muslims’ bitches forever.

        1. Just Me says:

          Shouldn’t you be angry at the Jews who armed the Azerbaijanis or the Russians who did didly squat to defend you Armenian losers? correct me if I am wrong?

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Never forget.


            How Russians blackmailed, betrayed, defrauded and STOLE from their allies the Armenians:

            In January 2013, Gazprom became the 100% owner of Armenia’s gas facilities.
            The “gas contract” signed by Presidents Putin and Sargsyan assumed that gas would be supplied to Armenia at domestic Russian prices.
            In practice, it turned out like this: “Gazprom” actually sold gas at domestic Russian prices to its 100% subsidiary. But “on the border” of Armenia gas suddenly grew in price – and the “daughter” Russian state-owned company Inter RAO UES sold this gas to Armenian consumers about TWICE AS EXPENSIVELY through Electric Networks of Armenia which is its 100% owned subsidiary.

            Armenia was negotiating with Europe on the Association Agreement. In July 2013, they were crowned with success; it was expected that the parties would sign an agreement in the fall. Then, in July, it became known that Russia had raised the price of gas for Armenia: from $ 180 per thousand cubic meters to $270. Russia had blackmailed Armenia against signing the European Association Agreement. Consequently, the Armenians were forced to drop the agreement with the EU.

            But when Armenia asked to join the Eurasian Union with Russia, Russians refused saying that they did not recognize Karabakh.
            Russia said this in May 2014, that is, two months after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Even though Armenia, was one of the very few countries that welcomed the referendum in Crimea.

            Prior to this outrage, until the Armenian Metsamor power plant was reopened, Russia was selling electricity to Armenia on credit terms which were 1.5 times more expensive than the more favorable financing terms available from Europe.

            In 2001, Russia forgave four billion dollars of Ethiopia’s debt.

            In 2000 – nine billion to Vietnam.

            In total, from 2000 to 2005, Russia wrote off about 30 billion to Tanzania, Iraq, Laos, Benin, Guinea-Bissau and other close friends.

            Then right before the second Karabakh war started, Russia sold more sophisticated arms than Russia’s ally Armenia ever had, to Armenia’s enemy, Azerbaijan.

            Russians themselves had documented in Baku and Soumgait between 1988 and 1990 the fact that Azeris had tortured and killed their citizens of Armenian ethnicity as a matter of state policy, in pogroms organized by the Azeri government, during which the Azeri authorities had manufactured and distributed sharp-edged iron bars to Azeri civilians to enable them to stab and hack Armenian civilians to death.

            After the second Karabakh war started, the Russians REFUSED to employ purely defensive Electronic Warfare assets which the Armenians did not possess. As a result, Turkish and Israeli drones murdered thousands of defenseless Armenians. The Russians watched their allies the Armenians get slaughtered without lifting a finger: https://jam-news.net/russia-armenia-allies-eurasian-union-economy-karabakh/?fbclid=IwAR1iVv5YADCF3GSDp_LNXCaDlFxgPuIIhcR4latVW-IB6Wsr5d1-fzWei9U

          2. farbat says:

            that land that armenia stole werent there our mosques on it and didnt you armenians destroy those mosques?

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Armenians were here 3000 years before you, Muslim.
            Your filthy minarets are an offense against the universe itself. However it is you Turks that destroyed churches and Christian and also Greek and Roman monuments to erase history.

            You are all abominable.

          4. farbat says:

            have some dignity atleast you were not taken any legitimate lands only those you stole you fool what do you think do you believe you could keep what was not yours

          5. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Half of Turkey and most of Azerbaijan are occupied Armenian lands, Muslim.

          6. Just Me says:

            Now you are stretching things a bit. Armenia was part of Persian Empire and too small to really ever be anything. It will disappear again.

