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Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile On Revolution Anniversary (Video)

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Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile On Revolution Anniversary (Video)

Click to see full-size image, source: farsnews.com

Iran unveiled a new cruise missile named Hoveyzeh on Saturday during celebrations marking the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, according to Press TV.

The country’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said that this cruise missile needs a very short time for its preparedness and can fly at a low altitude. The commander added that the missile, which has been designed and manufactured by experts at the ministry’s aviation industries organization, has a range of over 1,350 kilometers.

The missile was reportedly able to hit its target accurately during a live fire test on a 1,200 km range. Press TV released a 37-scond video of the test showing the successfully launch of the missile from a ground base.

Hoveyzeh is almost identical to the so-called Soumar cruise missile, which is according to experts an Iranian-modified version of the Soviet-made Kh-55 cruise missile. Several reports claim that Iran bought at least 12 of these advanced missiles from Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“The long-range Hoveyzeh cruise missile is the long arm of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the cruise missile defense field … success in achieving this technology after the 700-km Soumar cruise missile is an impressive step in increasing the capabilities of the armed forces and the country’s deterrent power,” Brig. Gen. Hatami said during the unveiling ceremony confirming that the two missiles are linked.

Iran Unveils New Cruise Missile On Revolution Anniversary (Video)

Hoveyzeh missile on the right, Soumar on the left, Click to see full-size image.

More than a year ago, the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen launched what is suspected to be an Iranian Soumar cruise missile at the Barakah nuclear power plant in the UAE. The missile crushed few kilometers after launch, which raise serious questions about Iran’s claims.

Iran says that its missiles are defensive and used for deterrence in the face of repeated foreign threats. However, the U.S. and its allies have been pressuring the Islamic country to restrict its missile program for the last few years.

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Not sure Iran can really develop such missiles… a lot of hype that does not materialise.
Still have to depend on other countries like Russia and China to produce really effective ones.


Hehe you deluded. Iran has been working on a new technology called Plasma since 2007 that includes magmatic and gravitation force. This technology is so advanced countries such as US, Russia, China, France etc etc so called superpowers are start to learn about it and what it can do. A Iranian scientist called Keshe has invested this technology and have it to humanity for free in form of understanding and blueprint in 2015 and countries are started to understand and learn about it. Imagine Iran is way ahead of the competition. So couple of missiles etc is not rocket science for Iranians. You don’t believe me just search Keshe foundation plasma technology and you will see everything you been feed was lie and how a country like Iran is greatest superpower

Tommy Jensen

We Americans also have plasma nano stealth neutronic hyper space laser technology.


you morons of the destitute states (aka usa) have nothing but broken dreams and massive poverty for all and sundry – and you claim to be exceptional while you’re just piss poor and dysfuntional. sad!


Ye everyone in the world has it now since Keshe gave it to humanity in 2015 for FREE!! Americans didn’t even understand it when it was out ininfront of them and don’t want to call this guys genious because they thinks they iranians are backward country. US is only good at stealing


No they do but missile technology in general is a pass fail type of thing when it comes down to brass tax. Western made, eastern made, southern made, northern made etc, etc… All of them are prone to failure at any moment. To put it simply, a missile either flies or it don’t lol.

Iranians have been traditionally a ballistic missile powerhouse with proof of their effectiveness shown time and time again (to various degrees of efficiency albeit) but their long range cruise missile capability is a sector they are working on and is most likely a pretty young program in general. Now I don’t necessarily doubt they don’t import certain parts needed for their cruise missile production from outside the nation but I’d like to believe the bulk of their work on Iranian cruise missile is indeed in house technology either reverse engineered or something along those lines.

The Soumar, Meshkat and the newly unveiled Hoveyzeh are all improvements/reverse engineering on the old Soviet Kh-55. Iran biggest issue with cruise missiles currently is the engine itself since good tech on engines is usually hard to come by and tightly held by states the world over. The Iranians during the press conference did say they have made is pass the engine hurdles and don’t have that issue anymore but only time will tell.

Hisham Saber

Iran can, and has developed LRBM, MRBM and SRBM. And they have obtained very accurate guidance systems for such missiles from China. Remember just recently when Iran targeted and destroyed ISIS positions 5 km away from U.S. bases in Syria. And Iran has ballistic missles that reach 2000 km, which is the limit they have placed on their missile doctrine. Iran even duplicated such very accurate guidance systems and furnished them to Hezbollah.


trust the coordinates for tel aviv, haifa and some places in the negeve desert plus some more vital places for the squatters are permanently inserted into the system so that they can be efficiently sent on their way once the deluded, soon to be kicked out, squatters make a desperate move of survival, which will be the last for israeli squatters, setting out swimming towards the other shore with no moses along – what a larf!!


has both features of Kh-55 and Tomahawk soon to be mass produced and deployed in Iraq/Syria :) they should test it out on HTS idlibistan and isis.

