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Iran Trolls Trump By Showing Off ‘Undamaged’ Satellite After Explosion

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Trump’s tweet on Friday which trolled Iran’s failure-prone space program just after its Safir-1B rocket said to be transporting an Iranian-made satellite into orbit exploded on its launch pad was viewed by many as a tacit admission the US had something to do with it, either through a cyber-hack or other act of sabotage.

The US president uploaded a picture of what many speculate was from a classified intelligence brief, given its high resolution and angle highly unusual in terms of most known satellite capabilities — suggesting the close-up image could have been from a secret American drone in the area, or a cutting edge spy satellite.

But Iranian officials have now shot back at Trump’s mockery, with Iranian Information and Communication Technology Minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi tweeting an image of his own, which appears to show the unscathed and intact Nahid 1 – a solar-powered communications satellite which was supposed to be launched on Thursday’s failed rocket.

“Me & Nahid 1 right now. Good Morning Donald Trump!” tweeted the Iranian minister. The uploaded photo is supposedly of the “undamaged” high-tech satellite. Iranian officials had confirmed the failed launch later in the day Thursday, but it was unclear if the satellite had been aboard when the explosion happened.

Prior satellite images showed the aftermath of the explosion at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Iran’s Semnan province, southeast of Iran’s capital, as the rocket and satellite were scheduled to launch, which constituted the Islamic Republic’s third failed launch this year.

CNN cited a US official familiar with an intelligence assessment of the matter as saying the US believes the accident most likely occurred during fueling operations.

Up close video footage of the Nahid-1 satellite:

Iranian state media had previously described the satellite prepped for launch, the Nahid-1, as a telecommunication satellite which was to conduct a low orbit around the Earth for two-and-a-half months.

Given the US scrutiny and prior condemnations of Iran’s satellite launch and space ambitions, the incident has proven a deep embarrassment for Tehran officials and the fledgling program; however, most countries satellite programs were achieved by lengthy trial and error.

Iran Trolls Trump By Showing Off 'Undamaged' Satellite After Explosion

Safir rocket on a launch pad, via AFP.

Washington has stood firmly against Iran’s space ambitions, claiming the rockets used are in violation of a UN Security Council resolution banning ballistic missiles with nuclear capabilities.

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Pave Way IV

Israel had Trump scrap JCPOA because they want to prohibit Iran from having any advanced rocketry (ballistic missiles, surveillance satellite launching) and somehow also prohibit Iran from making/using long-range drones (Iron Sieve unable to detect/repel attacks).

Azari Jahromi’s supposed Nahid-1 is just laughable, though. I know Iran has trouble getting tech with all the sanctions, but even Iran wouldn’t build a comm satellite like that. I love the solar cells on the same side as the camera lens though, because you usually want the sun somewhere in your ground imagery. Is that a GoPro? And the cells are monocrystalline splits – that’s when they have a bad spot on a full-sized slice and chop the bad half off. They were a good deal in eBay – about five years ago. Thumbs up for Azari for the reverse troll and his ‘realistic’ Nahid-1. This is quality entertainment – no idea Persians had such a great sense of humor. I’m sure this passes right over the heads of everyone in the west..

Toronto Tonto

Iran is a shitthole just like putins wasteland terrorist corrupt shitthole , they have been killing each other for hundreds of years and nothing will change that . To limit the effect is the goal now .

Icarus Tanović

Oh YEAH, I LOVE when you talk dirt…

Pave Way IV

You probably should have tossed in that Persians were living in beautiful cities with a highly-refined culture and and an appreciation for science and art… while proto-Europeans were living in caves or mud huts, never heard of soap or bathing, and were busy bashing each other’s heads in with stones for scraps of food. My smelly ancestors drew some pictures on cave walls – that’s how I know.

Icarus Tanović

Hahaha! That cave paintings are so oooooolllllddd, there wasn’t any known civilisation back then. But Vancouver Vaco is a MAN, Canadian (have I spelled this correcttly) Cadanian is a Cadanian brave cougar!




@LR captain , Please qualify your statements correctly “But, honestly i don’t expect a Yankee posing as a Canadian” You probably mean a Brooklyn Kike posing as a Canadian Hasbara Troll?

Zionism = EVIL


Concrete Mike


Zionism = EVIL

Post in English. How are the hasbara 101 English lessons coming along Jew rat :)


Ceasar Polar

Troll from Hasbara army detected. Dresses himself as a frozen wasteland citizen, where in fact this troll operates from KikeStollenLand aka israHell. Troll is to ignored.


How’s the weather in Tel Aviv this week?

Toronto Tonto

A bit rainy in TO today , but holiday Monday is looking better , how is the troll factory doing got the shitter fixed yet .


We’ll be happy and don’t worry then. Why are you getting so worked up. Go enjoy your PM in your own “idiocracy” to paraphrase your own countryman: youtu.be/2vQofC5nCu4


Well, to be fair, that satellite is exactly the same they showed some times ago, like this article from 1398/05/10 (2019-08-01)


In Persian of course, but the pics are there to compare.

Nahid-1 was supposed to have folding solar panels, this was one of the techs they wanted to test, among other things like reaction disks. I’d like to know where the panels are.

But a “camera” lens between fixed cells? Pretty standard. One of the methods for sats to orient themselves is finding the sun and an adjust themselves accordingly

Pave Way IV

Thanks, Garga. The other picture and dimensions given make sense now. From the perspective of the first picture above, the satellite seems huge to me, like 1m square – far too big to be a typical LEO micro-satellite. That would also make the solar cells to big to be anything but the old splits. It looked like a giant model.