          7. farbat says:

            you are so like the jews no suprise here your masters are the same afterall but its a pity because we did so much to help you out of this puppet existence but you always had to side with your masters at the end of the day

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            soros/cia spam alert:

        2. farbat says:

          “Iranians are the Muslims’ bitches forever.” we iranians are rostamite which means we only do what we want and its not up to others what we see as right and as wrong because in our view you are all so filthy its a waste of time to care about your opinions

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Iranians like Islam. I cannot think of a much worse thing than that to be said about someone.
            The fact remains, you converted by the sword of the Arab and the Turk and you are such a hypocrite now as to claim that Iranians chose Islam of their own free will?

            With such stupidity and arrogance, you will not last 5 minutes against the Jews and the Americans when they come for you.

            I will appreciate seeing you suffer the same fate you inflicted on the Christian Armenians, I have to admit.

          2. Just Me says:

            Actually. Persians accepted Islam because the Zoroastrian priesthood like the Catholics had become corrupt. But the Persians modified Islam to a hybrid version of Shiaism incorporating many aspects of their own ancient culture. You really need to do some research, than spout angry invective.

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Killing people publicly by hanging them from cranes and raping virgins before executing them.
            Your hybrid religion is more CORRUPT than any other religion I know of.

            Fuck off insidious (Sunni or Shia) Islam apologist.

          4. farbat says:

            you are absurd on one hand you seek to kill masses of people turks syrians iraqis and such on the other hand you whine because of murderers rapists and such because we hang them from cranes than you call us rapists which is absurd because if we were we would hang on named “crane”

          5. farbat says:

            you have quite some menstruation problems

          6. Lamumba says:

            Good one.

          7. farbat says:

            its not really that way its way more complex but generally speaking alot of the shia clergics are based on zartoshti tradition with a little bit of aristotle tradition

          8. JIMI JAMES says:

            Nice try but you never represent christ nor teachings,you coward,you liar!

          9. Arman Melkonyan says:

            I never said I was running to become the next Pope, you idiot.

          10. Lamumba says:

            Arman Malkonyan is angry. Careful. He may just put a spell on you.

          11. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Coming from Lamumba the cannibal, that’s kinda funny.

        3. farbat says:

          dont worry if you are scared and angry and sad things arent always as they seem in this world afterall and the ones like the turks who are bullying you today might be gone tomorrow and your masters lets say this they dont have to be controlling you

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            What nonsense. Azeris are Turks and Azeris are Iranians.
            You will have to go too then.

          2. Just Me says:

            The region has mixed populations for thousands of years, so what is your point? Armenia was part of the Persian empire just recently.

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            You can read pages of my “points” all over the forum. I’m not going to repeat them again just because some disingenuous bastard pretended to not have read them.

        4. farbat says:

          why would you want to replace the vatican on their terms look what it brought to the ones who did follow their terms only misery

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            What a stupid and ignorant thing to say, foolish Muslim.
            What does any of your perfidiousness have anything to do with the depraved Vatican who are as evil as all the rest?

          2. Just Me says:

            Muslims are third of the world’s population and have some very powerful countries with nukes, so you need to stop insulting billions of people, just because your little non-country got whacked, thanks to treachery and Russian neglect. Why make more enemies?

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Because they are ALREADY your enemies.
            The Muslims ALREADY invaded Europe. There are CITIES in Europe where indigenous white Europeans cannot enter by fear of persecution by the Muslim marauders in the streets of Europe.

        5. farbat says:

          stop insulting us and the russians and we will get you what you deserve but really not more than that because that would be trampling on others again and way to unsustainable yet you armenians in armenia and globally wont get it anyway the ones here got it long ago

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            To hell with you Muslims, Jews, Iranians and Russians.
            You destroyed Armenia and you killed Armenians along with your Turkish allies.
            And we have to now kiss your ass AFTER you murdered our own?

            You Russians and Iranians are as responsible as the Turks for the genocide of the Christian Armenians.

            May you suffer the same fate at the hands of NATO and the Freemasons.

            What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

          2. JIMI JAMES says:

            Your hell ,germany provoked the turks to hit armenia,fk off you lieing gimp!

