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Iran Unveils New Liquid-Fueled, Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

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Iran Unveils New Liquid-Fueled, Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

The Rezvan ballistic missile. Via Twitter.

On September 22, the Iranian Armed Forces unveiled a new liquid-fueled, medium-range ballistic missile, dubbed Rezvan.

The new ballistic missile was showcased during a nationwide military parade that was organized to commemorate what the Islamic republic calls the Sacred Defense Week, which marks the start of the 1980-88 war with Iraq.

Rezvan is a liquid-fueled single-stage missile with a detachable warhead. The ballistic missile has a maximum range of up to 1,400 kilometers. According to the Iranian media, the missile can be launched from a variety of fixed and mobile platforms.

During the same parade, the Kheybar-Shekan medium-range missile system was also put on display. The ballistic missile, which was developed by the Aerospace Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, uses solid propellants and has a range of up to 1,450 kilometers. Iran says that Kheybar-Shekan can penetrate missile shields with high maneuverability during its final stage.

Iran Unveils New Liquid-Fueled, Medium-Range Ballistic Missile

The Kheybar-Shekan missile. Via Twitter.

In the last few years, Iran’s missile program grew to become one of the largest in the world. Tehran has been working to boost its offensive capabilities in response to repeated threats by the United States and Israeli.

Iran’s advanced ballistic missiles have already proved their effectiveness. They were successfully used to target terrorists’ positions in Syria and US bases in Iraq.



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When they develop a solid fuel missile, then they’ll be scary, until then they are children.


During the same parade, the Kheybar-Shekan medium-range missile system was also put on display. The ballistic missile, which was developed by the Aerospace Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, uses solid propellants and has a range of up to 1,450 kilometers.

uses solid propellants


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The Sejil-2 as well, solid-fuelled and a range of 2000km. Unveiled in 2008 AFAIK. But it took time for Iran to move on to mass production as their dependency on foreign tech and materials at the time was still significant in that specific field. Ever since they’ve mastered the full cycle in solid propellant production and is it now common in shorter ranged guided SRBMs such as the Fateh-110 and its subsequent version known as the Zulfiqar and Dezful, the former making headlines by making pinpoint hits on the US Al-Asad base in 2020 as well as a Mossad compound a few months back in Erbil.

Last edited 4 days ago by Gryzor

You are not gifted at reading are you. Solid fuel like the one mentioned in the article ? That kind of solid fuel? See the other responses for a list of some of the many solid fuel missiles they produce and have for decades.

Last edited 3 days ago by maharaja

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HellFire… Brimstone… SkyBolt… Such badass names… Sacry.

Rezvan is such a cuddly name, meaning “Paradise”, “Satisfaction” or “benediction”, mostly the first meaning comes to mind. Someone has a sense of humor!

I suggest to look for new Yemeni toys too if you have time. They were showcased in the last recent parade of the Yemeni army. Some of the systems (missiles, boats, airdefence, UAVs) look like exact copy of Iranian systems with a different paint job. I have no idea how they reverse engineer our things, without having access to them. Yemenis are amazing! ;)

The advancement of the AI in our new systems is beginning to look scary. From missiles to loitering munitions, ground-based and loitering air defence, UAVs and torpedoes, all behave totally different compared to other manufacturers’ similar systems. That’s what makes them different. That, and a little bit of engineering ingenuity to make them almost undetectable to the current generation of western technology,

BTW, has anyone saw any new picture or evidence of “Iranian” drones use in Ukraine? I haven’t, but I really like to be wrong on this subject.

Last edited 4 days ago by Garga
Bigg Chungus

Do you think Masha Amini was poisoned by agents provocateur?

1. Perfect target – Kurdish woman from Kurdistan Province (Kurds being both an unhappy minority and partially aligned with US/Israel)

2. Heart attack – not blood loss, not cranial trauma, not any normal symptom of police brutality

3. Perfect circumstance – Hijab is the West’s favorite topic because, in addition to the sexual obsession of perverted nations, hijab is a focus for protesting the core of the political system while making zero economic promises whatsoever on behalf of the would-be revolutionaries


I don’t have the necessary information to form an opinion about the deceased, rest her in peace. So any “think” I might have is either guess, conspiracy theory or wishful thinking.

The coroner will tell us the cause of her death and I’m sure they’ll perform thorough blood tests as well.


Cooperation between Russia and Iran???

Morons for Profit

These seem indigenous. Most of Iran’s new systems are, with the exception of drones, which are often reverse engineered from foreign drones that have been downed over Iran over the past 10-15 years.

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this is clever and much better than believing that Russia can help them.. Russia, the weak and gay 3rd world shithole with permanent drunken idiots like Putin, Schoigu and all the other bastard-idiots in the army is not even able to protect some guys around Kharkov, Donezk, Luhansk etc 🤮🤮🤮

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