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Iran Unveils 2,000km-Range Ballistic Missile Following Trump’s ‘Ignorant’ UN Speech

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Iran Unveils 2,000km-Range Ballistic Missile Following Trump's 'Ignorant' UN Speech

Iran unveiled a 2,000km-range ballistic missile during the military parade in Tehran on Friday, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and senior military officials in attendance, the Iranian state-run media outlet Press TV reported.

The ballistic missile is named Khorramshahr and capable of carrying multiple warheads, according to the reporting quoting rigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Division.

“As it was observed, the missile has become smaller in size and more tactical and it will be operational in the near future,” the general said.

President Rouhani publicly stated that Iran is strengthening its missile capabilities and defense programs and no country can stop this.

“We will promote our defensive and military power as much as we deem necessary,” the presidet said. “We seek no one’s permission to defend our land.”

The military parade came just days after US President Donald  Trump described Iran a “murderous regime” in his first ever speech at the United Nations.

Trump slammed the nuclear deal lifting sanctions on Iran and called  it an “embarrassment” that should be scrapped. Iran promised to curb its nuclear programme in exchange for a easing of economic sanctions as part of the deal. However, the Trump administration sees it as a mistake accusing Tehran of developing its missile and nuclear programmes.

Rouhani responded to Trump during own speech at the UN general assembly saying that the nuclear deal should not be “destroyed by rogue newcomers to the world of politics” that Trump’s criticisms of the agreement is “ignorant”.

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MD Ranix

congratulations to iran for her defence capability – nobody should dictate how to defend one’s country from the threat of zio satanic terrorists


The military parade is related to “the Sacred Defence week”, anniversary of Iraq’s attack on Iran, on September 22, 1980. We don’t have a military parade everyday, you know.

No doubt Bibi will have a temper tantrum by this missile. On the missile is written: “If Zionist regime make a mistake, IR will rubble Tel Aviv and Haifa”. Something like that.

More so, today is the new year both for Muslims (1st of Moharram) and for Jews (Rosh Hashanah). Congratulation to both and wish all a very happy year. May all your wishes (as long as nobody is harmed!) come true. سنه جدیده سعیده שנה טובה

For Shi’as these days are not for celebration, as it’s the anniversary of our third Imam’s martyrdom who said: “Even if you’re not religious, at least don’t bow to oppression”.

chris chuba

I get that Iran needs ballistic missiles for legitimate defense needs but I don’t get the need to write those sayings on some of the missiles, more fodder for the anti-Iranian lunatics.

I was hoping that was an urban myth. Any idea who decides to write on those missiles, some hothead in the IRGC or does the clerical council approve them. You can argue that the writings are just defiance and not a threat but I see it as taking away from the message that this is for defense.


The message was written by the IRGC. Iran’s president condemned it during the last election’s TV debates. I’m personally against making these provocative statements especially when I know for a fact Iran doesn’t really intend to physically destroy Israel, only to end the Zionist regime but these sorts of moves score a lot of positive propaganda points for Iran in the region.


But , on the other hand , just feed the anti – Iran western press .


Yeah but they’re going to demonize Iran anyways, regardless of what we do, they want total world domination, any country they don’t control is a threat to them even if that country isn’t directly threatening them like Russia. They are inbred psychopaths brainwashed by centuries of Talmudic thought, a very dangerous mix.


I too would prefer if things such as “death to X” stopped. These things will not get us anywhere. It is almost some kind of ceremonial necessity to chant death to somebody and the fun part is that nobody really means it. If you ask the ones who chant, they’ll explain that they are against the government of the US of A and GB and they want the “occupying Regime” be dissolved and a free election decides the future of Palestine, and absolutely have no ill wish towards their people. Strange.

If you want a better translation, it’s more like “down with the X” instead of “Death to X”. It appears that translating Persian is more complicated than it seems. (Perhaps you remember the Ahmadinejad’s quot regarding “wiping Israel off the map”, but actually he never used “wipe”, “Israel” or “map” :)

About this particular writing on this missile, it’s a quot from Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech and it is not a threat, but a promise to retaliate in case Israel attacks first. It clearly says if they do this first, then we’ll do that thing.

MD Ranix

death to their evil ideologies is what it means to me though https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_to_America


Well done Iran . The support of the Iranian people against US and Israeli aggression demonstrates that unity of all the nations the US seeks to plunder in order to support American debt is of paramount importance and is increasingly revealing the impotence of the USA.


Not just Debt but HEGEMONY, for Israel, of this planet

jason sixx

Fuck trump lost all respect for him


I say hooray for Iran !!! Well done !!! every country must defend itself, especially from the lie-factory insane U$Asylum NWO Empire. The NWO Empire plan is to destroy EVERY country on Earth & 95% of Earth’s population & establish a world totalitarian govt based on the talking shop for dictators, the poxy bureaucracy of lies that is the UN. http://www.c3headlines.com Click on Quotes.


2000 miles in a nice range against carriers.

chris chuba

It’s kilometers giving it a range of 1,200 miles and is meant for land based targets in Israel. To deter Israel from attacking them. It’s not a good weapon to use against naval targets because there is no indication that it has any homing capability. Note, it has multiple warheads, anti-naval weapons are typically single warhead.

The Iranians have tested a short range anti-ship missile with homing technology http://www.janes.com/article/68625/iran-successfully-tests-radar-guided-anti-ship-ballistic-missile They are also testing cruise missiles and that super-cavitation torpedo both of which can be launched by submarine or at least that is what they are working towards.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

To be honest it’s closer 1300 miles approx. but actually 1250+ miles.

Solomon Krupacek

1 mi = 1.6 km


My Irish brethren are with you Iran

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