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Germans were involved in the Armenian genocide, hand in hand with the Turks and the Jews, yes: http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/11/ultra-secret-conspiracy-in-the-middle-east-revealed-the-donmeh-the-wahhabi-and-zionisms-sephardic-jewry/

          4. farbat says:

            we iranians did lose 10 millions because of the same bunch who control you today but unlike you we didnt give up there and started only to whine about our loss and again you are exactly like the jews you think others owe you when this world never worked that way because only you owe yourself

          5. farbat says:

            you blame us iranians if you want but you are the loser who is sitting around whining instead of having fought for themselves if you cant fight for yourself who will

          6. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Don’t “whine” when NATO and the Jews obliterate Iran soon.

          7. farbat says:

            wake up you delusional fool whining is the reason you are in your situation and whining will only worsen it and instead of whining you should have taken an ak47 and fight but here we are with you still whining and armenia believing others owe it something russia will own you not owe you because you are so pathetic and we dont want to get involved in the issue once again

          8. Lamumba says:

            Yes, I blame the whole world except yourself.

          9. Arman Melkonyan says:

            We’ll name and blame the culprits, yes.
            That’s what Armenians are now: the conscience of the world.
            What comes around goes around.

          10. tzatz says:

            Laughable …

            YOU’RE losers … ?

          11. tzatz says:

            Jews again … ya f/kn loser

          12. Lamumba says:

            NATO – now that gave me a good laugh.

          13. Arman Melkonyan says:

            I’ll laugh too when America and Israel are raining down bombs on your heads.
            Now go buy some cheap black market alcohol with your dollars and watch Israeli porn.

          14. tzatz says:

            No Jews around so you don’t slander them with being perpetrators of the Genocide …

          15. Arman Melkonyan says:

            How ’bout those Israelis that fired that LORA missile that took out the bridge in Karabakh?

          16. tzatz says:

            Israel’s weapons used in war?

            Isn’t that what they were purchased for?

            Was Armenia asleep?

            You’ve got to be armed to the teeth when you’re surrounded by Muslim enemies … hello?

            You had time but made no effort … that’s on Armenia … even Russia had no pity … hello?

            If one is independent … self-reliance is a must … live and learn!


          17. Arman Melkonyan says:

            How were the Armenians going to do that when they are not rich like you Jews?

            When you Jews through AIPAC and other prominent Jewish organizations lobby against the Armenians and support the Turks. You Jews always DENIED the Armenian genocide and tried to cover it up through the efforts of Jewish members of the American congress. Israel to this doesn’t recognize the Armenian genocide.

            Unlike you Jews, Armenians are landlocked and surrounded by Muslims and enemies.

            Unlike you Jews, Armenians don’t own and control the American central bank, the Federal Reserve — or the American congress, for that matter.

            You Jews organized and committed the Armenian genocide in collaboration with your Donmeh-ruled Turkish brothers: http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/11/ultra-secret-conspiracy-in-the-middle-east-revealed-the-donmeh-the-wahhabi-and-zionisms-sephardic-jewry/

          18. Arman Melkonyan says:

            The Armenians of Karabakh had purchased enough tanks and artillery but lacked an air force, drones and sophisticated electronic warfare equipment which the Jew-ruled Russians refused to provide or sell.


            How were the Armenians going to do much more than that when they are not rich like you Jews?

            When you Jews through AIPAC and other prominent Jewish organizations lobby against the Armenians and support the Turks. You Jews always DENIED the Armenian genocide and tried to cover it up through the efforts of Jewish members of the American congress. Israel to this doesn’t recognize the Armenian genocide.

            Unlike you Jews, Armenians are landlocked and surrounded by Muslims and enemies.

            Unlike you Jews, Armenians don’t own and control the American central bank, the Federal Reserve — or the American congress, for that matter.