Robert McMaster

Iran doesn’t have anything else to do except make ever better missiles. They will just keep on along that line. Eventually, one day, the rest of the world will wake up to find that they have a mighty heap of bloody good stuff. Energizer Bunny strategy.


More than a year ago, the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen launched what is suspected to be an Iranian Soumar cruise missile at the Barakah nuclear power plant in the UAE. The missile crushed few kilometers after launch, which raise serious questions about Iran’s claims.

The beauty of it…
I don’t know why recently we read on SouthFront about such claims with increased frequency, the sort of rumor and heresay which is signature of the western-style MSM.

First, we have the usual “Iranian-backed Houthis”, nevermind that support is just moral and political and other word, zilch. I wish we did more, but we don’t.

Second, don’t pay attention that Yemeni army fires missiles and drones, not Houthis.
Third, we have a “suspected” launch (@pavewayiv has interesting things to say about that under the linked article), let’s link it to Iranians! The video is not there anymore.

And fourth, Iran just tested the new version and it did it’s job at a 1200km distance, but let’s spread doubts about the whole spectrum of Iranian ability (to design, manufacture, reverse engineer, copy, whatever), with a “suspected” footage claiming to be from a third country (Yemen) published by a fourth party (claimed to be Hezbollah, but god knows who really published that)!

Frankly I’m getting tired of this trend, I probably stop commenting about it every time it’s mentioned from now on, hope it doesn’t dance on my nerve badly!

Promitheas Apollonious

they are trying to lose all donations to them for some reason. Maybe because they get more than they need from adverts and what is surprising is that their server it is in russia so they dont even have that excuse. But then many sites started as Sf and then make a 180 turn. Money are stronger than ideals seem like.

John Whitehot

“But then many sites started as Sf and then make a 180 turn”

It’s the cryptozionist way.

they tried, they failed – time to move on, but no. Besides, the point is getting taxpayers/soros money, not much else.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not judging any one just thinking loud.

John Whitehot

me too.

Zionism = EVIL

Truth is always unpalatable. SF reports the news and FACTS. Iranian corrupt mullahs are bluffing as Iran is a primitive weak state that simply does not have any modern weapons. If Iran was strong, it would NOT have been humiliated over a 1000 times in Syria, where it has lost hundreds of men, including 39 “generals” to Zionist airstrikes. These missiles are just for propaganda and have operational use. Most are just dummies for dummies to believe in.

Hisham Saber

Where do you come up with this horse shit . Iran has advanced ballistic missiles , in the hundreds of thousands, armed with the latest , and very accurate guidance systems they obtained from China and North Korea. If Iran was as weak as you say, it would have been bombed to smithereens decades ago, if not in the recent past. Truth is, Iran has the capability to annihilate the Zionist entity occupying Palestine.

The figure of hundreds dead and 39 Generals is something coming right out of your ass and smells like diarrhea out of a babies ass. Stop running your mouth on pure speculation and disinformation, hasbara troll. Its obvious to everyone here your true identity as a miserable Jew.

Zionism = EVIL

Nothing to get personal and vulgar about. Iran is a third world dump run by illiterate corrupt mullahs and its only “modern weapons” are the F-14A circa 1978. Iranian “missiles” are freshly pained oil drums for decoration purposes. If Iran was that “strong”, how come it has not hit back at the Zionists once, as they have killed Iranians and Syrians at will? Iran is an isolated country being choked by sanctions and does even have medicines for its hapless people, let alone develop “modern weapons”. The mullahs bluff is about to be called as Bolton is serious and Iran will be hit much harder than Iraq.

Promitheas Apollonious

what truth are you talking about single cell?

Zionism = EVIL

Hiding from the TRUTH is a sign of delusions. SF reports the news and analysis on objective bases and not the mullahs propaganda. The FACT is that Iran is very weak and the mullahs keep on playing shell game with their hilarious “weapons development” like a repainted 1960’s era F-5E and “cruise missiles” that are simply hoax phantoms and don’t work. Iran simply does not have the technological, metallurgy, engineering or propulsion technology to make sophisticated missiles. Sadly, the pot bellied idiot Rouhani and the goofy looking buffoon Zarif have handled Iranians relations so poorly with Russia and most nations that Iran is isolated and most of its educated people have left or are struggling to flee a barbarous criminal mullah regime. US and Zionists with Saudi trained Wahhabi headchoppers are tightening the noose around Iran and it will be hit hard. The only option for Iran is to test a nuke if it can, which I also doubt.

Hisham Saber

All you have written is your wishful thinking. Remember when Iran launched SRBM at ISISI positions only 5 km away from U.S. bases? That was but a small sample of their intermediate range. Informed sources, not you, know the power Iran has. Thus Iran has been a thorn in the side of the U.S. and Israel since 19719, and Iran is ever so methodically putting the squeeze on the U.S. position in the greater Middle East.

