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Iran Unveils Own Copy Of Israeli Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missile (Video, Photos)

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Iran Unveils Own Copy Of Israeli Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missile (Video, Photos)

Click to see original-size image. Source: Fars News Agency.

On July 7, Iran unveiled the ground-launched version of the “Almas” anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) which is a direct copy of the Israeli Spike system.

The missile was presented during a ceremony that the saw the delivery of modern equipment and weapons to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Ground Force.

The ceremony was attended by IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami, IRGC Ground Force Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour and a group of other commanders, officials and senior experts of the Armed Forces.

An air-launched version of the Almas ATGM, with a range of the 8 kilometers, was unveiled by Iran last year. It is unclear if the ground-launched version has the same range.

Just like the Israeli Spike ATGM, Almas is equipped with an electro-optical or an infrared imaging seeker. The ATGM has a top-attack feature, meaning it can target armoured vehicles from above as a form of plunging fire. Almas’ ground-launcher is almost an identical copy of the Spike command and launcher unit.

During the same ceremony, the IRGC received a variety of equipment and weapons, including missiles, vehicles, drones, helicopters, and electronic warfare systems.

A locally-upgraded AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter armed with the locally-made Qaem-114, a copy of the US AGM-114 Hellfire, was showcased.

Iran’s domestic defense capabilities grew significantly in the last few years. Political and economic pressure from the US and its allies failed to slow down Tehran’s military development.


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Yeah baby Yeah! Hand em by truckloads to HAMAS – or wait….Haamas already has them, Thats why IDF did not invade after 2014? LMFAO.

Zionist scum

The Zionist child killers like Amercunt cowards are scared shitless of casualties and fighting in the rubble of Gaza would have cost hundreds of Zionist scum dead. Killing unarmed Palestinians is one thing but fighting someone who can hit back is another. BTW,Hezbollah is producing the Almas as well. Ironic that it can destroy the Merkava shitcan before the Zionists can change diapers.

Peppe il Sicario

In fact, there are plans right now in the Israhelli Ministry of Defense to upgrade ALL the Merkava IV MBTs into a mobile latrine where its “soldiers” can poop themselves when in strategic retreat.

G2 man

Since SF and most media don’t have Farsi speakers or analysts, they tend to miss the real developments. Iran yesterday unveiled a more lethal long range missile for its proliferating collection of drones, some of which have a range of over 7,000 kms. The new missile is called AKHGAR and is propelled by a microjet engine at almost supersonic speed. The AKHGAR has a range of 30 kms (BVR) and has multiple variant warheads (HE and anti-personnel) 7 kg. Please google AKHGAR MISSILE as some western websites like Janes have finally picked on the new generation of Iranian missiles and drones. Sadly in this new SF format photos can not be posted as I have some real good ones.

Breaking News: Emirati pimps hit

A massive explosion followed by fire erupts on a Israeli registered ship at Dubai port after explosion that rocks city

No reports of casualties yet at Jebel Ali Port, one of world’s largest, as authorities say fire has spread to nearby containers and port facilities.

Wahhabi ar$elickers in trouble

An Israeli ship loaded with weapons has exploded in the port of Jebel Ali and massive fire is out of control as flames and smokecan be see across the Persian Gulf. The Emirati ar$eholes should not have licked Zionist arse and now face destruction.

Zionist scum

That is one deadly Super Touphan armed with 4 Almas on one hard point with a BVR range of ten kms. The Zionist diaper heads will be cooked.

Americunt losers

Quick the Americunts should invade Iran LOL since the 20 year war against Stone age Taliban has gone so well. Iran would be a cake walk ROFLMAO. Seriously, Iran is at its most powerful and the Zionist cowards know it. Hezbollah would destroy them.


The zionists are unconcerned as new containers of diapers just arrived. They now feel secure to go out and arrest 8 year old Palestinian children who threw stones at them from 50 meters.

G2 man

Without exaggeration, the Zionist will be destroyed if they start a major war. The Axis of Resistance is now too strong and has had battle experience since 2012, when Iranian forces first arrived in Syria to assist the SAA. Since then over a million Iranian and allied militias including the PMU, Hezbollah, Palestinian, Afghan and Pakistani militias have rotated through Iraqi and Syrian battle zones. The sheer quality and quantity of Axis of Resistance weaponry is now also over whelming. The Zionist child killers have barely 2 million military age cowards and they will be chopped up in less than 4 weeks of unlimited full scale combat. The Zionists don’t have too many options left after the dismal backdown in Gaza as they are too scared to commit ground forces in grueling house to house rubble fighting and long range rockets and drones bearing down on their cities. The missiles and drones are the new global equalizer as Yemen has shown.

Shiite terrorist

These weapons are also very advanced for killing women and children in middle east.

Hindu Fungus

No fungus sweetheart, they also are good for cooking Zionist curry in a hurry.

Why India sucks?

In its newest ranking based on scientific articles and documents published in 2020, SCImago Journal & Country Rank announced that in middle east, Iran ranks first in the category of chemistry and chemical engineering. With 8370 articles in the category of chemistry and chemical engineering Iran ranks first in the region, while China retains world leadership and Russia with barely 140 million population closely behind. India with 1.4 billion population ranks lower than Turkey in hard sciences and R&D. The US decline has steadily continued due to high cost of university education and lack of investment in human development and lack of access to basic health care.

Peppe il Sicario

Suck it up Joos, suck it up!!!!!!

G2 Man

Iran has also provided more details and inspection of its Toufan 2 (Typhoon) super Cobra that are being built at a rate of 3 per month replacing the aging AH-1J Cobra which has been relegated to internal and border security while the Toufan with 4X4 Qaem 114 ATGM with 8-10 kms range and an Iranian made 20mm rapid fire rotary canon and a up to date suite of ECM, chaff and new avianics and powerful engines will be primary anti armor and assault helicopter. Iran intends to have a mix of 400 Toufan2 and Cobras for diverse roles. The main base and the largest in the West Asia for the powerful Havanirooz will remain Kermanshah and a secondary base on the eastern flank at Birjand-Chah Bahar axis.

Peppe il Sicario

On even a sweeter note, it seems that the Mighty Iranian nation is giving the Juice a bitter taste of their own medicine. Reports are coming out from Dubai, that an Israeli merchant ship carrying arms and other materiel was blown up in the port of Dubai in a huge explosion. The message: We can follow you Israel wherever you go and wipe you out at will.


Breaking News: Emirati pimps hit

Indeed a Zionist registered ship is sinking and the fire has spread to other containers and port facilities. Videos show that the dumbass Wahhabi pimps don’t have fire fighting capability.

Fuking with Iran is not a good idea

The Zionist cowards and child killers picked on the wrong people. The new Iranian president Raisi is tough as nails and spent a lifetime as interior minister and intelligence chief and executed 8,000 MEK terrorists in one week in 1988 after their CIA sponsored invasion of Iran from Iraq was defeated by the Iranian military and relentless airstrikes on the original highway to hell. The Zionist diaper heads are in for nightmare.

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