            You Jews organized and committed the Armenian genocide in collaboration with your Donmeh-ruled Turkish brothers: http://themillenniumreport.com/2015/11/ultra-secret-conspiracy-in-the-middle-east-revealed-the-donmeh-the-wahhabi-and-zionisms-sephardic-jewry/

          19. tzatz says:

            You’re a typical anti-Judaism hater …
            F/k off and die

            A Plague on Armenia and Armenians …


        6. farbat says:

          you are just as holy as your words and your deeds so first learn this lesson

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            There is nothing wrong with calling a spade, a spade, Muslim.
            But you Muslims institutionalize even, lying itself?

            One word: Taqiyya

            Anybody who believes a word a Muslim or a Talmudic Jew utters, is an idiot himself.

        7. farbat says:

          you armenians gave up your believes and became christian after all you were zartoshti werent you but unlike you we didnt sold out out traditions our shia clergics are still the same as the zartoshti were which is why the west hates them so much if they were sellout tools such as you bunch they would totally ignore them

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            It was by choice, Iranian. You Iranians SUBMITTED with glee to the barbaric sword of Islam.

            You have no idea what tortures Armenian priests suffered at the hand of the Turks (pulling their beards abd gouging out their eyes was the minimum Turkish standard) yet never denied their Christian faith — unlike you cheap Iranian whores who spread your legs gladly for the Muslim Arabs and Turks.

            Continue philosophizing with me if you want me to expose your lies and inferior intellect, Muslim.

          2. Lamumba says:

            ‘inferior intellect’ – didn’t you just lose to them? Oh dear Armenian. You really are an angry man. Woooza brother.

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            I didn’t know we were fighting with Iranians, genius.
            As for the Armenian defeat: fighting Turks, Azeris, Jihadis, NATO, and all the money, technology and drones they had, yes, Armenians were defeated.
            Yes, you defeated the Armenians. You killed thousands of their best young men, torturing many of them to death, beheading them, skinning them alive.
            You Muslims are proud of that, we know.
            But claiming as you do that your superior numbers (100 million cowards fighting 1.5 million with drones and missiles) and depravity and cruelness somehow make intellectuals out of you, I don’t know.

      2. tzatz says:

        Azerbaijan happens to be an ally of Israel … listening posts and all … eh?

    5. Lamumba says:

      Iranians play chess. They don’t lie and they do make good on their promises. Revenge will come, and that we’re damned sure of.
      None of the zionist’s strategic plans are working in spite of being the puppet master for the most ruthless amoral country ever exited to do their fighting for them.
      The zionist will appear to be winning but we all can see they’re an implant built on quicksand. We’ll bring out our deckchairs to applaud the destruction of each one of them.

      1. tzatz says:

        Says the vile Iranian braggart

  5. Frank says:

    Frankly, the Zionists are racing against a ticking clock to have the US initiate a swan song war, but it is too late. These stunts and theatrics won’t help. The Iranians can blow the small sub out of water anytime. It has never entered the Persian Gulf anyway.

    1. tzatz says:

      As if YOU know …

  6. Luna says:

    Expecting a very strong reaction from Iran again . I am sure that they will sink one of their own warships or shot down a civilian ukranian passenger plane to show how angry they are .

    1. Frank says:

      Well they did give dozens of Americans massive headaches with missiles.

      1. Arman Melkonyan says:

        Apparently the Iranians called the Americans to let them know they’d fired some missiles but they didn’t mean it, so could they please take a stroll outside for a few moments until the missiles did not kill any Americans and exploded harmlessly.

        By Allah, aren’t Iranians such cowards and hypocrites who are thouroughly full of shit?

        What a bunch of morons. They throw off the American yoke only to welcome strangulation by the Islamic filth of the Mollahs.

        An inferior race, if there ever was.

        1. Just Me says:

          Islam is not a race you silly IDIOT, it is a religion.

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            Can’t you read English?
            I’m addressing an Iranian here.

          2. Frank says:

            Frankly, you are an angry moron insulting everyone out of defeatism and humiliation.