The Pentagon, who truly know Irans power, have war games with the U.S. coalition against Iran. And guess what moron, the U.S. Generals playing Iranian forces ALWAYS win, with catastrophic losses to U.S. fleets and basses and assets in the greater region. Iran has had Military attaches from many countries a guests to witness war games involving ballistic missile tests, cruise missile tests, and ground force maneuvers, and they all walk away very impressed. If Hezbollah is estimated to have 150,000 ballistic missiles, imagine the sheer number of LRBM, MRBM and SRBM Iran has in its arsenals, buried deep in mountains that can withstand a direct nuclear hit.

Iran has every square meter/foot of Israel mapped out for ballistic missile bombardment with high yield explosive warheads, and can do so in redundancy. In effect, Israel can use its unconventional weapons, and be a pariah worldwide, but it will in turn be annihilated. Along with U.S. bases and assets in the region. The Iranian IRGC, Armed forces have been preparing for the coming showdown since 1979, and is a medium sized country of nearly 90 million people. Add to that the worlds Shia, whom number 190 million, and her Sunni allies, whom are many, for Iran is admired on the Arab street for her brave stance against the Zionist entity and the U.S. hegemony, spells catastrophic consequences to any aggressor to Iran. Along with that, Iran has a gigantic volunteer force, the Basij, who number approx. 17 million who have sworn an oath for the annihilation of Israel.

Persians, Iranians, are shrewd, patient and very calculating, not reactionary like yourself and your Israeli brethren.

Again, besides the wargames where the U.S. gets beaten badly, Israel stands no chance against Iran. Iran is slowly but surely fighting the noose on the Zionist entity occupying Palestine and acting belligerent in the region. But the ‘ writing is on the wall ‘ for the Jewish State. And the U.S., Britain and France will not be able to save it. They will be swallowed up and destroyed by the millions of people, fighters, troops of the region who have had enough of the hegemony and belligerence.

True, Iran doesn’t have much of an air force, but Israel had total air superiority in 2006 against Hezbollah and got routed. 75,000 IDF pussies and two armored battalions got routed big time. The Forces of the Axis of Resistance will overwhelm Israel, and anyone who comes to her aid.

Ive read some of your comments in the past, and you are no more than a miserable Jewish troll , a hasbara idiot who just sprouts out nonsense trying to make yourself sound relevant. You are fooling no one here on SouthFront.

Zionism = EVIL

Good rant but Iran is impotent as events have shown, even Russia is distancing itself from Iran as good analysis in Al-Monitor explains. The mullahs are idiots and corrupt to the core and Iranian people are voting with their feet and running to any country that will take take them. Iranians are dying just to get to Europe. Any barbaric Islamic regime will destroy itself. Most people are interested in living a comfortable life with opportunities for their children, unless it is the dumb Arabs, and do not want 7th century barbarism and burkas for women. Even Saudi Arabia is changing. The mullahs have destroyed Iran and turned into a global laughing stock.


Iran has the most educated population in the Middle East with a literacy rate of over 70 %, and they graduate more engineers per year than the US.
That alone is the real reason Saudi Arabia and Israel are afraid of Iran.
Step over there, and you would see they are hospitable and honorable.
But then you don’t care for the truth, just your 30 pieces.

Hisham Saber

I sincerely hope the Houthi’s bombard the Saudi capital during Mariah Cary’s planned concert in the Saudi capital. Cause wide spread panic with missiles raining down and air raid sirens going off. I hope they use the latest, most advanced missiles for this.


Another short-range missile. How many times does Iran want to boast about missiles with less than 2,000 km range? Either make more advanced missiles or stop making the same missile over and over again and giving it a different name.


It’s not really short-range as this missile gives Iran a pretty long reach as far as allowing Iran to target objectives in its immediate area. The main take away is that Iran is diversifying its arsenal and producing a wide range of offensive weapons. This is a major development in general.

Take Iran and put a starting point anywhere in the country, then draw a line from that original point and that is representative of 1,350 km from that starting point in Iran. That is, theoretically, the range that this new missile gives Iran.

Chris Chuba

Very true.
600 miles, with accuracy, hard to detect and flying at low altitude is enough to hit every oil transport hub and U.S. air base in the Person Gulf.


>>Hoveyzeh is almost identical to the so-called Soumar cruise missile,
which is according to experts an Iranian-modified version of the
Soviet-made Kh-55 cruise missile. Several reports claim that Iran bought
at least 12 of these advanced missiles from Ukraine after the collapse
of the Soviet Union.<<

I reckon this is why Russia is loath to sell Iran its latest advanced military hardware. Not without some assurances or loads of cash.


Russia is not a friend of Iran, Security of Israel is important for Russia, When it comes to Syria ” Russia and Iran just work together,and when Russia decides that there is no more need for Iranian (body) it will let Israel go much harder, very harder ,on Iranian until they leave Syria”

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