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Iran Unveils Long-Range 3D Radar Designed To Detect Stealthy Airborne Targets (Video)

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Iran Unveils Long-Range 3D Radar Designed To Detect Stealthy Airborne Targets (Video)

A screen grab showing Alborz radar from a report by Press TV: youtu.be/pqPpIyIlJ2M

On September 1, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force (IRIADF) unveiled a state-of-the-art 3D radar system as well as a command-and-control system.

The two new systems were presented during a ceremony that was held to celebrate the anniversary of the IRIADF establishment. The ceremony was attended by the force’s commander, Brig. Gen. Alireza Sabahi-Fard.

The 3D radar, dubbed “Alborz” after the northern Iranian mountain range, has a maximum detection range of up to 450 kilometers.

The phased array radar was reportedly designed to detect and track long-range stealth airborne targets and targets flying at low altitudes. The new radar can track as many as 300 targets at the same time.

The IRIADF also presented the “Borhan” command-and-control system, which was designed to receive information from several sources. The system analyzes the information before relaying it to the army’s most senior officials who can then make their decisions more accurately.

The system can receive information from radar and electro-optical sensors and help take action against airborne targets at close range and low attitudes.

After the collapse of the nuclear deal in 2018, Iran began working to boost its domestic military capabilities in order to face threats by the US and Israel. Tehran ended up making several breakthroughs, especially in the fields of air-defense, missiles and drones.


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Assad Defeated Zionists

One EMP and the whole Iranian integrated AD is kaput.


It’s military for fucks sake … it’s going to be hardened against EMP. It’s the civilian infastructure that goes kaput.


they arent that is why they believe iran is that incompetent as them and yes iran using emp´s on most american hardware will turn it off the same with zionists but using it on most iranian hardware nowadays is useless the whole issue was already perceived as threat and tackled long ago


there are possibilities to easily divert the energy of an emp thou so america is just lazy and its politicians whine about it for a reason because its truely absurd and the only reason they dont do it is because they didnt face it as much to be forced to but iran did

Last edited 21 days ago by farbat

How do you get your EMP close enough? If the radar does, what is claimed, there will be only a few options to deliver the EMP with very little probability of success.

Michel LeBlanc

He was going to send it via amazon.

Michel LeBlanc

Thats a 2 way strewt buddy, these people are pretty clever. Your more vulnerable to emp than iran.

Arch Bungle

And together with that, the entire ‘israeli’ zionist tech-military complex.

Sounds like a fair trade to me.


And the Iranians dont have the ability to generate EMP’s making Israel/US/NATO systems KAPUT? Besides 300 000 PMU’s + Hezb soldiers are pretty resistant against EMP’s, don’t you think? – they’re the ones you have to worry about cos they’re just waiting to invade pissy Israel and kick the fake Jew colonials back across the Med

Last edited 21 days ago by YankeeGoHome
Deng Xiaoping

In an all-out, end of times, shooting war between the big boys on block – thermo-nuclear devices detonated in lower stratosphere would wipe out orbiting satellites – cancelling US GPS system etc.

Last edited 20 days ago by Deng Xiaoping

Nearly all air search radar is “3D”, nothing new here…

Welcome to 1961, Iran….

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Chinese tech.
But its good.
Not as good as Russian radars tho.


Iran is in the exclusive club of non NATO countries that can domestically counter the ONLY superiority left for the Western Imperialist Nations – Air Superiority. When Syria and Lebanon is integrated into Irans Air defence systems, theres FCKALL Israel will be able to do in the next war. Israel/US’s F35’s F22’s AI Drones are all screwed. As Taliban just showed the world, you only need AK47’s and balls of steel to defeat a superpower + 28 of its allied friends. The only reason USA was in Afghanistan for 20 years, not 1, was that Taliban had no way of protecting itself against Drones and Air strikes. Iran is luckier. The war against the Zionists wont last long. Nasrallah will be in Jerusalem 3 weeks after the war begins

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