          3. tzatz says:

            It’s a cult … a warlord’s cult

        2. Séamus Ó Néill says:

          Your own comment proves that you haven’t climbed very far up the evolutionary ladder, I think you should try a little real research before commenting again.

          1. tzatz says:

            Idle threat … Iranian chimp

          2. Séamus Ó Néill says:

            I didn’t, just to settle your obvious insecurity, issue any threat(s), I don’t need to. The perpetual lying, cheating and the stealing of the Jews/Zionists ensure their own undoubted demise, without my assistance.

          3. tzatz says:

            Yawn …

        3. Lone Ranger says:

          Soros news…?
          There were casulties…

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:


          2. Lone Ranger says:

            There were casulties.
            Trump aint stupid, he knew it would be a bad idea to admit casulties shortly before elections.
            There were dozens of family members protesting a few months ago because they didn’t get any info about their serving family members no contact either.
            They were probably told to keep quiet due to national security.
            Semi public info nothing top secret.
            You are welcome.

          3. Arman Melkonyan says:

            That’s terrible.
            Is the source of your information reliable?
            It’s a scandal if true.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Elections are over on January 20.
            There is a lot going on, its a powerstruggle.
            Until than a lot can happen both ways.
            Need to know basis…

          5. Arman Melkonyan says:

            OK boss.

          6. tzatz says:

            Fars … says so

            It’s as useless as Pravda or rt

          7. Lone Ranger says:

            Deny deny deny…
            Get over it.

          8. zman says:

            Enlighten you? Is that supposed to be a joke? People have tried to no avail, as you’re about as smart as a rock with the attention span to match. Enlighten you….HAHAHAHAHA.

        4. Jim Allen says:

          Ah, the poster boy of stupidity speaks.
          In the first place stupid, there is one human race. Regardless of the infinite numbers of variations, human beings are a single species, and race.
          As with all species, levels of intelligence, abilities to process data, and retention, for use in future. The ability to comprehend, concepts, ideals, ethical, moral, and social values, principals of character, critical thought, the use of accecpted practices in communications, interactions, etc., vary widely individual to individual.
          The average human being successfully navigates the above, while above average individuals tend to be more successful, and below average individuals tend to be less successful. Some, like yourself perform in the most substandard manner in all respects. Which inevitably leads others to openly wonder if lesser subspecies of the human species may actually exist.
          That your presence on earth, is an embarrassment, and insult to human intelligence that diminishes us all, makes a good argument such subspecies may indeed exist.
          Your comments show you’re inability to distinguish fact from fiction, extreme inability to learn, process, and correct, mistakes, perceptions, opinions, proven flawed. Repeatedly.
          Pitiful troll, without conscience, or thought towards the consequences of your actions have upon your species, or others. Godless.

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            We have a fucking poete here.
            Tip the man with an upvote. I confess I did.

          2. tzatz says:

            So … a long winded piece of nothing

            Obviously a paper tiger …

          3. cechas vodobenikov says:

            gypsy titz on LSD again

          4. Jim Allen says:

            Further evidence of your unmitigated idiocy.

          5. tzatz says:

            Shia slum goddess

          6. Jim Allen says:

            Godless piece of hyena shit. Twats

          7. tzatz says:

            Delusional Shia … force fed BS from the Mullah Police State

          8. Jim Allen says:

            Hey stupid, I’m not Muslim, or Iranian.
            You fucking pretenders just can’t get anything right. Must be why you’ve had your asses thrown out of at least 109 countries, some twice, and your own. You’re the delusional fool. The best you can do is parrot old lies, baseless allegations, and inane absurd claims in a closed loop.

          9. tzatz says:

            Don’t know history? Holding your dick as you write?

            Jeopardy Question: How many of those CHRISTIAN countries were the Jews ‘tiny’ minorities in?

            Jeopardy Answer: at least 109

            That’s RIGHT … ya f/kn goy loser

            They’re sovereign in ONLY ONE COUNTRY?

