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Iran, Turkey And Russia Adopted Memorandum On Creation Of Four Security Zones In Syria

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Iran, Turkey And Russia Adopted Memorandum On Creation Of Four Security Zones In Syria

© Sputnik/ Mikhail Voskresenskiy

Iran, Turkey and Russia have signed a memorandum on the creation of four security zones in Syria during the ongoing peace talks in Astana, RT reported, adding that the effort is aimed at separating terrorists from “moderate opposition” forces.

The proposal seeks to “put an immediate end to the violence” in Syria and “provide the conditions for the safe, voluntary return of refugees,” AFP reported citing a source close to the opposition.

Some representatives of the Syrian opposition left the meeting arguing that Iran cannot be a guarantor state.

According to the document, Moscow proposed to set up security zones in the province of Idlib, in the area north of the city of Homs, in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus and in southern Syria.

“Guarantors within five days after signing the memorandum will create a working group at the level of authorized representatives to determine the boundaries of disarmament, areas of tension and security areas, as well as to address technical issues related to the implementation of the memorandum,” the text of the document reads.

“We support any initiative aimed at de-escalation of the conflict in Syria, prevention of bloodshed, destruction, leading to the fleeing of the Syrian people from their native territory. We support any step aimed at a ceasefire,” RIA Novosti quoted the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura hailed the plan for creating safe zones in Syria as a step in the right direction toward a cessation of hostilities.

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Great News.

Joe Doe

Not for long. Turkey and Saudi Arabia will rearm the FSA, mean time the FSA will regroup and within month new offencive will be luch by FSA


Most likely true. But then they will be concentrated in just one area instead of several.

Joe Doe

Well, the SAA has no such option. They have now start offensive south of Dayr Hafir and North from Palmyra, than the whole east deserts, while there is some peace. This will allow to shrink defence lines for SAA and relieve a lot of manpower to get deploy to another area. If SAA failed to accomplish this there will be very little progress and hey will be again in square one. SAA need better tactics


We’ll see.


The open Turkish and Jordanian borders are perennial problem as means to rearm the militants.


So the current Western backed headchoppers would be allowed to keep what they have, as long as they leave the regime areas alone. And boot out Al Nusra of course. Cause Al-Nusra would still be fair game. And allying yourself with Al-Nusra is akin to painting yourself with a huge bulls-eye and a sign that says ‘Keep on bombing here!’

Hardly signs of genocide and mass murder to be committed in case the regime would win. As the Western backers of the socalled ‘Moderate Opposition ™’ and the media would have us believe. In fact all the evidence so far has consistently pointed to the contrary. Lay down your weapons and promise to be nice or accept a green bus ride to Headchopper Country, Idlib.

Joe Doe

Don’t worry, after the FSA/Al Nusra rearm and regroup we will see again offencive against SAA in Idlib province. If SAA commands will be smart enough they should use the time to start offensive going East and South towards Maskanah and capture all the deserts east and all the oil and gas fields up to Dier ez Zor. Than regroup and rearm and return to Idlib province


But who will defend their new gains in the east and south as you described?


Winning them back is enough, and stopping dez siege. 5th corps and iranian paramils and ndf can deply there then. Tigers, 4th mechanized, republican guard, desert hawks, marines, spec forces etc can take care of idlib/ hama/ latakia/ s aleppo salient. Hopefully daraa and e ghouta rebels will abide by ceasefire till then. Hard to ensure sure, but driving out isis of their e syria salient and sandwichig them between saa and pmu is top prio before idlib. Idlib is an even harder task with all the green buses heading there and filling it with more moderate cockroaches!!!


This can be a blessing in disguise for several reasons:
– SAA needs time out to overhaul itself. No army can fight a non stop 6 year war on it’s own territory and expect to maintain basic structure. Hopefully Russia will use the time to replicate the success of 4th and 5th Assault Corps throughout SAA
– whoever controls Der Ezzor and Iraqi border wins part 1 of the war and probably all subsequent parts. SAA and Russia will probably immediately transfer most of it’s fighting elite east in order to relieve Der Ezzor and control the Euphrates.
– security zones means security first and foremost for the civilian population – not for the “New Syrian Army” or whatever euphemism US uses for it’s invasion from Jordan. There’re not many civilians in Syrian desert and I expect SAA and RuAF make a short work of the rats there
– clear division between “moderate” terrorist and “bad terrorists” is again on the agenda. So in the end at least a part of the “rebels” in Idlib will be a fair game. Plus it guarantees for a fresh civil war among them.
– the fact that the zones would be guarded by Iran, Russia and Turkey – without US and/or UN interference is the best possible scenario – Trump would have to agree on the creation of zones because it was his idea, but wont be able to do it on US terms. Turkey-Russian-Iranian control also means Saudi and Israel would not be able to interfere directly. In addition, Turkey controls all the supply lines to Idlib and can squeeze the rats to submission.
– this combination also minimizes the possibility of Balkanization od Syria – although doesn’t remove it completely: destruction of territorial integrity of Syria means independent Kurdistan and new war between the Kurds-US-Israel on one side against Syria-Iraq-Iran-Turkey on the other (and 1000s of combination in between). If Syria gets balkanized so will Turkey – and Erdogan wouldn’t survive that both politically and physically
And because of all the reasons listed above I’m, quite positive that Zionazis, Neocons and Wahhabis will do there worst for this plan not to work. Interesting days ahead for Syria…

Solomon Krupacek



WTF if you have an issue with my post, feel free to comment. Why be and a-hole?

Solomon Krupacek

your comment remained me the political agitation in 80-ies, when a member ov communistic party wrote agreeding article in the newspaper :D

bbe sure, nothing is so, as in by you heiled official propaganda


Thanks for confirming my initial assessment that you indeed are a class A asshole – comrade…

Solomon Krupacek

i am not your comrade, communistic fool!

you are papagay, who is repeating the official propaganda. :)))


You behave like a text book bolshevik troll – comrade Solomon. When you have nothing intelligent to say – you start ad hominem attacks and ideological rants. That’s Communism 101. Stalin would be really proud of you – Cunt.


Cool that the west is not involved in this, but turkey? Why? Dont they control some of the terrorists in idlib? How can they be trusted in this?

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