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Iran Unveils Drone Cruise Missiles In Message To Israel (Video, Photos)

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Iran Unveils Drone Cruise Missiles In Message To Israel (Video, Photos)

The Iranian army’s underground drone base. Click to see full-size image. Source: the Islamic Republic News Agency.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Army unveiled two new drone systems during a visit by Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, to a secret drone base on May 28.

Iran’s state TV said that the army is keeping around a hundred drone in the base that is located in the “heart of the Zagros mountains”.

The first system, dubbed “Heidar-1,” is a drone launched cruise missile with a range of up to 200 kilometers. The missile is equipped with an optical seeker, and possibly a data-link.

Iran didn’t provide much information about the second system, dubbed “Heidar-2”. The system appears to be a ground-launched version of the Heidar-1 powered by a small turbojet engine. The Heidar-2 is not equipped with an optical seeker.

Iran Unveils Drone Cruise Missiles In Message To Israel (Video, Photos)

The Heidar-1 cruise missile loaded on a Gaza combat drone. Click to see full-size image. Source: the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Iran Unveils Drone Cruise Missiles In Message To Israel (Video, Photos)

The Heidar-2 turbojet-powered, ground-launched cruise missile. Click to see full-size image. Source: the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Maj. Gen. praised the recent development in Iran drone capabilities, stressing that the country’s will continue to boost these capabilities.

“No doubt the drones of Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces are the region’s most powerful,” the Iranian commander said, “Our capability to upgrade drones is unstoppable”.

The two systems were likely unveiled as a message to Israel. The Israeli intelligence was blamed for the May 22 assassination of Quds Force Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodayari, who was reportedly involved in the smuggling of drones to Hezbollah in Lebanon through Syria, as well as for the May 25 deadly explosion at Parchin military complex, which hosts some of Iran’s key drone research facilities.

Israel grew concerned over Iran’s drone capabilities in the recent years. The Israeli military and intelligence have been working nonstop to prevent Tehran from transferring these capabilities to its allies in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine using overt and covert means.


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bad time they start using it if they can ,💥

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Iran needs to test some of these drones on Zionist asses. SLAVA IRAN!


They can start with your mama.


Do you trust Kourosh Kabir doc? or should I hold your hand and walk you through the portal to a new Persian revival? Lazy unconcerned Iran, just due to its mass and momentum has achieved strategic victory. It’s always been like this no? Shit just automatically falls into Iran’s lap, and then everyone else starts bitchin no?…..lol

Alexandre Souvorov

l’Iran a des capacités Stratégiques Immenses Et Ne Peut Être Vaincu Les Assassinats Du Régime Terroriste Infanticide Sioniste Ne Sont pas en mesure de modifier Les Équations Stratégiques l’Iran Est L’unique Superpuissance Du Monde Islamique Et a Étendue Sa projection De Puissance Militaire Des Frontières Occidentales L’Irak Et La Syrie)Aux Frontières Orientales Avec Sa Base De Drones Au Tadjikistan.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

L’Iran doit commencer à attaquer des cibles sionistes dans toute la région. Les sionistes et leurs abrutis américains sont trop faibles et se sont déployés pour combattre la Russie, la Chine et l’Iran.


Iran bluffs, shows locations. That’s how the Israelis developed Stuxnet – found Siemens control units in a stupid video by Ahmedinejad. Should be more Russian/Chinese: speak quietly then hit.


Can you use google? Do you want to google Zagros mountains?

“Shows locations”? Zagros mountains? Are you fuking rtded? I could fuking tell you that as well ape.

The US mostly created it not Zion you donkey, Zion loves to steal and put their own name on it. It was a PR move by Zion, and The US didn’t want other world power to blame them for it – you are fuking rtded.

You are so fuking rtded kid. That site was underground and it was disconnected from the net. Zion used MEK to target hardware suppliers to Iran’s nuclear program site which eventually made its way into the nuclear facility, that’s how it got inside. Go fuking die you moronic child.

Stuxnet = “They succeeded in creating problems for a limited number of our centrifuges with the software they had installed in electronic parts.” It was a failed attack by Zion – it only shows how Iran fuking everyone – ask you clown ass, what did it achieve? NOTHING.

Also, it was MEK that killed the other Iranian nuclear scientists.

I have for so long blame Iran for its lack of protection for Iranian against MEK. Also, stop watching movies you donkey ass fuk head. “found Siemens control units in a stupid video by Ahmedinejad”… rtded that you are.


If nobody takes their bluff seriously, it can’t be considered a bluff. Remember the 5th gen fighter they unveiled 5-6 years ago? Anyone can buy one at local Walmart. Iran is super lame.


Do you mean the Qaher-313 prototype? Why don’t say the whole thing kiddo – it was a prototype and it only did taxi tests. People like you start making shit up in their heads.

“Remember the 5th gen fighter prototype they unveiled 5-6 years ago?” There, I fix it for you.

Going by how things are, why would they make a new jet – they are very good at making drones. Drones that are entering Zion-stan all the way from Iran. You want proof, don’t you? Remember Zion claiming they “shot down two Iranian drones” that were carrying “pistols”? Odd wasn’t it?

Ask yourself why would Zion be so scared to the point they even sent their F-35 jets to shoot down those drones? They failed to stop Iran’s drones – you can tell when Zion lies. It isn’t hard really – they don’t mention anything for a few days and even weeks sometimes and they 99% show a fake video – with some BS reasons behind it.

“Bluffs”, I really dislike people like. Iranian aren’t new to the assassination game, they know it all too well. Matter of fact, what is the point of assassination if you openly say it after… that is just killing. Iran has a hell of a lot of Zion blood on their own hands, but unlike Zion which acts like children – Iranians are much smarter and they stay in the dark and wash their hands off Zion bloody each time.

I also very much dislike moronic apes that don’t really understand the events happening around them and ignore them. You don’t like Iran but don’t be ignorant towards them, that’s what they want.


Use them already. make some headlines.


But they forgot to buy some AA batteries which are sold separately at local Walmart.


Knock knock!

Ghost of Hitlers Cock

Iran is also run by globalist freemasons: just this past week they implemented the digital id propagated by Davos. The war profiteers need to always have a fake enemy to scare the population under control.


This is true…….Iran is historically a capitalist enterprise. No kidding.

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