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JULY 2022

Iran Unveiled New Mobile Radar System (Video)

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The Iranian Air Defense Force has unveiled a new mobile radar system capable of detecting small aircrafts and flying objects.

Air Defense Commander, Brig. Gen. Alireza Sabahi Fard, unveiled the system, dubbed “Kashef-99,” at a ceremony in the Iranian capital, Tehran, on September 2.

Kashef-99 is a 3D phased-array radar capable of detecting small aircrafts and flying objects. The system can detect 300 targets simultaneously within a range of up to 12 km.

The new system, which is based on a regular pick-up truck, was apparently designed to allow for easy deployment and operation. Iran could equip its non-state allies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen with the system.

In the last few years, Iran boosted its air-defense capabilities with a number of home grown systems, including the 3rd Khordad, Khordad-15 and Bavar-373 medium and long-rang air-defense systems.

Iran is facing serious threats from the U.S. and Israel, which are working against the country’s interests in the Middle East and other parts of the world.


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Nasty Animal

Radars seem to be really vulnerable to jamming, small loitering munitions etc.. I feel like optical detection should be priority, Syrian and Libyan Pantsirs couldn’t even detect Turkish drones few km away from them, these radio signal emitting systems should be accompanied by a bunch of passive search cameras, Houthis in Yemen use them with great success.

Lone Ranger

Aesa radars are hard to jam aside from that you can use anti jam when you lock on to the jamming source and tries to owerpower it. Russia already has laser based radars, just in case…

Lone Ranger

We dont know weather Pantsir could detect them or not. More probably they run out of missiles.

Lone Ranger

P.S. passive 3D radars are also jam resistant.

Vox Populi

All these daily Iranian claims should be taken with an adult sized spoonful of salt, Israel has attacked Syria over a thousands times and both Iran and Syrians have not done anything. Iran needs to puts its money where its mouth is.


good and once in situ in syria they hopefully will be a menace for the jews when they stage their mendacious attacks on syria. a downed jew-jet is far better than letting them get away with their attacks again and again. the jews in palestine must be obliterated to dust asap.

Vox Populi

Putin is Jew himself and their biggest protector. Syria would be better off on its own as during Hafez al Assad era of peace and prosperity. Syria should also increase its military presence in Lebanon.


putin is not a jew just a plain friggin russian. putin never undertook anything in regard to israel, just to thwart the disunited states of A’s attempt to replace Assad with a quisling like type obedient to the disunited states of morons. putin leaves the future of the palestinian jews in the hand of turkey and iran although he has told netanyahu to stay away, which netanyahu obviously has paid heed to and is concentrating the survival of the jews in palestine on the machinations of prime slime kushner.

and once the turkey and iran and syria and iraq and hezbollah are ready they will deal with the jews once and for all. rest assured.

Assad must stay


Fleecing Rabbi

Mazal Tov!

Assad must stay


Lazy Gamer

What about personnel radiation? ?


Park it on a high point and leave? A low power phased-array radar in a pickup truck is a rather clever and tactical idea for Iran. :)

cechas vodobenikov

amerikanISIS frequently sends their incompetent drones /missiles to attack Russian bases in Syria—always intercepted and destroyed…but advanced US “defenses “were unable to intercept drones in SA…even Japan and S Korea don’t want amerikan thaad—unable to intercept flaming kites sent from Gaza

Traiano Welcome

Iran is qualitatively different from any country the USA and it’s zionist vassals have fought before. It is the only state that successfully develops it’s own formidable military technology, is nuclear capable and has a solid technological base.

A war against Iran will be nothing like Iraq, Syria … It will be a world-ending war.


Target practice for Israeli F35s lol

Albert Pike

Still needs a few improvements: “The system can detect 300 targets simultaneously within a range of up to 12 km.” (Really only 12km?)

‘JDAM-equipped bombs are guided by an integrated inertial guidance system coupled to a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, giving them a published range of up to 15 nautical miles (28 km).’

So even against a rather conventional JDAM, a Range of only 12km will do nothing. Therefore it must be a typo, since even WW2 radars had a wider range: ‘By order of the German navy, in the summer of 1935 they developed a pulse radar with which they could spot the cruiser Königsberg at a distance of 8 km, with an accuracy of up to 50 m, enough for gun-laying. The same system could also detect an aircraft at 500 m altitude at a distance of 28 km’

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