            I’m keeping score … eh?

            Whose winning so far?


          10. Jim Allen says:

            Stay on the subject, stupid troll.
            You have the attention span of a puppy,
            Do not possess sufficient intelligence to know you’re stupid. Respond to everything that doesn’t fit your limited pretense of knowledge, and ancient long disproven narratives with the moral outrage of a feminist.
            A pitiful “Karen” troll, you are. A Zionist, Godless son of a butch. You pretend to be God’s chosen ones. Which, of course you are not. You have no God, Hell won’t have you either.

          11. tzatz says:

            What subject was that … goy?

            F/king Christians ruled those countries … and whenever it suited the RULERS interests the Jews got the shaft … hello?

            Can’t accept the TRUTH? That’s on you … goy

            Godless? There is no god … this is all there is … your miserable existence ends and there is nothingness … goy

            A simple christian … a real fool


          12. Jim Allen says:

            Stupid pretender.

          13. tzatz says:

            non sequitur

            You’re a mental midget … ignorant

        5. cechas vodobenikov says:

          gypsy LSD improving in quality

          1. Arman Melkonyan says:

            I’m trying boss.

    2. farbat says:

      we didnt sink any of our warship it was the uss bonhomme which we sunk and if you talk about a small support vessel iran doesnt really consider those as warships XD

      1. Luna says:

        Ah sorry . You sunk one of yr militaryships , but it was not a warship. My bad.

        1. farbat says:

          these things are support vessels usually used for large tanker ships but whatever you seem to have the idea that you are behaving anything but pathetic

          1. Luna says:

            ”The Iranian Navy has confirmed that 19 people died when one of its warships was hit by a missile during a training exercise”


            Go cry to Forbes.

          2. Just Me says:

            Accidents do happen. Some one set fire to a whole US aircraft carrier.

          3. Frank says:

            U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard burning at a U.S. Navy base in San Diego after sabotage by crew members.


          4. Lamumba says:

            Israel tried to sink one of your ships, murdered your sailors and you did NADA. You and your country are pathetic.

          5. Luna says:

            They paid retributions to famlies and issued a formal apology from the deceased. . But next time we will bomb Tel Aviv and make some lampshades out of them to prove that we can earn respect of chest thumping morons like you , will it be enough for your high standards ?

          6. Lamumba says:

            Funny, they got paid? Doubt it. Even if they did, the pimp (Israel) was just paying some of their own money back to their whore, usa, for getting caught out. Anyone has higher standards than that middle east squatter entity (exception obviously being sand serpents MbS and MbZ).

          7. tzatz says:

            Watch whom you’re attempting to disparage … sluggo

            What’re your pals doing doing?

            Slavic slum dog?

          8. cechas vodobenikov says:

            USA donates $3.8 billion per year to Israel…..to much LSD in luna trailer park

          9. Luna says:

            Do I look like an american taxpayer to you i halfwitt ?

          10. Luna says:

            So what shall we do Mr Lamumba ? Lets support that theocratic shithole called Iran just because they are fighting with Jews. Shall we ?

            Why shud I support the most backwards regyme on this world just because they are fighting with jews or americans ? If you are not iranian yourself living in Iran, do you want yr country to be run by Mullahs of Iran ? Thats a honesty test you need to take.

          11. tzatz says:

            Chest thumping morons? lol

            You chimps … are paper tigers bragging bs

            F/k off

          12. cechas vodobenikov says:

            lumberjack from US colony upset—mommy will give u safe space and donuts

          13. Luna says:

            Well although the comment was directed to an anti semitiist , you rightfull earned it. Yes , you are a chest thumping moron , you rightfully earned the title.

          14. tzatz says:

            An ‘independent’ …. got it

          15. cechas vodobenikov says:

            “the banality of amerika: the radical absence of culture”. J Baudrilliard
            “amerikans are not at all happy; they feel themselves lacking in something. All the sensitiveness has dried up in them….the crystallization of love is impossible in USA. I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it: it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR SPECIES”. Stendhal

          16. Luna says:

            Good for the americans then. Are tou simply trying to impress me with some copy paste messages about americans’ sex life.