The article you linked gives its actual dimensions as 50 x 50 x 60 cm, which would be a reasonable size for a microsatellite. That also makes the solar cells much smaller than I thought. They would be high efficiency, triple-junction GaAs cells – very expensive. The small camera (white) might be something like a GoPro if it’s only job is to monitor the deployment of the foldable arrays. It looks like only one, single-strip panel is attached to the hinges/motors on each side – that would eventually be the foundation for a foldable (accordion) set. The array on the ‘camera lens’ side could possibly swing out instead.

Microsatellites don’t last more than a month or two in their low earth orbits – you expect to build a whole series of them. Loss of a single one isn’t catastrophic to the program. Iran probably has a several of them in various stages of completion. From what I can tell in the article, the Nahid platform has already been used for imaging versions sent into orbit. Does that sound right? The current one (Nahid-6?) was just the first to specifically be configured and tested as a communication satellite.


You’re welcome.

You’re right and the service life of Nahid-1 was calculated to be about 75 days in a 350x250km orbit.

Regardless of the alleged explosion of the carrier, Nahid-1 is already obsolete. The newer version, Nahid-2 is almost complete and it’s possible to replace them for launch and put the former in a museum. There are 3 more models for future launches, one of them in hexagon prism shape.

Some people argued that the sat in Jahromi’s selfie is a mock up because real sats before launch are kept in clean room and Jahromi was with his own plain cloths. They were careful not to publish the pics which clearly showed they stand behind the clean room’s window.

Zionism = EVIL

The moron Trump is going senile anyway as he said his father was born in Germany, which is not true. He also claimed that he had extensive military service , which was blatantly a lie.

Trump’s cognitive deficits seem worse. We need to know if he has dementia: Psychologist

Trump, 73, seemed to hit a new inflection point last week when he said, “My father is German. Right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany.” In fact, his father was born in the Bronx and it was his grandfather who was from Germany.

Dementia Care International says a “person may start to mix up relationships and generations” in the second stage of dementia.


Iran will obliterate Isisrathell, just wait.

Ceasar Polar

Amen. And i hope the whole follow its footsteps.

Zionism = EVIL

Even Egypt almost did in 1973 until Sadat sold out and Americunts initiated the largest airlift of weapons to the Zionist scum in history. 6 million Zionist vermin simply don’t have the strategic mass for a long war of attrition. Sadly, so far no one has called their bluff. Theoretically speaking, Iran with 83 million people with its Axis of Resistance allies covering 2.5 million sq kms can wipe out the Zionist entity in a total war, nuclear or not. People keep forgetting that the Zionist criminals are hemmed into a very small sliver of coastal Palestine and all their hovels can be destroyed in minutes.

Icarus Tanović

What do you expect from poor people that are subjected to harsh and inhuman brainwash every day, especially since 911? They’re doing that to oppose any concrete political opposition in America. America is in decay, young people are stupid and there’s need for some revolutionary steps to be taken, to save America from this quick sand.

Ceasar Polar

Iran needs to understand that the US do have the means to destroy missiles or space rockets from space, using Direct energy weaponry or kinetic weapons (Rod of God, a Tungsten rod launched from space makes perfect kinetic weapon). That being said, i highly suspect the US is conducting a covert operation on iran space’s program using direct energy weapons. Trump was actually showing off this by foolishly uncovering the classified image, he thought it will be okay to release the image since they got much more that just the image. Iran needs to understand the danger of those space weapons to dodge any attempt to sabotage its space program.


AFAIK the ‘rod of god’ is a concept only. A stupid one at that as there is no way as yet to get these rods(30T) in space…much less actually be able to hit anything with them. The same with directed energy weapons, which exist only in lab experiments. Should any such attack take place with these weapons, Iran will just defend against them with psychic meditation controlled energy bursts.

Ceasar Polar

“rod of God” was a concept in the 80’s, but today in 2019, it is a reality. It has already been in use covertly of course. In 2014 where they tried to destroy China’s supercomputer (which is the World’s fastest supercomputer) the attack failed because the supercomputer was back online the very next day, but the massive explosion was impressive and youtube still have videos of the blast, if you check it. That proved to the world that “rod of God” was real today, and not a fiction anymore. The weight of the rod isnt tons, it only few hundred kilos, with kinetic power from high altitude it becomes a force that is as destructive as chemical explosions. AFAIK, i know iran have some strong meditators, but i am affraid you can stop a 250 kg tungsten rod coming from 300 kms in space straight at you. Just saying. Lol tho

Bill Wilson

I don’t think the Chinese were stupid enough to keep a supercomputer near a port shipping container storage site where the containers held hazardous chemicals that could explode violently when mishandled, which is what happened to cause those series of blasts.

Ceasar Polar

Supercomputers demands a lot of electricity. Who says electricity says fire, especially if a high speed kinetic object hits it.


The size of this so-called rod of god is 20’x1’…with a mass of >9T…not hundreds of pounds. The 30T I mentioned was from a very old PM article (they used depleted uranium). There is zero proof that such a weapon exists, as well as there are many issues with deploying such a system. This is a pretty good summation of Project Thor weaponry and the issues involved, using an example of a 200lb projectile… https://fas.org/rlg/030522-space.pdf (page 3/4) The explosion in China shows no such capability, as there is no proof what so ever that it was the responsible agent. If kinetic weapons are your thing, look at the rail gun. It has real possibilities.

Ceasar Polar

The US revived the project in the 2000’s. It can be as small as 25pounds rod.



Dude, read your own link again. The 25lb projectile is for the rail gun. The research on Project Thor that was cited in your link is the what was referenced in my link. Read it, they cited it. The Thor project was looked at again, yes. Did it go anywhere? No. The link you provided dealt mostly with the rail gun, which I also mentioned.

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