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Iran To Join Turkish-Syrian Normalization Talks: Lavrov

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Iran To Join Turkish-Syrian Normalization Talks: Lavrov

Sergey Lavrov. IMAGE: Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS

An agreement to involve Iran in the ongoing Turkish-Syrian normalization talks has been reached, Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov revealed on January 31.

Lavrov said that Russia supported Turkey’s commitment to normalize relations with Syria and pledged further efforts to this end on the part of his country.

“Russia, Iran, and Turkey are members of the Astana troika, which has been handling the Syrian settlement. Therefore, I consider it absolutely logical that any further communication on bringing relations between Turkey and Syria back to normal will also involve Russia and Iran,” Lavrov said at a press conference following his talks with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry.

“As for the timeframes and specific formats of participation, be it at the military, diplomatic or any other level, they are currently being specified. We have a full understanding that it is necessary to move step by step, so that every step forward should yield specific, albeit minor, results,” the Russian foreign minister added.

Before the outbreak of the war in Syria more than a decade ago, Ankara and Damascus were close allies. Today however, the Turkish military occupies large parts of the country and supports the rebels there.

The Turkish-Syrian normalization talks gained momentum last December, when the defense ministers and intelligence chiefs of the two countries met in Moscow.

Russia has been the sole sponsor of the normalization talk. Some recent reports talked about an upcoming role by the United Arab Emirates, but it appears that Iran will be the next country to join the talks.

The decision to include Iran in the talks has been already welcomed by Ankara. Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman and an aid for the Turkish president, said that the involvement of Tehran, a key ally of Damascus, will make the normalization process easier.

“We are pleased that Iran is joining this process. Iran is an important side. I think it will be able to contribute to this process,” he said in comments broadcast by the TRT television channel.

“The participation of Iran in the negotiating process, which is held with the mediation of Russia, will make it easier. As part of this process, we are talking about ensuring the security of our borders, the neutralization of the terrorist threat with respect to our country, the return of Syrian refugees, a worthy and safe return,” Kalin continued.

Kalin said that a highly-anticipated meeting between Turkish and Syrian foreign ministers may take place during February. However, he didn’t clarify if the Iranian foreign minister will take part in the meeting, alongside Lavrov.

“So far, neither the place nor the date has been determined. Foreign ministers are working in this area. Maybe, it will take place this month, but there is no exact decision. However, we can expect that the meeting will take place within the next few weeks,” he said.

The foreign minister meeting could help set the ground for a meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al-Assad, later this year.

Ankara hopes that normalizing relations with Damascus will help it address the issue of Kurdish forces in Syria’s northern region. Tehran also sees these forces, which are allied with the United States, as a threat to influence in the Middle East. This explains its interests in joining the Turkish-Syrian normalization talks.


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Peter Jennings

As the old warmonger churchill said himself, this isn’t the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning. It will be interesting to see what effect the lack of US influence and interference has on the ME. So far it’s been US/nato bombs and robbery that has turned the whole area into a bomb site.

One thing is for certain, this new cooperation could not possibly do any worse than that imposed by the western warmongering invaders. In fact it will feel like fresh air blasting across the region.


This does not bode well for the Kurds. They should have taken the Syrian offer from a couple years ago. It was already clear at that time that while they were considered useful, they are also expendable, as they have always been. As has been said, being an ally of the US is suicidal.


Well, if turkey begins to slowly pull out and return land to the Syrian state, I see Syria turning a blind eye to Turkish attacks on the SDF. The Americans have limited resources to play with there now. Next you’ll have their illegal squatter camp in the south to deal with. Eith sufficient push from the South and continued rocket/drone attacks by irregular forces, they might give up on it and vacate

SF is full of shit

Why would Kurds join losser Syria who cant even defend themselves. Even their protector Russia is being humiliated by Ukraine. Azerbaijan attacked Armenia, useless Russian version of Nato didnt do shit. No rational thinking person would side with losser team Russia and Syria, bunch of dictators that oppress their own people and brainwash them with garbage propaganda.


Whaah! but look at your sunni/ wahabbi piglets who get fucked on the drop of a dime no? Without even asking the US busts you right in thee ass no? Pinching for pennies, yous worse than Assad or anyone half way standing and demanding their rights.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

Good, good, good, and I hope the adults wakes up to an empire in decline, economicly a basket case, etc to overspending by virute of insanity, detached from reality on top of it, yup, what could possibly go wrong. The nations involved are ancient, hopefully they realise their potential, witch dwarfs the present, and would eventually benefit everybody. Religion, everywhere is defined by what you do eventually, not whats said. May our creatore bless you all, regardeless and there are times when news is indeed positive.

Chris Gr

JHK is crying now. The US are crying now also because not only Syria and Iran didn’t fall but countries like Egypt and Turkey are becoming increasingly pro-Russian.


Egypt becoming more pro-Russian? Turkey guppu too? really? Both are 100% dependent upon the US for survival. You might as well add Al-Baqistan in that list to complete the trifecta of stupidity no?


Yes, Im crying because I supported Iran and Russia on Alex Jones back in the days, before anyone knew or cared.

Im crying because I supported BRICS NAAM and AIIB before anyone knew or cared.

Its been a long journey and look how much the World has now changed.

Im crying because I was on fb and fighting zios and defending Gazans, now look how big the ProPali movement is, its unstoppable.

To be accused by my followers of being an americunt ciaduh, is like denying Jesus, but least we both know Jesus Ear is buried here in Japan.


Also I supported Turkiye all these years, witnessed King Erdogans reelection in 2010, and now even you sf faggots are cheering for King Erdogan.

I was defending Turkiye (during the coup), while you turkeys were gobble gobbling about how you are dogs. Most of you faggots were still living in americunt and canacuck (and most of you faggots still do, except maybe Snowden).

Ive spent more years supporting poo tin, than all you zoomer little shits combined.

And now that you think poo tin is all the shit you become his tranny f7ck boys.

You faggots are slow and you know it by now.

Chris Gr

I live in Europe and what now?

Chris Gr

I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

AM Hants

Must admit I like the way that Russia mediates with various nations. Together with the fact that most nations, well those not in the West, actually respect Russia and all she stands for.

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