            ”crystallization of love is impossible in USA” eh ? Fucking retard pretending to be poet. LMFAO

          17. cechas vodobenikov says:

            CIA agent on LSD upset

          18. Luna says:

            Because CIA does not have any other things to do other then posting some fucking retard called cechas something here on net .

          19. cechas vodobenikov says:

            luna=new CIA alias

        2. farbat says:

          i see you are pathetic because you wished to have half of what we have atleast so you could feel better

          1. Luna says:

            Tiggered again ? Dont be.

            What is half of you have ? Poverty ? Hanging people on mobile cranes ? Fanatism ? Raping virgin girls before executing them ? Dying in lots in foreign lands ? Whipping people who drink alcohol ? Jailing women who refuse to cover their heads ?

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            CIA gives hillbilly in Florida trailer park LSD—USA w 50 million food insecure people, 3 million families extreme poverty, more rape, violent/non violent crime per capita—a police state where more incarcerated per capita any nation in history. 30+% mental illness (5 times more than any civilized nation…most obesity on the planet except a few tiny nations.
            you are the idiot that is triggered—a cultureless stupefied amerikan

          3. Luna says:

            As a CIA agent I am very impressed to read yr above groundbreaking post about the economic situation in USA. MAy be I shud quit working for the CIA , find the correct path and serve Russian state . Fucking copy/pasting retard.

          4. tzatz says:

            1/2 X 0 = Zero zip nada

            Sh Xt for brains

          5. cechas vodobenikov says:

            CIA titzy jealous of great Persian culture

        3. farbat says:

          you will always be beneath us do forget your dreams

          1. tzatz says:

            Beneath Y’all in the lowest realms of Hades … cool

        4. Jim Allen says:

          Okay, then let’s discuss Roosevelt ordering the military bases in Hawaii to parade their military hardware, as for inspection, the presense of several thousand military personnel, without advising the command of these military bases of the imminent Japanese attack on US military assets.
          At Pearl Harbor, Midway Island, and the Philippines ?
          While delaying the Japanese diplomat access to his office until after the attack had begun to deliver Japan’s declaration of war. That was to be delivered at the same time the attack began.
          Roosevelt knowingly, and willfully sacrificed more than 3,000 military personnel, and all the old WWI battleships lined up, on parade along battleship row. Including Utah, that had been stripped of its superstructure, and large timbers laid and used as a towed bombing practice target. All the aircraft on open display on the tarmac, and the flight of unarmed B-17 bombers arriving from the mainland, and flying directly into the attacking Japanese.
          Then Courts Marshaling the Commander’s of the bases.
          Instead of sending warnings advising of the impending attack that preparations for defense could be made.
          Then let’s discuss Liberty. Johnson gave Liberty up to sacrifice to stage a false flag attack by Israeli forces, to be sunk with all hands to project blame for the attack/sinking on Egypt as a pretext to war.
          What have you to say ?

          1. tzatz says:

            Who won the war? LMAO

            Who occupied Japan?

            Who dictated the Japanese constitution?

            Who got F/I’d real good? The American GI’s f/king Jap sluts


          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            USSR did durak!
            north ukropistan had zero to do with defeat of nazis or Japan

          3. tzatz says:

            Japan surrendered to the Americans … hello?

            Without American aid Russia may have lost the war …. but they did push the Nazis back to Germany … so yes … it was an allied effort …

          4. Jim Allen says:

            Stay on point idiot boy.

          5. tzatz says:

            Your Liberty story is BS

            Fake news … has NO MERIT

            Liberty had been brought to the area … it was a ‘spy ship’ looking in on what was to be a war … Johnson didn’t ‘give up’ the Liberty … there were several commissions that attested to the incident being a ‘Fog of War’ incident … full stop

            The USA attacking Egypt … when Russia was backing Egypt to the hilt?


          6. Jim Allen says:

            You have no merit, and as usual have no idea what you’re braying about.

          7. Luna says:

            Correct, Roosevelt pushed Japs to the corner – Cut their trade routes, prevented them to reach oil sources, and openly invited an attack on American Forces which he further used as an excuse to attack Japan. He just could not guess the extent of the damage correctly. The USA is a cruel capitalist state by definition and none of these comes as a surprise. They sacrificed 400.000 of their own for world domination, in which they succeeded. The same goes for Israel, they will do anything for the continuation of their existence in the Middle East including assasinations and conspiracies.

            But presenting Russia where people jump out windows without no reason and where dissidents strangely disappear overnight, and China which is another backward dictatorship as a solution to capitalism and as an alternative to the US is a grave mistake.

            I will not even put Iran near China and Russia, because that 16th-century medieval shithole where people are hanged even for their sexual perversions represent another level of hell, a much deeper one.

            In short, do I have to choose amongst bad and worse? Do I have to love Chinese and Russian tyrannies just because I hate the USA? Do I have to support that backwards theocratic Iran just because they are warring with Israel?

            Well I don’t , you make your own choice.

          8. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            lmao..thats a 122 mm rocket launch… people jump out windows without no reason thats assisted commit suicide,a magic touch…

          9. Luna says:

            Jumping out of a window 101 – Taught in Russian journalism and medicine faculties , first year first semester. That why russian journalists and doctors jump out of windows so successfully and none survives.

    3. Free man says:

      Netanyahu: Please hurry with your “MASSIVE RESPONSE”. What are you waiting for ? In two months there will be elections in Israel, if you don’t give me an excuse to bomb you I will lose. Don’t chicken out again, no one believes me anymore that you want to attack Israel, stop blabbering and do something.

      1. tzatz says:

        Red line?

        Like killing another nuclear scientist?

        Like causing Natanz explosion?

        Like killing al Qaeda #2 in Tehran?


        Whatcha gonna do about it?

        Red line? It’s a YELLOW STREAK … full stop

        1. Free man says:

          The Mullahs regime is paralyzed by fear. They have no red or purple or yellow lines. They are scared shitless, Netanyahu will not get the “MASSIVE RESPONSE” he wants so much.

          1. cechas vodobenikov says:

            CIA agent on LSD reappears

    4. tzatz says:

      Exactly … they’ll kill their top nuclear scientist and call it a ‘false flag’ or a GPS remote control job … lol

      paper tiger … lol

    5. cechas vodobenikov says:

      another CIA alias on SF

      1. Luna says:

        Only CIA ? No. I also work for BND and for MI6 time to time. Whoever pays mnore.
        I dont work for FSB , because they try to pay with oil or gas.

  7. Potato Man says:

    You know what Zion known for ? dropping their ? in other people business and lie their ass off.

    1. tzatz says:

      You know what Iran is good for?

      Creating turmoil and failed states in their proxy wars … lol

      The paper tiger is all bluff …

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        titzy: the self uglified amerikan projecting her insecurity

  8. cechas vodobenikov says:

    fake news from lumberjack ukrop/canada nazi media. israel=USA colony
    when amerikan mommy not looking Israeli child tries to steal candy
    “amerikan parents teach their children to have bad manners: they consider this rebelliousness”. Geoffrey Gorer

  9. Rodney Loder says:

    KSA is among those wishing to intrench positions before the new US Government maybe flips strategy in the Middle East.

    However KSA is being rebuffed in the Middle East, not only by Iran, Turkey and the Palestinians but also by the Yemeni Separatists, their people actually left the Aden Airport before the missiles struck causing the Saudi Government of Yemen to go on the back burner again.

    All this while the maggot Jews in Saudi Arabia control the power of God through the Freemason pigs, consequently not much will change.

    I brought the Holy Ghost to Earth and the Jew Freemason maggots have used it ever since as though I don’t exist.

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